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Chilkoot Trail
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5,0 av 5 bobler53 anmeldelser
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Doug B
1 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jun. 2019 • Par
Jervah was our guide and did a great job of teaching us both the history of the region as well as the plants and trees around us. It was educational and enjoyable and I highly recommend this group for trail hikes.
Skrevet 14. juni 2019
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Emmy J
20 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jul. 2017 • Venner
I visited Alaska in July of 2015. Everything about that state is beautiful and breathtaking! While I was there, I participated in many different hikes and different activities, but my favorite one by far was hiking the Chilkoot Trail. This trail was 33 miles long and five days of pure beauty! Although it was one of the hardest experiences of my life, I believe that everyone should have the chance to hike this unforgettable trail! There is also a lot of history on this trail; while learning about myself, I was also learning about my ancestors and the history of this famous trail! Another fantastic thing about this trail is that it crosses over the United States and the Canadian border. During the middle of the hike, right after the hardest part of the whole trail, there is a huge Canadian flag indicating that the trail crosses over the International border.
Want to see the most amazing views of your life? one quite interesting experience is to see the difference between the Canadian side of the border and the American side of the border. The American side is full of trees and the views of the trail ahead are invisible due to the density of the trees.  The Canadian side is wide open; you can see miles ahead.  The beautiful mountains and the reflecting sun with a clear vista are completely wide open to the trail. 
Have you ever thought about taking a life-changing trip?  Hiking the Chilkoot trail changed my life!   While I was on the trip, I learned more about myself during those five days, than I have during my whole life. I challenged myself mentally and physically more than I could’ve ever imagined. There is only one way in and one way out, so I knew that once I started the only option was to finish. The thought of that one result powered me to succeed. The reason I was so lucky to be able to take this hike was because I was participating in a summer camp program. My fellow hikers were my friends and acquaintances and they helped push me through the entire hike. I wouldn’t recommend doing Chillkoot alone due to the fact that I believe its great to have the extra push and motivation from friends and others who can help to keep the momentum alive.  The hike is also a fantastic bonding experience.  Its possible to get to know a group of friends and acquaintances like you never thought you could; even if you knew them your whole life. Since the entire experience leaves a human alone with only the mind, body and nature it is impossible not to bond and learn about each other. Being forced into a friendship sounds like an awkward way to describe the experience but due to the fact that being out in the elements of a pristine environment, nothing forces you to just be true to your self. Bonding comes naturally! 
Once again, this hike should not be done alone nor as a beginner.  The hike should include some advanced hiking friends! The middle portion is the toughest portion of the whole trail; it is called “The Golden Staircase.” It’s pretty much several hours of  rock climbing, with a very heavy pack on your back for half of a mile straight up. It is extremely difficult, and I pushed myself harder than I could’ve ever imagined. It was all worth it in the end because once I got up to the summit, I could see the enormous Canadian flag and the most breathtaking view I have ever seen in my life. My entire crew of 20 people cheered each other on throughout the entire “golden staircase." I know that I would never have been able to do it without the “push” from all my friends. 
It is highly recommended to hike The Chilkoot Trail during the summer months because the temperature is pretty steady and it rains less during the summer.  The temperature is generally perfect for outdoor hikes and sleeping during the night. One very cool experience on the hike is that there will often be spontaneous patches of snow, in the middle of the summer! There are outdoor restrooms on the trail and its easy to bring items knowing that there is limited time to use them. A warm sleeping bag, a nice tent, delicious food and lots of healthy snacks plus water are all that is required to enjoy the famous trail. 
No matter how young or old, fit or unfit, hiking the Chilkoot Trail is something that I will never forget.  It is a life-changing experience that has changed many people for the better.  I felt much stronger, mentally and physically, after I completed the Chilkoot Trail. I also felt like a different person because I learned so much about myself. I learned that even if I’m struggling,  if I put my mind to the subject or test and think positively than I can do whatever I want in life! I have included some photographs from my time on the Trail.  One disclaimer is that these photos don’t do justice for how beautiful the trail is in real life. I definitely recommend this 100%  life-changing experience! 
