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Jason B
9 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
apr. 2024 • Alene
went snorkeling with Willies - it was great. Ive been snorkeling in many places - we had a great guide named Darryl. Cant say enough. Really glad i went.
Skrevet 24. april 2024
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4 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
apr. 2024 • Par
The attention from Jorge was excellent, he was in all the details, we hired the snorkeling with super professional guides and the experience with the Bri Bri community which was excellent, the chocolate, the medinakes plants and the ceremony. Finally, I do not understand those who criticize the community as unhealthy, it is a community with its traditions and one has to adapt to them and not pretend that it is a Disney-type experience, it is not a show, it is a life experience.
Skrevet 23. april 2024
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Anabel W
18 bidrag
1,0 av 5 bobler
mar. 2024 • Par
My partner and I traveled to Cahuita, Costa Rica and decided to use Willie’s Tours to cross the border from Costa Rica to Panamá. We were immensely disappointed by the lack of professionalism and communication, from the employees working the front desk to the drivers assigned to take us to the Panamanian border. On several occasions, the narrative we were fed changed. For example, the first time we went directly to Willie’s Tours’ office we were told that under no circumstances would we be able to pay with a credit card and we would have to pay with cash. Luckily, we were quick to communicate with our AirBnB host who informed us that as a small business, Willie’s Tours was obligated to allow us to use a card and we were likely being misled. Half an hour later, we returned to Willie’s Tours and paid with a credit card where the same employee told us we would absolutely be able to pay with a credit card. We were also assigned a driver who was unprofessional in his language, tone and midway through the trip, made us change vehicles because of our luggage (two large suitcases). At the time of the booking, I asked if our suitcases would be an issue and was assured they wouldn’t be. We were informed one day prior to leaving Bocas del Toro, Panamá that we would have to pay an additional fee because of our luggage. It seemed rather unfortunate and targeted given that all other passengers we traveled with had similar types and sizes of luggage. We thoroughly checked the website and there is no mention of any additional fees for luggage. We would wholeheartedly recommend looking elsewhere for transportation to Bocas Del Toro and would warn anyone thinking of booking with Willie’s Tours not to.
Skrevet 15. mars 2024
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steph l
Perth, Australia5 bidrag
1,0 av 5 bobler
sep. 2023 • Familie
Booked a night tour of the Cahuita National Park for a birthday trip. Was so looking forward to the whole experience.
Arrived at Willie's Tours and no warm welcome or greeting.
Started walking with our guide "boa" and it became obvious we were just walking around the local neighborhood. The park is closed at nights since Covid, yet they are still advertising tours here.
There was no "rainforest" atmosphere -just quiet little streets and looking up at the trees to try and spot animals.
Our guide was nice and was able to find some animals, but the whole experience was pretty pathetic and a total rip off. Hugely disappointed! Worst part of our whole trip to Costa Rica.
Skrevet 27. september 2023
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Ngoc V
2 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
sep. 2023 • Alene
Arlier, Damian, Heraldo and Team made my trip what I will remember of Costa Rica, the amazing people 

The tours themself, La Paoz Volcano and La Paz Waterfall came on my last day if my trip, which become the best day of my whole holiday! Arlier made it memorable by introducing me to the wonderful animals, volunteering to take lots of pictures and videos to commemorate those moments. His energy and enthusiasm carried out the whole day. The experience itself (where we went) was incredibly beautiful.

The crew, including Damian and Heraldo made the logistical parts seamless which really stood out. Real concierge-level customer experience. I felt so well taken care of, it will be hard to beat for my next holiday!

I would definitely use Willy Tours again and recommend to anyone looking for great day trips from San Jose 
Skrevet 25. september 2023
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Abel g
1 bidrag
1,0 av 5 bobler
jul. 2023 • Par
Es una ESTAFA, reservamos un tour de indígenas con ellos y el lugar era INSALUBRE. Nos dieron un número de teléfono para contactar y en el lugar no había cobertura ni conexión a internet. Intentamos contactar con la empresa y no hubo respuesta. Me parece una VERGÜENZA que estos sitios puedan seguir operando.
Skrevet 14. juli 2023
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Laura C
Los Angeles, CA7 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jun. 2023 • Par
Loved our tours! Exactly what I expected! We did the Cahuita snorkel tour one day and the One Day Bocas Del Toro tour another day. Both were so amazing! We saw a sting ray, a shark and so many fish in Cahuita. At Bocas Del Toro we went to dolphin bay and saw dolphins jumping out of the water. Then we went snorkeling at the garden and saw so many amazing fish and “the garden” was beautiful! Lunch was at an island and then went to another island where we got to explore on our own so we went on the nature path and swam at the beach. These tours are exploratory; the guide gets you there but you get to experience and explore on your own, something you could not do without the guides!! People that left bad reviews were expecting way too much! These were great for someone on a budget! Jorge did a great job organizing the tours and every guide along the way was so helpful! ❤️
Skrevet 12. juni 2023
Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og kommer ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor sjekker anmeldelser.

London, UK125 bidrag
1,0 av 5 bobler
mai 2023
I cannot recommend Wille's Tours.

Jorge arrived to the office some time after 8:00 am, the time we were told to be at the office, to get ready to leave for our 8:30 trip. Maybe around 8:30, he (Jorge) sauntered toward our group and said, "Oh gee, bad news. All the boats went out at 8:00 and there are no captains or boats available. You need to go out at 1:00 this afternoon."


We said, "No, that's not ok. The water gets murky from the boats and swimmers by the afternoon and it's not what we signed up for," really thinking--it is this guys job--to arrange our snorkeling tour--in this tiny town near the national park.

