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Bangalore, India

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Madhavi. D
1 bidrag
des. 2019 • Familie
We rchd Bangalore Int Airport.. came out.. walked to right.. y can ask for Flybus stand. Already chked on net on KSRTC site for timings.. every hour for Mysore. Outside airport food joints, toilets..also coffee shop near Flybus Stand. Took 5.10 pm Flybus.. luxury.. leg rest too AC bus..halts 10 mins kamat food.. rchd at 9.15 pm.. 800 Rs. Very good. After rching Mysore Got a Auto to hotel... many hotels here. Auto Driver Mr Freddy.. very good. Nxt day fixed with him for sightseeing.. only Rs 800.. i pd 1000 as he was with us till 5.00 pm. Saw Chamundi hills, mysore palace Philomina church mysore sand museum wax museums karanje lake.. jagmohan art gallery.Zoo can be done on nxt day as it takes time.. along with brindawan garden musical fountain show 6.30 to 7.30 pm. Freddy arranges cheap car hire for drop.. i got in 2200 rs to coorg. I recommend Mr Freddy. Enjoy
Skrevet 23. desember 2019
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Merton, UK153 bidrag
nov. 2019 • Forretning
Culture Rings was recommended by a colleague for a private tour with a female guide who would give some real insights into the city. She was not wrong. Jackie's tour was simply a brilliant day out after a tough work week. It felt like going on a jaunt with a really interesting and very cultured friend who loves her city and who knows people everywhere. I am skeptical of overly positive reviews on TA, but in this case I am now sure these ones are true. You won't regret taking this tour. Just let your guide know what you will like and they will tailor around you for a great experience.
Skrevet 25. november 2019
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Bangalore, India205 bidrag
okt. 2019
This is a complex topic and hopefully, it'd be read and understood with an objective mindset.

The tradition of holybull walking, particularly in the auspicious months of Tamil Month Marhazhi is very precious. The Bull walker usually accompanies a Wind Instrument - Nadaswaram" - and plays that to the tunes of "Bhajans" and / or songs of divinity and seeks alms from houses. They are also particular to seek alms only from those houses where the house is decorated with "Rangoli" and flowers to indicate that the residents are pious and generous.

Generally the house people see the Bull as the "Vahan" of Lord Shiva and offer fruits, rice and similar other things, pray nd seek blessings. The walker also is offered raw rice, and some other vegetables etc., as their life support to them. The walker also for his part would play the instrument to the tunes of divine songs praising Lord Krishna and / or Shiva and pleases. He leaves collecting whatever is offered, blesses, asks the Bull to bless the house / home and leaves.

But it has slowly petering in to a personal life saving event for the Walker and he's keen to seek money and quality goods for his survival.
Skrevet 6. november 2019
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Mark Ka_dor
Ungarn357 bidrag
okt. 2019
This was really something unique, moreover, the tour guide (also interpreter) who was with us always did more than just the expectations.

We went into real, local temples for visits, where people were still living their traditional religion. Like worshiping snake or tree gods.
We also had the chance in another prayer place to be part a bit of the ceremony.
Also to talk, walk by locals at the market, and visit a small village in the village with cows.

It was really to get connection with these people living in this traditional area. It was also good for us, maybe for them (as a financial aid) and for the agency/consulate/tour org as well.

It was fun to work with one of the washer men, know his family, eat with him/them, have a break with the other 'colleagues'. These people really work hard and are almost workaholic. :) It was even more interesting for me who is working in an office space, there is a huge gap between these workplaces.

Some of the workers were more than friendly, and we also can have questions to and about them.

The director of the place visited and ate with us, and we also went to his place for a traditional lunch with his family. His wife is an angel, and really served delicious food. :)

It was one of the most complex tours I've ever taken. The drive itself was like a tour, we met with a cow walking on the streets, on our way to the Dhobi Ghat.

Best part? Maybe the temple visits, being more informed about India by the tour guide, meet with local people, the lunch at the director, some phases of the work itself. (As I could try all phases, except folding and ironing... which are not my favorite, anyways. :D ) These were the highlights.
Skrevet 9. oktober 2019
Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og kommer ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor sjekker anmeldelser.
Greetings to you from culture rings and from the washing village! The washer men are still asking about you: how are your hands? Did the sun give you a sub burn? Was the food too spicy? :) they learnt as much from you as you from them! You have been one of the most respectful and cool clients we’ve had and it was an absolute privilege to serve you in this experience. We hope for more people like you. And we hope you keep coming back! Thanks for this very detailed and kind review Team culture rings
Skrevet 11. oktober 2019
Dette svaret er den subjektive meningen fra en representant for foretaket og ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC.

