Ol Doinyo Lengai
Ol Doinyo Lengai
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Anna U
2 bidrag
okt. 2023 • Par
If you are thinking about visiting the Lake Natron area, getting in touch with Kelvin (whatsapp +255685582611) is a must! He made sure our experience in the region was unforgettable.

He gave us real insight and first-hand experience into original Maasai lifestyle. His knowledge of the nature surrounding Lake Natron area is impressive! We especially loved hearing about natural medicines Maasai make out of the plants that surround them.

We visited really lovely waterfall together, had a walk to lake natron and on top of everything: we climbed Ol Doinyo Lengai!! It has been my biggest dream and hope for our trip in Tanzania and i can easily say it happened thanks to Kelvin. He did not only guide us but also motivated, helped and made sure we were always comfortable during the challenging hike. I can surely say i wouldn’t ever want to do the hike with other guide and honestly I am not sure i would have made it if it wasn’t for Kelvin. If you are looking for unique and original experience, contact Kelvin and you will not regret it!!
Skrevet 1. november 2023
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Lake Natron, Tanzania16 bidrag
aug. 2023 • Venner
Oldoinyo lengai mountain of God in Maasai and a world unique active volcano 🌋 mountain
I'm experience Maasai local guide at lake Natron who organize the trekking to Oldoinyo lengai mountain and take you around our village
Email. alfredyabraham7@gmail.com
Skrevet 19. august 2023
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Jessica P.
1 bidrag
apr. 2023 • Venner
We found Daudi’s contact by reading reviews on TripAdvisor. We are a group of 4 girls, 3 of which did the waterfalls and natron lake hike and 1 attempted the volcano climb.

The hike to the falls takes about one hour and in the rainy season it looks a bit like canyoning. Very impressive. Tip: comfortable but possibly open shoes because our boots are still wet 😂

Lake Natron takes about an hour round trip and is a spectacle: a huge expanse of flamingos.

As for the volcano, she left in the evening because it's too hot during the day (climb is in the night for everyone). Honestly, the advice we would give is to be a bit trained and used to certain altitude differences.

Daudi was very nice and helpful with us with information before the trip and during our stay.

We slept in the campsite tents. A quiet place in the middle of nowhere, but with basic services. Don't expect a luxury lodge but there are all the essentials. For a small fee, there is also the possibility of having a cook for meals (you have to do your own shopping before you arrive, rightly so, because we are far from everything).

I'll leave you Daudi's contact for all the relevant information. Enjoy your visit and have fun.