We sat for a few minutes in disbelief and then a young man walked toward us, who looked like he had just woken up and said something like, "Let's go". Jorge said, "Good news. We have a captain. You're in good hands. This boy is a native. A local who grew up here."

Ah, wow.

We followed the "captain" to a boat that he and a friend pushed in the water. We motored out a bit and then they stopped at the reef and handed us a mask, snorkel and fins. No questions about how they fit or instructions, or any info about what we might see. They motioned to life jackets, but none of us wanted them (fortunately, we were all strong swimmers and we all experienced snorkelers.

At one point the captain whistled toward us from the boat to get our attention and we found our way back to him, climbed in and were driven to another spot. We weren't offered the promised water and fruit that the tour description said we would get. After some snorkeling time, we heard the whistling again and got on the boat. We were asked if we wanted a ride to the end of the park so we could walk back to the park entrance which we did. Again, no instruction about doing the walk, what we'd see, what to look out for (crocodiles, poisonous snakes, bullet ants, etc.), no water offered....

We're experienced travelers who have spent much time in the tropics snorkeling and exploring jungles, and could roll with the situation, but it wasn't worth anything more than a few dollars to get us out to the reef with the requisite, park required "guide".

Jorge and Willie's Tours was ridiculous, and I agree, as others have said, possibly a scam. It worked out for us, but cannot advise anyone to use this place.

**Nevertheless, don't miss Cahuita National Park and snorkeling arranged through some other reputable company.**
Skrevet 1. juni 2023
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Rébecca B
2 bidrag
1,0 av 5 bobler
mai 2023 • Venner
It was a nighmare for us ... real scam . My friend and I have been really scared. Someone just let us by ourselves with a family really far in the forest, place not clean et we were obligated to eat things ( plants, insectes,etc.) . No guide and not professionnal, it's a real SCAM. Someone picked up us ( old car ans not clean, not a taxi ) and yelled at us. Not even a real agencia.
Skrevet 29. mai 2023
Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og kommer ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor sjekker anmeldelser.

1,0 av 5 bobler
mar. 2023 • Alene
SCAM!!! TOTAL SCAM!! This is so crazy, please read my story!
Both in December 2022 and a few months later in April 2023, I booked tours through WilliesTours. Both tours I paid for were scheduled to arrive at WilliesTours office in Cahuita at 0830am. My hotel is 40 minutes away and costs me about $40 cocles (over $80.00 US dollars) to get ride there and back. Both times, I arrived and was greeted with being told, Oh ya your tour is canceled. I received no prior notification of this or heads up, like them sending a simple WhatsApp message , call, or email! I asked for my money back, obviously due to them cancelling, and they would give me 50% back of my purchase (mind you, I had to press them for several weeks to actually finally send me something!)

So the other day, my 2nd time being scammed, I arranged a ride and paid a lot of money to get there again early in the morning for my paid 0830am tour. Again, upon arrival, I was told it was canceled and the guide couldn’t get there until 11am if I wanted to wait for that. I said, I want my money back because this has happened before and I’d rather book from someone else in town. They said, No we can’t give you your money back, we have a policy of no money returned if you leave and don’t wait until the guide come in a couple hours!!! So, I waited. Come 11am, they say to me, oh wait one more hour and the guide will be here. Ok..So I Wait another hour (by this time, I’ve been waiting for over 3 1/2 hours). Again, it comes time and I’m told by them that Oh it’s cancelled! I noticed on my receipt too that they charged me Double!! I showed them, they said, oh you can only book a minimum of 2 people! I have messages back and forth with them of proof that it was understood that we discussed that it was just me joining the tour group and they had said ok, no problem.
How much more of a Scam could this possibly go!!??!!! I can’t express that enough about this company. They got me twice!! I’ve never experienced something like this before. A scam company like this will most likely respond to this message trying to discredit everything that I am saying, but guess what, I have proof of everything from both times they scammed me, took my money, and there was no such tour. Looks like a nice website, some reviews that look reliable, but, it’s all fake. They need to be shut down.

Thanks for reading this if you took the time! Sorry such a long message, but it must be heard about this fake company that steals peoples money.
There are so many different companies in the area that give tours you will find to book from, so don’t fall for this one because it is shown on the internet and TripAdvisor.
Skrevet 7. april 2023
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This was a bad day for all us, this client reserved and paid for Snorkeling and Hiking in Cahuita National Park, unfortunately Snorkeling conditions were bad due to rough waters and no visibility. Snorkeling Sessions were cancelled by Cahuita National Park and Coral Reef administration. We have Cancelation policies and any cancelation by us for any reason, there is 100% reimbursement. She accepted to do a Hiking Tour. She came back again the next day and unfortunately, our guide had a motorcycle accident on the way to work and we could not deliver the service. She did not pay twice, only once and was reimbursed 100% As far being scammed by Transportation twice, we did not provide any transportation to this client at all and she hired a private driver to drive her back and forth from a 20 kilometer distance, from her hotel to our office and harbor installations in Cahuita National Park. Private drivers in Costa Rica are expensive, unless you are willing to pay the price, otherwise take public transportation, it is less expensive. www.williestourscostarica.com (in our home webpage, we highly suggest clients not to pre pay any snorkeling session in advance since Snorkeling is not all year round and varies with Ocean Water conditions unexpectedly. We apologize to this client, this rarely happen and we take full responsibility, nonetheless we are not responsible for any transportation service rates negotiated independently from our operations.
Skrevet 22. april 2023
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