Nevis Peak Hike

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Nevis Peak Hike
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jul. 2014
Hvor skal jeg begynne, først lese anmeldelser på dette, er nøyaktige. Det er ikke en tur på noen måte men en stigning klipper av røtter, søle og rep. Du vil bli dekket av gjørme på gang du kommer ned igjen. Turen til toppen starter opp en fin størrelse trail men raskt sporet blir veldig lite og vanskelig å følge, det finnes artikler der det er ikke større enn ca. 6 tommer. Det er for det meste gjennom regnskogen så er det ikke mange maleriske utsikt på vei opp, men de som du kommer til å se er fantastisk utsikt over øya. Da vi kom til toppen vi dessverre ikke kunne se noe fordi av skydekke, men hadde en flott tid klatrer oppover. Vår guide var kunnskapsrik på øya og spor. Han førte oss opp på vårt tempo og var veldig hjelpsomme. Kom ned igjen var vanskelig på knærne. Til slutt, min hustru og jeg var begge veldig glade for at vi gjorde det, men vi vil aldri gjøre det igjen. Vi har gjort vår del av fotturer og er både løpere, men dette var en utfordring. Det var verdt det på grunn av opplevelsen, og vi hadde en fin tid, men vær oppmerksom på hva du begir deg ut på. Taxi til og fra start er omtrent $40 rundtur. Sørg for å ta med deg rikelig med vann, hansker (triksene og røtter er tøffe), et skift med klær og et lite håndkle. Vi klatret opp det på under 4 timer som taxisjåføren fortalte oss var rask, men vi betalte for det gjennom melkeproduksjon og utmattelsen den ettermiddagen. Vi brukte soloppgang natur tours ( som jeg finner på Internett, tok vi det første ferge over fra St. Kitts og de hadde en taxi møte oss på kaien. Vi hadde til hensikt å tur Nevis etterpå, men var så utslitte vi satset på å gå tilbake til St. Kitts. Selskapet var enkel å kommunisere med og det var rett frem.

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Erik R
Brussel, Belgia5 bidrag
des. 2021 • Par
This is not a hike. It is a climb. “Hard” is an understatement. As it is a climb through a rainforest, the trail is 100% mud, slippery rocks, and roots.

The first half is a bit of a hike in, followed by a few scramble pitches with ropes and some uphill hiking. The second half is 100% 45-90 degree pitches with ropes everywhere to hold on to / haul yourself up. I’ve climbed Kili and this climb was harder and at times more technical.

The amount of mud was colossal. It had rained the night before we went, but our guide said it’s always wet.

As with many climbs, the way down was more treacherous than the ascent. All the same slippery rocks and mud, but now you’re rappelling with those ropes, or sliding down on your butt.

We wore running shoes, do not wear running shoes. Wear hiking boots and consider gloves. This climb should not be attempted by anyone other than an experienced hiker, and be ready to get dirty.
Skrevet 16. desember 2021
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Mumbai (Bombay), India109 bidrag
mai 2019
We have been to Four Seasons Nevis on a company sponsored trip based on annual quota achievement. The property is great and we can see the Nevis Peak from it with clouds around it.

We had planned the hike well in advance; mentally and physically, we were well prepared before we were in Nevis. We choose it do it on our own for the tough trek. We did not take a guide as we believed it from reviews that it's possible.

The trek was really tiring. We could hardly stand or walk after we came down. You need a very high fitness level. Directions are not a big challenge. Out of the group of 6, 4 of them went back. It was only 2 of us who completed the trek. At some points, the trek is steep and there are ropes to climb. That's were you need gloves else skin of your hands would be peeled off.

