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Private Tours Greece
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Aten, Attica, Hellas

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sep. 2023 • Venner
Our archeological tour of mainland Greece was amazing. Our private tour guide & driver George made it even more enjoyable. He’d tailor our stops to avoid large groups and suggest times to minimise the heat. His knowledge of the sites was vast. We even bumped into 3 other tour guides all named George, believe it or not. Must be a company policy to hire guides & drivers named George - ha ha ha. Our George navigated the best roads too as Greece had a biblical flood just few days earlier and some of the roads were still closed. We just felt at home on this trip and accommodation was great as well. We all gave it 5 stars out of 5 !!!
Skrevet 27. september 2023
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Dave G
Mona Vale, Australia5 bidrag
sep. 2023 • Par
This was a wonderful way to make our first visit to Greece and learn more about the civilisations that have contributed so much to our modern day life. Every day was fantastic our driver (Panos) took great care of us. Every single one of the specialist guides we met at each location were compelling with both the information and insight combined with informative descriptions, explanations and insights about the sites we visited.
It's a great way to see a combination of ancient and modern day Greece.
Skrevet 26. september 2023
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aug. 2023 • Familie
Pros : we went at a time that was very quiet so we basically had sites to ourselves. Our Guide was nice and easy to understand. Air conditioned Private transport waits for you at every site which is nice.

Cons : paying over $700 and entrance fees are not included ?? That, I was pretty upset about. Also I was contacted just two days before the tour about a time conflict and site closures during our scheduled tour time. It was supposed to be a 4 hour tour and it was not quite 4 hours because we weren’t able to see all the sites we had booked for. However still paid full price PLUS entrance fees.
Skrevet 23. september 2023
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Rob C
Johnson City, TN87 bidrag
aug. 2023 • Par
This was actually the Cape Sounio Tour with Wine Tasting. We cruise frequently and almost always do our excursions away from the cruise line and this was the best excursion we have ever taken.... Anywhere.
To be honest, I was concerned prior to the tour b/c it was very difficult to contact Private Tours Greece after we had paid in full. I always try to reach out before leaving the house for the trip and they would not answer my email until I went directly to the website and sent a new email as a "prospective client" and then they responded. Honestly, I was concerned b/c the registration was so easy that I was worried I had missed something. Silly issue and glad I didn't stray from them b/c we got to meet GEORGE!
The trip started with George meeting us at the cruise port with a sign with our names. After introductions, my wife and I and our two best friends boarded a beautiful new Mercedes van for the ride to Cape Sounio. The drive alone was magnificent, reminding me of the Amalfi Coast with crystal clear water and amazing scenery. The drive took about 1.5 hours I believe but was worth every minute.
Once at Cape Sounio, we were able to see Poseidon's Temple, walk the grounds on our own. Because we were a private tour and it was early in the morning, we beat all the cruise ship tourists and we were by ourselves. We may have seen 10 other people the entire stop. George allowed us to take our time and relax. The temple is magnificent. When we boarded the van, George had fresh cold water at everyone seat and we were ready to go. The entire time in the van, George is pointing out important building and landmarks.
On the way back to Athen's, we stopped at our first winery that George arranged for us to tour called Nikolou. It is a small family winery near Athen's. We again were the only people there and the gentleman about to give our tour happened to be the owner's son and head of agriculture for the company. We toured the facilities and then sat for an extended tasting. Just as it was starting, the owner came out and asked if he could taste with us and it was amazing. The owners wife made a charcuterie board and various breads. Amazing stop... Thank you George!
Our next stop was a larger winery but also not crowded called Papagiannakos. Also an amazing stop with a great tour and the head wine maker took us on our tour and tasting as well.
This is when the tour would usually end but George found out it was our anniversary. George called and arranged dinner on the beach in Athens at a very upscale restaurant. He called the restaurant, asked for the seating on the water and arranged everything. There was no waiting and we sat immediately upon arrival. Since this was beyond the tour times, we asked George to take us there and we would get a cab or Uber to the ship. He declined and waited for us to finish and took us back to the boat.
On the way back to the ship, George asked to take a quick detour and stopped at a local bakery and had purchased a beautiful and very delicious cake to take back to the ship for our anniversary. George got a healthy tip to say the least.
I honestly looked like a rock star to my wife but I did have to tell her this was all George and I did not prearrange this. He was amazing. The tour is a must on its own but I have never seen someone go so far out of the way to treat a customer. If you are in Athen's and are looking for something to do away from the Parthenon, this is a must and I highly recommend Private Tours Greece. If you can, fight to get George.
Skrevet 20. september 2023
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Le H
1 bidrag
sep. 2023 • Par
This was a great trip. Monemvassia and Mystras were particular highlights (spend two nights in Monemvassia is my advice!) But really everything was great! Of special note was our excellent driver Nikos. He was very accommodating and helpful and is a great source of information. I usually don't book tours but this one is totally worth it.
Skrevet 15. september 2023
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lisa G
1 bidrag
aug. 2023 • Familie
My parents and I had the most beautiful time in Greece. We were in Greece for a total of 14 days, beginning 8/27. Our transfers and accommodations were all set up with Effie our travel consultant. She did an excellent job!
Our trip included Athens, the below mentioned highlights with our wonderful driver Aggelos for 5 days, as well as the islands of Mykonos and Santorini.
The 5 day tour with our wonderful driver Aggelos was absolutely amazing!
We saw the canal of Corinth, took the Cog Railway through the beautiful mountains, then overnighted in the beautiful seaside town of Nafplio. Very charming old world village with cobblestone streets, restaurants and shops with much history. We visited by boat the island fortress of Bourtzi, with astounding views and rich history. We continued to Mycenae to the archaological site, the Lion's Gate. Next stop was the Ancient city of Olympia for our overnight. The accommodations were amazing with amazing views.
Next day Ancient Olympia, again Amazing, also had a wonderful late lunch at a recommended spot by Aggelos!!......Next stop, Delphi the beautiful mountain town. We had a beautiful dinner with Aggelos, he always had the best recommendations, and joined us for our dinners, he became part of our family! Next location was Meteora, and the beautiful and astounding Monasteries on the mountain tops, This took my breath away. Absolutely amazing place!! Aggelos is extremely versed in the history of his country and we learned so much from him! He did many special things for us that were not on the itinerary and wonderful memories were made because of him and his attention and love of his work.
We were so sad to leave Aggelos!

