Sawah Ladang Bintan
Sawah Ladang Bintan
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8 anmeldelser
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Singapore, Singapore6 bidrag
mai 2012 • Venner
I went there as part of a group with 18 others from Singapore Management University during the midst of our 2 weeks OCSP(overseas community service) trip to bintan. We found out about this farm tour from their website & learnt about other details from reviews from trip advisor!

After emailing for transport to be provided from Bintan Lodge, we set off at 9.45am and the bus ride took about 30mins due to the rain. We were welcomed with bushels of corn (extremely fresh and tasty) as well as lemongrass juice before settling don for a short introduction and briefing by Mr Luckfi himself!

We waited for about 45mins for the rain to stop under the main shelter and entertained ourselves with games such as playing with a giant congkak! :> Mr Luckfi then proceeded to split us into 3 groups, 6/7 in each group, one being led by himself, his wife and another lady. He also made it such that each group was for themselves, and our performance at each station would be 'graded' as well as a short presentation at the end. And with this we had to appoint a member in each team who took down notes at each station hahah. We were first taught how to build a basket entirely out of palm leaves - a basket which they used for rubbish and were guided along by a few helpers during the process.

Next were 3 different 'stations'/sheds where each group was rotated; composting, seedling, and identification of plants. At the composting station we were led to an area where we had to cut up grass/stems using some farming knife & mix it with dried rice shells, fresh compost as well as some mixture (with spit yucks) which would give us the perfect compost for farming. The seedling station was creating pots made out of banana leaves & filling them up with the compost and one seed per pot (melon or eggplant). The third was trekking around the area to identify the plants - coffee, banana, jackfruit, papaya, lemongrass amongst many others. At each station we were briefed and fed with interesting information by our heads!

We also watched this boy climb a coconut tree with hooves being cut into the trunk to make it easier. Some of our members had a hand in trying to climb as well hahahaa

Then we cleaned up and returned back to the main shed for our lunch which was extremely yummy - even better then the lunch we had been having for the first one week at Bintan. Next we moved on to the further areas of the farm- the corn fields and larger plantation areas & paddy planting fields. Once again we were rotated into the touring as well as paddy planting. The paddy planting was really an experience - we initially requested for boots beforehand due to worries of the mud hygiene (and Mr Luckfi who kindly agreed to provide them) but discovered that it was much easier work to plant the seedlings barefooted. (We took off our shoes and left them just metres away from the paddy field) We were taught how to create grids using a large rake-like thing and to plant the seedling where the lines met. It was much tougher then expected!

After that we were given time to wash up in the washrooms (not bathing tho cuz none of us fell into the mud or got completely wet) & open areas (which were very clean) and most of us changed into slippers (which we brought along). We were greeted with oneh-oneh (the best i've eaten better then the bengawan solo ones in spore) and home made curry puffs at the main shed as well a few freshly plucked coconuts to share! Then we sat down for our final debrief & presentation of what we've learnt as well as improvements/feasible ideas/selling points for the farming tour :> The entire tour lasted about 6 hours and it was well spent!

Throughout the entire course, Mr Luckfi's wife was also snapping pictures with her dslr (which was v helpful since our hands were dirty most of the time & we couldn't take much pictures as we wld've done). We passed her a thumbdrive and met Mr Luckfi at the last day of our ocsp trip (one week later) to get the pictures back as well as our prizes! (which we completely forgot about) :)

Excellent experience overall & i would strongly recommend this if you're heading to Bintan as a group! You should probably bring along hand sanitizer, wet wipes, water, slippers, money (sing dollars for the payment).
Skrevet 28. mai 2012
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Nur Y
Abu Dhabi, De forente arabiske emirater83 bidrag
jan. 2012
We were in Bintan for a 1 night getaway from Singapore with our two young children aged 9mths and 3yrs. I am so happy we made this lovely discovery of Sawah Ladang, a humble, community owned, organic farm in Bintan, that recently opened to visitors for educational tours in March 2011. I personally love love love community owned, sustainable ecotourism so I was excited when I found their website and read their reviews. So I dropped them an email, got a short reply from Luckfi and we are all set for the 3hr tour, which was a simple farm visit, organic planting session, and lunch at $35 per adult. It turned out to be a the perfect half day activity for my 3 year old boy, who is very curious about nature, and have been learning about how plants grow. Luckfi is great with children (having young boys of his own) and he totally engaged my boy with lots of hands-on and sensory experiences during the visit.

