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Rio de Janeiro i One Day City Tour inkludert lunsj

Rio de Janeiro i One Day City Tour inkludert lunsj

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Alder: 10–99 maks. 15 per gruppe
Varighet: 9 t
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Direkte veiledning: Portugisisk, Engelsk, Spansk

  • Lisensiert tospråklig guide
  • Transport med air condition
  • Lunsj
  • Hotell henting og avreise (støtter ikke hoteller i Barra, Recreio, São Conrado og Santa Tereza)
  • Inngang/adgang – Corcovado - Christ the Redeemer
  • Inngang/adgang – Morro da Urca
  • Inngang/adgang – Sugarloaf Mountain
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        אריאל א
        Jerusalem, Israel7 bidrag
        4,0 av 5 bobler
        aug. 2023
        Pantanal - Rodrigo and santa clara lodge - insights and operative notes
        1. We arrived in Brazil in August and after the Amazon-experince I went to the Pantanal with my two kids. After wandering around the internet and looking for a contact person who would organize the stay there, I contacted Rodrigo (silva?) whose number was mentioned by several travelers on several websites on the net.
        2. In her first contact with him, the price he demanded for three nights and four days was 3100 r per person. I had an idea about costs from the vacation in the Amazon . The price seemed expensive and I found out that only five years ago another traveler paid Rodrigo less than a third (1100 riyals (!!)) for the exact same thing.
        Following this, I contacted Rodrigo from another phone number stating what I saw and the new price was set at 1950 Real (in a shared room) per person. Later i
        I saw that another tourist published a post according to which he paid only 1350 Rials several months before.
        3. I agreed with Rodrigo that I would pay in dollars according to the official exchange rate. When time to pay arrived and I paid in dollars - his representative refused to return the excess and Rodrigo explained that he should get it for the conversion even though it was agreed otherwise, clearly.
        4. After being picked up from the place where we slept - the trip from Campo Grande was on a good road and lasted between 10:00-14:30 approximately in a public transportation with a food-toilet break. Rodrigo collected the full price before the trip, through the person who sent to pick us up.

        5. We were driven to the Santa Clara Lodge and Rodrigo promised that when we arrive in the afternoon we would get
        Lunch and go out for activity. In practice, when we arrived, it turned out that no meal was served because lunch is only served until 1:00 PM and we arrived a few hours later. After an hour of waiting for the lunch we were supposed to receive - we lost patience and they made us a sandwich with meat even though we said in advance that we were vegetarians. When we refused to eat it - we got instead a sandwich with lettuce and tomato only... the one who "took care" of it was the local guide named Tony - a lazy man who lost his patience without hiding his impatience, when we explained him what Rodrigo promised about food and activity.
        When I asked about the activity we were supposed to do that day (after all, it was the first day of activity out of four) I was told that there was going to be no activity.
        When I approached Rodrigo about it - he ignored it.
        Then it became clear how the method works: Rodrigo directs those who contact him and "hire his services" to this place, which it is highly doubtful if he has ever visited, and from that second he evaporates: the guide is not on Rodrigo's behalf at all, but the permanent guide of the place, who also lives nearby .The place, alone, is the one that decides what will happen and when with the traveler, without anything to do with Rodrigo.
        6. Unfortunately, beyond the fact that the guide was lazy and impatient (but also nice, intermittently) - his English was broken. It was very difficult to understand the guide's words in English and even when we did - some of the 'explanations' indicated a complete lack of knowledge.
        7. The food at Santa Clara was the only bright spot. Both cooks did a good job.
        9. In the evening the guide said that the next day we will fish piranhas between 07:30-10:30 and the next activity will only be around 15:30. I explained him that according to.my fishing experience in amazonas it would last no more than 45-60 minutes so I asked him to organize another activity, but he ignored. In the morning we walked 15 minutes to the river bank, he handed out fishing rods and cut sausages as bait and went to sit in the shade. Some managed to fish and some didn't and after about 45 minutes the experience was over and we went back to the lodge to do nothing until the afternoon. A complete waste of time.
        10. In the afternoon we went on a "jungle walk". The guide simply led us through the fields to see many cows grazing there and walked along a path next to a fence not going into the woods. the guide, as usual, chose the easy way. When I asked why we walk along the fence and not in the vegetation, he said that it is forbidden to cross the fence. When I told him that we came for a walk in the jungle and watching cows doesn't look like that, he changed his mind, we crossed the fence and entered several clumps of vegetation and a muddy area and the feeling was that this was the first time he had done this...we didn't see too much but at least we walked among local vegetation.. .
        In the evening I sent a message to Rodrigo about the huge gap between what was promised and what was received. He didn't respond, obviously because he had no control over it.
        11. The next day was our last full day. In the morning we went on a "safari trip". Together with other travelers we boarded a safari truck and were driven on the main road that connects the farms to a point where we were asked to get off. From there the guide led a walk to nowhere. In the first minute we saw monkeys and from there until the end of the walk we walked in an environment of plants, without seeing any animal and without getting close to the water that was near us where the animals live. At a certain point, when daughter asked the guide what about animals, he replied that he did not promise to see them (which is true) and that because of a fire that happened several years ago - there are not really any animals in the area... but there was no sign of a fire around us and

