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Bay of Cabo San Lucas
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Salvador, BA8 550 bidrag
mar. 2022
Há passeios de barco para todos os bolsos pra quem quer fazer a foto típica com o cartão-postal da cidade.
Pra quem visitar a região nos meses de observação de baleias (nov-abr), a foto está garantida!
Skrevet 13. mars 2022
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Worldwide Dave
Meridian, ID524 bidrag
nov. 2021
There are many fun things to do within the Bay of Cabo San Lucas.

Vibe: Super relaxing

Food: Many options

Service: Varies from bars to dance clubs to stand up paddle boards and more

Access: Easy from boat or valet park near waterfront at Sur Beach House or The Office

Would I go again: Yes of course

We love the bay. So much to do. Always spend a few days a week here.
Skrevet 23. november 2021
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Fano, Italia252 bidrag
aug. 2021
Sarebbe una bellissima baia, se non ci fosse Cabo San Lucas, una cittadina sorta per aiutare gli Americani a rimpinzarsi di junk food, alcool, medicinali proibiti e droghe varie.
Skrevet 3. september 2021
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San Francisco, CA23 bidrag
jul. 2021
A must-do in Cabo; try to go on a day where the weather is nice and winds are less rough. You can't leave Los Cabos without doing this!
Skrevet 3. juli 2021
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Baytown, TX16 bidrag
jun. 2021 • Par
Tiny storm has closed down the marinas in cabo...for 3 day we have been canceled on fishing trips and other water entertainment..hell they even closed the didn't even rain during this period..tightass harbor Master needs to be fired..if you plan to come to cabo and spend some money you better hope the weather is perfect or you will just be shopping at all the junk stores BS
Skrevet 30. juni 2021
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Phoenix, AZ26 bidrag
jun. 2021 • Familie
Cabo is a beautiful vacation spot. Cabo Bay and the rock formations known as Land’s End are incredibly beautiful and should be on every traveler’s bucket list. My family and I just returned from a week long vacation there and while this story has a happy ending, it was nearly a tragedy. My 11 year old son was pulled into the sea by a rogue wave on Divorce Beach. With the help of two strangers, my wife and I were able to rescue him and for that I am so thankful. After this experience, we started researching water tragedies in Cabo and the numbers are staggering. I would not go so far as to say that the tourist industry is covering it up, but I would say they are doing nothing to warn you or publicize the fact that numerous people have suffered tragic consequences as a result of rogue waves, powerful currents and rip tides on Cabo beaches. Apparently TripAdvisor keeps closing any posts on this topic. I think that is a tragedy in and of itself that Trip Advisor seems to be complicit in hiding the truth about the dangers of Cabo’s rogue waves. After my son narrowly escaped, I was told that there has been a long list of tragedies from rogue waves in and around Cabo but particularly on Divorce Beach, one of the most visited places in Cabo. I can’t go into specifics because TripAdvisor will hide this post if I get too descriptive. Please do your own research regarding the tragedies that continue to happen on Divorce Beach, Lover’s Beach, Médrano Beach and many others.

Here is our story. My wife and I took our three kids to Cabo. We have two teenage daughters and one son who is 11. We stayed at one of the five-star resorts on Medrano beach which is advertised as having “the only swimmable beach in Cabo.” Medrano Beach is across the bay from the beautiful rock formations for which Cabo is known. We hired a water taxi to take us from our beach to the rock formations. Hundreds, if not thousands, of these water taxis ferry people back and forth from the rock formations every day. After a short but spectacular water tour of the geographic wonders of Land’s End, the water taxi pulls up to a relatively small beach called Lover’s Beach. The taxi drops off its passengers to let them explore and then will return to pick up the passengers in 30 minutes to an hour. If you walk away from the water on Lover’s Beach you will see a wide gap in the rock formations that gives way to a broad path to the other side of this little isthmus. To be clear, Lover’s Beach is on the bay side which is the Sea of Cortés, the beach on the other side of the isthmus faces the Pacific Ocean, and it is quaintly called Divorce Beach because of the stark contrast between the two beaches. Both are extremely beautiful.

When disembarking, a local man who had helped us off of the boat told us that Divorce Beach had very dangerous currents and riptides. He told us that there was no swimming on that side. He said to be careful and watch our kids closely. When you get a warning like that in Mexico, you better pay attention to it. We did.

We walked to the other side and began to take pictures. There are no flags, no markers and no barricades anywhere on this beach. My 11 year old son and one of his sisters were running along the beach and playing 20 to 30 feet away from the water. They were not swimming or even wading in the water. Out of the deep blue sea, a 10 foot tall rogue wave swelled up and came crashing down on my son and daughter while my wife and I watched. My daughter saw it coming and was able to break a few steps in the right direction. She was still smashed and rolled by the wave but I could immediately see that she was clambering her way out of the explosive surf. My son never saw it coming. The wave rose up well above his head and came crashing down on him, the powerful current scraping him off of the beach into the sea. One second he was there, the next second all I could see was an explosion of white foam and a wave that came to the highest point on the beach. The next instant I saw my son’s head bob up to the surface. He was 30 yards out into the Pacific Ocean where we had just been told that the currents and riptides were extremely dangerous. The sea is so powerful at this place that my son was carried very quickly closer to the beach on the next wave. My wife was about twice as close to the kids as I was when the first wave hit. She immediately ran for the water and dove into the waves to save our son. In what can only be described as the grace of God, my wife came close enough to my son that she was able to reach into the water in front of her and she caught the ends of his fingers before the next wave mercilessly rolled over them. She immediately choked up and grabbed him around the wrist. She had no plan but to hold onto him and never let go. They both hit their heads repeatedly as a set of four or five devastating waves threw their bodies like rag dolls. I ran into the sea with two other men who were strangers. I could only see my wife’s feet sticking up above the water for a second as she was rolled over and over.

