Texas Military Forces Museum
Texas Military Forces Museum
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10:00 - 16:00
10:00 - 16:00
10:00 - 16:00
10:00 - 16:00
10:00 - 16:00
10:00 - 16:00
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Mary T
Fort Worth, TX102 bidrag
feb. 2024 • Par
This was one of the best museums we’ve been to in the US. It covers all the wars and conflicts Texans have fought in. The signage is easy to read and appropriate amount of information. There are static displays inside and out. You could easily spend 2+ hours here if you wanted to read everything. Highly recommend!
Skrevet 10. februar 2024
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Austin, TX2 727 bidrag
jan. 2024 • Alene
Sometimes I have to go to Camp Mabry for business and this time took time to see the Texas Military Forces Museum. Getting on the installation only requires identification for all guests like a drivers license. The museum is free and they get funding by having guests sign a log.

The outside may not have looked much but the inside was impressive and updated with modern exhibit presentations. It was a lot to see and read. They covered all military conflicts from when Texas was established up to current events. There was all sort of equipment and hardware on display. I definitely needed more time to read about it all.

The big vehicles and aircraft were cool to see and takes you back in time. Kids would love to see these up close and get to touch a real life tank outside. The people working there are very nice and friendly and they have a gift shop.

After spending an hour and half inside I walked around where found a graveyard of old military vehicles. This is where can knock on a tank and feel how thick it was. Solid steel and surprised it can be moved with early 20th century engine power. There are a wide range of tanks and other military hardware like artillery and support vehicles. The outside was not well taken care of where signs are faded and muddy paths but gave that authentic feel where these vehicles have been.

Don’t be scared to enter the base where this museum is definitely worth checking out.
Skrevet 14. januar 2024
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McKinney, TX51 bidrag
jan. 2024 • Familie
This gem of a museum only gets better with time each time I have visited over 25 years. Housed on a military base, but you only need to show a drivers license or ID at the gate...no hassle like some bases to see their museums. Has impressive items from revolutionary war to present. From having a very rare WW2 German Jagdpanzer 38 (Hetzer) tank destroyer to some impressive and rare from WW2 artifacts, if you are into military history, you will love this museum. Free to enter and also has an outdoor area with several more tanks and artillery pieces. Kids will love it too!
Skrevet 4. januar 2024
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Steve D
East Moriches, NY14 bidrag
nov. 2023 • Familie
Impressive collection of tanks, artillery and self propelled guns through the years. The walk to see the planes and helicopters through the parade grounds made for some good exercise too.
Great history and photo opportunities.
Skrevet 10. november 2023
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18 bidrag
jul. 2023
I was expecting a nice display of military vehicles, tanks and artillery. What I was surprised by was the detailed military history of the US and Texas. My only regret is that I only had an hour to spend there and could have spent much more time.
Skrevet 21. juli 2023
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Joey C
Tulsa, OK167 bidrag
jun. 2023 • Par
Excellent exhibits and displays of vehicles and equipment, especially liked the outdoor displays. Very informative, just wish we had more time there. We will be back.
Skrevet 18. juni 2023
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Lee M
Tampa, FL267 bidrag
okt. 2022
I want to thank you. I know this was an active duty military base. I am praying for Texas these days of uncertainty. I was there for a reason, and I found a different reason too in this wonderful museum. Somebody obviously cares. History is not just yesterday, it is who we are as a people. It was one of the most important times of my life to visit your museum. I want to thank you. I want to make sure you know we love you. We know you are giving us the dignity and blessings of those who fought for our right to be free. I am humble before for forces that brought forth the efforts to do what you did. Thank you. Somebody had to to do it. Or not, but they did. And a song long full of sorrow was sung, hung toward eternity, a charge to make sure we are free and safe. Thank you, warriors and those brave to the challenge. We never gave up, we always found a way forward. Texas made America.
Skrevet 9. mai 2023
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Taylor B
Chicago, IL8 761 bidrag
mar. 2023
This is the most comprehensive military museum we have ever visited. Period. The Texas Military Forces Museum in Austin, officially the Brigadier General John C.L. Scribner Texas Military Forces Museum, tells the story of the Texas Military Forces from 1823 through the present day and into the future. Located at 2200 West 35th Street, in Building 6 at Camp Mabry, this 45,000-square-foot museum has indoor and outdoor galleries that feature 24 major exhibits with over 10,000 artifacts, 36 vehicles, eight dioramas, 16 macro environments, 16 macro artifacts and over 50 uniformed mannequins. It features uniforms, weapons, tanks, artillery, aircraft, helicopters, all while explaining the history of the Texas Military over the last 200 years. In addition, the library and archive features over 10,000 books and 20,000 photographs available for research. Admission is free but visitors must provide a photo ID for entry onto Camp Mabry. The museum is open from 10 to 4 Tuesday through Sunday. The museum is divided into six sections, which includes four indoor galleries, one outdoor gallery and one conference center. The outdoor exhibit includes more than 36 tanks and artillery pieces. Aircraft, helicopters and other artillery pieces are displayed around the Camp Mabry parade ground. Indoors, Gallery 1 covers 1823 to 1859, including the Texas Revolution and Mexican War. Gallery 2 covers 1860 to 1918, including the American Civil War, the Texas Rangers, the Spanish-American War and World War I. Gallery 3 covers 1919 to the present, including World War II and the War on Terror. The Great Hall features captured German equipment from World War II, tanks and aircraft, including a Republic F-84 Thunderjet. The Hall of Honor showcases individual biographies of noteworthy men and women from Texas who served their country in wartime, including Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier in the history of the U.S. military.
Skrevet 19. mars 2023
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Caryn J
2 bidrag
feb. 2023 • Familie
This is an absolute gem of a museum. If you have any interest in the military history of the past 150 years, this is worth a visit. The history in the explanatory panels is top notch, the dioramas are fascinating and there are exhibits that I haven’t seen anywhere else. It’s unusual to see German artillery equipment, for example. The breadth and diversity of the displays speak both to the generosity of the Texans who contributed the items in the exhibits, and to their courage and steadfastness in battle without losing sight of the larger historical context. Don’t miss this one.
Skrevet 24. februar 2023
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Swansboro, NC964 bidrag
des. 2022
If my review is useful, please give me a "thumbs up" or “helpful” vote.