        everything was green...after an hour of lazy walking we were driven back.
        12. In the afternoon we went on the only tour that was worth anything - it is a boat ride (finally) on the very nearby river. On the cruise, we saw monkeys in the treetops, capybaras and alligators and many birds. We returned in the dark while lighting crocodiles in the water.
        13. The next day we went "horse riding" which was supposed to last two and a half hours. In practice, the lazy guide led us on the dirt path where we arrived two days before by car and in the field next to it and an hour later we returned. A complete waste of time.
        14. Because we had a flight back from Campo Grande in the afternoon we needed a private return transportation. In the clarification I made in advance with Rodrigo it was agreed that it would cost 225 r per person one way. When I arrived at the lodge I asked the local guide several times to ask Rodrigo to arrange it but he, of course, did not. When I contacted Rodrigo directly he mentioned that it I have to pay for it and I confirmed it. At this point he said it would cost us 1400 r. I reminded him that in the email he wrote me something else. There was an exchange of WhatsApp messages in which I also sent him a photo of the email he sent me with the amount he indicated. He continued to argue. I finally called him. This time he claimed that the 1400 is a special price because the return trip should cost 2400 r per person and that's what he wrote to me in that email!! I showed him, clearly, that 2400 riyals was the price he demanded for the entire vacation including private round trip transportation!! In the end he 'gave up' and demanded that the three of us pay 700 r. We paid directly to the driver who drove us and were happy to end the bad experience in the Pantanal.
        15. In practice, there are quite a few farms along the river. I guess some organize similar things. I am attaching photos with details of some of them and of the nearby Santa Catarina Hotel which is accessible online and probably organizes a similar activity.
        15. In conclusion, the organization of the trip by Rodrigo reflected a complete disdain for the travelers and a complete exploitation of them from a position of power, since the travelers have nothing to do once they arrive in the area. Anyone who wants to enjoy a visit to the Pantanal should avoid contacting Rodrigo, and look for someone else who will organize it for him.
        Skrevet 26. august 2023
        Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og kommer ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor sjekker anmeldelser.

        1,0 av 5 bobler
        Lo que iba a ser un hermoso regalo para mi hermana que vino de visita, se transformó en una pesadilla! Desde las 06:30 que la pasaron a buscar hasta las 10:30 fue todo un caos de idas y vueltas por Barra da Tijuca y zona Sur para buscar a los pasajeros, llegando a esa hora (con pleno sol) al Cristo Redentor. Luego, a almorzar. Es imposible pensar que se llegaría a recorrer las principales playas con esa agenda, como infelizmente ocurrió. Las Escadas de Selarón no formaban parte del tour, por eso mi hermana las visitó el día anterior. Por presión de otros turistas, fueron a verlas, pero las playas que incluía el tour no fueron visitadas. Además, la visita al estadio Maracaná fue de noche, por fuera, y con la agente de turismo (que INTENTABA hablar en italiano, español e inglés) diciendo todo el tiempo que era peligroso, que volvieran al vehículo. Fueron sólo unos minutos. Al sambódromo no fueron, supuestamente porque lo estaban preparando para el Carnaval (¡NO LO OFREZCAN!). La vuelta, un caos por el tránsito. El chofer manejando rapidísimo luego, mientras hablaba por teléfono y preguntando a los pasajeros donde iban (¿No debería ya daberlo?).

        Mi hermana llegó a casa 15 horas después de subir al vehículo y 16 hs después de haberse levantado (21:30), totalmente agotada. Una pesadilla.
        Skrevet 18. februar 2023
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        Eliana D
        1 bidrag
        5,0 av 5 bobler
        okt. 2022
        Foi a minha primeira vez no Rio de Janeiro e consegui conhecer os pontos mais famosos e marcantes da cidade em um dia. Fiquei muito satisfeita com toda a entrega do passeio e quando voltar ao Rio de Janeiro certamente farei algo com a nattrip novamente. Muito Obrigado!!
        Skrevet 31. oktober 2022
        Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og kommer ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor sjekker anmeldelser.
        Olá! ficamos felizes em saber que ficou satisfeita. aguardamos você para novas experiências
        Skrevet 4. november 2022
        Dette svaret er den subjektive meningen fra en representant for foretaket og ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC.

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