One of the other men was two steps ahead of me. He managed to grab her first but he went two steps too deep and the current pulled his feet out from under him and he started to be swept out to sea. He grabbed onto my wife’s ankle and was holding on for dear life. At that exact moment I was able to catch my wife’s hand. I locked hands with her and literally used every bit of strength in my body to tow the train of people far enough in that they could get on their feet. At some point, the other man somehow managed to get my son from my wife and I know he cradled my son and carried him all the way to dry land. When I got my wife and the man who had fallen to a place where they could stand in about waist deep water, my wife looked at me and I could see she had used every bit of strength she had to get to this place. At the same moment, I could see the next wave swelling behind her. The sound of the waves was deafening so I yelled as loudly as I could for her to run to the beach as fast as she could. All three of us scratched and pawed our way up the beach as the sea did its best to knock us down and drag us back in.

We made it. The episode seems like it lasted an hour. It was all of about one minute. We all laid there on the beach too weak to even express how overjoyed we were that our son, that our family, was together and safe. As one of the strangers who had risked his life to save us struggled his way up the beach past us, the only words my wife could utter were, “You saved our lives.” We don’t know who those two people were. One of them, the one closest to me was a local who worked on the beach as a tour operator. I believe the other man was a tourist. I cannot express how grateful my family is to these two men. Had they not been there and been willing to risk their own lives for others, this story would have had a very different ending.

Before anyone goes blaming this on inexperience or anything else, let me tell you a few facts. This is a family of surfers. My kids have been surfing California and Hawaii since they were old enough to stand on a board. We spend a month at the beach every summer. We are all strong ocean swimmers including my son. He is an athletic kid. My wife is a Cross-fit trainer who is in peak physical condition. We do not drink and we do not do drugs. If you read this story and want to explain it away so you can tell yourself this won’t happen to you, you’re just wrong. We did everything we were supposed to do and the Pacific Ocean did what it does in Cabo.

This is the best warning you are going to get. No one in Cabo is going to tell you about the rogue waves or the scores of people who have faced tragedy. We really loved Cabo and we will return there, but the sad truth about Cabo is that it is not a place to go to enjoy the beach. The sea is deep around Cabo and the beaches are short and steep. The combination leads to terrifying waves, currents and tides in every part of Cabo.

Everyone posts that they saw guards by the beaches when they were there. Here is what I saw. Each resort posts one guy at the top of the stairs leading down to the beach. The guards are all dressed in business casual slacks. They are not lifeguards. They are not facing or watching the beach. I never encountered one who spoke English at all. Their purpose was a mystery to me. I never saw a lifeguard on any beach. They do have a flag system which tells you the danger level. The flags are hard to see and the signs explaining what the colors mean are even harder to see. No one anywhere ever told us that the ocean in this area has a tendency to swell up from time to time and grab tourists off the beach with a set of rogue waves.

I did a lot of research before posting this. Originally, I posted links to about 15 stories about people affected by the rogue waves. I’m not posting them here because I’m trying to write this in a way that will not cause TripAdvisor to close it. You can find the same articles with a few internet searches.

Do your research. Cabo needs to come clean about this and take action. Divorce beach should be closed. If it was California, that beach would be gated off as a no trespassing area. It’s just too dangerous. Read the articles. And they need to at least post trained lifeguards with jet skis on all of these beaches. There has been too much tragedy already.
Skrevet 28. juni 2021
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Joel E
5 bidrag
feb. 2021
This was awesome especially to experience the how vastly different and rough he seas are on the 2 different sides of the arch.
Skrevet 18. februar 2021
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Azucena C
Monterrey, Mexico86 bidrag
des. 2020 • Par
Si vas a los Cabos tienes q conocer el arco la playa del amor y la playa del divorcio y bajarte en la playita de un lado de la playa del amor es el mar de Cortez y del otro lado increíblemente es la playa del divorcio es el Océano Pacífico increíblemente majestuoso hermoso
Skrevet 14. desember 2020
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Ugo C
Reykjavík, Island535 bidrag
okt. 2020
This is a very cool place. You can walk on the beach or stroll on the main avenue. There are great views from a lot of places. Bring comfortable footwear.
Skrevet 27. oktober 2020
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sep. 2020
Very beautiful. The completely clear/see through boat was cool. They let you jump out and swim also.
Skrevet 23. september 2020
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