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5,0 av 5 bobler28 anmeldelser
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Dave L
1 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jan. 2023 • Alene
I found my three weeks beginners course so good that I decided to extend it by two additional weeks. The teachers are thorough with their knowledge and customize the program as per student's pace. The best thing was the flexibility with class timings so I could make the best out of my day in terms of sight seeing etc. Boarding facility in their homestay was an added benefit as it was a perfect little apartment with all the amenities and food was super. I would definitely recommend Hindi hour to anybody looking for warm, friendly teachers always eager to clear doubts on topics ranging from language to Indian culture to city monuments to Indian history to Mythology and what not. I already miss the masala tea they used to serve in between the classes. Thank you Navin and Aditi. Wish you the best!
Skrevet 4. april 2023
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1 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
okt. 2022
This past month I spent a week learning Hindi at the Hindi Hour Language School in Jaipur. I had 2-3 hours of private lessons a day taught by several different teachers. They were all attentive, very well prepared and interesting to talk to. I stayed at the school and had lunch and dinner there every day which was really comfortable and pleasant. The school is located about 15-20 minutes drive from the centre of Jaipur. I used Uber to get around and it was very affordable and easy. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants to learn Hindi. I'll definitely be returning to further my studies. Thanks to everyone at Hindi Hours (especially Navin) for making my stay so productive and enjoyable.
Skrevet 27. oktober 2022
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Gabriella Bassi
Doha, Qatar1 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jan. 2020 • Alene
As the title goes, it was worth every penny. From A to Z, the classes were well planned and well conducted, as by the end of my 3-week beginner course I had grasped the basics, and felt confident enough to hold a simple conversation in Hindi. Throughout the course I felt constantly encouraged to push myself, and was motivated to improve my reading, writing and speaking skills. All teachers were extremely attentive, patient and understandable, as well as capable of creating a relaxed class environment and encouraging equal participation from all students. Extra hours were available to book when needed. It was Individualised, yet effective method of teaching by all teachers.

Great hospitality! The Chotias, whose residence, I stayed in during my course, were friendly, easy-going and always keen on assisting me from placing an Uber trip to finding the best local sweet shops and more! Clean, bright and spacious accommodation with great facilities for study. Hindi Hour is located in a family residential area, which is easy to navigate, with all the necessary shops, dining places and parks. I have traveled solo but never felt unsafe or uneasy. Also have made friends for life!

Thanks to all the school members and their efforts. I have learnt to love India in a new way as I am now capable of communicating with the locals in their native language! It was an experience of a lifetime which I cannot forget and which I cannot recommend highly enough. Its a little gem in Jaipur for all the language learners.
Skrevet 16. mai 2020
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5,0 av 5 bobler
nov. 2019 • Alene
I stayed at Hindi hour for a month in November 2019. Overall, I had a fantastic stay. The course itself helped me improve my conversational Hindi as well as deepen my understanding of central grammatical structures. The different teaching styles of various teachers was definitely a large plus-point of this program. Not only was it helpful that each teacher had a different manner of speech, they also had their own way of explaining/working on topics which led to a better understanding on the whole. Hindi Hour also catered to everyone's needs as best as they could (in terms of timetable, focus of the lesson etc). Especially the lessons with Shachi herself proved to be extremely enlightening and effective. After one month of the intermediate course, I felt comfortable using Hindi in most everyday situations like shopping/bargaining, transport/directions and booking accommodation.

I also booked the homestay at Hindi Hour. I had a spacious, clean and nicely furnished room with an attached private bathroom and enjoyed living there for a month.

Shachi and her husband Navin were extremely helpful in several ways: they offered cultural insight, helped us organize weekend trips and recommended shops/restaurants whenever we needed it.

