Paricutín Volcano
Paricutín Volcano
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Yola R
Santa Fe, Distrito Federal, Mexico37 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jul. 2023
Ha sido una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido. Desde el paseo a caballo, saliendo de Angahuan, hasta la llegada a las ruinas de la iglesia es un recorrido maravilloso. Tomamos el tour a caballo con Don Felipe, originario de Angahuan, quien hizo muy ameno el viaje y estuvo todo el tiempo pendiente de nosotros. En las ruinas encontrarán puestos de comida, a precios accesibles. Recomiendo llevar sueros para hidratarse, buen calzado de montaña (no tenis) y algo que proteja del sol; vayan lo más temprano posible para evitar la lluvia.
Skrevet 26. juli 2023
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Kevin P
Waihi Beach, New Zealand468 bidrag
4,0 av 5 bobler
jan. 2022 • Par
Just under 80y ago in 1943. It flowed around and buried this town of nearly 1000 people. All that's left is the upper half of one church, spooky! Just an hours walk from town, watch out for the horse peddlars :o.

Be careful when in Michoacan, there are many miltary road blocks and patrols. This is a violent, dangerous place. They suffered more than 200 murders this month alone!!!
Skrevet 22. februar 2022
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12 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
des. 2019
Despite our preparation, we still were surprised by realities.
We climbed the volcano at late December 2019. Arriving from Uruapan at the headtrail location called Centro Turistico De Angahuan is a challenge itself: the road through the town to actual place you meet guides is pretty rough.
That ‘tourist centre’ is actually a place with ‘view point’ (El Mirador Del Volcan Paricutin) and provided nothing: no information, no maps, no word on options and prices. It’s not a tourist centre, rather a meeting point of people and horses and a place where you can park your car safely (cost 15Mxn per adult). There are also sleeping cabins for rent.
The moment you enter the town, guides on horses spot you and will try to sell you a horse trip right under the volcano.
Our plan was to climb up to the top and we weren’t interested in ride on horses. When asked, it costed more than 1000 Mxn per horse plus guide. For our hike, after a bit of bargaining we paid 600 Mxn for guide who led us the shortest way to the top.
The hike is very difficult. It took us 4 hours to the cone. After easy walk through forest, the tough part started when you walk over sea of lava rocks. We needed to be very careful every step we took. Lava rocks are sharp and edgy. Shoes with sturdy sole are ‘a must’. After tiresome lava walk, the hardest part: climbing the volcano itself. It was about 1,5 hr. of very, very steep hike on small lava rocks then - last few hundred meters - on lava ash, which made every step even more difficult. Imagine climbing sandy dunes: it like that but very vertical and on high elevation. We actually climbed up to 2600m.
Descending volcano is rather easy part: you walk ‘big steps’ down, almost ‘sliding’ down on path of ash. The whole trip down took us around 20 minutes. There are benches and couple kiosks where you can rest and buy some refreshments.
Then, a 12 km walk back to the centre. This is the route horses use. It was easy but long and monotonous walk.
On a way back you should visit ruins of the former church submerged by lava. Stunning experience. Around ruins you’ll find food kiosks offering hot meals, tasty local specialties. And a cold beer tastes fantastic after hours of walking.
From the church there are about 3 km to ‘the tourist centre’.
The whole climb took us 8 hours, including meal at the ruins. We started at 9am and were at the car at 5pm. We reached our hotel in Uruapan after dark.
It seems we did volcano the hard way - climbing is not an easy option. I think we were the only ones who hiked that day. Others used horses. That day it wasn’t busy at the volcano: on the crater and on a way back we met maybe 25 people. There were many more people at the church’s ruins.
Strangely enough, we saw number of cars (SUVs and pickups) at the volcano base, meaning locals know the way how to reach the place by car.
Horses are not a bad idea if you OK with riding a horse for long hours to and from volcano base and then climb it from the other side which seems easier compare to the side we climbed.
Don’t forget water, snacks and extra layer of clothes: it will be windy and may be cold at the top.
Is it worth? As you probably know, it’s one of the 7th natural wonders of the world, so it explains all.
Skrevet 8. januar 2020
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Jules Hdz
Mexico City, Mexico198 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
mai 2019
Volcán Paricutín a 2800 msnm, el volcán más joven de América Latina.
