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National Philatelic Museum
10:00 - 17:00
10:00 - 17:00
10:00 - 17:00
10:00 - 17:00
10:00 - 17:00
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Tarique S
Av Tarique S
des. 2019
Hvis det er noe sted for filatelister å glede seg over opplevelsen av Postal Stamps Collection, er det vel enten et museum eller en utstilling. National Philatelic Museum er et slikt sted som ivaretar, ikke bare for filatelister, men også for ikke-samlere. Dette fantastiske museet ligger på Sansad Marg, overfor Gate nr. 3 av Patel Chowk T-banestasjon, inne i Dak Bhawan, og bør være på listen over bøtter med alle frimerkesamlerne. Bak den ydmyke inngangen til museet, ligger en samling av noen av de vakreste og mest sjeldne av de sjeldne poststemplene, noensinne trykt av Indian Postal Department. Når du går gjennom galleriet til dette vakre museet, vil du oppdage at samlingene er passende montert i forskjellige kategorier. Indisk luftfart, romteknologi, kunst og kultur, flora og fauna, fremtredende personligheter, historiske monumenter er det få å nevne. Det er et avsnitt som viser indiske poststempler omhyggelig i kronologisk rekkefølge fra 1948 til dags dato. Håndplukkede utenlandske frimerker er også utstilt på dette museet. Det er også en suvenirbutikk inne i museet, hvor du kan kjøpe nylig trykte indiske poststempler og andre filatelierelaterte ting (betaling kan kun gjøres med kontanter). Museet har også en projektor med sittearrangement der avdelingsfolket, med hjelp av pedagogiske videoer, formidler kunnskap om poststempler og utskriftsprosedyren (vises kun under gruppebesøk). Jeg personlig mener at dette museet bør besøkes av mennesker i alle aldersgrupper. Det er lærerikt, morsomt, morsomt og en perfekt glede å se det vakre lille papiret med mange historier bak. Viktige informasjon:  1 . Museet kan nås med metro (gul linje). Det er rett overfor Patel Chowk Gate nr. 3 avkjørsel.  2. Det er en stor betalt parkeringsplass bak t-banestasjonen. Parkering ville koste INR 30 i 3 timer.  3. Det er ingen inngangsbillett for Museum. Du trenger bare å oppgi navnet ditt i registeret, holdt ved inngangen.  4. Museet åpner klokka 10 og stenger kl. 17.00.  5. Dette museet ligger ganske nær Connaught Place (et annet populært sted i Delhi).

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Tarique S
New Delhi, India535 bidrag
des. 2019
If there is any place for philatelists to savour the experience of Postal Stamps Collection, then it surely is either a museum or an exhibition. National Philatelic Museum is one such place which caters, a relishing experience, not only to philatelists but to non-collectors as well.

Located on Sansad Marg, opposite to Gate No 3 of Patel Chowk Metro Station, inside the Dak Bhawan, this amazing museum should be on the bucket list of all the stamp collectors. Behind the humble entrance of the museum, lies a collection of some of the most beautiful and rarest of the rare postal stamps, ever printed by Indian Postal Department.

As you walk through the gallery of this beautiful museum you will find that the collections has been fittingly curated into distinct categories. Indian aviation, space technology, art and culture, flora and fauna, eminent personalities, historical monuments are few to mention. There is a section which meticulously displays the Indian Postal Stamps in chronological order from 1948 to till date. Handpicked foreign postal stamps are also on display at this museum.

There is also a souvenir shop inside the museum, where you can purchase recently printed Indian Postal Stamps and other philately related stuffs (payment can be done only through cash).

The museum also has a projector with sitting arrangements where the department people, with the help of educational videos, imparts knowledge about postal stamps and its printing procedure (displayed only during group visit).

I personally believe that this museum should be visited by people of all age group. It is informative, relishing, fun and a perfect delight to see those beautiful little piece of paper with lots of stories behind it.

Important Infos:
1. Museum can be reached by metro (yellow Line). It is just opposite to Patel Chowk Gate No 3 exit.
2. There is a big paid parking space behind the metro station. Parking would cost INR 30 for 3 hours.
3. There is no entry fee for Museum. You just need to enter your name in the register, kept at the entrance.
4. The Museum opens at 10 am and closes at 5 pm.
5. This Museum is quite close to Connaught Place (another popular place in Delhi).
Skrevet 2. januar 2020
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New Delhi, India46 bidrag
For the love of postal letters
okt. 2019 • Venner
While we cannot sustain a day with out internet's makes one pensive walking around this museum.its situated right at the Patel chowk metro station in Dak Bhawan and is well maintained. A collection of stamps reminding us of our history.. ecosystem.. people who who left significant impact on Country's growth..makes one long for the era when receiving a mail via post used to bring a smile to our face.. while greetings the post man for his service.
It's a brush with history visit while reminiscing about the centuries gone by!
Skrevet 9. desember 2019
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Madhulika L
Noida, India3 436 bidrag
Little-visited but good museum
nov. 2019
The National Philatelic Museum is situated on the ground floor of the large General Post Office (Dak Bhawan) building at the intersection of Ashok Road and Sansad Marg. You don’t need to enter the main post office to get to the museum; the museum’s located on the side, with its own separate entrance.

I visited here on a Sunday afternoon, and was the only visitor. In fact, signing the register to ‘make an entry’ (you don’t need to pay an entrance fee, but you need to enter your details in the register with the guard at the door), I saw that the last person to have come to this museum was a few hours earlier—which basically means that few people come here.

Which is a shame, because the National Philatelic Museum was quite an eye-opener for me. I am only passingly interested in stamps and philately, but even with my level of interest, I found this quite a fascinating place. It showcases miniature sheets, first day covers—and, of course, lots and lots of stamps.