I'd like to thank both of them for their support, guidance and hospitality and all of the teachers for their excellent classes. I would recommend this program to anybody who wishes to improve their Hindi whatever level they might be on.
Skrevet 23. desember 2019
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Jana Hernadi
München, Tyskland6 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
nov. 2019
Hindi hour is a small and very personal school. I have spent two weeks there and this time was a strong impetus for my conversational skills and grammar. Different teachers give you diverse experience of how the language sounds and can be used. The premises are also very nice, the family is very supportive and welcome. We had the luck to spend Divali with them. Beside the lessons there is constant help in organizing cultural activities, shopping or whatever else you wish. The trip to the camel fair to Pushkar was my highlight. The food was also great, in two weeks we tried all sorts of Rajastani delicious dishes.
Skrevet 18. desember 2019
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Shmuel P
1 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
des. 2019
I was studying Hindi by myself for almost 2 years using some online apps, but and at some point I felt that I’m kind of stuck, confused and ‘lost in translation’.
Then I went for 2 weeks Hindi course in “Hindi hour” school. In those 2 weeks the school staff, and specially the wonderful Shachi, managed to put me back on track, this by giving me a well and strong foundation of the Hindi language and answering all the open questions I had after learning by myself online.
Adding to that the good spirit, the kindness and the patience and you get the perfect place to learn Hindi. It was a real pleasure. Thank you all.
Skrevet 16. desember 2019
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Orange County, CA6 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jan. 2019 • Venner
I became aware of my mother’s dream to visit India. So, after doing some legwork with our respective jobs, we got the time off to do a 3 week course @ the school, travel around India, and attend a Bollywood dance school (near Hindi Hour; if you like to dance, challenge yourself with a new style).
Hindi Hour positives: the food was delectable (anything with chickpeas and those rose-syrup balls; hella good). Shops are within walking distance. Weather: it’s the desert (so do your research). The living facilities were tip top (we experienced both the apartment and the school quarters; both received thumbs up). The staff possessed remarkable teaching skills. The class pace was manageable, the Hindi language structure being well-dissected. The adjacent park next to the school is relaxing (Mom and I would do a lap after lunch; then I would complete 1 pull-up, 1 chin-up).
To conclude, a stay at Hindi Hour will teach you Hindi. It may even bring you closer to a family member. In both scenarios, you will need to sew your efforts to reap those benefits. Happy Hindi learning. नमस्ते (Namaste).
As for the pics: 1. Mom and I. She chilling at the adjacent park after class with some locals. Doing the daily chin/pull-up.
Skrevet 3. desember 2019
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2 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
mar. 2019
I spent 3 weeks in Jaipur with Shachi and Navin and their family in March 2019. I had previously studied Hindi some years ago with Shachi remotely through italki.com. At this time I was completing my medical degree, I really enjoyed learning Hindi in my own time through the internet, I think I completed about 10 lessons through Skype with Shachi. Unfortunately I became too busy during my final year of medical school and had to halt my Hindi studies, but I promised myself I would one day return to them. I finished my medical degree and started working as a doctor. The first year of being a doctor in the UK is notorious for being incredibly busy and stressful, and mine was no different. In one particular busy shift I received a lovely email wishing me a happy Diwali from Shachi and her family it was signed from “Hindihour”. I did a little research and learnt that Shachi ran an immersive Hindi course in India where you could live in an Indian household and learn Hindi. I had no idea she ran courses beyond her Skype lessons. This realisation was a little ray of sunlight in a particularly busy week and I decided to make a plan to go to India after my two years doctor foundation training was completed, which I did!

