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Curtis M
Greenville, CA4 bidrag
mai 2020 • Par
I don't like to write bad reviews (Look at my review history). I usually just move on because I would much rather look on the positive side of things, but this place is horrible.

Paid for guardianage service during a long lay up. Got it for 6 months and it stopped while we were in California. Multiple emails and phone calls never resulted in answers. We eventually returned after medical issues to a boat INFESTED with roaches and ants, batteries disconnected and evaporated water resulting in a lot of electrical damage due to feedback from the one solar panel I left out as a maintainer not having anywhere to send that power (see my pic that shows the black sludge from extremely sulfates batteries that worked perfectly and we less than 1 year old when left in their care), water damage inside the boat due to a hatch left open, we paid for SeaHawk 44 Hard Plus bottom paint (have the invoice even!) but got some soft crap that wore off the boat in 4 to 5 months while we sat at anchor during lockdown, tossed our anchor in the mud and let it and the chain rust away during our time in storage, paid to have keel work done yet they just painted over it, very leaky mast after they pulled mast to do standing rigging job (resulting in more wood damage) and other issues that I could go on and on about. (Look at my pics)

We spent over $8000 to get our pristine boat sea worthy after leaving it in their care. We tried to work with them to get repairs and reimbursement to no avail. They kept saying they needed to talk to decide what to do and kept using COVID as an excuse they couldn't do anything. After we sat in St David's Bay waiting for 9 months, we sailed on but kept demanding repayment.

Their response was that it's now more than a year since it all happened and they are sure our boat was a POS before we left it in their care. This boat was purchased 5 months before we left it in their care. I have the survey from our purchase that showed this 25 year old boat in pristine condition as the previous owners were extremely detailed and caring about this boat, which is why we purchased it after losing our other boat in Irma.

Boatyard manager is a liar. The owner has a temper problem and will yell and scream at you for almost any reason. They've been through 5 to 6 service managers in 2 years.

We hauled out for TS Gonzolo during hurricane season. We agreed to haul there on the condition I could change thru hulls. "No problem" was their response. Yard manager yelled and screamed at me for working on my own boat, lied that it was a governmental declaration to not be allowed to work on your own boat and threatened to launch my boat without my permission with two holes from the thru hulls. I argued right back at her and finally got her to leave us alone after I checked with government and then called her out on her lies. She tried to say the government had JUST rescinded the policy. A policy that didn't exist.

I would suggest Tyrell Bay Marina in Carriacou. Extremely professional and nothing gets done without your signature. They even put a diver in the water for every haul at no cost. Also, their prices are better than Grenada Marine's.

AVOID, AVOID, AVOID. This is the absolute WORST marina we have ever been in our 6 years of sailing. No other sailor enjoyed their time there and everyone complained about the manager's anger and out right lying. I really cannot emphasize enough that you should avoid this place because I want to save you the heartache. I'd rather tie my boat to a rock and leave it because it would have a much better result
Skrevet 13. april 2021
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Province of Lecco, Italia59 bidrag
feb. 2019
We stay une monts to fix our boat... so we use the local restaurant, Laura's restaurant, the food is good and the service too.... just in front of the see. Enjoy the sunset!
Skrevet 14. oktober 2019
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Vicky C
London, UK7 bidrag
sep. 2018 • Par
Stopped by here after we saw the signpost driving by and we were absolutely delighted! Sadly we don't own a boat, but Laura's Restaurant and Bar was lovely. Beautiful view across the bay with moored boats, we really enjoyed lobster bisque (at a very reasonable price!!) followed by burger and chips, all delicious. Would thoroughly recommend to anyone - there was a little wait though, so perhaps not one if you're in a rush!
Skrevet 14. september 2018
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Roger B
10 bidrag
jul. 2017 • Familie
I had the pleasure of meeting Jason and Laura. There's more than meets the eye with this marina. Enjoying a great meal and view at Laura's Restaurant and Bar. For those that need to have their cruisers serviced, this is the marina to get quality work done at cost that is full of value - you get your money's worth. Jason and his team does all the work. There are no subcontractors which means you can be assured of the quality of work. I had a great time with Jason and learning so much about their process and how the pay attention to details. You get what you pay for and pay for what you get. Get it done with quality and get it done right the first time.
Skrevet 17. juli 2017
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Ivan V
Calgary, Canada305 bidrag
mar. 2017 • Par
I had a windlass issue which required milling a drive key. The people of Grenada Marine were professional and prompt with their service. I was back sailing in two business days.
Skrevet 6. mars 2017
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