Thailand Sunny Tours - Private Day Tours

Thailand Sunny Tours - Private Day Tours

Thailand Sunny Tours - Private Day Tours
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Chiang Mai, Thailand

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Duncan, Canada4 945 bidrag
jan. 2020
We met Sunny threw our tour leader (we were on a group tour with lots of spare time) in Chiang Mai for a private tour. Our tour leader knew we liked more of a local tour. But still interested in things that are significant to the area.
Sunny was an amazing guy and tour guide so friendly and funny. He has lived in the area for many years and is very knowledgeable. He had a full day of fun planned out for us.
It was full of history, temples, local villages, local meals & all around beauty.
We went to Doi Suthep full of history, temples with stunning views over Chiang Mai. He filled out minds with wonderful facts and stories as we walked threw the large site. We then continued up the mountain to some beautiful view points and a local coffee plantation where we could enjoy fresh local coffee while admiring the lovely view. After our coffee break we walked threw the plantation grounds and enjoy the many flowers and bushes in bloom. On we went farther up the mountain till we reached the Khun Chang Khan Village and headed to one of the local favourite restaurants for a delicious meal. There was not a lot of tourist here. So nice to get away from the crowds. We wandered the village everyone was busy with their day to day life but still always offered a friendly wave or smile. As we made our way threw the village Sunny told us many stories and information on how this village lives and what the village is known for. It was a beautiful community. We made out way to the Srinegru School where one of the teachers allowed us to observe from the distance of her classroom and another teacher asked us if we wanted to practice some English with the kids. Wow what an experience and this young kids are doing really well learning English. They were all so friendly and asked us a lot of questions about Canada. It was time to say goodbye and head back to the car to come back down off the mountain and head to our last stop one of the Long Neck Karens refugee camps. It was about 35mins outside of Chiang Mai. It was not a traditional environment but they were traditional people. If we wanted to see a traditional environment we would have had to drive over 4hours and we just did not have time for that. This had them a bit more on display as an attraction and a place to buy souvenirs to help support the people. I would have loved a more personal experience getting to see how they lived and how their day to day is. You can see the small school and the odd house in between all the shops. Sunny did intrude us to 2 tribe ladies who spoke English and told us a little stories about what they had been threw to get here.

Sunny had planned out a fabulous day for us and I wouldn’t change it for the word. I think you should differently hire Sunny for a private tour while you are in Chiang Mai. Let him know things you are interested in and he will plan a fabulous day for you or let him know exactly what you want to do and he will take you on an unbelievable adventure. He will not let you down!
Skrevet 6. juni 2020
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