Escondido Trex

Escondido Trex anmeldelser, Puerto Jimenez

Escondido Trex
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Donia G
Paris, Frankrike3 bidrag
des. 2017 • Par
If you want to have bug beds for all your life, see nothing and spend 200$ on 2 days you Can go with Gustavo and or johnatan. They are not serious, Gustavo let us in corcovado parc and left in a car to the agency in Jiménez asking for his Money. it took us 2.5 hours to come back with the last collectivo, while the transport was included on the trip.
Sometimes they use the name of their brother Juan Carlos who is supposed to have good tours, and tried tout repaire tenir mistakes by transferring us to bahia Drake ( WE missed thé last bus because of Gustavo behvior)
Skrevet 16. desember 2017
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Herzliya, Israel1 bidrag
nov. 2016 • Par
We lost 150$ with this guy

We booked 3 days activities with Juan by phone and as by his request, we had to wire transfer him 150$ in front to reserve our place and activities.
We came to the area when OTTO hurricane hit the country and all the parks were closed with weather condition that not allowing you to do any outdoor activity.

We stayed there extra two more days to have the chance to see the parks,

5 days later after we came we had to leave to our flight.
We had no activities with him while we were there!

Juan promised us to send back the money, But now, 2 months later with many text messages exchanging - no money and only stories about how tomorrow he will do the wire transfer.

My tip - there is many other good guides there, Just watch out with this guy.
Skrevet 14. januar 2017
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Lloret de Mar, Spania5 bidrag
nov. 2016 • Par
Mi pareja y yo concertamos un tour de una mañana en Corcovado con Eric. Se trataba de una caminata por la playa desde karate a la Leona y luego un poquito más con un guía llamado Fil por 85 $ cada uno. Incluía transporte colectivo, entrada al parque de Corcovado y el guía. Nosotros queríamos pasar noche en Sirena pero era fin de semana y nos dijeron que la estación estaba cerrada y que no se podía reservar...mentira! Bueno como guiris caímos en la trampa! Cogimos el tour que Eric nos recomendó. A las 6 de la mañana estábamos en la Panadería como nos indicaron. Allí Fil el "guía" nos esperaba y nos dijo que si pagábamos 10 $ más cada uno iríamos en una buseta con aire acondicionado hasta karate... nosotros le dijimos que esto nos lo tendrían que haber dicho antes y que no que íriamos en transporte colectivo. Lo que no sabíamos és que el transporte colectivo era un camión de verduras donde nos subimos y durante una hora y media de un camino no muy cómodo íbamos a empezar nuestra pésima aventura. Cuando llegamos a karate empezó a llover a mares....caminámos por la playa, cruzamos un río hasta casi la cintura con fuerte corriente y nosotros detrás del guía... en ningún momento se preocupó de si estábamos cruzabamos bien el río... sólo cada 10-15 minutos se paraba a comer... y nosotros la verdad hambre no teníamos....sólo queríamos caminar y descubrir el parque y aprender...pero nada los animales los veía yo....él caminaba y no nos decía casi nada.... cuando le pareció dimos la vuelta y de vuelta a buscar el transporte colectivo...llegamos casi dos horas antes del transporte y él se tumbó en un banco y a dormir...como si no existiéramos.... Una caminata de mierda tal cual!un paseillo a precio de oro. Luego hablando con otros viajeros y guías nos explicaron que no és un guía oficial...que ha estafado a mucha gente mucho dinero...llamamos a la policia y se llama Felix y tiene mil quejas pero para hacer una reclamación tienes que ir en persona a la comisaría y como los viajeros vamos siempre justos de tiempo y días no acabamos de hacer la reclamación bien y el tio sigue estafando. Resulta que una vez se emborrachó y no se presento a la excursión...lo fueron a buscar y salió con un machete.... por suerte tenemos una foto suya y su número para avisar a otros viajeros de que no tengan la mala suerte que tuvimos nosotros que nos fuímos de Corcovado muy decepcionados con las grandes expectativas que teníamos.
Skrevet 15. november 2016
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Myrte P
Ghent, Belgia17 bidrag
jul. 2016 • Familie
We took the two day trip, first a hike in Matapalo and Piro and the other day a hike in Corcovado. It was really nice! Our guide Gustavo and his friend the chef were very friendly. Gustavo has lots of experience and he showed us toucans, ara's, spidermonkeys, howlermonkeys, white-faced capuchinmonkeys, snakes, coati's and frogs. His "farm" in Piro, where we slept, is basic, but the experience to sleep in open air is amazing! If you are not that adventerous, we don't recommend it. But if you like the "raw" nature and like to take a challenge, make sure to make this trip!
Skrevet 31. juli 2016
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Brett G
Los Angeles, CA96 bidrag
jan. 2016 • Alene
I signed up for a kayaking trip and a one-day trip to Corcovado. The sales person's name is Eric, but he and his company simply sell the tours and then contract with independent guides to provide what was sold.