I came to Jaipur and stayed three weeks with Hindi hour and had a wonderful time. It is like becoming part of a little family. I stayed with Shachi and Navin and had daily lessons with themselves and their teachers. In the beginners course you generally have a couple of lessons in the morning and one in the afternoon, the classes finish fairly early and there is plenty of time to explore the city after class and at weekends. I really enjoyed getting to know my fellow class mates and we explored Jaipur together, I definitely made friends for life. I was not in India long before I started having conversations with indian taxi drivers, this was thanks to Shachi’s classes. I did sometimes found the sheer number of classes a little heavy going, I didn’t always feel I got enough time to practice what I had learned. But everyone is different and I think for me maybe not having the afternoon class might have been better as I would have had more time to go out into the streets and practice Hindi. But really that is my learning preference and style you might be different, I need quiet bit of self study time. This is not a criticism as I’m sure Shachi would allow her students to customise their classes as they need too, and next time I will ask to do just morning classes perhaps. As It’s so difficult to find good learning resources for Hindi, having a course like hindi hour is a god send. I’m really looking forward to my next trip to India and learning more Hindi with Shachi and Navin.
Skrevet 6. oktober 2019
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1 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
aug. 2019 • Alene
I spent 3 weeks in Jaipur at Hindi Hour last August for the intermediate Hindi program.
It was going to be my first time in India and I was a little worried for some reasons that I would not be able to acclimate myself to the country. I also worried a little about safety as I am a girl traveling alone and about the quality of the teaching as I am myself a language teacher.
Not only all my worries disappeared as soon as I arrived and got used to the area but I ended up loving everything about the program so much that I wish I didn't have to leave. Here is my feedback in case you are also planning to go (and also worry)
-Jaipur is an amazing city, safe and not to messy at all! Great history, lots of things to do.
Uber drive is widely used and allows you to go from one place to another easily, cheaply enough and safely. Jaipur's people are nice, welcoming and open to chit chat with you! They are quick to help as well.
Also Jaipur has ghevar which is a local sweet that is to die for (don't try if you are prone to additive behavior). Make sure to try the one with the cream.
- You have your own room with your own toilet/shower, an AC, TV, WIFI, own kitchen with fridge and stove. Important detail: the bed was really comfortable
+ The other girl staying with us was the nicest roommate I could have wished for! I have dear memories with her.
- The school and the program are extremely well organized. Everything is run in a professional manner. Yet, they are very flexible and accommodate your specific needs easily.
- The teaching method is great, grammar explanations are clear, accurate and simple to understand and the atmosphere is laid back. Teachers are sweet, fun and you can tell they are happy to be in the classroom (even when we were panicking because of some complicated grammar topic and harassing them with questions... ).
Puja ji is sweet and curious, Aditi ji is super funny and I miss her jokes and Shachi ji is the icing on the cake )or the सोने पे सुहागा) She is one in a million! Amazing teacher and great human being and strong and intelligent woman! Maybe the best thing in the program!!
Navin ji too is great, even if he is not an official teacher, he could be one! He always speaks to us in a calm manner, repeating and explanation patiently. I think I should send my boyfriend to him so that he can learn a little!!! ;)
- Lastly, I made great friends from all around the world, that I hope to see again, some, next time I visit Jaipur and some, whenever our path will cross again!
Result : I am now able to speak in Hindi with my boyfriend (who is now extremely proud of me)and we switched from speaking 100% of the time in English to 30/70% Hindi/English.
Skrevet 21. september 2019
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Elena K
Jaipur, India11 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jun. 2019
For more than 2 years I was having a thought to seriously start learning Hindi. I was in continuous search for the teacher, who will be able to help me out in that. Well that wasn’t as easy as it seems. I needed flexibility, personal approach (more or less I had some background in Hindi) and good command in English for proper explanations of rules (I had loads of questions to be answered)...

I finally found the perfect match! The experience was wonderful from the early beginning.

First thing first, Shachiji gave us a trial lesson. Just in 30 minutes she clarified some of my old doubts in grammar and vocabulary. I was amazed. I would admit, even my husband who came along was impressed. He is a native speaker by the way.

Secondly, the teaching method. There was never even a single slight trace of pressure. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was serious and facilitating the progress. Word after word, sentence after sentence I have started my immersion into the language. I would put emphasis on the fact, that grammar and vocabulary were taught simultaneously. That was the thing for me. After few lessons I knew how to make simple sentences in Hindi. Just wow.

Thirdly, we had lots of great conversations about Indian and Western cultures, lifestyles, customs... With the full understanding of the differences in mindset Shachiji was patiently answering all “Why? What?” It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Shachiji and Navinji are wonderful people and they are doing tremendous job with the full understanding, responsibility and care. They developed the whole new approach in teaching Hindi to foreigners.

Hindi Hour is a place I would definitely recommend if you have on your mind to learn Hindi.

बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद!
Skrevet 9. august 2019
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