His phone number + 255 689 061 217 and his email address naatandoros@gmail.
Skrevet 11. april 2023
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Marilena A
3 bidrag
feb. 2023
We summited Ol Doinyo Lengai with my husband on 20th February 2023. The ascend begun at 23:30pm as our Maasai guide had suggested in order to reach the summit at sunrise. The path started with a serious incline for the first 500m and got even steeper (around 45 degrees, going straight up - no zig zags) all the way up to the summit. There was dense vegetation all along the way and the substrate was not soft ashes and sand as we expected, but only hard solidified lava (most probably wind and rain carried all soft material away from the slopes). We were the only people on the mountain that day. Being faster than anticipated we finished below the crater at 4am, so the guide proposed to rest in a cave until 6am and then hit the summit for the sunrise. So we lied down on the soft ashy floor of the cave (it was rather a tall and wide rocky ditch protected from the wind with an open ceiling) and wrapped in a Maasai blanket (shuka) that our guide kindly offered us and took a 2-hour siesta. Those 2 hours we were really cold even though we had warm clothes, gloves and bonnets. At dawn we walked a few easy meters up to the crater rim. Unfortunately, there was no lava flow during our time up there, only fumaroles smoking greenish gases. We were surprised to see an eland (big antelope) grazing on the summit slopes and a dik-dik (tiny antelope) jumping around. The morning sky was not clear due to humidity and dust, so we didn’t have any view from the summit, only a little hint of the sun rising but no Mount Kilimanjaro, neither Mont Meru or anything else. Actually the sky was blurry every day for the 3 weeks we spent in Tanzania. The descend is quite steep especially the first part below the summit and needs attention. Its no fun especially for the knees and for those who fear heights, but it requires no technical skills or equipment. You must however be physically and mentally prepared since it is quite long and steep (1600m), the terrain is not the best and, in some parts, quite exposed so no mistake is allowed. It took us 4 hours to climb up and 4hours to go down. A guide is necessary since there is no real path or any indication; you will need real hiking shoes with good grip; hiking poles (to save your knees); headlamp, enough water and snacks; warm clothes for the night at the summit but also hat, sunglasses and sunscreen cause the descend can be very very hot. It was a challenging experience, and we are proud to have done it, but honestly without the views from the summit, or the lava flow I wouldn’t say it was worth the trouble
Skrevet 11. mars 2023
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lisa c
Uganda2 bidrag
jan. 2023 • Venner
The environment is very nice, the lake is beautiful with flamingos and we made a nice hike to the waterfall. In the night we started the hike up the volcano, last minute the masai guide was changed, so we didn’t know the guy. We started around 12 and climbed up the volcano, it is a hike for experienced hikers, it is continuously very steep going up almost in a straight line. There are a lot of rocks on the way. In 4 hours we almost reached the top and we had to wait, because otherwise we would be on the top to early (it would be too cold). The guide slept for an hour while we were freezing. The last part is even more steep, and the only way up is climbing like a monkey. (Without any help from the guide). In the end we reached the top a little too late to see the glowing lava and just in time for sunrise. The way back was very hard on the knees. We took much longer than going up. The guide was not very supportive! In the end, the top is very beautiful, but keep in mind that you have to be quite experienced and the way down is very hard on the knees! Make sure you have walking sticks, enough clothes, snacks and gloves!
Skrevet 23. januar 2023
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Valerie K
1 bidrag
aug. 2022 • Par
Nach einer sehr kurzen Nacht sind wir mit unseren 2 Maasai Guides um 23 Uhr zum Berg aufgebrochen. Wir sind mit unserem Land Cruiser durch trockene Flussbetten gefahren und haben von der Giraffe Lodge ca. 1h gebraucht. Es wird empfohlen, dass eine Person beim Auto bleibt (daher die 2 Guides).
Unser Aufstieg begann also um Mitternacht; erst recht lange durch einen schmalen Weg mit Gestrüpp (ca. 2h), dann im 40-45 Grad Winkel Bergauf (ca. 3.5h); über Asche, Geröll und Felsplatten. Unsere Pausen waren sehr kurz, da es sehr kalt war. Um 5.30 Uhr erreichten wir den Gipfel. Die feuerrote Lave sieht man nur bei Dunkelheit, sodass wir das Brodeln und die Lava noch 30 Minuten bewundern konnten, bis zu einem absolut atemberaubenden Sonnenaufgang.
Der Abstieg ist fast genau so mühsam wie der Aufstieg - zumindest für unerfahrene Bergsteigerinnen wie mich. Wir brauchten 4.5h hinab.
Insgesamt war es eine 10 stündige Wanderung, die $140 für den Aufstieg, 50.000 Schilling für die Bewachung des Autos und 75.000 Schilling Trinkgeld für unseren Bergführer gekostet hat, absolut anstrengend (für unerfahrene aber fitte Personen ist) aber absolut lohnenswert ist!
Wir hatten zwar die Giraffe Lodge nach der Organisation des Guides gefragt, das hatten sie leider etwas verschlafen. Unseren Guide, Baraka, hatten wir am Parkeingang kennengelernt - er war dem Hotel auch bekannt und sehr freundlich. Er war damit einverstanden, seine Nummer hier zu teilen, falls jemand einen Guide für den Aufstieg braucht:
Barajas Telefonnummer (er ist über WhatsApp erreichbar): +255 693 753 994
Skrevet 26. august 2022
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11 bidrag
aug. 2022 • Alene
One of the best volcanos you can climb in Africa: steep stratovolcano, active lava lake in the crater, unique geology, few tourists, remote, gorgeous desert landscape.

So you would need some help in organizing the trip. Daudi, a guide from Engaresero, lake Natron, is a Massai and knows the place. He helped me to find a place to stay, how to get there, where to eat and wrote me many times during the pandemic which delayed my trip for 1 year.

Daudi welcomed me and cared for me the whole time. He climed the mountain with me, was a very caring guide, showed me lake Natron and brought me to a waterfall.

He is very knowledgable, could explain a lot about volcanos, plants and the daily life and culture of the Massai.

He is also a very nice and funny guy, , you can trust and rely on him.

I really enjoyed my stay with him and can highly recommend him as a guide.

His telefon number  +255 689 061 217 and his email address naatandoros@gmail.com

If you like volcanos, climb Ol Doyinyo Lengai! If you need a trustworthy guide, take Daudi!
Skrevet 23. august 2022
Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og kommer ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor sjekker anmeldelser.

