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Vancouver Convention Centre
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
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Tucson16 861 bidrag
Less said, the better and it doesn't get any better!
aug. 2021
There is a fusion of sorts between the Burrard Landing Plaza (home of the Orca sculpture and the Olympic bundle) and the East and West wings of the Convention Center. The tent-capped beauty is what we know as "Canada Place" (where the tents poke up into the sky). In better times (hopefully to come soon), this would be the cruise ship docking place.

But there is more! (sounds a bit like an infomercial, and I apologize) but, the reality is that the Canada Place, Convention Center (east and west), and Burrard Landing are pretty much part and parcel of the same.

Take some time to drink in the orca sculpture (Leggo block beauty), admire the Olympic Cauldron in the Jack Poole Plaza (middle of Burrard Landing) and maybe depart on a walk along the seawall. All come highly recommended. So say me.

The two wings of these buildings (east and west) are parts and pieces of the Convention center and these are themselves, bits and pieces of Canada Place, lie on either side of Burrard Place. The Burrard Landing separates the two buildings.

Would it not be great to have a divining rod to separate them, but it is like splitting hairs. Embrace them for the cohesiveness they are and so represent. Better minds than mine (and yours) have not been able to mince their parts to create separate entities.

And so we move along ... spend some time here, consider taking a pontoon plane to Victoria (and thank ourselves for this later), and truly explore the wonderful and many kinds of seaplane excursions (for very reasonable prices) or maybe take in the sights and sounds of Coal Harbor.

The seawall walk is only steps away if a seaplane adventure is not on one's to-do list this day, (although we heartedly recommend it). Any way you look at this, the Convention Center/Burrard Landing/Canada Place is where all tourists will (or ought to) end up.

Canada Vancouver BC is such a special place on the face of this earth. Any opportunity we have, when we can visit our beautiful neighbor, we will gobble up in an instant.
Skrevet 1. september 2021
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Alessandro S
Quebec by, Canada2 717 bidrag
Centre des congrès
okt. 2020
Le Centre des congrès de Vancouver est très bien situé, à côté de Canada Place.
Il a un toit couvert de verdure. Je ne l'ai vu que quand j'ai regardé par la fenêtre de l'hôtel Marriott, au 29e étage.
À l'entrée, il y a une planète Terre immense, suspendue sur le plafond.
Skrevet 30. oktober 2020
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Mexico City, Mexico27 005 bidrag
Una moderna estructura junto al mar
nov. 2019
Una moderna estructura junto al mar desde la cual hay una buena panorámica, es el área bonita de la ciudad con rascacielos cercanos. Un buen sitio para tomar fotografías del recuerdo.

El viento es gélido afuera, de manera que viene agradable ingresar y sentir el confort del clima y visitar el sitio.

Disfruta de Vancouver Convention Centre porque: ¡La un VIAJE!
Skrevet 25. oktober 2020
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Gabriel F
Buenos Aires, Argentina309 bidrag
muy buen paseo
mar. 2020
Áreas de paseo y descanso, regalerías y supongo que también restaurantes y otros negocios (no me fijo en eso porque no me interesa), así como esculturas y la salida del autobús gratuito que lleva al Parque del Puente Colgante de Capilano.
Skrevet 6. oktober 2020
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Minh Phuc Khanh P
Ho Chi Minh-byen, Vietnam27 bidrag
Pacific Dental Conference
mar. 2020
It's a huge convention centre. We were there for a 3-day conference. The place is easy to find and can occupy hundreds of thousand people.
Skrevet 11. september 2020
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1 bidrag
nov. 2019
We were there twice during the public hours. The first time we were there on a Friday late afternoon and we were told by a gentleman at the entrance that the building was closed for an event. The second time we were there on a Friday early afternoon and we were told by another gentleman at the escalator on the ground floor that the building was closed for an event. Is the building closed for the public during the public hours when there is an event? Would the building be opened for events after 5pm?

We were near the Centre and there were many people who entered the building. We thought the building was opened to the public due to the lack of staff by the entrance. We went in and reached the second floor. A woman by the escalator on the second floor, who was clearly annoyed and sounded irritated, told us that only members of the seminar can proceed and she asked us if we registered and if we have a name tag. However, we saw many others without a name tag who proceeded to the third floor. If there was someone at the entrance who could have informed us of the building closure then we would not have walked in and felt embarrassed.

I visited the Centre's website later and saw that there was no event on that day listed under the "Events" section. Why were we told that the building was closed for an event? And why was the building populated when there was no event listed?

I called the Centre the next day and the receptionist said he would transfer my call to the manager. The manager kept interrupting me. He cut me off the phone when I tried to speak. So we tried to find someone who we could talk to. When I looked at the list of contact info. under "Our Team" on the website, the name of the manager who I had talked to on the phone was not on the list. So who did the receptionist transfer my call to?

I tried to call another manager two days later and my call went to his voicemail which was a Chinese woman speaking Mandarin. I was surprised. Does that mean the contact info. of "Our Team" on the website is incorrect?

Then I emailed to the GM and the CEO but I could not reach them. The fact that I could not reach any of the staff by phone or by email indicates that there is something wrong with the staff.

