Choquequirao anmeldelser, Sacred Valley

Historiske steder • Oldtidsruiner
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3 bidrag
apr. 2022
This was our second visit to Cusco - Peru and our second time trekking. 2018 year we did the Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu with Local Trekkers Peru and this year we wanted do the Choquequirao Trek to visit the sister of Machu Picchu with them as well and we didn’t do wrong by booking again with them.

The communication with our now friend Alberto is always good and pleasant. talking to him from home through emails is very easy, he helped us prepare this walk just to our needs. Everything from start to finish was perfect arranged.
our guide was Raul who was wonderful beyond words, very well informed, knowledgeable and very kind person. He is well trained for any type of circumstance that may appear when you take a trek that demands a lot of physical effort like the Choquequirao trek. At the beginning we booked the 5-day walk, but Raul suggested we do the 6-day walk, which was calmer and thank God we paid attention to him. We had a good time with Raul i can’t not recommend him Highly enough.

Local Trekkers Peru has a few little quirks which are always worked out and everything seems to fall into place from start to finish with booking of internal ítems like sleeping bags, walking poles or extra horses in case someone of us was very tired he could ride, etc, nothing was to much trouble for Alberto the Manager and his team. The trek was wonderful as expected with a couple of small modifications made by Raul to make it more enjoyable for all and was all discussed with the group. food was in charge of Domingo our cookman, we always had a lot of food on the table, varied and overall fresh, we ate better on the hike than in the city.The trek itself is challenging but has very beautiful landscapes along the way you have enough time to admire the magical scenery and peaceful surroundings. Accomodation in our tents were good Local Trekkers use professional equipments, you don’t need to worry for anything, you have confortable air mattress, fours season tents, very good sleeping bags, etc.

I would like to give a special thanks to mr. Alberto and also all his team for a memorable trek. Thank you and we look forward to seeing them again.
And for anyone who is looking to make the choquequirao trek do it with the service of Local Trekkers Peru, Highly Recommended.
Skrevet 17. mai 2022
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Edinburgh, UK22 bidrag
mai 2022 • Par
We struggled to find the right information online so here are some key findings and observations from our recent trek to Choquequirao.

Getting to the Cachora from Cusco:
- We went to the ‘Terminal Terrestre de Cusco’ bus station in Cusco to catch a bus at 13:00 to ‘Ramal de Cachora’. The price of the bus was 25 sols.
- At ‘Ramal de Cachora’ there are plenty of taxis waiting at the bus stop that can take you to Cachora.

Cachora, logistics and accommodation
- I would 100% recommend staying in Cachora the night before you embark on the hike. We struggled to find accommodation options online, but managed to find an amazing hotel on Google Maps called ‘Casa del Salcantay’. We WhatsApp’d the host to make a verbal booking.
- ‘Casa del Salcantay’ cost 80 sols for a nice room. The hosts also cooked a great dinner and breakfast for 10 sols each.
- For the morning, the hosts can arrange for a 30 minute taxi to the start of the trek for 20 sols each.

Day 1
- We like to be self-sufficient and brought our own camping gear and food. Our original plan was to camp at ‘Santa Rosa Alta’. When we arrived after a long day, we were dismayed to see that the campsite was abandoned with overgrown grass, trash and horses everywhere. Therefore we took the difficult decision to vertically hike an extra 2.5 hours to the small village of Marampata. Please note: the campsite by the rive ‘Playa Rosalina’ is also abandoned and in a similar state of disrepair (most likely due to covid).
- When you reach the first viewpoint at Marampata, I would recommend stay at the first campsite on your left. There were many other trekkers staying there.
- What we learned on Day 1 is that you technically don’t need to bring camping gear and loads of food. There are plenty of accommodation and food options available in Marampata and Chiquisca.
- Between Chiquisca and ‘Santa Rosa Baja’ there is nowhere to fill up or buy water. We really struggled and almost ran out in the heat. Technically you could fill up your bottles by the river, but I think there might have been a lot of sediment and sand due to the power of the river. I would recommend stocking up on water in Chiquisca.

