Canyoning et Speleo en Ardeche Ombre & Lumiere

Canyoning et Speleo en Ardeche Ombre & Lumiere anmeldelser, Les Vans

Canyoning et Speleo en Ardeche Ombre & Lumiere

Canyoning et Speleo en Ardeche Ombre & Lumiere
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Les Vans, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Frankrike
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Canyoning et Speleo en Ardeche Ombre & Lumiere
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Oxford, UK42 bidrag
jul. 2019 • Familie
Ombre et Lumiere (or "Shadow and Light" in English) is a small caving guide operation based close to Les Vans. In peak season (July and August) they run small group caving trips around the area. Typically everyone will meet up in Les Vans, and then go in a minibus to the cave location. It's a really fun experience for anyone of moderate fitness. Old clothes and walking shoes are ideal, but trainers will do at a pinch - flip-flops would not be OK.

The operation is run by Yannis Rung, who is also the president of the French association of professional cavers. This means that Yannis is basically as well-qualified as he could possibly be, and he is also very good at helping a group get the best of their caving experience.

We have been hiring Yannis over the last 15 years, and when we first went my two sons were only 5 and 7 years old, and so an individual trip was really the best option to match the trip to their strength and stamina. Yannis did an excellent job of this, and for many years after my sons referred to that caving trip as their most exciting experience.

As my sons grew up we were been happy to join a mixed group with other clients, and it has always been great fun. A larger group does mean that progress through a cave is slower, but equally that gives more time to enjoy the cave.

We have also joined Yannis a couple of times for canyoning trips down the Chassezac gorge, although Caving is his main focus. Again a lot of good-natured fun - swimming suits and old boots or trainers advised!

Overall I cannot recommend Yannis enough for a safe, fun, good-natured Caving trip, that will be pitched perfectly to your party. If you're of an adventurous spirit and would like to explore the great indoors, this is a great opportunity!
Skrevet 3. august 2019
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