Arrival: We were picked up the ferry terminal by Luckfi, who runs the organic farm with the help of 3 workers. He is a friendly and articulate Indonesian who is passionate about organic farming. My son quickly warmed up to him as he told us about the things we were going to do at his humble farm... It was a 20mins drive out of the Bintan Resorts strip and into what Luckfi calls the "real Indonesia". When we arrived we were pleasantly surprised by how simple and serene the place was. Its not fancy, and the only hint that this is open to tourism is the pretty flower lined path leading to a humble hut with handmade tables and chairs. We sat down and were served a warm lemongrass & ginger drink, which Luckfi tells us are produce from the farm. The first thing we noticed were the butterflies!!! There were many fluttering around the hut, yellow, brown, black.... like they were welcoming us. I immediately loved the place.

The tour: Luckfi took us around the small farm, where everything was being grown organically, showing us various plants, trees, vegetables, fruits, root vegetables. He is very observant and pointed out a caterpillar and its cocoon for us.. which really captured my son's curiosity, reminding him of his book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It was a sensory experience for him, touching the various types of leaves and fruits, smelling fragrant roots used for aromatherapy and listening to the sounds of the birds chirping. We spotted some farm animals which roam freely (so you only see them if you are lucky!); the noisy goose, the pretty ducks, roosters, and my son's favourite, the fierce-looking solitary cow (Luckfi tells us his friends were slaughtered over Eid Adha festivities). Luckfi proudly showed us the farm, where they were growing long beans, spinach, kangkong etc. He talked to us about how organic farming is done vs conventional farming, and why it is better for the earth, and for us. He also showed us the paddy that they sowed last year but sadly got washed out over the very wet Christmas weekend. For us it was a reminder of how working with the earth requires patience. Very humbling for as city folks, where we want everything to be fast and demand immediate results for everything.

Planting activity: After a walk around the vegetable farm and paddy fields, we returned back to the hut where we were served cold drinks. Then its time for hard work! Luckfi taught us how to plant tomato and melon seeds using banana leaves (instead of plastic).. I was grinning from ear to ear cos this was a practical lesson for Eric Carle's The Tiny Seed for my son. My son helped fill the little "pots" made of banana leaf with soil, planted the seed, poured water on it. He then carried one of the little seedlings (planted by previous guests) over to a little plot of land which was designated for our little family. Luckfi showed him how to loosen the soil, and plant the tomato seedlings and tapioca stems in the soil. It was such a fun hands on experience for my little one! Luckfi says he will keep us updated as our plants grow :)

Lunch: While waiting for our lunch, Luckfi disappeared for a while and came back with a bunny rabbit! He told us there was a rabbit farm nearby but its hard to walk into so he got permission from the owner to bring one to us, for my boy! So sweet of him! Lunch was served and it was a simple spread but so very very yummy! Organic rice wrapped in banana leaf, soup cooked with vegetables from their farm, served with ayam bakar, tahu and tempeh. What could be better? Seriously, some of the best meals we have had on our family trips are these simple kampung meals. It was also nice to be able to remind my little one, after the planting activity, that everything on the table doesn't just arrive on the table without the effort and hard work of the humble farmer.

Conclusion: We loved the experience, and would love to go back for their full day farming tour (with more "hard work" like rice planting demo). Highly recommended to other parents or eco-loving individuals, who enjoy serenity, and love giving tourist dollars to community efforts like these. Luckfi if you are reading this thank you once again for such a lovely day... we are not kidding about sending our to you for a farmstay and free labour in 7 years time!
Skrevet 26. januar 2012
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Singapore, Singapore2 bidrag
nov. 2011
For an urban dweller in S'pore, we (young and old) don't have much chance to experience the kampong / farmer's life. This is definitely a great eye opener for the young and old. Very memorable as well. We were worried initially as we have a 3 year old boy and 10 months old baby in tow. Surprisingly, both enjoyed themselves and Luckfi is nice to cater to our needs (e.g. making the lunch non-spicy for the kids, providing chairs for my husband who had to walk around with the baby on the sling carrier,...). We chose Farming Adventure Package on 25 Nov 2011, 0830hrs to 1500hrs.

