Conestogo River Horseback Adventures

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Conestogo River Horseback Adventures

Conestogo River Horseback Adventures
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Maureen F
1 bidrag
jul. 2021
I laughed out loud on the first day of "farm" camp, as we were greeted upon our arrival at Conestogo River adventures by the counsellors on the first day.

After paying $325.00 for the week farm camp for my 4 year old grandson, the first thing the greeter says to my husband through the driver's side of the window is, "Do you have your five dollars for the freezies?"

Really??....not "hello or welcome to farm camp, or park your car over there, but..."do you have five dollars for the freezies? "

Freezies that cost pennies , that should be included in the registration fees and that is what you say to us upon arriving!

Right away I had a disappointed feeling.

After parking , and looking for my grandson's buddy, we found his group.

17 kids in all, with three counsellors who by the way were taking refuge from the sun under the tent and were mostly busy on their phones, with little regard to be welcoming, organizing, or engaging the arriving children.

When questioned not one of them could describe the days "farm" activities to me , as stated online. This was something that concerned me as I could not get a definitive description of exactly what the day's farm activities would be and the learning outcomes? No one seemed to have a clue. I had called the office earlier in the week and received the same vague non-response, "Oh they do things on the farm, meet the animals."

I really should have done this research before signing him up and paying. My BIG mistake , but it doesn't have to be yours!

I knew my grandson would tell me at the end of the day, he is an articulate four-year-old. What I discovered at the end of the first day is that they do very little regarding learning about the farm! They were sprayed with the hose, played on an old wagon that sits next to their tent spot, rode the pony and looked at the chickens.

Now my little guy loves horses, he loves to feed them, pet them and ride them. That is why we signed him up. Each child is guaranteed a daily 30 min pony ride. I wonder how long they really got.

With 17 kids between the ages of 4 and 7 in the group, at 30 mins each how was that done? Again, I could never get a straight answer.

But what really ended the week early for us with this so-called "Farm camp" was the rudeness displayed not only by the owner but his ill-trained "camp counsellors". I asked every morning, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning that one of the three counsellors to please be sure to encourage my little guy to eat his lunch. To help him open his thermos jar etc. Afterall, he's still a pre-schooler.

He ate ok on Monday but come Wednesday, a blistering hot afternoon when I came to pick him up nothing had been opened, nada. Not even his two water bottles. He's four years old!!!!!

When I asked the counsellor why she hadn't helped him, she responded, "I have 17 kids to look after, and I saw him eat a cracker."

The male owner (tall very arrogant guy) was standing nearby as I questioned the counsellor, you know what his response was?

"What do you want us to do lady, force feed him?"

I was so taken aback with his rudeness and his attitude, and the young counsellor I was questioning, was then empowered by his response to be further insolent to me. At this point, I collected my "dripping wet grandson", he'd been sprayed with the hose, his knapsack full of food and water and left not to return for the two final days.

In the car I asked him if he enjoyed his day and he says to me , "farm camp sucks!"

I'd say so too! At least this farm camp does. Don't waste your money. It is nothing more than an overpriced, phoney Conestogo adventures "FARM" camp rip off!

