Okunoshima Island
Okunoshima Island
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London, UK2 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jan. 2024 • Alene
the views are amazing but the rabbits are the best. I love rabbits and Ōkunoshima is the best place to see them out and about
Skrevet 30. april 2024
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Latif U
Frankrike23 bidrag
4,0 av 5 bobler
mar. 2024 • Venner
I went there with my friends, it was a great experience but it is kind of hard for the rabbits there.

If you ever visit this place be careful and kind to the rabbits. They will rush at you if they are hungry.
Skrevet 3. mars 2024
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Taipei, Taiwan3 454 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
feb. 2024 • Familie
From the moment you land on the island, you will see traces of rabbits everywhere, especially around Okunojima, the only residence on the island, the leisure village. The proportion of rabbits is even higher. No matter it is day, night, or early morning, you will be everywhere when you leave the hotel. Saw rabbits out and about.

If you have enough time, it is recommended to consider staying on the island for one night. Although there is nothing on the island, you can leisurely see the rabbits and the scenery, and you can spend a very comfortable day.
Skrevet 21. februar 2024
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Shibuya, Japan279 bidrag
3,0 av 5 bobler
nov. 2023 • Par
Some people have written that there are not many rabbits, but when I arrived on a weekday flight after 2 p.m., it certainly didn't seem like there were many. However, when I heard the story later at a Kyukamura event, I learned that rabbits are nocturnal and don't like strong sunlight, so they are often active in the evening and at night. Indeed, there were quite a few in front of the Kyukamura at night, and I saw many the next morning. Normally, rabbits are not very active in the morning, but since tourists feed them, this seems to be a characteristic that is only seen in Okunoshima rabbits. The scary tourist rabbits have changed the ecology of the island. There is certainly plenty of food, and even though there is food right in front of them, the rabbits will charge at people when they see them, almost bumping into them. According to locals, people scatter a lot of food on weekends, so it's difficult for them to eat it. There are many slim and small rabbits, considering the abundance of food. Considering that, it's strange that the rabbits kept at elementary schools are so plump. I felt sorry for them because they are clearly not getting enough exercise.
Skrevet 20. november 2023
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Jacqui F
London, UK310 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
aug. 2023 • Familie
The rabbits are the big attraction for coming here for most, but it’s also very interesting in its own right. You can get to the island via a great ferry service running between Sakari on the island of Omishima and Tadanoumi on the mainland. It cost us 5200 Yen for three people and a car to make the whole journey, stopping off at Rabbit Island in the middle. The history of the island is all very well documented, so I won’t bore you, but if you have time it is well worth walking at least as far as the power plant that used to power the chemical weapons factory. It’s to the North of the harbour and just inland of the old quay that preceded the modern harbour. There is a small beach beside the quay, but it’s hard to get down to it to swim, and we did see a lot of jellyfish around the harbour in Sakari, so maybe not good idea swim at that spot. The rabbits themselves range from very friendly to quite standoffish. They looked healthy in the main. You can buy rabbit food at the ferry terminal at Sakari and presumably at Tadanoumi as well. We paid 150 Yen per packet. There were also people on the island with cabbage leaves, which the rabbits seemed to prefer. All in all, it is a fascinating island to visit, and we wish we had been there longer. Fun fact: the real name of the island is Okunoshima, which literally means, In The Back Island. (Forgive me if I have got that Japanese translation wrong.)
Skrevet 7. september 2023
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Travel X
Singapore290 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
aug. 2023 • Familie
Manage your expectations by watching the latest YouTube clips. There are plentiful rabbits on the island but not an Army of them like those on the old YouTube clips. In summer, 0600 to 0700hrs are the BEST feeding times. They are hungry, they are out for food!!! Evening from 1800-1900hrs is okay too. Any other times, good luck.
Skrevet 26. august 2023
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3 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
aug. 2023 • Par
A magnificent place where rabbits live free!
We met the first ones when we got off the boat, some come to see you straight away, others are more shy, they express themselves and enjoy natural life 🐇😀

The hotel staff was great, super welcoming, the room is very beautiful, tatami mats, sea view and comfortable futons, very pleasant and well-equipped onsen, a great stay 👍
Skrevet 11. august 2023
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Jim G
California66 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jul. 2023 • Par
I was just on the island a few days ago. Claire D. already covered the main points very well so read her review.