1. Bottom Line Up Front/frame of reference for my remarks. This was my second visit; my first visit was eight years ago. I am a retired Marine Corps Infantry Officer, history buff and a tour guide aboard a Museum Ship; as such, I have high expectations of military museums; I have visited over 30 in the United States. This museum contains a great deal of very well-maintained/restored/re-furbished items. The museum is well-curated with very well preserved artifacts and plenty of very informative placards.

2. Details of my visit

2.a. Date & Time. Tuesday 13 December 2022.

2.b. Other patrons. The museum was not very crowded (only 5 groups of 2-4 people).

2.c. Length of visit. I was at the museum for 3 ½ hours.

3. Location. The museum is located aboard the Camp Mabry National Guard installation; I plugged the address in to my iPhone and it took me directly there). Be advised that your phone or GPS may direct you to entrances to the facility that are no longer open. You may just need to proceeding around the installation until you find the main gate.

4. Access

4.a. Security. Visitors are required to pass through a manned security gate. Non-DOD personnel simply need to show a Drivers License and proof of insurance (according to the guard at the gate).

4.b. Passenger vehicles. The parking lots can be accessed by any type of passenger vehicle. There seems to be plenty parking spaces.

4.c. Buses and RVs. I consider the parking lots could be inaccessible if the parking lots are crowed. I recommend looking at the site on Bing or Google Maps to confirm.

5. Parking. No charge; the parking lot is paved; there are a number of parking spaces.

6. Admission. No charge.

7. Hours of operation. Check the museum’s website for current information.

8. Handicap access. The museum is handicap-accessible; however, I do not recall seeing any chairs or benches.

9. Child friendliness. I would consider that the museum is child-friendly, but there are no inter-active displays/exhibits

10. Permissions/prohibitions

10.a. Weapons. Firearms are not permitted aboard the installation.

10.b. Photography. Photography is permitted.

10.c. Pets and service animals. Pets are not permitted; I would imagine that legitimate service animals are permitted.

10.d. Food and drinks. I did not see any prohibitive signs but I would imagine that food and drinks are not permitted by bottled water should be permitted.

11. Type/nature of visit. Visitors may conduct un-guided tours; I do not know if guided tours are available; consider calling the museum or checking their website.

12. Layout of museum. The museum is approximately 25,000 square feet. There are too many exhibits to list them individually. Below are some highlights.