Our resort is 1hour away from Sawah Ladang. Luckfi, our Sawah Ladang guide, arrived on time at our resort at 0830hrs. He introduced Bintan and Sawah Ladang during the journey. IF YOU HAVE A BABY IN TOW, CARRY HIM/HER IN A SLING CARRIER.

We were welcome to the main hut with mineral water and Jambu fruits. Then given insect repellents and chinese bamboo hats (which immediately made us look like farmers) before Luckfi brought us to visit surrounding village areas, introducing all the trees, plants, flowers and fruits. We got to taste some fruits and flower petals plucked directly from the trees and plants. Surprisingly, my boy enjoyed himself and within the 1st hour, Luckfi became his friend.

After a walk around Sawah Ladang which took an hour, we had a short break at the main hut with more mineral water, while Luckfi and the villagers prepare for our hands-on farming experience. The restrooms are very nicely designed and well maintained.

As Sawah Ladang is an organic farm, Luckfi taught us how to make our own 'pots' with banana leaves, instead of plastic bags. My parents, my boy and I had lots of fun with this hands-on experience, while my husband and baby sat and watched. We planted tomatoes, brinjals, melons and pumpkins into the handmade pots. Then we were brought to our small plot of land to scatter the tiny celery seeds. To let my boy have hands-on experience, Luckfi asked the villagers to bring a small shovel and an improvised watering can for him.

After spending 1.5hours planting the seeds, we had our break while waiting for the villagers to prepare our lunch. We, especially my boy, had loads of fun playing with the slingshots. We were served yummy authentic Indonesian food. It was simple but tasty. My parents love the chilli paste very much. My boy loves the salted fish and chicken. My baby enjoyed the rice, soup, fried tofu, karedok and chicken.

After lunch, we headed down to the padi field. My dad made the grids and we, including my boy, went into the muddy padi field to plant the padi. It was an unforgettable and memorable experience. WEAR SHORTS IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO GET YOUR PANTS DIRTY. After spending an hour in the padi field, the villager got the tractor ready for my boy to mud ski, which he enjoyed the most. LET KIDS WEAR CLOTHES WHICH YOU INTEND TO THROW AWAY IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO THROUGH THE HASSLE TO WASH OFF THE MUD STAINS.

Then we were brought back to the main hut to change and wash up. Note : Cold water for bath. BRING TOWELS AND EXTRA CLOTHES. Shower foams are provided. Had traditional snacks and coconuts freshly plucked from the trees by the villagers.

Our whole experience ended at about 1400hrs and Luckfi sent us back to our resort. I captured all the photos with my DSLR which wasn't a chore to carry around such environment. Alternative would be a normal digicam. But it may not be able to capture the beauty of Sawah Ladang and surrounding areas. We all wore beach slippers and my boy wore Crocs sandals, which are perfect for the whole experience. We all enjoyed the whole experience. We had 1 conclusion : It's not easy being a farmer.

Anything to pick and fuss about Sawah Ladang? Hmm... Maybe a farm stay and also to make the package price (for family of 3 adults and 1 toddler) cheaper. Overall, it's still 2 thumbs up!

Going to Bintan for holiday is not only about water activities.
Skrevet 29. november 2011
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Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, Indonesia7 bidrag
okt. 2011 • Venner
Been in Sawah Ladang is such an unforgettable experience. Instead of the beautiful place, peaceful, relaxing, they also serve a tasty and Indonesian's traditional food. Luckily at that time I met the owner of the place, Mr. Luckfi. He was very informative and campaigning how to live healthyly by consuming organic food. This place is a such a perfect place to spend your time with family, office mates or with your own. Why would I say that, because they also provide such folk games which suits for kids (and adults of course), playing in the mud, planting rice, learn how to use the tractor, etc. Should you just need to spend your time alone, just bring a book or laptop, feel the atmosphere and write down your feelings or even you can create a novel because the place was very inspiring and peaceful.
After spending time with mud and sunlight, you may take a shower over there. They provide a clean and tidy restrooms or bathrooms in traditional looks. When you visit Bintan, it is recommended to see the real Indonesia in Sawah Ladang.
Skrevet 25. oktober 2011
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Unusual destination to visit for city folks. Great opportunity to learn about the nature. Also a good place to hang out and relax!
Skrevet 27. september 2011
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HKG20 bidrag
aug. 2011
If ya are in Bintan and miss this one, ya have no fun at all.

