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Vaishno Devi tour
okt. 2021 • Alene
Jai Mata di..
Jammu people & Shrine board are the most pathetic of I have ever came across!
Even the CRPF people there are the heaviest arrogant, they don't even know how to behave with a devotee, who is broken of due to 7 hours trek!
Tarakote road is a new one constructed by shrine board, it is 12 km ( where as the older one is 5 km) but they hv not mentioned anywhere it, neither anybody tells.
Now onwards it would take
12-13 hours to trek,
3-4 hours to keep your valuables in the cloak
3-4 hours for darshan.
Katra station...
Is 3.5 km from banganga, auto will demand 200-300 rs whereas the rate is 65, no body would be there to save you.
Garbage city & administration...
No public transport, for even 1 km, auto asks for 100-150 rs. No buses for rest of Kashmir from railway bus stand & no body will tell you anything! Run here & there for the info & get exhausted!

They all are a big black spot on the mata' s shrine!!
Sorry Mata ji
Skrevet 14. oktober 2021
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sumit t
Lucknow, India7 bidrag
Vaishno Devi Yatra - Detail
sep. 2021
Hello Everyone, Jai Mata Di !
I have been to Vaishno Devi Darshan on 18th September,2021 and I was also surfing through various portals and videos to get the exact information before my travel. Hence to make it simple for all of you I am writing this review about my whole trip with as much information as I can put . Please note all the information below is solely on my personal experience.

Trip Duration : 2 days , 1 Night
No of people : 13
Trip Route : Delhi - Katra- Vaishno Devi (including Bhairo Nath temple)- Katra- Delhi

New Delhi to Katra :
We started on the 17th night from Delhi to Katra (Train journey) , we boarded the train around 9 PM and reached Katra next day (18th Sept) morning around 8 AM.

At Katra Railway Station:
There was 2 long queue at Katra station as part of COVID protocol, 1 for the people who either have RTPCR -ve or have the vaccine certificate for both the dose. The second queue was for the people who don't have either of the above documents.
From first queue, authorities there were checking randomly for the valid RTPCR -ve and vaccine dose certificate, and for the second queue authorities were doing RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) on spot.
We had vaccine certificate for each member hence we stood in first queue and it took around 40 minutes for us to come out of station (depends on crowd).

Katra Hotel:
We have booked Hotel Katra Grand which was kind of walking distance from Katra railway station. They have sent a van to pick our luggage and around 6-7 people went in the cab and the rest of us walked to the hotel .
The hotel was nice, clean and the rooms were also very clean. I have posted my review about the hotel on the Google review of their page.
We settled in the hotel and had our breakfast in the hotel (they provide food delivery in the room without extra cost) and then we took a rest for few hours.
We got ready by 5:30 PM and have asked the hotel to arrange a van to the Banganga Check post (from where the Yatra start). They arranged 2 vans (for 13 people) and we paid 250 for each van to drop us to check post.

Yatra Begins- Katra to Bhawan - Distance ~ 12 KM
You would need a Yatra Parchi to start your yatra which will be checked by authorities at the entrance of Banganga Check Post. You can book Yatra Parchi online from Shrine official website . You can also get yatra parchi on the counter outside the check post . I would recommend booking online to save some time from standing in parchi queue.
You can choose how you want to continue your Yatra . There are various alternatives. Option 2,3 and 4 should be booked on the spot and rates are shrine decided hence its actuals. Please do not book options 2,3 and 4 directly from anyone and book only from the shrine window. People there will guide you to the window.
1. Walking - Duration ~6 hours
2. Ponis - Cost ~1250 INR (Banganga Check Post to Bhawan) per person - Duration ~ 3-4 hours
3. Palki - Cost ~ 3200 INR (Banganga Check Post to Bhawan) per person - Duration ~ 4 hours
4. Pram for kids (you can use the pram for carrying luggage too)- Cost ~ 550 INR (Banganga Check Post to Bhawan) per person
5. Helicopter - Cost ~1800 INR ( Katra to Sanjhi Chat ) per person. Please note from Sanjhi Chat to Bhawan is 3 KMs . You can book Helicopter service from Shrine official website
6. Battery car - Cost ~ 350 INR (Ardhkuwari to Bhawan) per person. Take any option from 1 -4 till Ardhkuwari and take Battery car from Ardhkuwari. You can book a battery car online from Shrine official website. Please note the window for the Battery car opens after every 1 hr and the last booking is done at 10:00 PM each day.

