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Golborne Road
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Auckland, New Zealand67 bidrag
There are bargain buys here
aug. 2019
Golborne Market is at its best about 8am on a Friday. There is a wide range of “collectables”, clothing, garden furniture etc. Something for everyone. It takes about an hour to wander through. My wife purchased two Spode soup cups - in virtual mint condition. Pretty well every time we visit we buy !
Well worth a visit.
Skrevet 16. august 2019
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London, UK172 bidrag
Groovy,funky,hip,chill-out street with independent shops and cafes encompassing a totally unique atmosphere.
nov. 2018 • Alene
If you like grovvy,multinational shops and cafes with a unique London vibe and Goldfinger's Trellick Towers overlooking Golborne Road then this is the place for you. This street is located at the end of busy Portobello Road. An undiscovered street by tourists and still retaining a local atmosphere. On Fridays and Saturdays there is a market with bits and odds and anything and everything.The shops are an attraction in themselves as such an amazing variety of all sorts of merchandise.A visit is s must to encounter a small section of London life.
Skrevet 13. november 2018
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St. Gallen, Sveits219 bidrag
Worth a visit
jun. 2015 • Par
Everbody goes to Portobello and with good reasons. Golborne Road is different. It is not the longest of roads but has a most charming feeling. There are a few very nice vintage and antique shops and if you are hungry there is no shortage of street food or small restaurants. And for flea markt addicts: There are a few stalls and tables to explore. We were very lucky with our finds and will come back next year. Just walk down Portobello road.
Skrevet 16. juni 2015
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London43 bidrag
Little Marrakesh with a bit of Lisbon, in the heart of London
okt. 2013 • Venner
Golborne Road market, at the far end of Portobello Road, is often missed by the masses coming from the Notting Hill Gate end of Portobello, after all it's quite a stroll up along the whole length of Portobello market with all it's wondrous distractions.
But it's the most authentic and wonderful part of the market. There are so many gems along here in a very short stretch- the street stalls with their antiquey bric a brac laid out on the floor, a lot of chic antique furniture shops, (some in the most amazing Edwardian tile clad premises) Moroccan rugs and bags, George's Fish and Chips, independent boutiques and vintage clothes shops, fishmonger and old fashioned green grocer. Oh - and the people; and their pets.

One of the main attractions is the amazing Moroccan street food stalls set up along the leg the of the street where you can have a plate of rice and chips, with fish, kalamari or prawns cooked in front of your eyes for £7, or award winning Moroccan stew (best street food in Britain) down at the far end. And you can enjoy this feast while you sit amongst the locals marvelling at the speed of the chef as he cooks for dozens in his little tent.

At the far end of Golborne Road, in the shadow of Trellick Tower (an architectural must see itself), is the Lisbon cafe and bakery. It's been here forever and was my personal introduction to the delights of North Kensington, so it is the highlight for any trip to Golborne Road and Portobello. Stop here for the Portuguese Nata, the creamy custard tarts in flaky pastry. Baked on the premises, these are without doubt the best Portuguese custard tarts outside Lisbon. I have tried them all over and the others just do not come close. Any excuse to nip down there on a Saturday for these little morsels of creamy deliciousness and we will be there.

Golborne Road might be in the shadow of its bigger sister Portobello and in the very poorest part of Kensington, but it's a rich experience all the same.
Skrevet 13. oktober 2013
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Leeds, UK250 bidrag
an eclectic mix of Portobello road and flea market
mai 2012 • Par
This road is adjacent to Portobello but it has a completely different feel. It’s a little bit like an antique flea market but with a mix of eclectic products. Actually if you continue up from Cambridge Gardens (a street connecting to Portobello road) the antiques get cheaper and quirkier. Follow it all the way up to Golborne Road. Lots of weird little shops, antique shops and stalls on this slightly cheaper version of Portobello but to be honest this place has a certain charm...sometimes Portobello Market seems like a tourist attraction and you sort of get a little feel of authenticity about this place. Plus it has some good eats here. Georges Fish Bar has awesome fish and chips, best in the area. A really nice Spanish restaurant and a pretty Italian themed restaurant. A lot of authentic Moroccan street food and bakeries so there is something for everyone. Great one of a kind shops which names I can’t even remember because every single time we discover a new spot.
If you are here on holiday you probably won’t buy a lot of the things that they sell because some of it is really bulky but there are nice shops which sell quirky things and far cheaper than shops in Blenheim or Elgin crescent (streets of Portobello). Don’t get me wrong those are some of my favourite shops (like Graham and Green) but these are nothing like them so it’s worth a look. Also right at the end you can see Trellick Tower; it is an iconic West London building.
So if you are in the area don’t just stay on Portobello do come visit Golborne you won’t regret it :)
Skrevet 10. mai 2012
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Sydney, Australia84 bidrag
A local gastronomic delight
From the top of Portobello Road, Golborne Road swings towards the East ending at the iconic Trellick Tower, which dominates and largely defines this part of West London. Golborne Road has largely avoided the over-exposure, commercialization and crowds of adjacent Portobello Road and retains a local feel. The road is at the heart of both London's largest Moroccan and Portuguese populations, and the people, shops and food on offer here reflect that.

On most days there are a combination of food stalls, fruit and veg carts and a random selection of antiques and second hand bric-a-brac spread down and across the length of the road. The highlight for a visitor to Golborne Road, and a refreshing change (not to mention lighter on the wallet too) from Portobello Road is the food. You will find amazing traditional Moroccan fish grills here, alongside stalls selling other arabic staples from Harira Soup to Merguez Sausages, and the ever popular kebab grill, where the friendly stallholder will freshly grill chicken, beef or lamb kebabs and serve in a baguette or pitta. Other culinary delights include the famous Lisboa Portuguese Patisserie, where people travel from all over London to sample their rightly famous custard tarts. No trip to Notting Hill/North Kensington would be complete without trying some of these.
Skrevet 9. april 2010
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