Para quienes gustan de practicar senderismo este volcán es una buena opción, se puede ir solo o contratar una empresa, en mi caso contrate a Senderismo México, una empresa especialista en este tipo de viajes, si no tienes el equipo ellos te lo proporcionan, la caminata inicio a las 7am desayunamos ligero y nos dirigimos desde las cabañas hacia el volcán, durante el recorrido puedes admirar el paisaje y tomar algunas fotografías y se hacen paradas para comer algunas barras energéticas y beber agua, una vez que llegas a la orilla del volcán, decides si subes la pendiente a la cima o te quedas esperando (siempre un guía se queda con quien dedica esperar), la mayoría de los que íbamos en el grupo a pesar del cansancio decidimos subir, la subida es pesada ya que es un arenal bastante inclinado pero llegar a la cima, fue una experiencia maravillosa, poder ver desde las alturas el bello paisaje, ver el cráter aún humeante, es inexplicable y excitante. Debes llevar botas de montaña o unos buenos tenis con un buen agarre. De regreso pasamos a comer a unos puestos de quesadillas cerca de la iglesia de San Juan Parangaricutiro, que quedo sepultada por la lava del volcán. Al día siguiente ya recuperados de la caminata decidimos ir a Patzcuaro.
Skrevet 3. januar 2020
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Suresh F
Houston, TX16 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
sep. 2019
It was wonderful experience to visit one of 7 natural wonders of the world. United had direct flight from Houston to Morelia. I stayed in Best western, Morelia and it was wonderful Hotel. Driver picked me up & I paid US dollar 27.
I arranged a tour guide who will take me to Paricutin on Sept 1. Alfredo Tour Guide ( +52 1 443 443 2070) was excellent. He picks me up from the Hotel and on our way to Uruapan and to Paricutin. He is knowledgeable about Morelia, Uruapan, Paricutin and Mexico. He has good command in English and took me to safe places. We drove to Angahuan. Then he arranged House ride with Indian. Alfredo, Indian guide and myself travelled 1 hour on horse. Then we need to walk on top of Lava rocks for 2 hours to get to the bottom of Paricutin Volcano. Then another hour of climbing. I have decided to only go for an hour walk on Lava rocks. Then we decided to go to Church which was ruined by Lava. It was near Indian village where we had coconut water ( almost size of 4 coconuts) and pink corn. It was great work out day. On the way back, we saw the city of Morelia. Morelia is safe place to travel and you need a guide to help you. Enjoyed and happy I could see one of 7 natural wonders of the world.
Skrevet 2. september 2019
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Andreas K
Dakar, Senegal8 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
mai 2019 • Par
We (my wife and me) took a bus from Mexico City Observatorio to Uruapán, slept there over and took the next morning early the bus to Angahuan (around 45 min.). There we found a very knowlegdable and experienced guide (Antonio) to take us for the long walk to the two craters of Paricutín (28 km roundtrip). You need good hiking boots (no tackies'), because you have to cross a pine forest and then bolder hopping for two ours over an extensive lava field. So, this is definitely not a walk in the park, but you are rewarded, because you can visit both craters of Paricutín: first the smaller and lower one, from which all the lava erupted and which is still active, because you can see smoke coming up and feel the hot rocks; than the main full crater, from which erupted only volcanic ash. When you go instead on horseback or by car, you can only climb the main crater and will miss the first crater. The full roundtrip (incuding the bell tower of San Juan; the rest of the village is covered under lava) will take you with rests around eight hours, so when you start at 9.00 AM, you should be back in Angahuan at around 5.00 PM and can take a bus back to Uruapán. You need in any case a guide (for two persons 800 Pesos), otherwise you will 100% get lost in the lava field. As i wrote before, I can in any case recommend Antonio.
Skrevet 13. juli 2019
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Morelia, Mexico729 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
apr. 2019 • Familie
Existen dos opciones para llegar al volcán, una es llegar a Angahuan y tomar el tour a caballo o conducir a San Juan, media hora de Uruapan y de allí manejar otros 40 min aprox hasta la base deseo volcán. Esta última vez manejamos haya la base. Te recomiendo llevar camioneta. Subir al volcán es toda una experiencia, puedes ver como sale el vapor de agua entre las rocas, una mezcla de calor y frío. Una vez en la cima la vista es privilegiada. Vale la pena el esfuerzo totalmente!
