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8-dagers Tanzania Family Safari

Av Ndanda Tours Limited
En interessant 9-dagers safari som tar deg over de berømte nordlige Tanzania-parkene, inkludert Tarangire, Serengeti og Ngorongoro. Denne turen gir den beste viltkjøringen ved å gi direkte tilgang til ville dyr.
kr 33 477,44
per voksen
kr 33 477,44
per voksen

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Alder: 18–65
Varighet:8 dager
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Engelsk, Italiensk, Fransk, Spansk

  • 4WD kjøretøy med pop-up tak for utmerket utsikt
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  • Flyplasser:
  • Kilimanjaro Airport, Kilimanjaro National Park Tanzania
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Ndanda Tours Limited er vert for 8-dagers Tanzania Family Safari. Les anmeldelser, utforsk ytterligere opplevelser eller kontakt Ndanda Tours Limited på Tripadvisor. Oppdag og bestill 8-dagers Tanzania Family Safari på Tripadvisor

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Svært bra

West Orange, NJ2 bidrag
jul. 2022
Think about your absolute favorite restaurant – why do you love it so much? Why do you keep going back again and again? Of course, you love the cuisines. But more than that, most likely it is the service, the personalized attention that the staff provides, the way the manager/owner has got to know you over the years and will stop-by to chat with genuine pleasure - that’s what makes you feel at home, and you just can’t help raving about this restaurant to your friends. It finally comes down to the warmth you feel when you are there.

I don’t even know where to, or even how to start. Thus, this simile. Serengeti safari has been in our bucket-list for a very long time. As a child, my favorite books was one published by Reader’s Digest, all about the wildlife, with stunning pictures. Decades later, after a couple of aborted/postponed attempts, our family finally made it to Tanzania last month, July 2022.

If you are planning your first safari in east Africa, be assured that the spectacular wildlife you will see, and the environment you will experience is way, way more breathtaking than what you would have imagined. The sheer enormity of the endless plains (I learned that’s what Serengeti means), the incredible number of species roaming around free, the majestic walks of giraffes, a lioness anxiously searching for her cubs late in the evening, an elephant scaring away a hippo at a watering hole, gazelles missing out on the memo that they should stay clear of sun-bathing crocs, a lioness lunching on a zebra, a python coiled around the same branch as hadada ibis and a crane … I can go on and on and on. And course, the most stunning experience we had – 1000s of wildebeests stampeding across the Mara river – the sound and the dust over-whelming your senses, which no amount of watching National Geographic on TV can do justice. You are guaranteed to see all of these in some shape or form. But all of this, as I mentioned earlier, is just the delicious cuisine at the restaurant.

What makes that restaurant different for you is the people. And that was exactly the difference maker for us, the reason for me taking extra time to write this review.

Though we had never met our guide Godlove before, unlike most folks, we did have an indirect connection with his family for 12 years. Our very good friend (from Connecticut) had gone for her first safari in 2010, and her guide was Goodluck (Godlove’s father). Our friend had such a good experience with Goodluck as a guide, that she went back in 2018 with her family. Of course, once again with Goodluck as her guide. Once again she had the most wonderful time. This time around, unfortunately for a brief period Goodluck was indisposed shortly before we went (thankfully, he is absolutely fine now), so his son Godlove was our guide. And his sister, Magreth, is truly the brains behind this family-run operation.

The moment we stepped out at Arusha airport, the warm hug Magreth gave to all of us (never having met us before) was truly surprising, and disarming. We kind of instantly hit it off with Magreth and Godlove. I am the kind of person who has a 1000 questions at a new place (especially if it involves getting up-close-and-personal with predators). Godlove pretty soon figured out that fact, which my family has known forever. And he soon joined the rest of my family in making good-natured banter and jokes. Yes, I am that guy who likes taking only a zillion pictures on any vacation. With a straight-face Godlove would say – “you got 10 pictures with the zebra looking left, now it is looking right, do you want me to stop?” Most evenings he would join us for dinner, and we would recap all our exciting sightings that day over gin and wine. He is so much more than a guide, and by the end of the safari he truly became our friend (rafiki). And no, this friendship is not for a week or a month just because we are still on a Serengeti sugar high. Though we are back home now, we know our WhatsApp group with Godlove and Magreth will remain quite active for the next several decades.