To start with, this is an eco-tour, unlike the one organized by Bintan resort, which is high commercialized. This one is down-to-earth and organized by local. And ya know what, Luckfi is very informative and knows what he's doing.

Being a city-boy, visiting a farm land is something new, let alone working on a padding field. I joined the farming package and with that, got a tour to walk around and get to know what plantation they have. Ya will then be served with a Indonesian food. By all means, use folk and spoon. Still, how about try it in Indonesian way -- have it with your bare hand ... er ... right hand only :> Food is great and ya'll have some idea what traditional Indonesian have.

Being fed, time to labor -- collecting water spinach and padding rice. Collecting veg is easy but padding on rice field is something very different. Slippery, back pain, sweat. and the sun. It's fun to give it a try but tough to work. Got dirt here and there? No problem all as they have fabulous showers. So, bring along spare clothes and a towel.

After that, kids will have a chance of mud-ski -- sitting on a tub while being drag by handheld motor plow. Though it is easy to drive that thing but ... HELL NO. Ya have to
balance on a padding field while holding the plow, which is quite heavy. Ya have to make turns and keep balance. Ya have to keep ur eyes on the road and keep balance. It's fun to be on the tub but ... driving it ... well .. try it urself.

Now I have an idea why it's tough to be a farmer!
Skrevet 17. august 2011
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Bintan1 bidrag
feb. 2011
been there and had superb lunch arranged by SawahLadang. Very recommended to anyone who plan to go there for outing, or family gathering.

You got to include arranged-lunch with the activity package. The display of the food also very great, very traditional, yet authentic, and very kampong but not kampongan ,)... Using banana leaf , the smell of fresh rice even amusing .. the chicken and tahu/tempe are well-cooked... delicious

Try LIWET RICE or TIMBEL RICE, both are great... if you like spicy food, dont forget the sambal...

Had your lunch in the middle of paddy field after all day having activities in the farm..

Experience you'll never forget...
Skrevet 9. mai 2011
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Singapore34 bidrag
feb. 2011
When we found out that there is this new Ecotour activity in Bintan, we immediately signed in. It is a perfect place for the children (and adult also, actually) to have an experience of planting in the paddy field.

Driving around 30 minutes from Bintan Lagoon Resort, we found this secluded place that is serene, green and fresh. The kids automatically ran around the place. The open wooden hut gave us a cooling shelter without air condition. The view was nice from the platform.

The host led us to the bare paddy field. A farmer was there and directly showed us what to do. The first activity was marking the field. After each of us had our turn, the next activity was planting the rice, following the grid that we made earlier. We only needed to do several lines, but we could feel our back was aching. Done with the planting, the kids got an extra activity called the mud skiing. Basically, sitting in a tub, they were pulled around an empty paddy with a 'tractor'.

Apart from the activities in the paddy field, we also picked corn and saw the farmer's cows. The host also introduced some traditional games to the kids.

We opted a package that includes lunch. The food was very nice and tasted much better compared to the restaurant we ate in the area, not to mention the cheaper price. We were also served fresh young coconut juice, taken from the tree just outside the hut.

The place had showers for cleaning up but we preferred to dip our feet in the stream. A nephew of mine even jumped in and swam to cool down. Don't forget to bring towel and clothing for change. Sun screen is a must. We burned our neck and back, only our feet that covered in mud not affected by the scorching sun.

In conclusion, we were very satisfied. The kids were having such a great time, they wanted to come back to harvest the paddy. For us adult, it's a special place to relax and chill out, after a back-breaking experience.
Skrevet 28. april 2011
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