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The Quay Climbing Centre
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
10:00 - 22:00
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Trish M
Plymouth, UK16 bidrag
jun. 2022 • Venner
Loved this area of Exeter , lots of wonderful shops & cafes . Great if you looking for something a little different to buy . My favourite shop was the Fire Tree where the lovely owners make stunning wooden items from locally sourced wood . I bought a cheeseboard, a painting and wine holder. Could have spent a fortune . Such lovely things .
Skrevet 21. juni 2022
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6 bidrag
mar. 2022
I've had two sessions now at the The Quay climbing centre at Exeter and the whole experience has been excellent (if a bit tiring!). My taster sessions were led by Vinny and then Lee - both highly experienced, friendly and very professional in their approach to coaching. As a novice climber (more of an outdoor scrambler), there is plenty of scope here for me to improve my skills on the climbing wall. Also great is the little cafe upstairs, and the massage / physio centre in the same building, and the ample parking round the back. So, all fabulous, I just need to be fitter and about 20 years younger!
Skrevet 31. mars 2022
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feb. 2022
Two years+ of safe belaying of my child while he does indoor climbing, tested and approved by two certified establishments ...
No, not good enough for Exeter's Quay Climbing Centre, refused entry today, apparently I am not safe 🙁
I have to second Carrie's review from January - incredibly rude staff, judgmental, absolutely no people skills.
Maybe because I am a foreigner? Yes, I am asking you dark haired youngish lady on duty on Sunday 13th of February around 5pm. You made me so anxious by the way you treated me, like I was an idiot. I needed to refresh my skills as it was a long time ago I was last time expected to do the knots. You wouldn't give a slightest advice or help yet when I went away to practise my knots you were happy to show everything to my other half on the spot.
You stressed me so much and eventually deemed me not suitable for belay.
Really? I have been out there on rocks possibly before you were born and have been belaying my child sucessfully in the last two years. I guess I am not such an idiot after all - my child is still alive and kicking...
I should have listened to my fellow Exeter climbers who discouraged me from going there... Many different reasons, although none of them mentioned the state of the place - I have never seen anything so filthy... My child spotted chewing gum rubbed into the floor, gross! We were kicked out without a refund and didn't have a time to check toilets or anything else. Reading other reviews - I think I appreciate we didn't have to.
There wasn't a free rope when we were leaving, people standing and waiting for one to become free - clearly you struggle with basic numbers.
I think Exeter Quay Climbing centre - you better get some advice from people who actually do climbing for the love of it - not for the money involved 🙁
Skrevet 14. februar 2022
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Carrie O
5 bidrag
jan. 2022 • Venner
Disappointed doesn't even cover it!

Rude staff, dirty toilets, no hand sanitiser other than on entry, no face masks worn by a single member of staff or guests, no bins in toilets so had to dispose feminine products in the bin in the climbing room! Broken lock on unisex toilets with no warning, so a man walked in on my friend. 2 tiny bouldering rooms with zero space for the amount of people there. Far too crowded, spent most of the time waiting to have a space to climb. Terrible holds, with no creative routes, either too easy or close to impossible (I was a climber for 5 years, so yes I know what I'm doing!)

When we asked if we could switch to ropes as there was space and pay the difference, we were judged by your staff (male, young, light brown hair), he made me prove I knew how to tie a figure 8 knot and connect to my harness, I got the knot perfect, but haven't climbed since early covid so needed a quick refresher on how to connect it to the belay device, when i got it wrong in Plymouth a year ago, the member of staff said 'its okay' and showed me and then allowed me to try again, whereas your staff laughed at me, rolled his eyes and made me start getting anxious. So I put the rope back up, took my harness off and told him to forget about it. Went back bouldering for 20 minutes wherever we found a tiny space, then went home.

The anxiety we felt since we walked in was horrible, both of your staff who served us were rude, blunt and had no time for us. The first man (Asian, young) was rude, zero smiles, rushed us trying on our shoes and made conversation with another new guest (male) but stated that he had to wait for us in a rather impatient tone. And the second, as mentioned before, laughed at me and rolled his eyes constantly, he judged me the second I said I was an experienced climber, as if he didn't believe me.