Our next 5 days were to the Islands of Mykonos and Santorini. Both beautiful places. Our day trip to Delos by boat from Mykonos was the highlight. If you love shopping and lots of people, Mykonos is for you.
The accommodations were great. If you have trouble with steps make sure you make that clear when booking any accommodations. All accommodations were excellent, however with older parents there are some challenges with steps but they managed well.
Santorini, and Oia was wonderful as well. Oia is a must see of course.

I thank Effie and Aggelos for a wonderful experience! I also thank all of our drivers, Nikos, George, Michael, Theo, Dimitri. I hope I am not forgetting anyone, they were all wonderful. Many Thanks to you all!!

Skrevet 12. september 2023
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Yanni T
5 bidrag
sep. 2023 • Par
We booked our tour online having read good reviews on tripadvisor. We had to pay a 1/3 downpayment up front before they would respond to us. Once downpayment was paid, a generic itinerary which covered transfers to and from port, ferries, hotels and optional day tours in mykonos and santorini from Athens was generated. This was done without prior consults of preferences, mobility limitations or special requirements. When I questioned the choice of hotels, having read bad reviews online, they gave a platitude that those booked were 'best in category' and that they had already been booked for us and cannot be changed. This was booked in April for our Sept trip and a check online shows that there are plenty of availabilities in hotels at reasonable prices.

Trusting the company as it is a local Greek company with ground connections and that they would 'know best' we went ahead with it and spent about 3400 Euros on the whole tour for 5 days and 4 nights.

To our dismay, the hotels and room category chosen were basic : The Mykonos hotel was far from town center and the popular beaches. The Santorini hotel was down a steep flight of stairs which was especially difficult for us with luggages and the caldera view that was promised can only be seen through a small window if you squat or sit on the floor.