Day 2
- We packed up our tent at 9am and hiked 2.5 hours to Choquequirao. Before seeing the Inca site, we pitched our tent at the campsite just below Choquequirao.
- No one else was camping at the campsite below Choquequirao, therefore once we saw the Inca site, we decided to pack up our tent and return to Marampata to save a couple of hours on our Day 3 hike. Overall we preferred the campsite at Marampata more.

Day 3
- We decided to wake up very early and attempt to get back to Cachora. We misunderestimated how long the downhill from Marampata to the river would take which impacted on our timings slightly.
- We hiked from the river to Chiquisca at midday. Unfortunately it was one of those days with no cloud cover so the sun was unbearable (for two Northern Europeans!). Therefore we made the decision to call it a day and pitch our tent at Chiquisca. At midday Chiquisca was quiet, but livened up with fellow trekkers in the evening.

Day 4
- We woke up at 4am to finish the trek before the heat from the sun re-emerged. Despite the incline, this part of the hike was much easier than we anticipated, taking just under 4 hours.
- When we reached the start of the trail again, by chance there was a group of 4 at the entrance looking to get back to Cusco. One of the small restaurants called a collectivo who offered to take us to a collectivo station in Curahuasi. This cost us 30 sols each.
- In Curahuasi it was fairly quick to find another collectivo that was going to Cusco for 20 sols each.

Overall we loved the hike. It was a great experience seeing Choquequirao and meeting fellow hikers. In hindsight we should have brought less stuff as Marampata and Chiquisca can accommodate your needs. In addition, the logistics of getting between Cusco and Choquequirao were not as tricky as we thought!
Skrevet 13. mai 2022
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Bernard Warner
Los Angeles, CA2 bidrag
mai 2022
We went to Choquequirao with Bioandean Expeditions in a group of 8 people and we had a great time. The first class human team, everything that was offered to us was fulfilled and even exceeded our expectations, we needed special food for our own health requirements (celiac) and they fulfilled it, we had no complaints. The service was A1, in addition to the beauty of the trip itself, the service and the expertise of the guides,
Choquequirao is much less visited than Machu Picchu because it is remote and difficult to access. However, I find it just as fascinating and the view over the various valleys more beautiful. The llama side is beautiful but the way back up is a very steep ladder so don't be afraid of heights. In any case, live the sunset, which is very worthwhile in this place.
Skrevet 9. mai 2022
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Budapest, Ungarn27 bidrag
apr. 2022 • Venner
The sacred valley tour was a full day of excitement. Well planned bus tour with four different special locations along the valley. Inca monument Ollantaytambo with a very experienced native good english spoken guide, country side visit of the valley with special agricultural locations Moray , salt mines and alpakka wool hand made demonstrations. We enjoyed the natural beauty, the rich history and everday life of the peruvian people.

The Choquequirao ‘inca trail’ was a four day walking, mule riding, nature exploration in the high Andies . The four day was planned very well with a great support from experienced crew who helped our group with lodging, food and travelling. The four day trip included hiking up and down valleys , crossing rivers, visiting hidden inca villages and terraces. Sleeping in camping sites that are along the trail but always completely alone without no trace of human intervention. This was a lifetime experience!
At the end of our trecking tour we went up to the Machupicchu site.
We had for one day two tickets and this was the best solution to explore the entire site. In the morning we climbed up to Wayna Picchu, from where we had a fantastic view and in the afternoon we could see the site from the “postcard side”.