Goodluck met us briefly on the morning we were leaving from Arusha to Tarangire. And then we spent an hour with him when we returned from Serengeti, coaxing him to share with us some of his stories from 25-30 years of proudly showing around the land, which truly belongs to the wildlife, where we make a transient passage as awe-struck guests.

Most of the times in life, reality is a huge let-down compared to the anticipation of the sublime occasion or experience. But this time around, it was absolutely the polar opposite – far, far beyond even our most hyperbolic imaginations. And that was singularly possible due to this boutique operator Ndanda Tours (Arusha, Tanzania), thanks to our dear friends Magreth, Godlove and Goodluck. And that’s why, just like our favorite restaurant, we can’t stop raving about them and our most incredible 10 days to our friends.

As promised, we will be back some year, in February (as you advised Godlove), to see the wildlife in the lush green backdrop. Until then, cheers - maisha marefu!
Skrevet 14. august 2022
Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og kommer ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor sjekker anmeldelser.
Hey Subs! You really wrote a great article which needs to be published 😊. The stories that you shared about your wonderful time in Tanzania truly comes from your heart and for this, we are forever grateful. We are more than honored that we exceeded your most hyperbolic expectations. And what's more important is that you became our dear friend and not just a client. We will be expecting to host another party for you soon enough. NB: When you feel lonely just remember, "furaha ni kuwa na marafiki" Till next time!
Skrevet 15. august 2022
Dette svaret er den subjektive meningen fra en representant for foretaket og ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC.

Orlando, FL3 bidrag
Ndanda Tours exceeded our wildest expectations in the 10 day safari for our group of 5 adults. This family-owned tour company went above and beyond to make our trip just perfect. Godlove was our driver and quickly became our friend. He is extremely knowledgeable in the flora and fauna of Tanzania, and a joy to spend time with. He spotted animals, birds and explained how the country has taken steps to protect the creatures and nature. As he said “This is their (the animals’) land. We are visitors and must be respectful. We can’t interfere with their lives or environment!”
We got to meet Godlove’s dad, Goodluck, who has a lifetime experience in the wildlife of Tanzania. Also met Margreth, his sister, who ensures that every detail is just perfect. All the lodges and meals were great.
I recommend this Tour group strongly. And give you a warning: they will make you fall hopelessly in love with Africa!
Skrevet 31. juli 2022
Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og kommer ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor sjekker anmeldelser.
Hey Sonia! We are so humbled that we were able to exceed your safari expectations 😊. It's our joy to see our clients happy and fulfilled. And as you promised, we expect to see you back in Tanzania for more adventures 😉.
Skrevet 7. august 2022
Dette svaret er den subjektive meningen fra en representant for foretaket og ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC.

E.Y.H.O. Tours
Toronto, Canada116 bidrag
jul. 2019
As a tour operator based in Canada, I've been bringing/sending groups on safari to Tz since 2011. My first choice is always Goodluck. His long years of experience, deep knowledge of wildlife and bird species, and passion for his land comes shining through. His smile and gentle humour are much appreciated, particularly on those days when the African massage seems never-ending :) And he brakes for pumba's ... what could be better? Looking forward to getting back in a Landcruiser with Good Luck soon.
Skrevet 6. april 2020
Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og kommer ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor sjekker anmeldelser.
We are deeply humbled that you have acknowledged and rated us highly. We feel honored to have serve you in your last safari. We hope to have you back again in our safari jeeps in setting out for exciting adventures!!
Skrevet 29. juni 2020
Dette svaret er den subjektive meningen fra en representant for foretaket og ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC.
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