We took option 1 for few folks and for a few we took options 2,3 and 4 as we were having a few older people and 1 kid in our group. We (people who chose walking) started our journey around 6:30 PM and reached Ardhkuwari around 9 PM. Since we did not book a battery car online we had the option to stand in queue however we decided to walk instead of waiting in the queue as the booking window was supposed to be open at 10 PM (last slot for the day) and there was a long queue ahead of us. Recommendation is if you see 100-120 people ahead of you in the queue chances are very very rare that you will get a seat. So instead of spending 1 hour there, we decided to walk through and we reached Bhawan around 12 AM .

We took rest for around 30 minutes there and then we started looking for locker to put our belongings. There are 2 lockers one is at the entrance and the other one is a little inside (around 100 steps down). We went to locker 2 and deposited all our belongings in the locker. Camera/Wallet/Phone/Shoes not allowed inside. I would recommend depositing everything in locker, its safe .

Darshan's queue was almost 1.5 KM long we stood in the queue around 1:15 AM and we completed the darshan around 3:30 AM (roughly 2 hours). After darshan, we sat outside the temple for 30 minutes , took our belongings from the locker and then proceeded to Bhairo nath . Please make sure you plan in such a way that you complete your darshan before 4:30 AM as temple will be closed until 8:00 AM for aarti.

Bhawan to Bhairo Nath : Distance ~ 2.5 KM
We walked from Bhawan around 4 AM and reached Bhairo nath temple at 5:30-6AM . There are below alternatives to reach Bhairo nath from Bhawan . All duration provided below (1 &2) depends on your pace.

1. Walk - Duration ~2 hour
2. Poni - Cost ~400 INR per person - Duration 3. Ropeway - Cost ~100 INR per person (Please check on the timing at the shrine website I guess it operates from 7 AM-5PM ).

Descend from Bhairo nath to Banganga check post (Katra)
We completed darshan at Bhairo nath and started our descend to Katra around 6:30 AM on 19th Sep. We walked till Ardhkuwari and then we took Poni as we were extremely tired :) . Poni cost from Ardhkuwari to Banganga checkpost is ~650 INR .

There are 2 routes for coming back to Katra
1. Bhairo nath - Bhawan - Ardhkuwari- Katra
2. Bhairo nath- Ardhkuwari- Katra

We chose Route 1 this route is a little extra and sloppy. You can choose route 2 as the route from Bhawan to Ardhkuwari is a little plain.

We reached to Banganga check post, from where we started, around 11 AM and took auto to reach our hotel , who charged 120 INR and took rest whole day.
Some of us went ahead from Katra to Srinagar next day for another trip and some people came back to Delhi. We had our return ticket booked for 19th Sept night from Katra to Delhi.

We had our darshan pretty well. Few things to remember

1. There are a lot of eateries on way so do not stuff your bag with food. Just keep important things as you will be climbing with a load on your shoulder.
2. Take breaks in between and keep yourself hydrated, if you are walking.
3. Route from Bhawan to Bhairo nath is little steep and narrow .
4. We were expecting rains but to our contrary the weather was awesome and we were not feeling any cold. It was like an ordinary day in Delhi during mid-November.
5. Please book all your rides likes Helicopter/Battery car /Yatra Parchi well in advance to avoid any hassles.
6. There are washrooms on the way however they need little improvement.
7. Please book Poni/PAlki/Pram via booking window and riders will guide you to those windows.
8. Carry riders id card and their phone number throughout the journey.
9. If you have a postpaid connection it will work else you can purchase a yatri sim from any phone shop in Katra. I would recommend having a working phone if you are traveling with a bigger group.
10. We chose to walk in the evening as the weather will be a little cooler during the night and it will be easy to walk.

