Kaa-Iya National Park

Kaa-Iya National Park anmeldelser, Santa Cruz

Kaa-Iya National Park
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Lelystad, Nederland109 bidrag
sep. 2019 • Par
We visited Kaa-Ilya NP in search for the big cats. Saúl was our guide and he did a great job. He is a very knowledgeable guide, with a lot of expertise in the area. During the visit, you stay in the ranger camp. We were lucky enough to be allowed to sleep in the meeting room that has air conditioning. Kaa Iya is incredibly hot and dry, making it near impossible to sleep without air conditioning..... The visit was very demanding, because you have to make miles to see wildlife, preferably in the night. This implies sleeping at strange hours (11 - 15), eating at strange hours, and most of the times only two meals a day. Having said that, we saw a puma, three ocelots, and a jaguar. We saw three tapir, five different owl species, an armadillo, peccaries, and titi monkeys. In addition, we saw many, many bird species. In the end, it was worth it, but again, it was a demanding trip. If you are into nature and wildlife watching, this is a must see place.
Skrevet 27. september 2019
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London, UK4 bidrag
jun. 2019 • Par
We had such an incredible time with Nick's tours in Kaa-Iya national park. While you can't guarantee anything from nature we were lucky enough to see so much, including a Jaguar, an ocelot, super rare peckaries, monkeys and so much more! Most of this was due to Nick's (and his team's) wildlife spotting skills. Nick's breadth of knowledge of the wildlife was very impressive and his passion for it is obvious - he was just as excited about the sightings as us.

The other services, beds, food etc were also top notch. I have some dietary requirements which can sometimes make South America difficult, but the cook handled them with ease and without making me feel like a burden. Nick took his own clean sheets and blankets for us which was a nice touch in the middle of the forest!

It's also worth mentioning that Nick works for conservation too. He puts part of the money from the tour towards working with ranchers to stop them shooting jaguars so there's a positive social aspect to touring with him as well, double bonus!

All in all I had a great time, we were really pleased we went with Nick's.
Skrevet 21. juli 2019
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Elena L
Moskva, Russland133 bidrag
jun. 2019 • Alene
Could never fully express to you how I felt that evening. I always had unexplainable connection to the Jaguars. They are truly solitary creatures. They come together for mating and then, they continue on their own.

Unlike other cats, they love water and when they hunt, they stalk and ambush, killing its prey not by the neck, but go for the skull, in a quick and powerful bite, they can easily take down a huge caiman. . .

I have seen incredible amount of wild creatures in my life on the road, on 6 continents. From all “big 5” in Africa to humpback whales, sharks and having a wild gorilla touch me in Uganda. But I have never before cried from an overwhelming feeling after seeing an animal, before this night. . .

I thank the whole team of NICK’S ADVENTURES @nicks_adventures_bolivia (Jaguar conservation efforts and wildlife observation) in Bolivia, for letting me experience this otherworldly journey into the true wilderness of Bolivia - KAA IYA NATIONAL PARK.

For 4 days and 3 nights we intertwined with the very core of everything that is wild in us with the wild that surrounded us. We smelled the air for signs of animals, tracked them by bones of dead animals and paw prints that are left for us as a sign. . .

Our driver Cesar with the eyes of a hawk, first, who spotted the glowing eyes very far away... We all watched breathlessly full of goosebumps in our car. The Jaguar was going to go in the bush, but instead decided to make his beautiful walk right towards us.

He stopped a meter away from the car.. proud, wild and free. . .
Nick actually named him “Singani” (local Bolivian hard liquor), because later that night I almost finished the whole bottle in record time. )) I wanted to get out of the car, when I saw the Jaguar ) On this journey we saw a lot of other animals, like ocelot hunting at night, tapir, monkeys, foxes, owls, the very rare solitary peccary, armadillo and birds. Experiences like these change you - they will forever be part of you.

Nick’s adventures helps save these beautiful creatures in Bolivia, by working with different ranches and actually paying them out of their pockets money to farmers who lose their cows to Jaguars, so that these beautiful endangered animals continue to roam in the wild and not get killed by ranchers. Thank you Nick, for trying to save these stunning creatures. . .
Skrevet 9. juli 2019
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siri o
Alice Springs, Australia43 bidrag
mar. 2019 • Alene
I visited Kaa-Iya National Park with Nick’s Adventures .
Nick has a passion for wildlife , knows animal behaviour , footprints , sounds and along with Ceaser our driver can spot an animal through the dense thicket or miles down the road .
On our way into the park we encountered numerous birds including Greater Rea & into the park Owls & many Nightjars . Inside the park we slowly motored most of the day & evening , seeing snakes , foxes , turtles , a tayra , many tapir , 2 Pumas walking side by side .
One of the extraordinary sightings was 2 Giant Armadillo .
After dark one evening Nick spotted an Ocelot on the road , we kept the car lights on but stopped the motor , amazingly the Ocelot sat down for awhile , then got up and it must have been curiosity, walked directly up to the car and looked right into my face & camera lens . It was such a thrill , I’ll never forget .
The park only has about 50 visitors a year , we didn’t see another visitor .
We slept in one of the ranger stations and brought along our own cook . Yethy provided delicious food .
It’s good to know that the animals have plenty of living space .
I’d highly recommended this trip to nature lovers .
Skrevet 17. april 2019
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Daz L
33 bidrag
des. 2018 • Alene
Spent just over two days exploring Kaa-Iya National Park. Although we had bad weather conditions (during the wet season) we still saw 10 tapir, a Jeffrey’s cat, armadillo, multiple snakes, turtle. Signs of Jaguar were found! But no sightings, that’s how nature works though!
Recommend booking with Nicks Adventures Bolivia if you want to tailor your trip to how you want, delivered at a high standard.
Skrevet 22. desember 2018
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Magda M
1 bidrag
okt. 2018 • Par
Contrate un viaje al parque Kaa iya con la operadora Amboro Tours desde la ciudad de Santa Cruz. Desde un principio nos informaron de los detalles, como la cantidad de mosquitos y sunflys en esta época del año, asi pude ir preparada para esta situacion
El precio por estos excelentes servicios fue el mejor del mercado: La alimentacion fue mas que suficientes y el guia de Amboro Tours se esmero en mostrarnos la vida salvaje que buscabamos en estes maravilloso parque
Skrevet 17. november 2018
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Antwerpen, Belgia403 bidrag
des. 2017 • Alene
Great experience!