Seattle, WA15 bidrag
sep. 2019 • Par
Outstanding! Thank you, Lina, and Manesh at the Four Seasons for connecting us.
Lina customized a private four-hour tour of Bangalore. We saw the Snake Temple, Saree Weavers’ Colony, the Nandi Bull Temple, KR Market and Washerman’s Village. A treat for the senses and amazing photos to share. Unlike so many tours that include shopping stops, this one, at our request, did not - so pleased. The experience was priceless.
Skrevet 23. september 2019
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Perth, Australia3 bidrag
sep. 2019
My daughter arranged for me to go on the Foodie Tour while I was in Bangalore for three days, and I'm really pleased that she did. I took an Autorick from Ghandi Nagar to UB City where I was met by Sushil in the porch area of the UB City shopping mall.

Sushil proved to be a very amiable and knowledgeable guide. We drove to our first restaurant where we started with a typical breakfast of Onion Dosa, which was sensational, followed by Sambar Vada and chai.

We walked to the remaining places on the tour. I didn't take note of the establishments we visited, other than Mavalli Tiffin Rooms and Empire Restaurant, however we visited at least six different places to sample the wonderful food on offer.

I asked Sushil to write down for me the names of all of the foods we sampled, which he did, so that I can try these when I get back home to Australia. The sweets we sampled were particularly delicious; Rasmalai and Gulab Jamoon.

Mine was a one-on-one experience, we spent three and a half hours on the Foodie Tour and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I'd like to extend my thanks to Sushil for being a top guy and great host.

I would most certainly recommend the Culture Rings Bangalore Foodie Tour.
Skrevet 18. september 2019
Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og kommer ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor sjekker anmeldelser.
Thank you for your kind review! This is what makes our work worth everything!! ❤️
Skrevet 19. september 2019
Dette svaret er den subjektive meningen fra en representant for foretaket og ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC.

1 bidrag
aug. 2019 • Alene
This is the best way to see Bangalore. We started at a colonial era coffee house, had a meal in a snake temple, and block printed a silk scarf to name a few. My guide, Jackie, was so fun and knew everything there was to know about Bangalore and India. If you have a day of sightseeing in Bangalore, this is the only way to do it.
Skrevet 8. august 2019
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1 bidrag
mai 2019 • Forretning

         Raj Shekhar is a famous and a well recognised potter in Pottery Town in Bangalore, Karnataka. He is a 50 year old entrepreneurial businessman, who has been in the pottery business for the past 42 years. On Tuesday, me and my group had the opportunity to travel to Pottery Town and meet the well known potter. There, we asked different questions to the talented potter about his business and we had a briefing of his personal life. During the visit at the potter’s place, we learned a lot about Rajshekhar’s business and how he works with his family to keep the cultural pottery business in Bangalore alive.

Background Life of RajShekhar

       As mentioned before, RajShekhar is a famous potter with a charming personality, in Pottery Town of Bangalore. What is the story behind all of his beautiful pottery? Who helps him? Does anyone help him? RajShekhar is a 50 year old man who lives with his wife and has two beautiful daughters.

       His family is very supportful in the potter’s business. The potter’s family works day and night to to provide his customers and client with beautiful and traditional pottery. His first daughter studies hotel management whereas the younger, goes to an art school, Chitrakala Parishad. Despite this difference, both of his daughters, have an interest in pottery like their father, and are looking forward to keeping their father’s pottery business alive.

         When asked “Sir, but what are your future plans?” , RajShekhar dreams of earning enough money to send both of his daughter abroad for studies and travelling abroad himself along with his wife. He also dreams of buying a car! Above all of this, to keep his pottery business alive, he wishes to build a factory for both his daughters that would produce pots and teacups, though, keeping the culture of making traditional pottery alive.

My Experience

       I had an amazing experience at RajShekhar’s working space, watching him spin the plate on which he smacks the raw clay, that he later shapes into beautiful vases and teacups. It was very satisfying observing him shape something that was extremely shapeless to something that is sold to customers for use and for decoration. When we first walked into his space, we saw clay all over the ground and walls.

       Well, “Every Artist has a messy working space to create something beautiful”. We walked in completely clueless about RajShekhar’s business. We saw the old potter, with a slab of shapeless clay on his wheel. He started to spin the wheel, dipping his hands in water to shape the clay, perfecting it’s curves and edges. It was so mesmerising watching the potter work with the clay, with so much precision. After 10 whole minutes, the slab of clay was transformed into a classy vase.

