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Columbia, SC17 bidrag
jul. 2021
Thank goodness for the oceans, they made this trip for me and my family. Take snorkel gear and see all the sea life at reefs close to shore.
Skrevet 2. august 2021
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São Paulo, SP1 096 bidrag
jun. 2019
O Waterscape é o conjunto de mais de 10 piscinas localizadas dentro do resort Atlantis. Fiquei hospedado por 15 dias e visitei a maior parte delas....
A Grotto Pool e a River Pool são umas das mais legais!
Recomendo o Resort e suas piscinas!
Skrevet 10. mai 2020
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Buenos Aires, Argentina2 194 bidrag
okt. 2018 • Familie
Pasamos un dia y nos encanto. Hermoso lugar , agua cristalina y mucha paz y sosiego .. Es recomendable totalmente
Skrevet 20. juni 2019
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Scott G
Manchester, NH646 bidrag
mar. 2019 • Familie
I love sitting and watching the water views. A great place to watch the sunset so check the times and come a little early.
Skrevet 18. mars 2019
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Scott G
Manchester, NH646 bidrag
feb. 2018 • Familie
I can not get enough the views. I love looking at the scenery, the ocean and pools. My only complaint is being hounded on the way to main beach. I am not sure why they are allowed to act that way, hounding you to buy things or get your hair braided. I love the cove beach as it is clear of people selling things on that walk .
Skrevet 6. mars 2018
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Auburn, GA228 bidrag
nov. 2017 • Alene
This was my fourth annual November visit to Atlantis and its waterscape and not too much has changed from last year. For the larger picture, not much has changed in four years, and this is beginning to be a problem at Atlantis. There are no new slides to enjoy, no new attractions to discover, no 4-person (or larger) tube or raft rides like at most modern waterparks.
In fairness, Atlantis and Aquaventure are never "closed for the season," so there's never a chance to do long-term, widespread reconstruction...plus, there's really no room for the waterpark to expand. So, they're kinda stuck with what they've got, except for things like remodeling the Blu Pool (right now), or the Lazy River kids' area by the Beach Tower (two years ago).

--But what they have is really nifty, especially for a first-time visitor. You'll want to spend at least a full day and preferably two full days to explore the Aquaventure waterpark, the Dig aquarium, the Predator's Lagoon area, the Lagoon Beach....the list goes on.

First let's look at Aquaventure, which is the actual waterpark. It consists of a few pools -- although not as many as the adverts say, since some are just wider, shallow spots in the Current (the not-so-lazy river) where you can exit or enter, the Mayan Temple, the Power Tower, and the aforementioned Current, which is itself one of the jewels of the park.
Entrance to the Current is now supposedly only done at Entrance #1, over by the rock-climbing wall, Dolphin Cay, and the Cove and Reef hotel buildings. This change was effected two years ago to reduce the amount of "fighting for tubes" that would happen on really busy days. The Power Tower tube slides require tubes to ride, the only place to acquire them is the Current...and technically the only way to enter the Current is over at Entrance #1, where you'll find dozens, sometimes over a hundred waiting tubes.

As a public service, here's an overview of what you'll experience when riding The Current:
the "official" entrance by Climber's Rush, "Entry #1" -->
wave-motion generator and waves! -->
tight corner around to the left -->
side-by-side in-river conveyors haul you up to the highest point of the river -->
two sets of narrow rapids to the left OR the conveyor belt up to top of Power Tower on the right (when it's working) -->
after the narrow rapids, a small zero-entry pool "exit" near the Hospitality Center (if you're riding any of the three Power Tower tube slides, you'll re-enter the river here) -->
wide, fast rapids -->
river exit on right where you can take your tube and walk up the stairs to the slides on the Power Tower. This is where a big backlog of people used to pile up, hoping to grab a tube -->
another set of wide, fast rapids -->
"official" river exit...where you walk across maybe a hundred feet and can start over again with a new tube.
So, to ride the Power Tower tube slides -- and they're among the very best at Atlantis -- you'll need to be in the Current with a tube, and either ride the conveyor belt up to the top of the tower (when it's working; it WAS working during this visit) or exit at the point I mentioned above and walk up the stairs to the slides. The conveyor belt is really nifty, but it does take more time.