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Skrevet 3. juli 2020
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Victoria, Canada12 049 bidrag
Fan Expo: The Last Hurrah?
feb. 2020
The Vancouver Convention Centre is a literal and figurative hub on the city’s waterfront. When the Vancouver Convention Centre (East) was built in 1986 as the “Canada Pavilion,” it functioned as an integral component of Expo ’86, providing over 10,000 square meters of exhibit and performance space. After the World’s Fair concluded, the “Canada Pavilion” was rechristened and repurposed as the Vancouver Convention Centre (VCC). It wasn’t until 2009 that the VCC received a major expansion and upgrade – in preparation for the 2010 Winter Olympics – in the form of its West wing, which is located at 1055 Canada Place. It is often this segment of the VCC that garners all of the attention and praise because of its innovative postmodern design, limited environmental footprint, and symmetry with both the natural and manmade worlds that surround it.

I’ve walked by the Convention Centre – East and West wings – countless times over the years. While there’s no doubt that the West wing is far more popular than its older counterpart, the East wing is nevertheless an important tourist attraction and convention space as well. I’m sure the fact that it’s located within Canada Place helps quite a bit in this regard; after all, Canada Place is home to the cruise ship terminal, FlyOver Canada, the WTC (where I’ve met with the Premier), and the Pan Pacific Hotel. It’s also literally right across the street from the Fairmont Waterfront and is immediately adjacent to Miku sushi restaurant (see my earlier review on this site) and the SkyTrain public transit (see my earlier review on this site). In Vancouver, location is key and the Convention Centre is fully aware of this fact . . . at least insofar as a building can be aware of anything ;)

The Vancouver Convention Centre (West wing) has been described as a “Vancouver icon” by Vancouver Is Awesome and, likewise, a “show piece” and “Truly World Class Venue” by earlier TripAdvisor reviewers. While I’ll agree that the VCC is an architectural marvel befitting of the “City of Glass,” I’m not one to openly fawn at such structures; after all, despite its role at Vancouver 2010, it is, at base, just a convention centre – a place where people might come and listen to cultural and political heavyweights like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton; gather for a massive vehicle convention; rub elbows with celebrities; or, hobnob with the business elite. In short, and to my critical eye, the fact that the VCC is LEED platinum certified and has won the APEX award for “World’s Best Convention Centre” is just a sort of window dressing. It’s cool, but I doubt that’s the primary reason people come here.

As noted above, I think location is key and plays a vital role in the convention centre’s success. It’s right at the water’s edge; the seaplane terminal is literally right at its doorstep; the newer section of the Vancouver Seawall passes through this segment of the city; there are countless popular eateries literally at your doorstep; Jack Poole reminds us all of 2010 thanks, primarily, to the Olympic Cauldron; Digital Orca is located on the convention centre’s property (see my earlier review on this site); The Drop can also be found adjacent to the VCC (see my earlier review on this site); the outstanding Fairmont Pacific Rim is right across the street; Fairmont Waterfront is but a 5-minute walk away; and SkyTrain is right there. There is also much artwork to be seen inside the convention centre as well (I especially love the giant globe at the West’s entrance).

In any event, I recently attended the Fan Expo, which was held in the convention centre. It’s basically a smaller version of Calgary’s Comic Expo in that there aren’t as many celebrities or booths set up but it’s a good “local” option if you live in and around the area and don’t want to travel all the way to Alberta. This was my first time attending the Vancouver event and I’d have to say I enjoyed it overall. It wasn’t as crowded as Calgary and they had some pretty good celebrities in attendance: Brendan Fraser, Bruce Campbell, Christina Ricci, Levar Burton and Corey Feldman, to name a few. Food options were a little sparse, but that’s fine.

It’s hard to imagine that barely a month after Fan Expo the convention centre was converted into a makeshift hospital, with a set-up of 271 beds, in anticipation of COVID hospital overload. The VCC will remain in this state for the rest of 2020, at a cool cost of $88,000 per month (paid to a government Crown corporation). Better safe than sorry, I say.

In “normal” times it’s easy to see how the convention centre can generate an average of $300 million in economic benefits each year – a lot of people flock here for various reasons. However, from a strictly tourist perspective, I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to explore this facility. Instead, I’d admire it – and the scenery – outside. There’s a whole world out there beyond the Vancouver Convention Centre.
Skrevet 22. juni 2020
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John C
Christchurch, New Zealand12 bidrag
Very impressive central infrastructure
aug. 2019
We spent some time wandering around this area, our highlight being the Flyway virtual tour over Canada which was just amazing and not to be missed. Some good eateries and lots to look at. Enjoyed the historic board walk story boards about pioneering Canadians and the important part they played in the early days
Skrevet 13. april 2020
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Steve M
Huyton, UK57 bidrag
A stunningly beautiful work of art
jul. 2019
A stunningly beautiful piece of modern architecture. Built upon a manmade reef which is now thriving with a diverse range of sea life. With its grass covered roof filled with beehives and millions of bees this is a conservatives dream.
Skrevet 24. februar 2020
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Peder A
Roskilde, Danmark949 bidrag
Flot placering
feb. 2020
Et dejligt konferencecenter med høj kvalitet og service. Maden var god og med mange grønne tiltag. Her kan udsigten nydes.
Skrevet 20. februar 2020
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