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Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, England

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Leamington Spa, UK7 bidrag
jul. 2011
In summary - fantastic value, a very rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable day resulting in us learning some new techniques and producing some great photos around Oxford.

The day out in Oxford was led by Mark, who normally runs the Stratford tour. Having stepped in to replace the usual tour guide at the last minute, Mark immediately came across as affable, down to earth, and clearly very knowledgeable in all aspects of photography (Mark is a professional photographer). He clearly takes the customer experience very seriously, as he'd agreed to continue with the tour on the originally-agreed date, despite having to drop things last minute and travel down to Oxford to replace the normal tour guide who was unable to attend that day.

As a keen amateur photographer, my areas of interest were around understanding more from my camera as well as refining my composition technique. We kicked off with a "camera tour" indoors over a coffee, as the rain was coming down fairly heavily to begin with. This took in, amongst other things, a review of the different shooting modes on my DSLR: (A)perture Priority, (S)hutter Priority, (M)anual and finally...(P)rofessional - apparently! We also went through the principles of ISO, depth of field, HDR and the various software packages that are available for post-capture editing.

Once the rain stopped, we ventured out into Oxford for what turned out be a sunny day with plenty of great photo opportunities. We walked all around Oxford for 4 hours, stopping regularly when, between us, we spotted a potentially good shot. The architecture in central Oxford lends itself very well to panoramic photos (stitched together after the day in Photoshop), particularly the old collegiate buildings and the Bodleian library.

The result: very happy with the final set of photos, but more importantly all of the knowledge, tips, techniques and new ideas that Mark provided throughout the day.

Thoroughly recommended for anyone that wants to improve their photography technique and knowledge - I expect Mark will cater for all levels of ability and adapt the content accordingly.
Skrevet 19. juli 2011
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Murfreesboro, TN, USA1 bidrag
apr. 2011
Wanted to skip the herd mentality bus tours for a meaningful, relaxed, and behind the scenes look at the Cotswold area. Most private tours were wildly cost prohibitive, but my day was reasonably priced for a private guide. When I arrived at the train station Mark was waiting for me and we began our day in a clean comfortable car. Mark built my tour around what I was interested in seeing and helped me get the best of photo opportunities from my camera. He was friendly and knowledgable. I was enjoying myself so much I didn't want to stop for lunch or shopping as the Cotswolds has a lot to see in just one day (although he did offer!). He showed me uncrowded beautiful areas so that we could truly enjoy the peacefulness of the area. My only regret was that I didn't schedule two days!
Skrevet 30. april 2011
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