The Power Tower contains three really good tube slides and one decent body slide. The body slide is the Abyss, which is a straight drop in darkness (except for a brief moment) into an underground pool with freshwater aquarium tanks inset into the walls.
The Abyss entrance is on the roof of the tower, along with the entrance to the Surge, one of the tube slides and the tallest one; it's an awesome ride but seems to be shut down more often than the others.
The other two tube slides are the Falls and the Drop, located one floor below. Both are excellent, and when the conveyor belt is running you have your choice of either one to ride, while staying right in your tube.
All three tube slides on the Power Tower return you back to the Current (river) in the same zero-entry pool "exit," so to ride the slides in sequence, stay in the river, go through the next set of rapids, and then exit to the right back up to the Tower with your tube.
Compared to the Power Tower, the Mayan Temple is fairly straightforward. Here you'll find one tube slide -- the Serpent Slide -- and three body slides. The three body slides are the Jungle Slide, which curves through lush vegetation (it's the only curved body slide in the park), the Challenger Slide, which is two parallel, straight "humpy" slides so you can race a friend, and the infamous Leap of Faith, Atlantis' signature body slide.
The Leap of Faith is a 60-ft straight drop through the iconic shark tank. It's all over in about 5 seconds and if you actually see a shark (wear goggles), it's for an instant. Worth riding once, but that's about it.
If you want to actually see sharks, ride the Serpent Slide. It's a curvy drop in darkness that splashes you into an enclosed tube, where you float slowly through the middle of the shark tank. It's a lot more awesome (and fun) than the vaunted Leap of Faith, but the latter is the one always featured in Atlantis' ads. Go figure.

All of the slides on both towers operated at some point during my 3-day stay, but they were seldom all working at once. As I've stated in earlier reviews, I think the BEST slides are the tube slides on the Power Tower (the Surge, the Drop and the Falls) and the Serpent Slide on the Mayan Temple, which ends up with your tube floating through the inside of the Mayan Temple shark-tank, with time to enjoy that unique view.

Getting away from Aquaventure.... Once again this year, the Blu Pool area was closed, but according to Atlantis' website it should be reopening shortly as the Coral Pool. The corresponding entrance to the Predators Lagoon underwater tunnel was closed, but you can still access the tunnel through the Lagoon Grill and down the spiral stairs. The Dig (aquarium) also forms part of the waterscape and is open after 5 pm, so after a day splashing in the waterpark, you can go right to the aquarium. See #4 below.

1. The Mayan Temple slides and pools open at 10am, while the Power Tower and the Current don't open 'til 11am. If you're there that early, don't bother going over to the Power Tower area until around 11.
2. The hot-tub located above and to the right of the Mayan Temple Pool (near the exit of the Jungle slide) doesn't appear to close at night. No-one came by to kick us out, even 30 minutes after the rest of Aquaventure had closed at 5pm.
3. While every other pool in Aquaventure closes earlier (5 pm during winter time), we were told that the 25-meter lap pool by the Fitness Center (near Dolphin Cay) doesn't close until 7 pm.
4. After the Aquaventure pools close, you can still check out The Dig (Aquarium) or the Predators Lagoon tunnel. The Dig is accessed via the Royal Towers lobby (down and to the right) while the Lagoon tunnel -- the only full-view underwater tunnel at Atlantis -- is most easily accessed from the Lagoon Grill, the round "shell" building.
5. Your best food bets within Aquaventure -- and much of Atlantis -- are some of the snack bars there, like Zero Entry and Shark Bites Express. The latter has a hot-dog, fries and refillable soda combo that's only $10...that's peanuts at Atlantis, which is infamous for high food prices. With a burger, the same combo is $12.
6. Outside Aquaventure, your best bets are the Marina Pizzeria, where a BIG slice of pizza is less than $7 and a meal in itself, or the Burger Shack in Marina Village, where a hamburger is $10...but it's really big, at least a one-third-pounder. Sadly, the Quiznos location in Marina Village has closed since last year.

It's still an amazing place, worth two full days of exploration and relaxation, but after four years, it's starting to seem a bit samey-samey.
Skrevet 25. november 2017
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Strasburg, VA50 bidrag
jul. 2017 • Familie
When I go on vacation, I want to relax on a beach or near a pool. We had to stay at the pool because every time we went near the beach, the "locals" try to hound you to buy stuff from them or get your hair braided.
The water itself was amazing and awesome, but the experience was terrible!
Skrevet 13. juli 2017
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Riverview, FL1 323 bidrag
apr. 2017 • Par
So many pools and slides and river rapids and aquariums! There is so much to do and see you won't get bored! We loved the River Rapids and was on it for most of our trip. The slides were fun too. We enjoyed all of the water parks, pools and slides.

Tip: This is a great places for all ages however it is a lot of walking. Bring your walking shoes and some of the walking is up and down hills so keep that in mind if you aren't a walker or have older folks in your party. They may have a hard time.
Tip: Bring your own snacks and drinks if you can. The Food is crazy expensive so be prepared to spend some $$
Skrevet 9. april 2017
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Warwick, RI140 bidrag
nov. 2016 • Alene
Was here on a solo visit for a conference and want to go back with a group of friends! So many pools and activities to choose from. Definitely recommend the river rapids - took me a few days to work up my courage to go on my own, but it was a such a blast that I went over and over!
Skrevet 4. mars 2017
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Livonia, MI17 bidrag
feb. 2017 • Par
Several pools to choose from. The water slides were a blast. And the River Rapids like no other!
No lines to wait in.
Skrevet 14. februar 2017
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