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Guanajuato walking tour

Our desire is that visitors recognize us for our hospitality. We like to welcome travelers as if they were our old friends and we want to share with them the places we like the most. We: The Cacomixtle company, we like to delve into the daily life of a Guanajuato as it is.
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2 to 3 hours
fra USD 40,94

Hike in the Sierra de Santa Rosa

Walking goes beyond moving from one place to another, walking involves moving away from the city, talking, living together. You will hear anecdotes of old feats that occurred on the Camino Real Tierra Adentro. This sixteenth-century road was one of the great feats of our history, since it made possible the transfer, settlement, and migration of people, religion, traditions, and merchandise from Mexico City to Santa Fe in New Mexico.
The term Tierra Adentro referred to the lands far from the coast that, being unknown to the Spanish, were risky, while for the Indians they were already known, especially in the north where these valiant Chichimec warriors were found. The silver and gold deposits were the incentive to enter the sidewalks full of surprises and dangers; the unexpected always appeared beyond the undulations of the terrain that covered the view….
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3 hours 30 minutes
fra USD 67,00

Private Historical Tour in the Sierra Santa Rosa by Bicycle

Beyond riding a bike for exercise, it is an environmentally friendly means of transport, and it helps us achieve a cultural immersion in the lifestyles and customs of the inhabitants of the towns we pass. This tour is more than a demanding mountain biking activity, it is a historical cultural bike ride, in this we will hear more about the past and present mining of the city of Guanajuato, as well as the importance of the Camino Real de Tierra Adentro. We will talk about the cultural and natural diversity of the Sierra de Santa Rosa, we will share more information about the people, what they do, what their festivities are like, what trees we find, what plants, what birds, among many other aspects.
Let's talk about the fauna, flora and history of the mining towns of Guanajuato, on wheels!
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3 hours 30 minutes
fra USD 75,00
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