Stone Horse Expeditions & Travel - Day Tours

Stone Horse Expeditions & Travel - Day Tours

Stone Horse Expeditions & Travel - Day Tours
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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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5,0 av 5 bobler155 anmeldelser
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karyn f
2 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
mai 2024 • Venner
Just returned from a 2 week tour with Stone Horse. Five days exploring the Gobi Desert amd 5 days of horse trekking. It was absolutely incredible! I have done a lot of traveling and this was a trip of a lifetime! Keith and Sabine are incredible hosts, so friendly and knowledgeable, as well as having great attention to detail. The riding was spectacular and the horses amazing. They take such good care of the horses and as a result they are both a delight and thrilling to ride.
They easily accomdated my need for gluten free meals, which were great. The gers at the staging area were the nicest we stayed in, with chairs and a wood burning stove.
The trip was an incredible value and I hope to be able to return! Mongolia is a must do destination and Stone Horse is the way to do it!
Skrevet 9. juni 2024
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Jennifer Goette
Bend, OR13 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
apr. 2024 • Par
Looking for a unique Mongolian adventure with fresh air and beautiful scenery just outside of the city? Stone Horse Expeditions offers a fantastic one-day horseback riding trip in Terelj National Park that includes pick up and drop off service from Ulaanbaatar. For beginners and experienced riders alike, they cater to your abilities and make even a first-time rider feel relaxed and comfortable. On the first ride of the spring season, my husband and I enjoyed a personalized trip with only three guests and two guides, good company, and delicious food. We were welcomed with fruit, cake, and hot drinks in the morning, then enjoyed various sandwiches (vegetarian upon request), fruit, hard boiled eggs, candy bars, trail mix, and more for lunch. To our surprise, when we finished the ride at 6pm, there was homemade soup and other treats waiting for us. All horses are healthy, well-trained, and just spirited enough to keep the ride interesting. Sabina and Keith, the owners, are both incredibly fascinating people who want you to have an experience to remember and they go the extra mile to ensure everything runs smoothly. You will not regret choosing an excursion with Stone Horse Expeditions!
Skrevet 29. april 2024
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Singapore13 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
okt. 2023 • Par
Navigating Mongolia with Stone Horse Mongolia was an experience that has left an indelible impression on our spirits. As co-founders of travel blogs - Etramping and Lydiascapes - my wife Lydia and I are no strangers to incredible adventures. But this one stood out for its raw authenticity and unparalleled connection to nature.

Stone Horse's vision is personified by Sabine and Keith, a captivating couple whose life stories would make for epic reads. From GreenPeace activities to adventurous escapades in Antarctica, their narratives are bound to leave you awe-struck. With over 25 years in Mongolia and having built Stone Horse Mongolia from the ground up in 2010, the duo ensures that each horseback riding expedition is nothing short of extraordinary.

The journey began at Sabine and Keith's cabin, where we were equipped with all the necessary gear for our horseback expedition. The attention to detail was impressive, right from the metal bottles for hydration to the wilderness toilet kit for sustainable tourism.

The horse-riding was initially intimidating for us beginners. However, Stone Horse Mongolia's herd of horses is robust and accustomed to varied riders. Their training and natural setting ensure that even a novice can find comfort and confidence on horseback. While the initial days had their set of challenges, by the fourth day, I embraced canter, and by the fifth, I even tried galloping. Lydia and Kai too had their moments of exhilaration and learning, but were much better at this than me and started to canter on their first day of horse riding in their life.

Camping in the Mongolian wild is an experience unto itself. Despite the freezing nights, the camaraderie, the stories exchanged in the warmth of the dining tipi, and the delicious dinners made it all worth it. We shared laughs, insights, and tales with fellow travelers from Singapore and Hong Kong. The unanimous consensus? This wasn't going to be our last trip with Stone Horse Mongolia. In fact, apart from our trio of newbies, everyone else on this trip was a repeat customer (between 4 and 11 times!).

The landscapes, from tall majestic stones to serene valleys, were visual treats. Kai’s exceptional photography skills captured these moments, making them timeless memories. Even the downtime, like my solo hike or Lydia and Kai's exploration of the mountain ridge, had its charm, offering peace and a profound connection to nature.

Our accommodations in Gers, managed by Baskaa for Stone Horse Mongolia, added comfort to our rugged adventure. The food, the warm fires, and even a tented shower made our stay cozy and memorable. A special shoutout to Murphy, the pet goat, whose fluffiness was a constant source of joy.

In retrospect, this expedition with Stone Horse Mongolia isn't just about horse riding. It's a plunge into a different way of life, an immersion into Mongolian wilderness, and a tribute to the raw spirit of adventure that Sabine and Keith so beautifully uphold.

For anyone contemplating a trip to Mongolia, Stone Horse Mongolia offers a blend of adventure, authenticity, and unparalleled hospitality. Just remember, while the riding part can be physically demanding, the experience and the stories you come back with are priceless. Dive deep, and embrace the adventure!