I took a 5 days/4 nights tour to Kaa Iya with Nick's Adventures in September 2017 and am very glad I did so. If you can go and visit with Nick's Adventures I'd highly recommend doing so, if you would want to arrange things by yourself I'd guess it's virtually impossible though.

There's no actual accommodation - we camped in an old warehouse I guess I'd call it. Did have electricity and water though!

The park has 2 main roads crossing through on which you can attempt to spot wildlife.
We saw plenty of different animals: tapirs (tons of em), armadillos, foxes, puma, ocelot, peccaries, ... Since the forest is pretty dense you can't really go out hiking. There's a few locations around the road though where you can go for a walk.

You can read a detailed overview of the 5 days on my blog -> gweninbolivia2017 (blogspot)
Skrevet 17. november 2018
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Leeds, UK9 bidrag
nov. 2018 • Par
Kaa Iya national park is an amazing destination for travellers who love wildlife. The potential for seeing big cats is huge plus seeing lots of other cool stuff in the process. We went with Amboro tours for 3 days/2 nights. Jaguar is the main attraction for most people and I would say one of your best chances to see one outside of the Pantanal and at a fraction of the price that you would pay there. It must be said that it is not a place for everyone specially if you struggle with insect bites and camping around critters trying to eat you. People have different tolerance levels but I reiterate - if you love priceless amazing interactions with nature and enjoy a safari experience with barely another tourist in sight, then come here. We were the only two tourist in the whole place for three days and saw jaguar (brief glimpse but still wow!), oceolot at night (really well) plus giant armadillo, anteaters, peccaries and many other cool things. We came with Amboro tours based in Santa Cruz who gave us an excellent price for what you get. Marcos and Miguel were brilliant guides and worked so hard to find us wildlife but also the food was awesome, driving safe and they seemed to really care that we had the best time possible. We camped in relative comfort and loved it despite the many mosquitos. The dawn, dusk and night drives were unforgettable experiences in their own right. Hopefully, more people come here to help make the Bolivian government see that it needs protection to remain unspoilt. Also ask ahead from tour operators about conditions in the park before committing. Jaguar and big cats are never easy to see and Amboro were very honest ahead of us booking/paying as they warned that lorries in the park might be carrying out maintenance on one of the key jaguar spotting roads which could lower the chances of seeing them. Given some tours see jaguar and some don't, this factor might lower the chances even more. We gambled and went and got lucky as the lorries were not being used when we there so still had a good chance. This honesty really was appreciated from Amboro as other tour operators might just take your money. We also heard a story of another guide (not sure of the company) using lasers and sound lures to entice the jaguars. This reinforced our decision to choose Amboro as I would be deeply uncomfortable with anyone using this technique.
Skrevet 10. november 2018
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Köln, Tyskland5 bidrag
okt. 2018 • Par
Kaa Iya nationalpark, one of the unknown treasures of Boliva. It's a huge nationalpark, that is home to tapirs, pumas, amarillos, ocelots, turtles, foxes, birds, snakes and jaguars. It's not a lush green humid jungle, it's looks more like a dry African savanne, but it's a great wildlife watching destination with good chances to spot all these animals.

We went with Nick's adventures on a big mammal tour and although we didn't get the sight of a jaguar (this is nature, not a zoo) we were lucky to see a puma eye to eye just 10 m apart – plus Tapir, Rattle Snake, Amadrillo, lots of Foxes and Turtles. Not to talk about the amazing changes of light at dusk and down.
The tour as such is perfectly organised and the whole crew goes the extra mile to get you the best service possible. Food is great and plenty, with vegetarian option on request – despite the difficult logistical conditions. Our driver Jose and his vehicle were excelent – actually the best vehicle we have been in within 3 months of traveling Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

That said, don't expect to get much sleep at night (there is rest time in the hot afternoon), as best time to seek for animals is around, sunset and sunrise – as well as during the night time. Accomodation is basic, but you get a very comfy air matress. On the other side, you have access to a less traveled national park – actually we did see no other tourists during our trip.

Don't expect it to be easy – but what you get is an adventure of a lifetime.

All in all 5/5 from us, as we could not imagine how to make this tour any better and the park is really a gem!
Skrevet 3. november 2018
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Nicolas LB
6 bidrag
okt. 2018 • Par

you dream to see a wild big cat in the wild, go to kaa iya
We did a 3 days trip and I was at 10 meters of a big puma: eyes to eyes, I was lay down just in front of him, ... one of the best moment of my life and my best photographic portrait. I am passionate by wildlife and I shoot pictures of 2 pumas, Fox, deer, snake, tapir etc.
I will come back for sure with Nick’s adventures Whom Will take you to Kaa Iya
Skrevet 30. oktober 2018
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