13. War for Texas Independence.

13.a. Uniforms, weapons and equipment.

13.a. Very large (7’ x 7’), nice diorama of The Battle of the Alamo.

14. U.S. Civil War

14.a. Uniforms, weapons and equipment of Confederate Texas forces.

14.b. Displays depicting Confederate Naval artillery.

14.c. Very large (7’ x 7’), nice diorama of the Battle of Palmito Ranch
(last battle of the Civil War).

15. World War I

15.a. Very nice walk-thru trench display.

15.b. Weapons, uniforms and equipment.

16. World War II.

16.a. Jeeps. Several variants in original condition.

16.b. Salerno, Italy beach landing. Very nice 4’ x 6” diorama.

16.c. Valletri, Italy occupation. Beautiful 6’ x 6’ diorama.

16.d. Various weapons and equipment. To include: M-1, M-1 Carbine,
BAR, Thompson submachinegun.

16.e. M29 Weasel. This is a very unique vehicle. In all of my travels, this
is only the third one I have seen on display. It is a very small, tracked
vehicle used to transport supplies inland from the beach and to
transport casualties from inland back to the beach.

16.f. M-4 Halftrack.

16.g. M-3 Stuart Tank.

16.h. M-4 Sherman Tank.

17. Vietnam War. M 274A2 Mechanical Mule. This is a rare/unique piece of
equipment; I have only seen three others in a restored status. ½ ton 4wd vehicle that resembles a child’s toy wagon on steroids. It was used to transport ammunition, lay field communication wire and to serve as a platform for recoilless rifles. The one mounts a 106 mm recoilless rifle.

18. Outdoor exhibits. There are approximately 24 artillery pieces, armored
armored vehicles and tanks

19. Amenities

19.a. Restrooms. Restrooms are available.

19.b. Water fountains. Water fountains are available.

19.c. Climate control. The museum is heated/air conditioned.

19.d. Food & beverages. Not available. There is a small convenience store located aboard the installation (less than 2 minute drive). I do not know if civilians are permitted to purchase items here.

19.e. Gift shop. The museum has a small gift shop that has items oriented toward children and adults.

20. Other museums of this type I can personally recommend. Listed from north to south and then westward.

20.a. National Museum of the U.S. Air Force – Dayton, Ohio. Huge (800,000 sq ft) museum that chronicles flight from the Wright Brothers to present day. It is professionally-curated on the highest level and is worth a deliberate trip. Dedicate at least six hours to visit this museum (perhaps across two days).

20.b. National Museum of the U.S. Army - Fort Belvoir, Virginia (south of Washington, D.C.) Very large museum (185,000 sq ft) that is professionally-curated at the highest level and with a large staff of very knowledgeable, highly-trained docents. It is worth a deliberate trip and can be combined with a visit to the nearby National Museum of the U.S. Marine Corps. Dedicate at 4-5 hours to visit this museum.

20.c. National Museum of the Marine Corps – Triangle, Virginia (south of Washington, D.C. near Marine Corps Base Quantico. This is a very large professionally-curated museum (100,000 sq ft) that chronicles the history of the Marine Corps from inception to present day. There is a very impressive entry hall - aircraft suspended from the four-story great hall and two full-size dioramas: World War II scene incorporating “am trac” disembarking Marines on a hostile beach; and a Vietnam War scene incorporating a helicopter disembarking Marines into a muddy rice paddy. Dedicate at least 6 hours to visit this museum (perhaps across two days).

20.d. Virginia War Museum – Newport News, Virginia. Very nice, professionally-curated small museum (25,000 sq ft). Of note, they have a nice selection of propaganda/recruiting posters. A visit to this museum can be combined with a visit to the nearby Army Transportation Museum. Dedicate 2 ½ hours to visit this museum.

20.e. Army Transportation Museum – Newport News, Virginia (aboard U.S. Army base Fort Eustis). Very nice, medium-size museum (70,000 sq ft) containing a large number of jeeps, trucks, trains and aircraft. Dedicate 2 ½ hours to visit this museum.

20.f. Battleship Wisconsin – Norfolk, Virginia. Iowa class World War II battleship that was upgraded and re-commissioned during the 1980s. Dedicate 2 ½ hours to visit this ship.