Hope your yatra is also joyful. Jai Maata Di .
Skrevet 5. oktober 2021
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Faridabad, India2 bidrag
Vaishno devi Darshan - Things not to do :)
aug. 2021 • Familie
We had very good time despite it being majorly last minute planned visit from Delhi to Katra to Vaishno devi Darshan and next day visit to Jammu and boarding train from here to Delhi

Few people and incidents, other people should be aware about.

Train travel
- We had wait listed tickets, which were converted to RAC. We were first in list to be confirmed. However, TTE was giving favors to others and did not confirm our tickets.

Route to Ardhkwari
New route is longer and tougher and lacks facilities. My wife got sick mid way and there was no horses, palki and any other help. Medical facilities did help but were not able to help with transport. Saw few other people struggling similarly.

Ardhkwari to Mata Vaishno devi Darshan
After unsuccessful attempt of getting battery cars, we took horses but just missed 6pm darshan time and then waited till almost 9pm at one of the gate. Surprisingly, some army officers forced their way before the queue. One of officers wife was repeatedly saying to others, this is normal people queue, don't stand there. These people just brought down army's image in my mind.

In between, tried to find any room at Vaishno devi but those were all booked.

Then one of the army officer also snatched my wired earphones and threw it in dustbin, even though it's not listed in prohibited items list. They allow smart watches and don't allow wired ear phones. God give them some wisdom!

Next day morning, our hotel reception arranged a cab to Jammu and extra charged almost 800 inr (30%)

Our taxi driver smartly enough was trying to upsell package of other tourist attractions (not in package list). Thankfully did not get in to those suggestions. However, we did do quite some shopping from an expensive dry fruit shop, he suggested.

During the day, went to Hari Singh palace and lot of temples. Kids were bored out of their mind with so many temples visit. Hari Singh Palace was nice. Baghe bahu garden was also nice but maintainance is lacking.
Skrevet 29. august 2021
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Bangalore, India86 bidrag
Maa ka bulaav!
aug. 2021
Maa ka bulaav aaya. Third visit. Maa's blessings. Had booked the helicopter. Maa had other designs!! Fog delayed the helicopter. So, took horse until Ardhkuwari. From ARdhkuwari, battery car upto Bhuwan. A great darshan of the Maa, despite moderate rush.

Well organised temple. Must visit as many times as Maa orders...

Battery car upto Ardhkuwari again. And trek down - about 70 minutes to the Banganga,