I would never recommend this place to anyone looking to find a real experience, with sincere, knowledgeable people to teach or care for their children.
Skrevet 7. september 2021
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Thameena C
Mississauga, Canada17 bidrag
jul. 2021
I had a wonderful time at Conestogo River Horseback Adventures. When you arrive they make you sign waivers, put on a helmet and there's a hand washing station etc. Tatyanna our head instructor taught us the basic rules and placed us with our horses. My friend and I got to ride these two beautiful Canadian horses Noir and Nickle. I haven't been on a horse in over ten years, was excited and nervous at the same time but Nickle extremely great with me. We had two instructors in the back with me Torri and Meadow, gave me a lot of tips and tricks, they were so nice, calm and helped me a lot. It was nice going on the trail through the forest, water, even mud. Great experience overall and will for sure come back. Thank you so much for a fun time!!!
Skrevet 12. juli 2021
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1 bidrag
okt. 2020
Where to begin. 3 out of the 6 riders on this trail ride got thrown off their horse and injured within one hour. The staff working showed NO concern, compassion or understandings of first aid treatment . This establishment is truly concerning in regards to safety. I would highly advise that you rethink booking this or at least inquire about the traning required to become a trail guide. For example, we were greeted unpleastly by staff, we were given a 30 second introduction on the "basics" of riding which later proved to be totally inadeqate. 30 minutes into the ride one horse kicked the other ( which another staff later admitted that those two didn't get along so tell me why they were placed beside each other?). The rider went flying, with no instruction on what to do. I jumped off to assist, as know one else seemed too concerned. The guide was no where to be found, the rider was then expected to get back onto the horse, and so was I with no asssitance. If that wasn't enough, one horse continued to lead the way back to the farm ( no rider, just the horse, does that make sense?). The leading horse took off running, and the others followed. This resulted in two other riders getting thrown off one by one and stepped on, while the other horses continued to run. Again, I decided it was best to get off my horse ( even though no direction was provided) to offer first aid to two young girls that were seriously injured. A bunch of children later came to get the horses, and continued to argue with me in calling EMS. No refund, no apology and no compassion that this event was extremly trauamtic to all involved. I have rode horses before, and have no complaints about the horses, this was all on the staff. I understand the risk you take when going for a trail ride, however the risk should have been mitigated and open communication and leadership should have occured to ensure the safety of everyone! Absoutey disguting. I am thankful there were no children or elderly on this ride. Please be safe!!
Skrevet 3. november 2020
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Rockwood, Canada10 bidrag
okt. 2019
I was disappointed as to how poorly the animals were groomed. Manes were badly matted with burrs. The coats looked dirty and not properly brushed, which leads to skin irritation. It is difficult to overlook the poor impression the horses grooming makes. Overall if that is how the horses are looked after, the rest of the operation you know is sub par.
Skrevet 19. oktober 2019
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jake grant
6 bidrag
sep. 2019
Poor horse care. 10am ride. Only 2 people. Horses not groomed. Body and legs have mud caked on them. 2 out of 3 horses matted in forelocks and mane and tail with burrs. No excuse. i trail ride all over the world on both long sand short trips for past 40 years and i rate horse welfare and rider safety at the top over scenery.
Skrevet 19. september 2019
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Veronica C
1 bidrag
aug. 2019
Had several issues with the trail ride on Thursday including: poorly trained horses (did not follow direction well), poorly trained/incompetent staff/volunteers assisting our group, horse I was on got into a fight with another horse, they were kicking each other, it was terrifying, I thought I was going to get thrown off, no staff/volunteers came to make sure I was ok after this happened, some parts of the trail were very muddy, horses slipping, one horse (in front of me) did not want to go into the water, once it got into the water, it stopped half way through so I had to stop, then my horse was distracted (playing in the water) and would not take commands to get out of the water, ended up going very close to a cement wall (support for a bridge I think) and my leg got squished between the wall and the horse, have a nice sized bruise from that. Someone else's horse took off toward Northfield Dr. (no fence/gate stopping the horses from going on the road), the individual was very scared that the horse was going to head straight into traffic. No instruction was given prior to the ride on what to do if your horse started getting riled up/kicking another horse. Most people in our group had a good time, but I can't see myself ever getting on a horse again. This was just my 2nd time riding ever. The staff/volunteers were aware that we were almost all beginner level riders in our group. Would not recommend, especially not for beginners.
Skrevet 23. august 2019
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Dundas, Canada44 bidrag
sep. 2018 • Venner
Celebrating the birthday of a friend, we went for a 2-hr trail ride on the beautiful scenic trails that wind along the Conestoga river. Crossing the river twice and even pausing for photographs, the horses were gentle and well trained. The trail guides were experienced and knowledgeable. Overall a very memorable experience. We will certainly go again.
Skrevet 25. september 2018
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Toronto Ontario4 bidrag
jun. 2018 • Familie
I booked this trail ride for my daughter as part of her 11 years birthday gift, because she could not go on trail ride before turning 11 due to age limit. I originally booked two hour trail ride at the end of day, because thunderstorm warning, we switched to an one hour ride at noon. It was cloudy, breezy so perfect for horseback riding. The trail we went on was so beautiful, including many river crossing, thick bush and open field along the river. I would have never been there without the horse.

My little girl (not so little now) loves horseback and has been in horseback riding camp almost every summer since she was five. I myself on the other hand haven't been on a horse for many years. My horse "Able" likes to try new path, instead of following the leader. My daughter was behind me, she controlled her horse "King" so well that "King" never followed my "Able" into the bush. After 20 minutes or so, "Able" and I were getting to know each other better, he knew his limits and was well behaved. After trail ride, I and my daughter always remember and laugh about "Able", so curious, always wants to try something new and tests the boundaries.

It was such a beautiful ride and lots of memories with joy. We decided to go on two hour trail ride next time as this time we had to switch, maybe in the fall.
Skrevet 4. juni 2018
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Jazmin L
6 bidrag
apr. 2018 • Par
My boyfriend and I went to this place and was incredibly disappointed. I have riding experience and he doesn't have much. We were put in with another couple and the instructions given were not great. They did not adjust stirrups, his were too short and mine were way too long. The mud was very slippery and dangerous as well as the horses were trying to stay out of the mud so he was almost taken right off the horse! The horse I was on was kicked and another horse charged at mine with its ears pinned (which the girl in the back said he tripped, that was an absolute lie). I felt as if I was having to train the horse I was on as it was plowing into the other horses with NO stop or steering! I was fearing for the horses and riders safety with the steep embankments that they took us by!

This was a terrible experience and I have asked for a refund! Do not go here!!
Skrevet 22. april 2018
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Waterloo, Canada2 bidrag
okt. 2017 • Venner
I've come out to this facility multiple times for multiple activities and have never been disappointed. As an avid rider and horse lover, I can see how happy and healthy the horses are. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. The trails are beautiful year round. Wagons and sleighs are a fun way to enjoy the horses for families with age ranges. Friends have had their children's birthday parties out there as well, the kids and adults have a blast with the pony/horse rides. Can't wait for my next adventure!
Skrevet 7. november 2017
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