Tip for future travelers: If you're a novice rider, it might be beneficial to watch some tutorials on horse riding before your trip. It provides a solid foundation and makes your riding experience smoother.
Skrevet 24. januar 2024
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Brittany L
1 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
sep. 2023 • Venner
This group is very experienced at what they do and it shows.

I signed up for the 10 day national park trek with friends who did the research in finding a guided horseback tour in Mongolia, and Stone horse was a clear standout from the beginning. They have their own horses and those horses are an established herd, so you know that they will generally be able to get on well enough with each other. The group is also an excellent team that does well at managing packing down, making camp, cooking, saddling, and care for the horses while you are on the trek. The equipment was all very decent and perfect for the terrain. As a single person I had a double wide north face dome tent, a thermarest pad, and a 0-degree rated sleeping bag. When it did dip down lower, there were rubber water bottles available on request for helping keep warm in the night.

Food was great! Every evening meal was tasty and the varied what we had well. I had been forewarned by friends that the food in Mongolia on trips isn't always so great, but I really quite enjoyed what we had in camp and on lunches. They were also able to accommodate a vegetarian friend with no trouble at all.

I was a relative novice, having not been on horseback for several years before the trip, but I found that the equipment was all very easy to use and the temperament of the horses was not an issue. I packed along some hiking boots to use for the riding days and that was very sufficient. I was particularly impressed that they had a few items of custom made gear that were very well suited for their tasks. The saddles themselves, but also the leather half-chaps which were super comfortable for all-day riding. It is important to have some comfort and familiarity with the horses and what to do when they are reacting to things. As with any riding in a wild place, there will occasionally be unexpected surprises and so being at least able to hang on and keep calm if a horse reacts to a ground bees nest or a dog popping out of the bushes behind is a must. For more experienced riders, being able to take their horse out of the column to run in the open or explore a nearby spot was permitted and I thought that was a nice bit of freedom and fun for the person who was able to do that during my trip. It also was clear that Keith, one of the owners, was able to work with folks to tailor trips accordingly, even helping get folks tripped off in the park mid-journey to join, or to take out by car of they needed to leave early. During my trip there were both scenarios, and the early exits and new joins happened seamlessly and with no disruption to the overall trip.

The sights and places we got to see were phenomenal! It really is special to get into the park, see that there are really no fences, and to have the freedom of movement to go anywhere. Our guide Sabine was clearly so knowledgeable about these areas too and always found us nice resting points, lunch spots, vistas, and decent campgrounds along the way. Another little highlight of the trip was the two dogs that moved with the group and kept us company and gave us a heads up when there was wildlife around in the evenings.

Weatherwise, we were very happy with the September weather. None of our riding days ended up being rainy (which was pleasantly surprising), however we took the advice to pack along rain gear and I'm glad we did as there were some evening rains.

In terms of wildlife, we saw golden eagles, vultures, a small herd of elk, and at night we heard wolves nearby one of the evenings which was a special treat.

I had a fabulous time on the trek and would certainly do it again!
Skrevet 25. september 2023
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Joanna M
1 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
sep. 2023 • Venner
Very well organized trip with unbelievably interesting people who are Sabine and Keith. They truly care about the nature and have many fantastic stories to tell.
Views were astonishing and you can truly connect with nature by meeting various animals as well as riding so well trained and brave horses. An authentic detox from city life. I can honestly recommend this experience.
Skrevet 20. september 2023
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Agnieszka M
London, UK4 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
sep. 2023 • Venner
Excellent execution, from initial communication throughout the entire trip, up until the day we left after a few additional days in UB. Keith and Sabine (owners) are extremely professional, knowledgeable and deeply embedded in the local community. This is a small family run business with a big heart and it shows. Highly recommended.
Skrevet 20. september 2023
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Catherine Hart
Jamestown, RI7 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jul. 2023 • Venner
Stone Horse is TOP NOTCH! The Gorkhi Terelj National Park riding expedition with Stone Horse is an epic wilderness adventure on the Mongolian Steppe with incredible horses, knowledgeable horsemen, and spectacular scenery. I participated in this ride in July of 2023 along with Nadaam festivities and a visit to the Gobi all organized by Stone Horse.
There is nothing I can say that will do this expedition justice. I write this months later still reeling from the experience and eager to return for more!

The horses were responsive, well trained, and well matched to the rider’s abilities. All were fit and healthy and living their best lives. Riding through the vast, rich countryside on strong, sturdy Mongolian Horses alongside a herd of loose pack horses and extra mounts, is the experience of a lifetime.

Sabina and Keith provided all the camp gear which included a high-end down sleeping bag, quality tents, storage bags, etc. The camp was equipped beyond my wildest dreams with a stove (when needed), full cooking equipment, a camp shower, and other luxuries I did not expect on this adventure. Sabina and our camp cook provided a variety of fantastic hot meals daily. The food was incredible on the trek and I am still a bit flabbergasted at how they managed to accomplish such delicious meals while out in the wilderness.