Skrevet 29. april 2019
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5,0 av 5 bobler
mar. 2018 • Par
I've always been obsessed with the wonders of the world so decided when I was going to Mexico with my girlfriend, to visit the Paricutin Volcano. We were advised against it due to the risky drive to get there but decided it was worth the risk and how right we were. We hired a car in Mexico City and drove about 4 hours to Morelia where we stayed overnight which was wonderful. Another 2.5 hour drive the next morning to the village of Angahuan and we pulled up at a gas station, next to it was a small area labelled tourist centre. Spanish was not their first language and only speaking English myself, communication was a little tricky but thankfully my girlfriend translated and we bought a trip to the top of the volcano with a guide, I paid 1050 pesos it total which was about £42 at the time. We followed the guide and parked the car in a secure place and we were off. The best (and only realistic) way to get there is on horseback with a guide so that's what we did. Just over 2 hours each way on a horse with a wooden saddle was a little tough but so worth it. At the base there is a small shack where you can buy a coke or water. We were pointed upwards and told 'I'll see you in an hour' by the guide. The climb isn't easy even though it only took about 25 minutes. Once at the top it was worth all the effort to get there, it really was epic and probably the best thing I've ever done in my life, absolutely breathtaking. After taking it all in and seeing the ground still steaming we made our way down. The only way is down a steep track back to the area with the shack, sliding is about the only way! After a short rest, back on the horse for another couple of hours via the church covered in lava, it's worth the very slight detour to see this as it really is something and there's some amazing views of the volcano with the church in the foreground. We drove back into uruapan and stayed in a lovely hotel but they were building some accommodation where we parked at the time which I believe was about 500 pesos per night. If you're thinking of doing this, do it, its incredible. A couple of tips getting there, we were advised by locals in Mexico city and Morelia to drive during the day when its light and not to stop anywhere by the side of the road, we stuck to this and saw no trouble whatsoever, in fact the drive was simply stunning some of the best views you could ever wish to see. Get there fairly early as it's a long day, we arrived around midday and were told we couldn't have gone if we were much later. Be prepared for the horseback ride, I've never been on a horse in my life and coped fine but I'd suggest you need to be fairly fit to do this and definitely wear jeans or long trousers, I didn't and it cut one of my legs with the friction. The locals are very friendly but rely on tourism which there isn't much of, the guide told us there was only a handful of people per week that go so be fair and tip generously, they are very appreciative. Final tip, do it, u wont regret it, its absolutely amazing!
Skrevet 18. februar 2019
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Toronto, Canada123 bidrag
3,0 av 5 bobler
okt. 2018 • Familie
Decided to visit volcano ruins, where village was burried upon last eruption some 60 years ago. A bit disapointed as there was not much to see, however horseback ride to the site and back was fun for kids. They enjoyed it more than ruins.
Skrevet 15. januar 2019
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Mexico135 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
des. 2018 • Familie
Solo un momento me tomo para darnos cuenta que ese experiencia sería una de las mejores que abríamos de vivir en México. Angahuan pueblo Purépecha perdido en el tiempo… Tierra de gran belleza natural. La cabalgata es lenta pero hermosa, la comunión que se logra en ese trayecto de hombre-caballo-naturaleza es simplemente un momento mágico. No se puede describir con palabras, solo viviéndolo. Ese trayecto dura 30 minutos donde lo especial es ver y disfrutar el paisaje. Te recomiendo ampliamente contratar el caballo y no caminar o llegar por otra ruta en auto porque este recorrido es parte de místico lugar y si no lo haces pierdes la mitad de la belleza.
El costo del Caballo es de 220 pesos por viaje redondo ida y vuelta.
Al llegar a las ruinas de la iglesia te sorprende un mercado entre las cenizas del volcán, donde venden comida, cerveza, vino y recuerdos del lugar. La comida es simplemente un viaje al México de los pueblos indígenas, ver a las señoras haciendo las tornillas a la manera antigua y preparando la comida fresca para los comensales es suplente un espectáculo, la comida gran sabor, en especial las quesadillas..
La iglesia al tenerla enfrente te conviertes en un espectador deslumbrado de su belleza, es increíble imaginar que lo que se creía una desgracias de algunos años por la erupción del volcán ahora se haya convirtió en un espectáculo maravilloso y con gran valor turístico.
Ten cuidado al subir y bajar por esas rocas, son peligrosas, más si llevas niños contigo, lleva bota cerrada y antiderrapante porque si tropiezas es muy peligroso. En el camino podrás ver con suerte, coyote, venado.
Después de recorrer las ruinas es tiempo de regresar y los caballos ya están esperando para ir montana arriba para regresar al mirador. Este recorrido está ampliamente recomendado te aseguro que te sentirás dentro de un sueño….
Skrevet 2. januar 2019
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