6 bidrag
jun. 2022
We went on a night hike with a masaai guide from eco giraffe lodge. The guide was very good and helpful. The views were spectacular and the volcanos and rock formations amazing to see. It is a once in a lifetime experience to witness an active volcano and experience the sights, sounds and smells.
However nothing prepared us for the difficulty of the hike, the description provided on eco giraffe lodge page does not prepare you for this. This is not for the faint hearted or those with a fear of heights! A good degree of fitness is required. We are regular hikers but have not experienced a hike that goes straight up, not a minute of flat terrain or switchbacks. The path is very overgrown with spiky and sticky grass so wear long pants. Towards the top the angle of the slope is 40 - 45 degree's and the descent on this is slope is quite scary, which is also in day light so you can see the drop. We struggled but were determined to reach the top, unfortunately we missed sunrise as we struggled with the steep terrain. Hikers should take at least 3 litres of water (even at night) and high energy snacks.
Skrevet 19. juni 2022
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Tyskland9 bidrag
aug. 2021
Der Ol doinyo Lengai ist ein faszinierender Berg. Der Aufstieg ist anstrengend, aber wenn man etwas Bergerfahrung hat und körperlich fit ist, durchaus machbar. ca. 1700 Höhenmeter sind auf ca. 5 km Entfernung zu überwinden.
Wir starteten ca. 2 Uhr und waren kurz vor Sonnenaufgang oben. Es war windig und ziemlich kalt. Oben wechselten sich Wolken und freier Blick ab. So hatten wir immer wieder einen schönen Blick in den Krater und auf das Umland.
Sehr empfehlenswert.
Skrevet 12. september 2021
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Julianna J
Warszawa, Polen10 bidrag
jan. 2021
I decided to climb Ol Doinyo Lengai spontaneously as I found out it is the only active volcano ( I'm a volcano freak) and gives you opportunity to see the lava inside. I convinced my friend to go together so we traveled by his car ( we did not take 4 wheel which resulted in a broken exaust fixed with tape but local Masaii :D ). We found the tent to stay at Maasai Giraffe Eco Lodge which is a lovely camping spot with great owners.As we arrived, at campsite we found the Masai guide Peter with whom we were supposed to climb at night. We were SUPPOSED to, as once at night we reached the base, it was pouring rain and storm so there was no chance to climb in these conditions, we spent about hour waiting for the rain to stop nothing.... We came back at camping site tired and a little bit discouraged. We were plaanning to come back home next day but the guide convinced us to try to climb during the day. So we set off! My friend resigned after 20 mins though ( he was not that much into climbing it either). I stayed with a guide - it was quite hard from the beggining because of the heat but it was definitely doable during first two hours. After that the steeper part start. I acutally found out it is the hardest climb of Tanzania during the hike ( the guide traveled quite a lot in Africa and says its among two hardest climb he has ever done in his life). I was very much motivated to climb it but after 3 hours I was slowly getting discouraged, I was very tired ( not slept much night before) and my body was starting to feel weak. Guide Peter was very encouraging though and supportive. The worst part was 1 hours before the summit - it is the steepest part, I would never belive I could climb something like that but for me the most scary part was the descent - when I imagined that we will be descending at night I started to freak out, I started to cry asking the guide to come back. Peter is an amazing guide, instead of agreeing, he said " you're a strong girl, I knwo you can do it", he grabbed my hand and started to guide me through the steepest part of the climb. In tears I managed to reach the summit and I started to cry but this time from the happinness. The crater, the views, the sunset, the lava lake at night - was unforgettable but the most was the feeling of achieveing something so hard. I'll never forget that rewarding feeling which was worth all this effort.
Although Peter the guide was also descending it at night for the first time, descending at night was not a bad idea - as you don;t see the whole surface and how steep it is, you just focus on your next step which helps you to descend. I was never so exausted during my whole life but thanks I made it to the top I had power to go down.
I love hiking but I was totally unprepared for it and never did such a difficult climb but what turns out - climbing it is in your head, I heard so many stories that people in a great shape were turning back, it is really in your head and the support of your guide which helps you make it. I really recommend it as unforgettable experience but of course - please take it seriously. Bring a lot of water, some warm clothes for a top ( I was very lucky that Peter the guide brought me some gloves and hat) . I also recommend to go Pole Pole ( slowly) during the day we started to climb at 12 30 pm which is a little bit too late in my opinion and we were rushing a little bit for a sunset ( the climb up took us 6 hours and descent 5 hours). Climbing during the day is really not bad if you can stand some heat ( remember about sunscreen and the hat).
I loved it, despite the fact the guide saw all the faces of mine and I was so angry sometimes during it, it really influenced my personality somehow,.
"If you climb this mountain, you can do everything"
" Climbing Kilimanjaro is like a walk in the forest comparing to this one"

This is what I heard after the climb. It is a magical place and can turn out into a life-changing experience.
Skrevet 31. januar 2021
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