Carry enough water. If you are not confident, please use a guide. Don't forget to sign the book kept at the peak! The effort is all worth it when you see the view from the top.
Skrevet 7. april 2020
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Peter G
East Brunswick, NJ42 bidrag
mar. 2020
It's hard to call it a hike! We booked through Nevis Adventure Tours and had Reggie as our guide. We're 60 years old and went with our adult children. They collectively found it amazing and were hardly challenged (within reason). My wife and I also loved it but we were more challenged. My wife on the way up and me on the way down; more to do with fear than anything else. Reggie tended to my wife dutifully on the way up, saw her confidence on the way down and transferred his attention to me. I don't do "down" well. All that said, the views were amazing and we are all glad we had done it. Some of us used gloves which I would highly recommend. Reggie is great if you can get him, very knowledgeable, very attentive, generally a good guy.
Skrevet 29. mars 2020
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Halifax, UK26 bidrag
feb. 2020 • Venner
I am a 68 year old not so fit grandmother and I did it! The first part, about a third, is on gentle but steep paths through the the forest. Then there is a river gully and ropes and rocks and tree roots. A warning of things to come. I was scared.

The next section is all woodland steep pathways with the tree roots providing foot and handholds. The ropes start to become more frequent as the pathways gets steeper. My son lives on Nevis and is a horticulturist so I got some brilliant stuff on species, habitat and special plant characteristics as a bonus. Later I wasn’t listening as I was either so tired or so scared or both. This stretch was muddy and steep.

On the last third the gradient really jacked up and instead of tree roots it was mostly rocks and boulders. Nearly all the very steep parts had ropes to help the climb. There were quite a few 15 to 20 foot near verticals. Footholds in most places but the soil was clay and wet so slippy. I did the climb in running shoes as it’s all I had with me and I didn’t have gloves. It was fine and the running shoes gave flexibility. I swallowed my pride and just kept asking my son for stops. Take lots of water and energy food. My Fitbit showed 3000 plus calories. My son was great and kind and didn’t complain about the stops once. It’s me and my stubborn pride and competitiveness that’s the problem not him! Anyway just when i thought it was never going to end. It did. The summit is small. The footprint of my spare bedroom. It was cloudy so no view. There is a box there as others have described but the book inside was wet and spoiled. Note for someone to get a replacement? I’m not doing this again. Don’t want to push my luck. There is a second summit, the higher one with the trig point. My son went off and did that and it took him 40 mins. He said it was overgrown and therefore a bit dangerous as the drops on the edge of the path weren’t visible. I think the journey back down was worse than the way up in many ways. My legs were tired which makes it dangerous and we took a different turn low down so had a hike to the car along the road. Well he did. I sat at Poor Mans Bar and had a cold Guinness!
Skrevet 24. februar 2020
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Boston, MA47 bidrag
jan. 2020 • Alene
46 year old father of 2 teenagers, lawyer, thinks he is still young embarks on the climb. Hard, dirty, and just like playing in the woods used to be. Really slippery because it is soaking wet all of the time. Saw great nature and feel great. Recommend this, but there is no one in my current friend group who would have enjoyed doing this.
Skrevet 12. januar 2020
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Christian R
Nashville, TN6 bidrag
des. 2019 • Par
First time on the island for my wife and I, went with another couple and thoroughly enjoyed it. The whole time I was there the peak was calling to me to climb it! (And it is a climb, not a hike). But we had other activities planned most mornings and couldn’t find a day to go as the hike only is offered at 7:30 AM Mon - Sat...but I managed to get away the AM that we left. Ferry left at 2pm which gave just enough time to get up and down! Sooo worth the early wake up. Booked through the Four seasons for $40 each. I would recommend a guide and Gaylis (?) was our guide and was great. Left 4 seasons at 7AM and returned at noon. If you have a larger group or some that are not fit the hike could take substantially longer. We were up in 1:45 down in 1:30. Few tips: bring lots of water, seems intuitive but some in our group got sent back due to not having enough water. Use gloves! There was a house on the road to the trailhead that sold them for $5 (US) but that may not always be the case. Your shoes will get soaked in mud and you will be drenched in sweat! Dress accordingly. Enjoy!!!
Skrevet 13. desember 2019
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Richard M
Horsham, UK6 bidrag
nov. 2019 • Venner
Reggie was our guide today up the peak as he was yesterday when we went to see the waterfalls. Was a very tough but a very enjoyable climb up to the peak of Nevis. Not for the faint hearted but if you love a challenge then this is for you. It took us a hour and thirteen minutes to get up to the top and an hour to get back down. Lost a lot of sweat but the view at the top was incredible. Reginald Douglas was a super guide and a master mind of the local plants and their uses and his knowledge of local history is unbelievable. He made our holiday. Thanks so much Reggie. You’re a star 👍
Skrevet 12. november 2019
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Boston, MA136 bidrag
mai 2019 • Venner
As others have said, this is real work-out, and not for the faint of heart. But I'm 62 and I loved it! You will sweat like a pig, and then sweat some more. You don't need to be an athlete, but you do need to be coordinated and in very good aerobic shape (I run 14 miles/week). Make sure you do use a guide - they know what they are doing, and the trail, you do not (unless you are a very experienced recreational hiker/climber). Our guide was fabulous. 2hrs up, 2hrs down (same trail). More climbing than hiking, often using ropes, roots and vines as aids. Can be very slippery. Though work gloves could be useful - especially if it's raining or been raining recently - I did not have any and it was not a problem (none of our group of 5 had them). Do not go for the views - the trees and vegetation are quite dense on the way up/down, and the top is almost always foggy (it was for us). It's all about the climb. Brings lots of water, and a few hand towels (I wore my backpack). Wear clothes that you are OK knowing will keep their new mud stains forever. Not for younger kids - I would say at least 8 or 9yrs old, if coordinated & adventurous.
Skrevet 27. juli 2019
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Rachel R
13 bidrag
apr. 2019 • Par
I absolutely loved this.