20.g. Military Aviation Museum – Virginia Beach, Virginia. Beautiful medium-size museum (45,000 sq ft) in which all aircraft are in flying condition. Additionally, visitors can take accompanied tours of two additional hangars (25,000 sq ft) and the restoration hangar (16,000 sq ft). Docents are well-trained and very knowledgeable. Dedicate 2 ½ hours to visit this museum.

20.h. American Armored Foundation Tank Museum. Danville, Virginia. This is a huge (over 250,000 square feet) museum containing: small arms, uniforms, Jeeps, trucks, armored vehicles, artillery pieces and tanks. Of note, they have a Russian T-34 tank. Be advised, it is neither heated nor air-conditioned. Dedicate 3 ½ hours to visit this museum.

20.i. Battleship North Carolina – Wilmington, North Carolina. Very well-restored and well-maintained North Carolina Class World War II battleship. Visitors can enter the 16” gun turrets, go up to the bridge and down to the lower projectile/powder handling flats. Dedicate 3 ½ hours to visit this ship.

20.j. Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum - Charleston, South Carolina. World War II Essex Class Aircraft Carrier Yorktown; Sumner class Destroyer Laffey; quite a few 1970s & 1980s aircraft on the flight deck and some beautifully-restored World War II aircraft in the hangar deck. There is also a Vietnam War firebase. Dedicate 4 hours to see these attractions.

20.k. Museum of Aviation. Warner Robins, Georgia (near Robbins Air Force Base). Very large museum (over 175,000 sq ft). They have a great deal of aircraft both inside and outside. Dedicate at least 4 hours to visit this museum.

20.l. National Museum of the U.S. Army Infantry. Fort Benning, Georgia. Large (190,000 sq ft), beautiful and professionally-curated at the highest level. Dedicate at least 4to visit this museum.

20.m. Valiant Air Command Museum. Titusville, Florida (near Cape Canaveral). This is a very nice, medium-size museum (60,000 sq ft); additionally, they have a 30,000 sq ft restoration hangar that is open to the public.

20.n. National Museum of Naval Aviation. Pensacola, FL. Very large museum (200,000 sq ft) with a large number beautifully-restored aircraft (all indoors). Be advised that this museum is currently accessible only to active duty military, military retirees and DOD civilian employees.

20.o. U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum. Huntsville, Alabama. This is a small museum (15,000 sq ft) that is not professionally-curated but has a great deal of well-organized collections of weapons, uniforms and equipment. The greatest attribute of this museum is that they have a comprehensive collection of all Jeep models developed prior to, during and after World War II. Dedicate 2 ½ hours to visit this museum.

20.p. USS Alabama - Mobile, Alabama. South Dakota class World War II battleship. In addition to the ship, they have quite a few aircraft outside but, more importantly, they have quite a few beautifully-restored aircraft in an indoor pavilion (40,000 sq ft). Also present at this site is the USS Drum (Gato class World War II submarine). Dedicate 4 hours to visit this attraction.

20.q. National Museum of World War II. New Orleans, Louisiana. This is a very large museum (not sure of square feet but over six acres). Not enough can be said about this beautiful museum. Recommended lodging is Canal Street Inn (B&B) and you can take the street car to the museum and avoid downtown parking. Dedicate at least 6 hours to visit this museum (perhaps across 2 days).

20.r. USS Kidd – Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Fletcher class World War II destroyer with a very nice museum highlighting Louisiana veterans.

20.s. Museum of the American G.I. – College Station, Texas. Extremely nice, professionally-curated small (20,000 sq ft) museum. This museum is truly amazing in that all of the vehicles are operable. There are jeeps, halftracks, tanks, a Cobra attack helicopter and a PT boat. Of particular interest to me are the M-50 Ontos and M-274 Mechanical Mule. The upper floor contains a large number of uniforms. Dedicate at least 1 ½ hours to visit this museum.

20.t. National Museum of the Pacific War. Fredericksburg, Texas. Six acres overall; 33,000 sq ft of indoor exhibits. As with all “National” museums, it is professionally-curated at the highest level. This is a very unique museum in that there are a great deal of informative placards that depict why the war in the Pacific occurred: U.S. interest in China, U.S. interest in Japan; Japan’s interest in China and Korea. Depending on your level of knowledge/interest, dedicate 4-8 hours to visit this museum (possibly across 2 days).

21. Conclusion. This museum is definitely worth visiting if you are in the area and is worth a special day-trip even if you are not in the area.
Skrevet 27. desember 2022
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