We traveled from Hiroshima via the JR Kure Line and stayed overnight in Takehara (and enjoyed walking around the historic old-town area). Next morning, we got to the ferry for our boat trip to Okunoshima.

Small bags of rabbit pellets are 200 yen each at the ferry ticket office. If you go next door to the small mom-and-pop restaurant, the pellets are 100 yen per bag. We bought 4 bags but it was double what we needed and ended up giving our spare pellets to arriving tourists at the end of our trip.

We stayed overnight in the Okunoshima hotel which was very nice. They have a very extensive delicious dinner and breakfast buffet (even all-you-can-eat ice cream!). They have a nice public bath (not in-room). The temperature was a blazing 36 degrees C when we visited the island so very few rabbits were out in the daytime -- they are smart and like to stay cool underground. If I were to return to this island I would choose the cooler months, not the middle of the summer!

I saw the most rabbits out at dawn and dusk. Even so, there were no swarms of rabbits approaching me like all those videos you see from the pre-covid days. Apparently, when covid halted tourism the rabbits adapted by returning to the dense forest. The largest groups of human-socialized rabbits I saw were only 5 or maybe 10 animals per group. We went on a big mountain hike and gave most of our rabbit pellets to the rabbits out along those trails. All the rabbits we encountered were very friendly and loveable. It was well worth the trip!
Skrevet 29. juli 2023
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Claire D
Seattle, WA283 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jul. 2023
Okunoshima -- the Rabbit Island of IG/Tik-tok fame. More than just rabbits, this island is worth spending a whole day.

First of all, let's set up a realistic expectation of what you will encounter in Okunoshima.

Will you be swarmed by lots of rabbits? Probably not. Those who come to this island during day-time would be a bit disappointed because rabbits are NOCTURNAL, and therefore many of them are sleeping under the canopies or around the bushes (and please, do not disturb them). If you want more active bunnies in action, please come here after the sunset.

Will there be sick rabbits? YES. These animals are wild... this is something that many of us will forget as soon as we see them, because we tend to associate rabbits as pets. In the island, you will see sick rabbits, sneezing rabbits, injured rabbits, pooping rabbits, filthy rabbits, along with other healthy, fluffy, good-looking rabbits. Whatever you do, try not to pet the rabbits (see below).

Are there more to see than just rabbits on this island? YES! The best way to enjoy this island is by hiking, biking, while feeding the bunnies along the way. If you remember to keep this in mind, you won't be disappointed.

A few precautions about the rabbits:

Do not PET the rabbits: please remember that these rabbits are WILD animals, as such, some of them may be sick, some of them may harbor disease that may or may not be harmful to humans. they are NOT PET rabbits, so please, as much as you want to touch them, don't. If you do, please wash your hands. In fact -- not many tourists know but at the Okunoshima ferry station, near the toilet, there's a shallow tiled area where you can SCRUB your sneakers clean before you get off the island (shoe brushes are provided!). You will be stepping on rabbit poops along the way. Please do so if you have time.

Do not touch/pet BABY bunnies : many of those who are may be rejected by their rabbit mothers and sometimes died. A caretaker resident warned us about this. If you see baby bunnies, leave them alone (they usually do not care for tourist-brought rabbit foods anyway), or keep your distance.

Do not give rabbits human food -- human food invites other unwanted critters such as rats and they are not suitable for wild rabbits (remember, they are wild animals).

Respect residents who are feeding the rabbits -- there are many local island residents committed to taking care of these rabbits. We talked with one of them and asked them about visitors. They told us that they wish to be left alone especially when feeding rabbits. Rabbits tend to congregate around them and visitors would gather for pictures opportunity -- DON'T!! Let these rabbits bond with these resident caretakers. Leave them alone to feed at designated feeding points. Long after day-time tourists are gone, these residents are the ones who care of the rabbits day in and out, to keep these rabbits as healthy as possible, for YOUR enjoyment! Please, respect these residents by keeping your distance while they are doing their jobs.