The driver information provided in Santorini was out of date and the driver had left the company quite some time ago. The so-called 24 hour services extended complimentary to us was for issues like omission of end time for day tours.

The day tours booked although satisfactory are large group tours with 3rd party operators which they took a large profit from and can be easily booked through websites like Viator.

The seats chosen on the ferries are economy seats with poor choice devoid of leg room.

In fact, a quick price check online revealed that if we had booked everything ourselves, it would only cost AT MOST half the price. The upcharge was 100%. We understand that the company needs to make a profit for services rendered but nothing about this tour was private (despite what is implied by the name of the company) nor was there personal services catered to our needs besides the specified destination and dates.

When we emailed the General Manager Dimitri about our grievances and disappointment and wanted a partial refund due to the disparity of quality of products delivered and the price charged, he accused us of extortion and threatened legal action. We were shocked! As paying customers who had paid in full and are not satisfied, we have every right to seek redress as well as to write a bad review and should not be cowered into not doing it.

The only highlights of the tour was the private car transfer services of the companies they engaged for our port transfers. The drivers were mostly on times, polite and helpful and the fleet of cars was well maintained.

The constant feeling of having been cheated marred trip.

Buyers beware and consider carefully if you want to spend the money to get substandard quality products with atrocious service.
Skrevet 11. september 2023
Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og kommer ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor sjekker anmeldelser.
Dear Customer, To be honest, your review does not come as a surprise to me. You purchased a tour from our website that included specific services. In April, I sent you the itinerary with the hotel names, to which you responded with "looks great." However, just one week before the trip, you requested a hotel change. I would like to point out that our cancellation policy does not allow changes or cancellations within 20 days prior to the trip. When you booked the trip, you were aware of the cost, and you also had the option to cancel. However, you proceeded with the trip. Hotels: All the hotels in Santorini offering Caldera View are located on the cliff with some steps to reach the top. Santorini is famous for its views. The hotel in Santorini, "Delion Hotel," has a rating of 8.9, and we have never received complaints from other clients in the past. In Mykonos, we booked the "Yannaki Hotel" at Ornos beach for you to enjoy swimming. "Yannaki Hotel" also has a rating of 8.8. Communication: Regarding contact details, you had our free WhatsApp support available 24 hours a day. During your tour, you sent us emails very often, anytime, any day, and we always responded to you promptly. Ferry tickets: Regarding the ferry tickets, you did not request VIP seats, so we issued economy tickets. Human Conscience and Solidarity: After the end of the trip, it can be safely said that you could have arranged it independently. Of course, you could have, but as you understand, when someone works for you, you need to compensate them. We will not apologize for the commission fee that our agency earns, as it employs many workers, covers their expenses, and supports their families. However, as you can understand, Mykonos and Santorini are among the most expensive destinations in the world. Negative Review: Your email regarding the review clearly implied that if we did not provide a partial refund, you would write a negative review (this email is available to anyone). Would everything have been satisfactory if we had refunded a certain amount? We consider such requests for refunds in exchange for avoiding a negative review to be extortionate. The only thing we can do is explain the situation, and prospective clients can evaluate what they read.
Skrevet 12. september 2023
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sandra m
29 bidrag
aug. 2023 • Familie
Hicimos la excursión con Spyros y fue fabulosa. La furgoneta comodísima, nos explicó un montón de cosas y añadió visitas a sitios que no teníamos previsto porque no conociamos
Skrevet 1. september 2023
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Congers, NY3 bidrag
aug. 2023 • Familie
My sister and I absolutely loved this tour!! It was so organized and everyone was extremely nice/ helpful. The hotels on this tour could not have been better! They were all centrally located to the main parts of town and all had great views. We didn't have to worry about a thing!
The islands we went to were so beautiful and we spent the perfect amount of time on each one. I would recommend this tour to anyone traveling to Greece!
Skrevet 26. august 2023
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Peter R
4 bidrag
aug. 2023 • Par
Had a great time....George looked after us really well. We would not hesitate in recommending this company
Skrevet 26. august 2023
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