Skrevet 8. desember 2017
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Gilles G
Montreal, Canada29 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
aug. 2017 • Par
Nous avons parcouru la Chilkoot Trail du 18 au 22 août 2017 (sentier de 53 km). Il a plu à tous les jours mais nous avons eu quelques moments de répits de précipitations et même quelques heures de soleil le 21. La température oscillait entre 5 et 12 degré celsius. La Trail est de niveau intermédiaire jusqu'au Scales où elle devient très difficile sur environ 2 km. Mais lorsqu'on franchi le col Chilkoot un sentiment intense nous envahi (mélange de fierté et sensation d'avoir accompli un exploit et reconnaissance de la dureté de la vie pour nos ancêtres). Une fois du côté canadien, la vue est superbe tout au long des 26 km restants. Nous remercions particulièrement Andrée Gaulin de parc Canada pour le temps qu'elle a pris pour nous expliquer, avec précision ce qui nous attendait sur la Chilkoot Trail. Un merci très spécial aussi à Gladys (garde-parc canadienne) qui est venu nous offrir un Thermos d'eau chaude au refuge du sommet (comme un ange descendu du ciel).
Skrevet 23. august 2017
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Fort Nelson, Canada86 bidrag
4,0 av 5 bobler
jul. 2016 • Venner
I went on this beautiful and amazing hike with a small group of family and friends and my dog. It was absolutely beautiful! The weather was on our side for most of the hike and was sunny and hot. It rained the last day. We met so many great people on the hike and enjoyed all the camps. Especially happy camp :-) by far my favorite :-)
It's a great hike for almost any level of hiker. Just remember to have all the proper RAIN GEAR and supplies. Take your time and enjoy the views.
I took my 11 month old husky x with us. She was very nervous on the trail and took time to adjust to her surroundings. The Golden stairs were challenging for her but we took our time and tried finding the best Way up for her avoiding large gaps in the boulders.
Once we were at the top, the views were amazing and we took the opportunity to have a small lunch.
It took us 7 hours to go from sheep camp to Happy camp. But it can take up to 12 hours or more, so leave early from sheep camp.
I was disappointed with the amount of glass around the summit and most certainly the horrendous amount of glass at Bennett Lake. We had to be VERY careful to be sure my dog didn't cut open her feet or ours. She did get a cut on her foot going up the stairs, but am not sure if it was from rocks or glass. Either way I was able to tend it with minimal first aid supplies.
Be very careful along the shoreline at Bennett as the glass is absolutely ridiculous. It's a hazard in my opinion,not history.
The stove in the warming cabin in Bennett was locked up so all the wet hikers had to use candles and cooking burners to warm up ( rangers at the office were unable to answer why it was locked when I talked to them after the hike)
Our train ride ride from Bennett to skagway was very enjoyable and our box lunches were amazing! My dog was super happy to enjoy the ride on the train ride with us and enjoyed the great staffs attention.
The only thing that made the hike really stressful was the rangers and their lack of agreement on dogs and safe leashing.
I am an avid hiker and am very respectful of keeping my dogs leashed in designated areas. I'm also knowledgeable enough to know that there are types of terrain that are too dangerous for you and/or your dog to be on a leash in certain areas.
I knew to have my dog leashed on the trail and was in absolute agreement. But in several areas I needed to unleash her to go up steep inclines, across unstable rocks, Creek crossings, the Golden stairs and going over a couple slippery steep snow packs. My dog stays by me very well and doesn't chase animals or birds. So I let her off the leash in some spots to be safe and put her back on leash once it was safe again. ( yes I understand not all dogs are well behaved)
I had a ranger give me a warning when he saw she was off her leash and said next time I'd get a ticket. I never argued and went on to our camp (she was always leashed at every camp). The next day we climbed the stairs and I ( as well as MANY other hikers) thought it was just too dangerous to have her on her leash. The whole time I was stressed about getting a ticket if the ranger saw. Once we were at the top I leashed her again and had lunch. As we started off again we ran into another ranger that said it was too dangerous to have her on her leash crossing the slippery steep snow pack. I told her that I was extremely appreciative that she said that and told her I had taken her off her leash on the golden stairs as well. She said that that was expected and it was safest that way. We said good bye and continued on our way.
