Thong Nai Pan Yai Beach

Thong Nai Pan Yai Beach

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Thong Nai Pan Yai Beach (Ko Phangan, Thailand) - Anmeldelser - Tripadvisor

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Hi all thinking of visiting Koh samui in july/August 2020 is Koh samui hoof for a family of 4 ( children 6 & 3) we have all be to Bangkok, all over phuket and Kho lak just fancied some where different with plenty of bars and restaurants and good for kids not to clubish. Thank you x
Skrevet 5. september 2019

Hello. From Haad Rin what is best way to get to this beach? Thanks in advance!
Skrevet 30. juni 2019
Hi. Its on the north-east coast, and I got a cab for 700 baht from pier...obviously cheaper if you can share. Noi is more fun than Yai...more life, people-watching, food choices
Skrevet 1. juli 2019

Hallo! Ist es am Thong Nai Phan Yai Beach deutlich teurer als im restlichen Ko Phangan? LG Holger
Skrevet 11. juli 2018
Nein, überhaupt nicht. Am zwillingsstrand thong nai phan noi soll es aber etwas gehobener sein.
Skrevet 6. august 2018

Have stayed here a few years back and absolutely loved it. Thistle time was thinking of going to Koh Kood. Anybody been there and if so how does it compare.. with vibe beaches etc???
Skrevet 25. mars 2018
To be honest... if I was to redo my whole holiday all over again, I'd probably avoid going to Koh Kood. The absolute effort of getting there, only two ferries go daily, and if you miss them you're stuck in Trat city (which happened me) my hotel never informed me, I stayed at "Chams house" which looks amazing but is in fact disgusting! If you are picky with accommodation, maybe do a good research on where to stay, apparently there is limited hotels on the island, the beaches are nothing compared to Koh Phangan, and the vibes and ambiance that place has to offer. (I'm not talking about partying) but in general it has such a great vibe about it! But in saying all this, everyone has their own taste. I found Koh Kood just average! And I'd never want to go back.
Skrevet 26. mars 2018

Hello! We're planning to stay in the area in June, is the swimming at that time of year ok or does the beach suffer from the tides like beaches on the West coast? Thanks.
Skrevet 3. februar 2018
It can still be pretty shallow at that time of year when the tide goes out, but as long as you don't mind wading out a bit then you can still swim.
Skrevet 4. februar 2018

Hur kommer jag hit från Koh Samui
Skrevet 16. januar 2018

Hi all, what's the most direct way to get to this beach once in Thailand? Last time I went years ago, I flew from Bangkok to somewhere else? Then a few ferries etc! Any easier way? Thanks for any help x
Skrevet 14. august 2017
From BKK, depends on your budget. you can take the 999 government bus , about 1000bht and is comfortable with about 24 seats and you travel all night with a dinner stop. the nice thing is that you travel while you sleep and do not loose a day as well as the advantage of arriveing early in Koh Phangan. You can also fly to Surathani or Nakon Si tarama from the Don Meung airport out side of BKK. reserve in advance on Air Asia or Noke Air, about 30 to 50 euro. from there you you purchase a transfer to Koh Phangan if you have not done it when you get your flight. The trip takes a good part of the day. There is also Bangkok Air that fly direct from BKK to Koh Samui, depends on your budget , a bit more than 100euro with the ferry transfer from Samui , This is the fastest wy to get th Koh Phangan from THE CITY OF ANGELS. HAVE A NICE TRIP I live on Koh Phangan and can only recommend this island.
Skrevet 18. august 2017

Hi there I stayed at White Sand Bungalows 12 yrs ago but cannot find contact details to book again. I'm going in mid Feb. Can anyone please help?
Skrevet 6. januar 2015

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