Nearest the entrance are panels that showcase, in chronological order, the stamps issued by the Indian Postal Service since Independence: these I found most interesting in that they offer a good insight into how stamp subject design has evolved over the decades. The earliest stamps are monochromatic, mostly devoted to matters of national importance, featuring personalities and structures and concepts that India is proud of. Somewhere around the early 80s, you start noticing a sudden burgeoning of more diverse themes and subjects, and a much more vivid palette: beautiful stamps featuring Indian art, flowers, wildlife, birds, and more.

The miniature sheets and first day covers are relatively fewer in number, and the ‘definitive stamps’ section features the sort of stamps anybody who grew up before the era of e-mail would have seen often enough on envelopes. Beyond this, there are sections that showcase Indian stamps on specific subjects: the railways, aviation, shipping, space, sports, Gandhiji, cinema, flora and fauna (these were my favourite: some really beautiful stamps!), music, art, and so on. Also alongside, in a separate section, are stamps from different countries, and most of these were exquisite. I especially loved that the postal departments of some countries seem to have a sense of humour or are at least not inhibited: the Belgian ‘Asterix’ stamps, Guinea-Bissau’s Marilyn Monroe stamps, and New Zealand’s stamps featuring portrait shots from the The Lord of the Rings film trilogy are of special mention.

There is a diorama depicting a village post office, and—more interesting—a model of the biplane that flew the world’s first air mail, from Allahabad to Naini on February 18th, 1911.

There’s a separate section for children, which is sweetly decorated (and beside which is a tiny framed panel featuring stamps from the ‘Santa Claus Post Office’ in Finland). The section, however, was a little disappointing for me: all it really featured was Children’s Day stamps issued by India Post over the years.

The Philatelic Museum also has a ‘customized stamp’ section where you can, for a fee, have a stamp printed with your photo on it. I wasn’t interested in this, so didn’t make further enquiries. There’s also a souvenir shop, with various mugs, clothing, books, etc, some featuring stamps, some not.

On the whole, a museum worth visiting.
Skrevet 30. november 2019
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25 bidrag
Heaven for nerds
mai 2019 • Familie
This place is truly wonderful and is well maintained despite the fact that no entry fees is charged. It is basically a stamp museum and has collection of stamps issued by india post year wise, topic wise( science,space,army,arts,navy,airforce,etc).place feels timeless and i personally spent 1hour in this small yet beautiful place.
Skrevet 21. mai 2019
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Shiv S
14 bidrag
My Mesuem My Experience!
apr. 2018
When dinosaur were alive . One day I thought let have some fun outings in which we all will enjoy . So we made a list of two to three places . Than we asked everyone to vote where you would like to go out of these . The majority decided to go to the National Philatelic Museum . Next day we packed our picnic bag and went to the N.P.M. Over their we first had to enter Dak Bhawan ( o/o the Department of Post , Ministry of Communication and Information Technology ) . Then we enter the N. P. M. After seeing all the stamps exhibited. Their was very less international stamps . I would also like to say after seeing the museums , " It is a lovely place for those who love to collect or see stamps collected . " . At last their is a My Stamp Counter , in which you can give apicture the officer at counter , he / she will ask you to select a theme . There are many themes . then the officer poots your picture with your selected theme stamp . It only cost rupees 300 . Finally I would say , " It was fantastic experience .
Skrevet 23. april 2018
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Kumar S
New Delhi, India421 bidrag
National Philatelic Museum
jan. 2018 • Alene
Situated at walking distance from Patel Chowk, this museum is gem of a place for stamp collectors/lovers. Well maintained with huge collection of post independence era. Though the collection hasn’t been updated after 2014. Entry is free.
Skrevet 21. februar 2018
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anuradha d
Baltimore, MD44 bidrag
Amazing Collection!
jan. 2018
National Philatelic Museum is a real gem for museum lovers. It has a great collection from 1947 to 2014 year wise as well as tiny corner for International stamps. It takes at least 2 hrs to see. After 2014,nothing is displayed over there. That made me sad :(
It is very well maintained museum. No entry fees and just few steps from Patel Chowk metro station.
They have a shop inside if you wanna buy table top or stamp book for reasonable prize. They have some fridge magnets, but that does not look like a stamp.
Skrevet 4. januar 2018
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New Delhi, India321 bidrag
A Good Change
jun. 2017
Summer holidays are on and the children cannot be separate from screens. This museum offers a good change.
Very accessible - only a few steps away from the Patel Chowk metro station.
Entry is free; Photography is not allowed.
There are many stamps, but very few are foreign.
You could spend an hour gazing at the little pieces of paper use of which is becoming rarer by the day - thanks to email, whatsapp, courier,...
The highlight for my two sons was that for Rs. 300/- one could have one's own picture as a stamp. There are various themes to choose from, and a set of Rs. 5/- stamps is handed to you, each of the stamps can have your customized picture attached.
All in all, a good break from the routine.
Skrevet 9. juni 2017
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266 bidrag
Days of the Kids
jun. 2016 • Alene
It is a postal museum on the ground floor of the central post office or Dak Bhavan on Sansad Marg near Connaught Place of New Delhi. It displays stamps of pre/ post independence era, plus stamps from different countries in different sections. They organize Philatelic workshops for students and they have a small shop for stamps, post cards, stamp books and gifts. It's a great place for tourists including young learners to get educated in philately.
Skrevet 8. mai 2017
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Kulbhushan A
196 bidrag
nov. 2016 • Par
The museum seems to have loads of stamps from the same era while few decades are completely missed/ignored. It is still a nice way to get to know the history better.
Skrevet 29. november 2016
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