Once we arrived at Bennett Lake I spoke to another hiker that told me she had received two tickets for taking her dogs off their leashes on the Golden stairs the year before as soon as she reached the top, so she didn't want to bring them again.
I decided to talk to the parks offices on both Canadian and US sides about the leashing rules and what each of the rangers had said.
One office said leashed at all times EXCEPT the stairs as they'd had dogs kill birds. The other office said leashed at all times and was going to write up the ranger for telling me I was allowed to have her off leash in dangerous spots... :-o
So.. Amazing, beautiful trail. I absolutely recommend going!
And sadly would say leave your four legged hiking companion home for your safety and theirs as the parks employees can't come up with a safe leashing plan.
If it hadn't been for that I would totally rate this higher.

Skrevet 15. september 2016
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Alaska192 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
aug. 2016 • Par
I'm visiting the starting and ending points of the Chilkoot trail this week and remembering my 5-day hike several years ago. For scenic beauty and historic Gold Rush charm, it would be hard to beat this trail in the US. It's a challenging hike because of distance and the range of conditions as you gain altitude. You need to carry the right gear and enough food. We hiked from Dyea, AK and took the coal-fired steam train back from Bennet Lake, Canada. Take full advantage of info and suggestion of park rangers, check their web pages, and be sure to get your permit. Check the White Pass and Yukon RR web site to schedule your trip back for a day when they are running the locomotive, rather than the diesel.
Skrevet 28. august 2016
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Brad D
Cochrane, Canada90 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
aug. 2016
My daughter and I recently completed this trail, and we both loved every aspect of it. And the funny thing is that this particular trail wasn't even our first choice for this years epic adventure, we were originally trying to go to Sweden to hike the Kings Trail, something we will still get to sooner then later as well. We travel at least once a year somewhere outside our local area to complete a different trail, more or less to experience something different then what we have locally. The Chilkoot trail has that, and more. You hike through three different Eco systems, the Coastal Rainforest Zone, the High Alpine Zone, and the Boreal Forest Zone. And each step along the way offers you so many wonderful views of the landscapes you pass through along the way. We started on the Alaskan Side and worked our way inland, keeping the wind at our back which works well when you reach the higher altitudes where you hike along in the areas less covered by the forested areas you start and finish within. But to experience this trail fully you need to frequently stop and look around you, especially behind you, so you don't miss the spectacular views. It takes minutes to stop and look, and the rewards are in abundance. There's spectacular water fall and glacier views in abundance, longer and short distance scenic views of all the valleys and mountains all around, not forgetting the wonderful rivers and lakes you hike in close proximity to along most of the way. There are some areas of the trail where extra caution needs to be maintained, such as climbing up the golden stair portion where you need to climb over the boulders up and over the pass and into Canada. When we climbed this portion it was very foggy, but keeping your eye on the next marker pole while climbing is easily done so you can find your way easily up and over the several false peaks, until reaching the top of the pass and the warming hut available to all. The rangers on the American side talk to everyone in the closest campground to the pass the evening before, advising them that this trek up over the pass and on to the next available campsite in Canada will take anywhere from 8 to 13 hours, depending on ones level of competence and possible weather conditions. They further advised that everyone start out as early as possible on this day from this campsite, called Sheep Camp, so that they arrive in daylight at the nearest campsite, called Happy Camp, on the Canadian side. As well starting early will avoid any possible melting conditions if the day warms up at the higher elevations and the snow and ice melt, which could cause streams to swell, and possible slides. My daughter and I actually started out a little late on this day, but we still managed to complete this portion of the hike in 8 hours, being that a lot of this portion of the trail is similar to what we hike and scramble on back home so we were more then prepared for the terrain. Coming off the trail summit you are halfway to that day's destination, and the terrain is entirely different then what you were traveling on when hiking the American Portion of the trail where for the most part you were in the coastal rainforest zone. Once we climbed down out of the clouds and fog, you could see crater lake below, and the views far off opened up. Different then what you were hiking along to get to that point, but equally spectacular. And the views and spectacular scenery never lessened up the entire way to Bennet Lake where the trail finished, and we caught a train at the Canadian Trail Head to Carcross and our scheduled ride back to Whitehorse. Highly recommend this trip. Could be done in three days easily, but stretched out leaves you time to explore the different campsites, and some time to explore the various historic sites along the way as well as to stop, read and understand the original purpose of the trail, the purpose during the gold rush, and the purpose of maintaining this wonderful trail for future generations.
