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Poco das Antas Biological Reserve anmeldelser, Rio de Janeiro (delstat)

Poco das Antas Biological Reserve

Poco das Antas Biological Reserve
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feb. 2020 • Par
We did a two-day trip with Wild Brazil to see the golden lion tamarins in the wild and to hear about their conservation and forest restoration activities. Ricardo was our excellent guide, easygoing and professional. The trip was not only about monkeys, but we did also some birdwatching with Ricardo.

It was a delightful experience. We saw two small family groups of monkeys very nicely. The forest was a bit wet, but the walk was short and there were trails.

We were accompanied with two friendly wardens who located the monkeys with their equipment. There is a limit how many people can visit the reserve per day. So you have to check beforehand whether it possible to visit the reserve on a particular day, though our impression was that there are usually not too many visitors. Visitors have to present also a certificate of the yellow fever vaccination (at least if you are a foreigner). You cannot go there alone, but only with the wardens who also quarantee that you don't come to too close a contact with the cute monkeys or stay too long with them.

There is also a new visitor center and a little shop, but when we visited there, the center was still not really ready for the visitors. We did also a guided walk in the forest around the center with some nice birds.

We stayed at Fazenda dos Cordeiros nearby. It was a very nice experience. It is highly recommended to take the two-day package and stay in this place, though there is also a hasty one-day option available. The host family was very nice and friendly, the food was simply wonderful with a lot of tasty local ingredients, and the Fazenda was very interesting, e.g. producing diverse tree saplings for forest restoration. There were also forest trails available, though we had too little time for that. Bird-watching was good.
Skrevet 28. februar 2020
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King's Lynn, UK359 bidrag
aug. 2015 • Par
Oddly, the only previous review on TA fails to mention the specific attraction of this reserve which is that it is home to the few remaining (and still endangered) wild Golden Lion Tamarins. Staying in Rio, this meant a 90-minute drive early morning and a rather longer return in the afternoon when traffic congestion was very bad. Nonetheless it was really worthwhile.

We actually booked our visit in the UK where we discovered that many specialist wildlife travel companies had never heard of this rare monkey and needed to be pointed towards the relevant web-site. Our trip, booked through Reef and Rainforest who were the exception to this rule, was actually delivered by Brazil Nature Tours so it should be possible to do this on the spot.

This was not a cheap trip ($625 per person, including a sizeable donation to the conservation project) and definitely not one for those without a genuine interest in Brazilian wildlife. The actual area open to tourists, as opposed to scientists, is about 15 miles before the park proper which is where the majority of the tamarins live and where they have no contact with humans. Using a tracking device (the alpha male and female in each family wear tracking collars) our guide quickly located one of the two habituated families in this area. This was the smaller, consisting of 7 monkeys, all adult or sub-adult.

Because of the shortage of food for the number of monkeys situated here, their diet is supplemented by bananas which also ensures that they stick around for an encounter of reasonable duration. Though habituated to humans they are not tame and keep a respectable distance at all times. Photography is not easy because of the amount of foliage, the contrasting strong light and shadows and the quick movements of the tamarins themselves, but you can see them very clearly and often close to the ground. We spent about one hour alone with them (apart from our driver and the guide) watching them feed, keeping a rival group of grey marmosets at bay until they had eaten enough and engaging in other interactions.

Afterwards we visited the project centre which houses an exhibition (Portuguese only) aimed at local schoolchildren. There appears to be an auditorium set up for larger groups to view films but this did not open during our visit. This is a location that can be strongly recommended to anyone with a general or scientific interest in a rare and appealing member of the monkey family.
Skrevet 7. september 2015
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Rio de Janeiro, RJ115 bidrag
mai 2014 • Venner
Uma chance de ver que quando o homem realmente quer, empreende esforços para fazer o bem. Vale à pena para visitas escolares e vislumbrar a beleza e qualidade do projeto e ver de perto a bela vegetação da região. Parabéns!
Skrevet 13. september 2014
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