For the first trip, I kayaked. There are already reviews by others for this company that detail some of the results of their kayaking tours so I won't go on and on. Suffice it to say that we could have made this tour ourselves (after acquiring kayaks and equipment, of course). It wasn't much more than a few hours of exercise taking a kayak a far distance along the coast. Neither the journey nor the destination was interesting. This tour is not worth the cost or the effort.

I let the first bad tour go and went the next day to Corcovado with Gustavo, the tour guide. I later learned of the operational relationship between Eric and Gustavo because, while Eric told me the tour would be 6.00 am - 2.30/3.00 pm, it was actually from 6.30 am - 11.30 am according to Gustavo. Rather than going by private vehicle, as Eric told me, I took public transport because Gustavo told me his car was getting repaired. In fact, when Gustavo left me at 11.30 am (he told me that I could go with him back to Puerto Jimenez from the park by shared taxi at 11.30 am, when his version of the tour ended, or I could stay at the beach in the national park and take public transportation back by myself at 4.30 pm), Gustavo told me to tell the bus driver that he would pay for me later. I chose to go back later on public transportation. This didn't work well. The bus driver was not happy and followed me to the tour shop to get the money from Eric. Initially, the bus driver wanted me to pay for the transportation (he pretended not to know Gustavo).

Outside of the overall tour logistic issues, Gustavo was a horrible tour guide. He didn't guide at all. Just walking and not saying much. He had a mobile phone with him and was constantly receiving calls while we were trying to see wildlife. The whole day was a burden and not enjoyable.

Of course, with the bus driver following me, I returned to the shop and Eric paid for the public transportation from the park. After that, I explained to Eric what had occurred that day. He offered sympathy and said he had to talk to Gustavo to get his side. Also, Gustavo's boss, Carlos, was also in the shop. They assured me that they would talk to Gustavo and meet me the next morning at 7.30 am to resolve the disaster. I told them that I was leaving in the late morning and needed to resolve everything when I met them.

In the morning, I went to the shop. After a few minutes of Eric and I waiting, Gustavo came to the shop, and we all sat down to discuss the matter. Immediately, Gustavo began to tell me that he had given us a good tour, a fine tour. He told Eric that we took public transportation and finished the tour at 11.30 am. Eric suggested that I receive some of the payment back as a refund but then told me that Gustavo had the money. Gustavo said that I had received a fine tour. He wouldn't pay any of the money back. He abruptly left the store.

I talked more with Eric. I am not sure if he was swindled by Gustavo or if this is all part of their business process. However, Eric said he felt bad. He said he would refund 15% of the costs of the Corcovado tour. He said that was all he had and Gustavo had the rest of the money. He said he couldn't refund any more because Gustavo had the money.

To make matters even more laughable, Eric got Carlos on the phone and explained the situation. Carlos agreed that he would reimburse me the full amount. However, he couldn't do so for a few days because he was leading a multi-day tour of the park. Of course, he knew that I was leaving that same day in a few hours. I had told him the night before -- this seemed a little setup and pathetic.

What a mess!!!! It just wasn't worth it. I tried to do the right thing, but these are some of the bad apples we are always warned to avoid. I GOT ROBBED!!!! I asked about tours from a seemingly reputable place, paid the money, and went on the tours. Unfortunately for me, what was sold was not what was delivered. Terrible.

After Eric gave us the small refund, he commented that Gustavo was making bad business and he would no longer do business with Gustavo. From our perspective, we couldn't tell who ripped us off the most. Avoid this company for tours and tourist services: they outsource to other guides and there is no connection or accountability, just commissions. There are plenty of other tour companies there, and they are hapy to provide high-quality service. Avoid Gustavo as a tour guide: he is a buffoon and more trouble than assistance or service.
Skrevet 21. januar 2016
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Simon T
3 bidrag
des. 2015 • Alene
This trip was awesome.