My partner and I spend a lot of time on mountains in the Uk but this was an altogether different challenge.

We had planned to climb the peak on our holiday and the prospect of having a mountain in the centre of the island was one of the reasons we chose to visit Nevis over some of the other Caribbean islands.

We originally planned to do it without a guide but everyone we spoke to advised us to so we booked one through our hotel. Having now done it, although the trail isn’t marked it is easy to follow and after the first half mile or so, you are basically following the line of the fixed ropes so it is hard to go wrong. There was just one place where the guide had to tell us which direction however I would recommend a guide especially for anyone who isn’t sure where to start the trail and for anyone who hasn’t already done quite a bit of scrambling as some of the sections are pretty tricky and there were several places where he showed us the best way to go up or down. Also the guide told us a lot about the various trees in the rainforest that we would have missed on our own.

This is not a walk/hike it is definitely a scramble. You only walk for the first 1/4 mile. It definitely isn’t for anyone who just wants to walk in the rainforest.

We’ve done a lot of scrambling in the Uk but never in such muddy and slippery rocks with tree roots and definitely not in a rainforest. I found it a bit difficult to get used to using the ropes as I’m used to just having my hands on rocks but they are essential in some places and it was fine after I’d got going. I loved the challenge and the rainforest is stunning. We knew there were ropes so we brought climbing gloves with us and I would recommend that.

We got caught in a torrential tropical downpour on the way down which made the rocks very slippery but it didn’t detract from the experience at all. The rain meant that there was no views to be had but we knew that the summit is nearly always in cloud so we weren’t expecting it. We were covered in mud by the end but that was all part of the fun.

I would recommend this for anyone coming to Nevis who wants a challenging climb but I wouldn’t recommend it for your first mountain!
Skrevet 28. april 2019
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Nevis Adventures
Nevis40 bidrag
jan. 2019 • Alene
The peak is a must see for anyone visiting Nevis and whilst it’s possible to hike up independently, we would recommend using a guide as the trails are not clearly marked and we would not want any tourists to get lost.
The whole route usually takes approximately four to five hours, however, you can also do a shorter hike, say half way up the mountain.
Please bear in mind at the beginning section of the trail isn’t that challenging, and the final stage is steep and very gruelling.
Mind you, the silk cotton trees, tropical plants and waterfalls dotted along the way will keep you going.
Lush rainforest surrounds Nevis Peak which is in the centre of the island and the lush tropical rainforest which surround the mountain. The slopes and plains around the mountain are full of dramatic vegetation, flora and fauna. Like I said at the start of this review. The peak is a must see for anyone visiting Nevis.
Skrevet 2. april 2019
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