After asking many question to the old potter about how he runs his business, we headed to the kiln, where the talented potters around Pottery Town come together to burn their dried pottery. As we walked through the town, we came upon another potter’s house. This house was different. It was full of pots stacked up in shelves and even in the nooks and corners. Why did the potter store so much of pottery? The potters around the town have a lot of work to do when the Indian festivals of the year in Bangalore are around the corner. After, coming out of the house, I saw couple of rickshaws driving with so much of pottery stacked up in the backseat. They were delivering the handmade pots and teacups to clients and customers around the city.

         Overall, being able to understand the life of Raj Shekhar and his business, was an extremely interesting experience. I was able to comprehend how his business worked and what he would do with the money would earn.


          When leaving Pottery Town, I had a sense of satisfaction of being able to meet a dedicated potter, RajShkehar. I left the town, with an abundance of knowledge about the pottery business and industry. Although, the town has potters with competition between them,  they all have their own unique style of creating charming and dazzling pots and teacups. After watching and learning about how a RajShekhar creates his pottery, I myself have become interested in pottery and I am looking forward to also being able to create something cultural and beautiful that represents the Indian culture.
Skrevet 24. mai 2019
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1 bidrag
mai 2019 • Forretning
Compared to some of the other businesses I felt that he was better off than others. Rajashekhar has a lot of goals that he plans to do in the future. Some of these goals are to open a factory and to sent both his daughters abroad to study. Rajashekhar said that be knows that value of education. Rajashekhar also wants to buy a car with his wife in the future as well.

I noticed that Pottery Town has much teamwork as the village works together in terms of taking turns in the klin or furnace. Just as Rajashekhar has said before, he works in a high trust environment. I feel that we all can learn from Rajashekhar, as he works hard but at the same time he has hopes and goals for the future.
Skrevet 24. mai 2019
Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og kommer ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor sjekker anmeldelser.

1 bidrag
mai 2019 • Venner
Muniyappa’s Biography
Muniyappa is a cow owner who owns 14 cows and his main job is to sell milk to the customers in the city. He is 62 years old and his family has been in the business for over 80 years. He has been working since he was 14 years old and he was helping his father grow the business. Muniyappa has a wife whose name is Gajalakshmi and she helps him with the cow work and has a second job which is massaging women and children. His cow shed is located in Malleshwaram and he delivers his milk products to customers who are in the nearby city.

What I Noticed about the Place
As I visited his place, I could easily notice that his cows were all crammed together in small spaces under a shed and the whole area was extremely messy. He had only one drainage system which was not efficient enough to clean the entire place an thus evidently there were feces and urine all over the place which the cows thrived in. There were small houses where he and his family lived in nearby but their houses very extremely small that you could touch the ceiling. I noticed that Muniyappa was very hardworking and spent most of his time throughout day milking and cleaning the cows. He also loved cows so much and would never give up on them. Even though most of the cow owners would kill the cows for meat once they grow old an stop producing milk, Muniyappa loves and nurtures his cows and would keep them or send them to the ashram to give blessings.

What I Felt about Muniyappa
Muniyappa is very hardworking. He works a lot but his reward is very less. Unfortunately his strong bonds with cows means that he will not change at all and thus this will be the life he choses to pursue. I felt really sad for him because he puts in a lot of work but his income is very less. He lives in very unsanitary conditions but he is not bothered by it at all. I feel happy for him because he will keep working like this and end up dying doing what he loves. I also felt sorrow for him and his family because they really were living on edge and struggling to keep up with the growing industry and city Bangalore around him.

My Experience
As an individual, I thought it was really interesting to be learning about a small business but dwelling so much into detail. It was unique to see how people who do not have lives as privileged as us lived their lives living their life day by day without knowing what could happen to them next. It was wonderful to see how these small businesses worked and how we as youths could do our bit to help them improve in any way possible. Even though the place was not clean, I learnt that we must not disrespect his job as everyone with an occupation has a value and something to do which has importance to the community and thus we respected him to the best we could.

In conclusion, this trip to see Muniyappa and his family was really informative and interesting for us as it gives us a perspective on people’s jobs who are not as privileged as us. We got to see how these people live their lives every day and what they do during times of profit and losses. We really understood what life was like when they were living on edge, what kind of sacrifices they had to make in life and what changes they had to do to survive for themselves. Thus I found this project very interesting and will definitely help us in the future when handling bugger businesses.
Skrevet 24. mai 2019
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