We had juan-carlos as a guide and he truly knows what's up with everything in the forest, from tree to bird and animals to insects. We saw lots of them by the way and we probably wouldn't seen none if he hasn't been there. His english is very understandable. Moreover, he brings you to his land and cooks traditionnal food there, which is excellent. Juan carlos explanations on Costa Rica and it's wildlife truly prove he has more than 24 years of experience doing guided tours.

A night tour is even included. You have the chance to see both primary and secondary tropical forest in parts where there is no one but your small group of 6. The prices where very competitive too, actually where better than other places.

I recommand 100%.
Skrevet 8. desember 2015
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Lori M
Daytona Beach, FL8 bidrag
jul. 2014 • Venner
Great Tour at Matapalo saw lots of wildlife with Juan Carlos. Orlando took us on a canopy tour was great fun. Eric arranged for us to go to Golfito and go on another canopy tour with much higher platforms..was a lot of fun. We also went to La Palma beach area that Orlando was so nice to take us to. They made our trip to the Osa an extra special time.
Skrevet 20. august 2014
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Irene S
Leverett, MA31 bidrag
des. 2013 • Alene
This kayak tour felt like sheer robbery. I paid $40 for a tour I could have done better by myself. When I arrived at the beach, I was met by a man who only spoke Spanish even though when I paid for the tour, Eric, the owner of the company, never asked me if I needed an English speaking guide. The man at the beach introduced himself and then gave me a child-sized life jacket. I said I needed a bigger one. The tour was supposed to include dry bags, water and fruit. There was none of that. The guide paddled through the mangroves without pointing out anything. I said in Spanish I was interested in birds. He saw one and named it incorrectly. At that point, I said the tour was not what I was told it would be and wanted to go back and talk to Eric. The guide then started paddling back and left me quite a distance from him in open water. This was not only unprofessional. It was dangerous. The following day I went to the office and complained to Eric. He had many excuses for what happened but now I just read another review and, no surprise, some similar complaints.
Skrevet 13. februar 2014
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KINGSTON42 bidrag
feb. 2014 • Par
We chose Escondido Trex because it was in the Lonely Planet book and we happened to be walking by the shop front on our way back to our apartment after supper.
The fellow who was manning the desk that evening was a school teacher who was picking up some extra income during the school break. He was very helpful and appeared quite knowledgeable.
The next day all of the people on our "Mangrove and sunset kayak tour" met at the shop. We should have figured out the quality of the outfit when they didn't have enough transport to get our party of five paddlers down to the boats.
The sit on top kayaks that we found at the beach had seen much better days but at least looked like they would float. Our guide was a local young fellow who was pleasant enough but didn't seem to have any training as a guide or group leader.
The first stop on our trip was to look at crocodiles. Somehow I hadn't imagined that we'd beach the kayaks and sneak in behind a resort to a mud hole in the jungle. We didn't see any crocodiles but that's probably a good thing because I wouldn't want them living near the hotel with the constant loud noise from the guy with the leaf blower (great atmosphere).
Eventually we were back in the kayaks and did manage to paddle through a mangrove at high tide. The paddling was at a very relaxed pace which was about right for the people in our group who had never paddled a kayak before. The guide wasn't very helpful in pointing out the things we were looking at.
Near the end of the trip we stopped at a local beach and had a chance to go for a swim and wait for the sun to set (which I imagine was quite beautiful if I had been standing on the west side of the jungle and not the eastern shore of the beach). We had some sliced fruit at the beach, delightfully arranged on a dirty old fiberglass kayak drywell cover.
We then proceeded to paddle back around the point to a point where we were told we might be able to see dolphins. There may have been dolphins but we'll never know because it was dark by then.
Eventually we reached shore and helped our guide carry the kayaks back to where they lock them up for the night. At that point our guide wished us well and a friend brought him a bike and they left the tour group to walk back to town.
My wife and I have kayaked for years so I wasn't too concerned about our safety but I wasn't so confident for the other three people on our tour who had never kayaked before. A few safety devices with the tour guide (such as a floating throw rope and a signaling device (since we were on open water in the dark) would have been appropriate. Even an extra paddle for our group would have been a good idea given the beginner status of most of our group. No dry bags were provided.
I'd recommend checking out other kayaking outfits before going with Escondido Trex. Not a very professional outfit.
Skrevet 9. februar 2014
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