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Media Thule anmeldelser, Myklebostad

Severdigheter og landemerker • Observasjonsdekk og utkikkstårn • Naturskjønne vandreområder
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Oslo, Norge21 bidrag
apr. 2020
Media thule is a "sculpture" (or so it is referred to) by the islandic artist Olafur Gislasson. It looks more like a kind of stormshelter from the outside, and discussions were running high in the community on wheter or not this could be an actual sculpture or even piece of art. But it is the inside that matters here...

The tiny building is only open in summer, and it is a short (but scenic) hike of about 1,5 km to get to it (from the carpark). When there, you will find panoramic windows with great views over the Ofotfjord and Ballangen.

The really intresting thing is Olafur Gislassons thought on how the public should use this public space. In front of the windows are stools and table, and paper and colouring utensils. The purpose of the building is that people (kids welcome) could come here, contemplate over the views and then draw or write whatever comes to mind. Everyone is free to exhibit their "work of art" at the walls inside, and when they are full, the papers are moved to the archives in the shelves at the back of the room. Feel fre to have a look a them, if you wish. In this way Olafur Gislassons work is a constantly shifting enviroment, where everyone is free to sit, express themselves and even change the "sculpture" in a non-permanent way. It means even if you return many times, you will almost always find something new to watch, either the changing weater outside or the newest pieces of art on the walls.

Many feel this is not "proper art", but I found the idea and place both inspiring and refreshing. Kinds seem to really "get the point" and dive right into the experience. The walk is not too long, so it makes for a nice little "family adventure" even for younger kids.
Skrevet 30. mars 2021
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