We've been looking forward to that for months, heard great things, finally got time off work to go, and had such an uncomfortable experience. We were planning on being regular climbers of the Quay, now we won't won't returning, you've now lost two weekly customers. Either train your staff how to be decent people or fire them.
Skrevet 17. januar 2022
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Michael B
61 bidrag
jul. 2021 • Venner
I’m trying to find new activities that are positive for my mental health that are good for fitness but don’t involve being intimidated by people in a gym; and I’ve found it. Easy to book, reasonably priced (more than reasonably priced absolutely fantastic value for money) and just a fantastic night out. Easy to understand grading system with the little pictures. Although I’m sure some of them are much harder then stated; I did think the initially the easy ones looked hard and the hard ones looked easy but I was quick to discover, they’re all hard; but practice makes perfect! There’s so much I could say about how great it was but anyone that hasn’t been absolutely should to find out for themselves. I feel like this is something I could do on my own or with friends and whilst I had a few moments where I thought I might be sick because the auto belayer just might not catch me, or I’d do a little scream because of the heart stopping moment that u could fall but when u don’t is such a great feeling. In my own head I progressed in the 2 and half hours I was there so will return again to only get better. Hopefully.
I did take my own harness but the staff felt I would be more comfortable and safe in one of thier harness and I appreciated this massively as I felt more confident in the moments I had no choice to let go. All safety checks were very natural and not over the top.
Here’s to popping my fear bubble again and again; what a place to discover.
Skrevet 12. juli 2021
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keeleigh c
Slough, UK144 bidrag
okt. 2020 • Par
We were in the area so booked to go bouldering as we frequently go back home (reading). Staff were friendly. Not very helpful, baring in mind we said we hadn't been there before. He didn't tell us where to go or where the lockers were. There wasn't a massive variety of bouldering 2 rooms that were not that big. We still stayed for 45 mins though. There were plenty of lockers to go around (bring your own padlock) The toilets were awful, they were unisex which is fine but baring in mind everything going on they were so dirty!!!!
Skrevet 11. oktober 2020
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Southampton, UK28 bidrag
okt. 2020 • Venner
I used to climb with my son years ago and thought it would be a laugh to have another go. We booked up before hand which was a very good idea as when we arrived in Exeter the skies had opened and there was a constant stream of people who want to climb but alas no space. After a test to make sure we knew what we were doing we were released on to the walls. Well graded with lots for all abilities. My son can climb well whilst I need easier routes. I can be quite boring for the likes of me as generally level 5 climbs always seem short supply. But enough here for me to retire spent with a smile. Helpful and friendly staff doing an amazing job of teaching kids who were doing amazing job of showing me how it should be done. Would be good to sell the bottled water in plastics so we could have drunk and climbed but to be fair it was a complete oversight for us not to bring some with us.
All in all a good session. Thank you.
Skrevet 4. oktober 2020
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Nicci S
29 bidrag
sep. 2020 • Venner
Excuse the picture I had fun and definitely have no idea what I'm doing... Yet.. That's the best part I had so much fun! and I want to come back!!!. We went in during an off peak session and enjoyed the bouldering rooms mainly to our selves with a few people coming and going.There is something suitable for every level of experience so if you're looking but not sure it's for you definitely book it and give it a go! The worst case with bouldering you fall which I did alot of and there's mats to catch you! :)
Skrevet 5. september 2020
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Louise J
The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, UK4 bidrag
aug. 2020
We did the Clip & Climb section which is great fun for both kids and adults. It has 25 different climbing routes to try out which offer a great challenge. It costs £12.95 (per adult) for the hour which is really good value for money.
The facilities were extremely clean and hygiene measures had been put in place for Covid19.
The staff are also really friendly and helpful.
Skrevet 24. august 2020
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Susan B
Exeter, UK168 bidrag
aug. 2020 • Par
Our first visit today after the lockdown . The Quay have put in all the measures they could to make the visit a relaxed and safe environment. With booking on line they have control of customer numbers. There were plenty of opportunities to use hand sanitiser . The cafe furniture is rearranged to provide everyone space, & the coffee and buns are as yummy as ever .
We look forward to visiting again soon.
Skrevet 14. august 2020
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