Our whole tour was amasing, so many natural beauties, and hidden treasures to explore.
Skrevet 30. april 2022
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naomie b
2 bidrag
apr. 2022
La experiencia con la agencia Bioandean Expeditions en Choquequirao fue muy buena, siempre nos ayudaron con todo.La comida estuvo deliciosa, muy organizados, muy puntuales.. todo hizo que la experiencia sea la mejor!
Realmente disfrutamos este viaje. Nuestro guia Marco pudo enseñarnos mucho sobre la cultura de los Incas, así como sobre la flora y fauna de los Andes. Su conocimiento en estas áreas es sobresaliente. la capacidad de impartir conocimientos hicieron de este viaje una experiencia especial para nosotros.
Skrevet 29. april 2022
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Layla M
Chihuahua, Mexico3 bidrag
apr. 2022
Realice el viaje a choquequirao de 4D /3 N con Bioandean Expeditions y fue de lo mejor. Realmente se preocupan por sus clientes y harán cualquier cosa para asegurarse de que la pasen bien, todo está organizado hasta el último detalle. Nuestro guia era muy profesional. ¡Estaba claro que estaba tan apasionado por este lugar mágico que su entusiasmo era contagioso!. El sitio arqueológico se encuentra en medio de imponentes montañas. Llegar alli es muy esforzado pero para aquellos que les gusta caminar y la aventura es un lugar imperdible, aconsejo tomarse un buen tiempo para visitar este lugar, lo merece.
Skrevet 24. april 2022
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James L
Lima, Peru6 bidrag
mar. 2022
Sin duda Choquequirao Trek 5 días es la mejor opción que puedes tomar, fuimos con la agencia Choquequirao Expeditions que nos ofreció este itinerario nuevo por la ruta Tambobamba - Villa de Loros, sin duda no nos arrepentimos ya que esta nueva ruta te da una salida diferente a la ruta tradicional de 4 días que tienes que volver por el mismo camino a Capuliyoc, regresar por la misma ruta suena agotador, pero por la ruta Villa de loros es lo opuesto la caminata es mucho mas fácil.

Choquequirao: Es increíble que haya un lugar tan parecido a Machu Picchu y que no este tan visitada, yo fui con 3 amigos y sin duda nos sentimos como si estuviéramos los únicos en el Trek, no había gente.

En cuanto a la agencia Choquequirao Expeditions escribiré un comentario en su sitio.
Skrevet 30. mars 2022
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Mara A
3 bidrag
jan. 2022
Quien pensaria que existe un lugar como este, sacado de una pelicula, gracias a la agencia Bioandean Expeditions pudimos conocer este lugar apratadito del cusco pero facil de llegar, fue un dia soleado asi que aconsejo lelvar bloqueador y mejor si llevas tambien un gorro o sombrero, los que venden en las tiendas de artesanias son muy comodos, fue una tarde genial al lado de dos estupendos guias que nos acompañaron, buen viaje.
Skrevet 28. januar 2022
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Bill M
California4 bidrag
des. 2021
Bioandean Expeditions gave us the most rewarding experience for my recent trip to Peru. This company will not disappoint you. We took a tour of Cusco and the Sacred Valley, and ended in Choquequirao, Olger, our guide was great ... His knowledge of hiking and the current and history of the area was incredible.
Choquequirao is very exposed (sunny and hot!), Down and then up! But it is beautiful and a great hike! When we entered early in the morning, we were literally the only people in the ruins. In addition, the Llama Sector (which goes to the bottom and the viewpoint on the other side) is worth it.
Skrevet 6. desember 2021
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Peter D
Los Angeles, CA2 bidrag
des. 2021
We want to comment on our adventure we had with Bioandean Expeditions throughout our trip to Choquequirao. The guide Luis was very informed about all this natural wonder, the trucks were very punctual and the car was very clean. We recommend to all who plan to go to this tourist destination !!!
From its architecture (only 20% of the citadel is discovered), through the extreme walk, to the landscapes that are crossed; It is an unforgettable experience, the road is hard, but it is worth venturing to take it, since visiting Choquequirao, manages to transport you back in time and marvel at the snowy surroundings that make this place a unique place.
Skrevet 1. desember 2021
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