How to get there:

It takes time to go to Okunoshima, not because the island is remote, but because you'll be doing A LOT OF waiting along the way -- both waiting for the ferry and the train (times two, if you are doing a day-trip). If you are short on time, I wrote a few options below.

The closest large city to Okunoshima is perhaps Hiroshima. Get yourself to JR Mihara station from Hiroshima station (either by shinkansen or local train, there are lots). From JR Mihara station, you will take the local JR Kure line to JR Tadanoumi station. The trick is to time this leg of the journey carefully because trains come very infrequently along the JR Kure line between Mihara and Tadanoumi. Furthermore, you need to carefully check the ferry schedule between Tadanoumi station to Okunoshima. Time them carefully ahead of time, and you won't miss your train or ferry. You will, inevitably, have a lot of waiting to do at the JR Mihara station. It is a small station with a Lawson and a Family Mart, but other than that, there's nothing around. There's omotesando in front of JR Mihara station that'll take you to "downtown" Mihara, but most of the shops open around 11 AM (and most likely you'll be here earlier than that in order to spend the whole day in Okunoshima).

Your trip will be covered by your JR pass EXCEPT for the ferry -- which is cash only.

If you are visiting the island on the weekend, there is a direct Okunoshima ferry from JR Mihara station -- this is worth checking as it'll shave off your travel time. Otherwise, the JR Kure line itself is worth riding as it goes very slow, and the view of the ocean and the islands around it are gorgeous. There is no direct ferry from Mihara to Okunoshima during week days.

Finally, there is also a direct bus from Hiroshima to Tadanoumi station (Geiyo Express Bus) -- not covered by JR pass but worth checking if you are short on time.

What to do:

As I mentioned, this place is more than just the rabbits. The island around it is amazingly gorgeous against the backdrop of the Pacific ocean. In my opinion, the best way to spend time in the island is by leisure hiking or biking. Bikes can be rented at the Hotel/resort. There's also a camping ground and some picnic spots around the area. Check out the Poison Gas museum as well. The hiking trail is quite hilly and not well-maintained in some area, so use a good shoes and proper precaution, especially when the ground is wet after the rain (the clay soil can be slippery when wet). During the summer, mosquito repellent is a must.

The tourist information center provide information on the history of the island, and have lots of pointers of other flora and fauna that you can see around the island (than just the rabbits).

There is an island shrine that is under construction, sadly. There's also a free bus that goes around the island -- check the Hotel for schedule. If you stay long enough in the island. there is a sentou/public bath in the island that you can access as day-tourist (no tattoo, though) for a reasonable price. Great for reviving the tired body after all that hiking and cycling that you did.

Finally, don't eat anywhere as, again, human food can invite unwanted critters to thrive. There are designated spaces where you can bring your lunches and eat outdoor around the Hotel.


For rabbit -- remember I mentioned above that you'll be doing a lot of waiting at the JR Mihara station? This is your time to purchase some fresh veggies at Lawson/Family Mart for the bunnies (bunnies prefer fresh veggies over rabbit pellet food anyway). If you forgot, near JR Tadanoumi station, there's another Family mart for you to purchase rabbit food. Finally, your last place to buy food for the rabbits is at Tadanoumi Ferry station -- this will be rabbit pellets.

For human -- there's only one cafeteria in the entire island, that is inside the Hotel. Cash only. The cafeteria can be quite crowded depending on when you visit the island. Otherwise, again, while waiting at the JR Mihara station, purchase some food at Family Mart/Lawson. If you wander around the JR Mihara station after 10 AM, there's an Ekiben shop that may be open around that time (along with a few other cafes and shops). Another possibility is to bring some ekiben/picnic from Hiroshima station and eat your lunch at the island.
Skrevet 11. juli 2023
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Tokyo, Japan7 206 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jun. 2023 • Alene
Skrevet 7. juni 2023
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