Jai Mata Di..
Skrevet 10. august 2021
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Mata Di Darshan
aug. 2020
over night train journey from Delhi/New Delhi like Delhi-SVD Katra mail, Sampark Kranti, Shri Sakti express. arrived Katra in the Morning, refreshing in Hotel or pre booked Niharika Yatri Niwas than start journey through Banganga Gate or Trikuta Marg. If first time journey then best option through Banganga Gate, Banganga Ghat, Charan paduka temple will get en route to Ardhkuwari but it is steep. So pony can be booked at Banganga Gate to Ardhkuwori. Entry No. On foot it may take 3-4 hours approx. another 1 hour may take to Bhawan. and from Bhawan to Bhairo Ghati it will take 1 hour journey. Most beautiful Devotional Journey ever.
Helicopter journey another option, requires pre booking. Start from Katra on the foothills and the flight will drop you at Sanjhichatt then walk to Bhawan for Mata Di Shrine darshan, Then Rope way service may be availed to Bhairo Ghati to ease the journey. it is purely spiritual journey.
Jai Mata Di
Skrevet 15. juli 2021
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Susheel C
Rishikesh, India5 bidrag
Everything about Vaishno Devi
jul. 2021 • Familie
Starting from railway station, Now a days if you have a negative covid report your report will be checked and you will be allowed to go out, if not then your rapid test will be done on spot.
Now you can get an auto at Rs.100 to any hotel , for helipad you have to pay more and maximum hotels give free pick and drop.
Now coming to Helicopter, If you have booked online you will get a paper from window behind ticket window just after entering the gate, They may ask for your covid negative report at gate. Then you will go to window of your service Global Vectra / Himalayan their they will weigh you and will tell to wait for boarding pass and will call you after about 10 minutes for the same.
After getting boarding passes you will be given your turn number on it and their own vehicle will take you to main Helipad and you will go turn mentioned on your pass.After reaching Sanjhi Chath Helipad their is all slope to go down to Main Temple.
One main thing to remember is if you have booking in Gouri Bhawan then it will come before then Temple.
You can get Horse / Palki also to reach there.
Horse and Palkis both are on fixed rates which you will get slip from Shrine Board from anywhere yo anywhere.
Now about Gouri Bhawan room or Huts. Main reception is at Gouri Bhawan if you have booked anywhere else also (double bed/ four bedded room ) You have to first report to Gouri Bhawan Reception. Rooms are quiet big and hygienic and western toilet , geyser, tv all facility but don't expect room service, just you can get water and for tea coffee you have to go to Shrine Board counter about 50 steps away. For food you have to go all towards Temple to Sagar Ratna which is about 250 meters from room, this is the main problem for staying their, you have to go for food in slope and when you come back it's hard.
Now coming to the main Temple first thing to remember capri's , shorts are not allowed and you cannot go with your mobile phones, you have to keep them in locker which are free of cost available but you again have to go down around 200 steps and come back. Temple is open all day and night but closed at 6 am to 8 am in morning and 6 pm to 8 pm at night. If you have booked attka aarti darshan which costs Rs.2000 then you directly go to SDM office room no.8 to book it. If you have booked online then go to room no.4 , You can go their with shoes and mobile, their you will be provided with locker to keep them and after aarti of 90 minutes you will be taken to Darshan.
Now if you have same day return ticket of Helicopter you will be given VIP card for Darshan.
It's nothing VIP in that just you will be merged in queue in which people will be their from 300 meters and if their is less crowd then their is no use of VIP pass. Purchase prasad from Shrine Board only. Free changing room, toilets, shower all available near Main temple.
Now the last point is about battery taxi.
You can book it online on their official site if person is 50 years or more. Else you have to be in queue from Ardh kuwari to Bhawan it costs 354 and from Bhawan to Ardh kuwari it costs 236. Don't stand in queue if there are more than 100 persons before you because one person gets 2 tickets and there are around 30 taxis with seating capacity of 7. If your number is after 100 then you will waste time standing their and not getting any ticket.
For Bhairo Baba don't get afraid of line trolley is big enough to accommodate many and comes and go, so you will easily get chance after some time. 5.30 pm is last time of trolley, and at Bhairo temple it will take maximum 20 minutes to visit after landing their.
So this was all about my trip which I felt to tell all and will be helpful for all
Skrevet 12. juli 2021
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Sheetal Bhatt
Jodhpur, India13 bidrag
Superb kudos to shrine board for following covid protocol
jun. 2021 • Par
Extremly good experince, gauri bhawan best place to stay, prior booking required.... must have satvik food @kalika bhawan only for people staying at kalika bhawan... atrak aarti a must to thing @darbar.... its divine...
thank u maa sherawali...
hope to come again and again.
Skrevet 10. juni 2021
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aug. 2020
It's an excellent temple and a such a huge temple a must visit for every one. The temple compound is also big, in fact the locals call this place as Big temple..The structure of the gopuram is excellent it was carved in single stone and the shadow of the gopuram will never fall on the ground an excellent engineering. Note the temple will be closed from 1pm to 4 30 pm daily
Skrevet 27. mars 2021
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Lucknow District, India3 bidrag
Amazing Visit.
feb. 2021
Mata Vaishno Devi Temple, Bhairaw Ji Temple, Bal Ganga and other places best tour of my life and full enjoy. "Jai Mata Di."
Skrevet 19. mars 2021
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Gurgaon, India84 bidrag
mar. 2021
great organisation by the board .facilities are clean . the helicopter service runs efficiently .the Darshan sues are well managed . 14 hours from home in Gurgaon - Darshan -jammu hotel
Skrevet 9. mars 2021
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