Skrevet 25. august 2016
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Gretchen S
Irvine, California, USA3 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jun. 2016 • Par
We took this excursion through Princess Cruise Lines and it was fantastic. It was a little steep in sections but we went slow and stopped often. Our guide Becca was wonderful and really knows her stuff. We learned about the rainforest flora and fauna and what was edible and what to stay away from. At the end of the hike we rafted back to the trailhead which was exciting. We enjoyed this activity immensely. If you like hiking and nature you will love this!
Skrevet 7. juli 2016
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Chris T
Sydney, Australia88 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jun. 2016 • Alene
I am very experienced in backpacking, having trekked in Australia, NZ, Nepal, Chile, and Argentina, and the Chilkoot Trail is one of the best walks I have ever been on. The walk goes through an amazing range of terrain, starting with coastal forest by the trail head in the USA, becoming alpine tundra as you get up and over the Chilkoot Pass, and then you get beautiful sub-alpine forest further on. The Parks Rangers (both US and Canadian) were all extremely helpful and friendly, and made me feel extremely safe on the trail.

As the longest museum in the world, there are plenty of Klondike gold rush artifacts littered around the trail, so you will have no shortage of interesting historical things to look at as well as the gorgeous scenery. There are also information signs set up at intervals on the trail, that teach you about specific locations along the trail that held importance. At Sheep Camp on the US side (just before the Chilkoot Pass), the US Ranger also gives a trail conditions/historical talk that is very interesting and informative.

The trail itself is not very difficult, especially if you regularly backpack/hike. The Chilkoot Pass crossing itself is not as difficult as I have heard, with just over 100 m elevation gain per 1 km leading up to the pass, which is not difficult at all. Just make sure you train a little before you go, if you are unused to this sort of walking.

Just as a last little story, I did not get to finish the trail because a bear ran amok at Lindeman City campsite while I was at Happy Camp, and I had the immense pleasure of being helicopter evacuated off the trail while Parks Canada was trying to deal with the bear. It was absolutely exciting to be a part of the first Chilkoot Trail closure in 20 years!
Skrevet 6. juli 2016
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San Diego, CA7 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jul. 2015 • Familie
I loved this adventure with my kids. We were closer and talked more. Wonderful to get away from the electronics of the world. The rangers were terrific and safety conscience. We checked in with them and they kept their eyes open for us. Everyone we met had a love of nature - creating a most memorable experience. There was more ice than I expected.
Skrevet 27. januar 2016
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Philippe S
Ottawa, Canada30 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jul. 2015 • Venner
Hiked Chilkoot from Skagway Alaska to Bennet Yukon in July 2015;
4 guys (incl. myself);
Regardless, you meet many other hikers on the trek, you could potentially do this alone, but having someone else to walk and talk with passes the time an improves the overall experience.
The campgrounds are extremely well maintained, with decks to pitch your tent and cabins to use for food prep.
Clean water is abundant, although having a water filter for safety's sake isn't a terrible idea.
This hike is absolutely fantastic. The diversity of landscape and flora from start to finish is mind-boggling.
10/10 would do it again.
Skrevet 6. november 2015
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