Keith and Sabina (owners) are incredible individuals, environmentalists, outdoorsmen, and horse people. Their team of horsemen, guides, and cooks are phenomenal! From booking through execution, Stone Horse provided clear communication and all necessary information and details. Keith and Sabina run a high caliber, well organized tour. I HIGHLY recommend Stone Horse expeditions for your Mongolian adventure!
Skrevet 17. september 2023
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Melissa G
1 bidrag
1,0 av 5 bobler
apr. 2023 • Venner
Terrible, they say suitable for beginners but it isn’t I fell off , fractured my arm and they wanted me to ride out, no credit offered for the 5 days lost either, lucky the support vehicle was coming that day or I would have been in a lot of trouble, a lousy outfit
Skrevet 29. august 2023
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Melissa, We’re very sorry you sustained an injury while horse riding with Stone Horse. However, your comment is somewhat disingenuous. At no point did anyone suggest you must “ride out” on your own. With all our staff qualified in first aid every season, we take any incident with a potential for injury or illness seriously and treat it as such. Within 15 minutes of you falling from your horse, we received a satellite message letting the office know of the incident. Our driver, Davaa, was alerted (and immediately dispatched to the park where you were), and within two hours of the fall, you were in our 4x4 Microbus taking you back to Ulaanbaatar. Upon arrival in the city, you were offered the opportunity to go directly to the medical clinic, but you asked to be taken to the hotel, where you were met on arrival by myself after the long drive in, and again offered to be taken to the clinic for an examination and treatment. You declined and strongly indicated you just wanted to go to your hotel room and rest, not exhibiting any immediate concern or extreme pain, which the hotel reception noted as well. We let you do that. The next morning, Bolor, our office administrator arranged a visit to the medical clinic and brought you there herself. It was here we learned that two years previous you had an accident which caused a hairline fracture on the shoulder you were now getting examined. The doctor ordered a C-scan to see if the fall exacerbated that previous fracture. You did not mention that on the Stone Horse Statement of Health form we send to all guests and which you signed. You wrote on that form, “No Medical Conditions”. Had you mentioned that, our recommendations for riding with us would have been different. Stone Horse then paid the clinic for their services and you returned to the hotel. The company was reimbursed and made available to you the necessary paperwork for your travel/accident insurance claim. Insurance that we recommend on the website that all guests should have before horse riding or undertaking any activity in Mongolia. Understandably, you chose to rest in your hotel for the next day’s rather than take up other activities that were offered. When the horse ride returned after 5 days and the group was back in Ulaanbaatar, you continued with the others on the 2-day Naadam Special that you signed up for, visiting the festival opening in the square, going to the horse races, wrestling and archery events, the concert, and joining the group for a final dinner where everyone shared their stories of the horse ride. You did wear the arm sling given by the clinic, but were often seen out of it and using your arm somewhat normally. We, the drivers, guides, other guests, viewed this as a good sign the injury was not too bad. As for our good horses and “beginner” riders, we do accept novice riders, but always recommend in our correspondence and zoom calls they take lessons and learn a bit of riding before coming to Mongolia. You may recall those recommendations and certainly filled out our online riding assessment that we send to all potential riding guests, including yourself, giving us an idea of their experience and determining which of our horses match their skill level. We truly hope you are feeling better and healing from your horse ride in Mongolia and that you are back in good health.
Skrevet 17. september 2023
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Sarah B
Luxor, Egypt62 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jul. 2023 • Venner
There aren't enough adjectives to explain what an amazing job the Stone Horse Team did to take care of our group. It truly was an expedition that tested all of us, but Keith and Sabina truly made the experience so special with their amazing team of horsemen and chef. There is no better way to experience the Mongolian wilderness than by the back of the docile Mongolian horse. Our chef on site at camp cooked us delicious meals to sustain our very active days. I also did side trips to Naadam and the middle Gobi, which were incredible experiences as well. I feel I only touched the surface of what Mongilia has to offer. I cannot recommend them enough to host your stay in Mongolia!!
Skrevet 16. juli 2023
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Cheonan, Sør-Korea49 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
mai 2023 • Alene
- Good experience
- Good & delicious serving meals
- Kind staff
- Excellent horse control
- Well-trained horses
- Fantastic view
( 2023.05.27 Saturday , combine rain&snow )
- 마부 가아드 비엠바의 숙련된 조련스킬은 악천후에 매우 뛰어난 능력을 발휘
- 아침부터 저녁까지 제공된 식사는 소박했지만 괜찮았음.
- 다들 친절하고 사진도 잘 찍어줌.
- 눈과 비가 섞여 펑펑내린 그날을 결코 못잊을 듯…
- 말을 원없이 타보고 싶은 분한테는 이곳이 최고!! 🇲🇳🐎😏😎🥳🤩
Skrevet 30. mai 2023
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