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Pushkar Meditation Temple
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So Special <3
jan. 2021
This YTT with Swamiji was one of the most important, special and lovely experiences and moments of my life.
It was not just a course, this experience with Dear Swamiji is a gift, it was a deep diving in my self, in my self knowledge, in the aspects of spirituality, a way to change myself as I always espected for (and I didn't knew that). Living the path of yoga and with helping of Swamiji, it brought me more LIFE, LOVE, PEACE, LIGHT, PRESENCE, HOPE, RESPECT (with me and all other beeings). It is a kind of awakening.
Love you all, Swamiji and the people of Pushkar Meditation Temple (even living this experience online).

LIFE is different of LIVING.

With love <3
Skrevet 28. januar 2021
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3 bidrag
mai 2020 • Alene
I would give 0 if I could. Very unhappy with how this “business” is handling the COVID situation. Their policy says “no refund unless class is cancelled by the temple.” I signed up to go in May. The May class was cancelled by the temple due to COVID, yet they refuse to refund me. Now they are breaking their own clause and scamming all of us who signed up for classes we will not be taking and could not even if we wanted to. Pretty shady business if you ask me. They emailed me saying “we want to handle this with peace and love.” The way they are handling this seems completely immoral to me.
Skrevet 16. mai 2020
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Beckie S
London, UK5 bidrag
Real yoga in a holy place
mar. 2020 • Alene
Undertaking Raja yoga teacher training with Swamiji in Pushkar was a life changing experience. Swamiji is knowledgable and passionate about Raja yoga and he cares deeply about the students under his care. Pushkar is the most incredible place for yoga teacher training, the energy around the lake is something that must be felt to be believed.
Skrevet 5. april 2020
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1 bidrag
feb. 2020
Swamijis motto „Come in as body – go out as soul“ hits the point: In February 2020 I have participated the RYT 200h Yoga-Teaching-Training and it is a very valuable experience for my live.
With his authentic, concentrated and at same time very humorous manner, he divides his high spiritual knowledge and takes care about every individual participant. Thereby he teaches well-founded background about Raja-Yoga. Great for a inner (spiritual) journey!! Thank you, Swamiji!
Skrevet 12. mars 2020
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Gold Coast, Australia49 bidrag
Spiritual workshop
feb. 2020 • Alene
Pushkar Meditation Temple is a great place in Pushkar for yoga and meditation. I did a Yoga Teaching Training 200hrs and recommend it not only for those who really want to go deep into the real (Raja) yoga and do the same training, but also for those who have shorter time in Pushkar and can come for a Raja Yoga class in the mornings where Swamiji shares his wisdom, experience and good vibes.

Regarding the YTT200 course, I totally recommend it even for those who are highly experienced in yoga, as you can go deep in the original yoga by Patanjali and it can be quite revealing and life changing. Definitely breaks the common paradigms of yoga. Focused much more in the spiritual legacy of yoga, and comprising also of Kundalini and Hatha yoga, Japa, Meditation walks, Mudras and Mantras, this course opened my mind and heart to something much deeper and valuable than just asanas, pranayamas and/or physical wellness. The schedule is well prepared and balanced to experience the 8 aspects of Raja/Ashtanga Yoga, and Swamiji helped me with his experience and vision.

Thank you very much, Swamiji.


Skrevet 21. februar 2020
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Jakob P
3 bidrag
The essence of true Yoga.
feb. 2020 • Alene
Embark on a spiritual journey to seek the Truth and your true Self.

Located in one of the holiest towns in India with incredible aura and energy that prevails in all living things, temples, traditions and most importantly, the sacred lake. The Pushkar Meditation Temple offers a comprehensive yoga teacher training course, covering the fundamentals according to the ancient texts - the Yoga Sutra. Swamiji teaches with his heart and guides us through the journey out of his love, his ability to convey the knowledge and his passion, clarity, humour in sharing all the good things about Yoga has brought us tremendous transformation and has left an impactful footprint in our 23-days here.

Be ready to question a lot, contemplate and ultimately find inner bliss and the truth of life through daily meditation walks, Yoga Sutra commentaries, Asana/Pranayama practices, Satsang and sharing circles with amazing people's who are on the same path.

Whether you are an aspiring Yoga student/teacher, or simply someone who wants to find out what life truly is, come here, and let the universe reveal the truth to you. Be the change you want to be and navigate through life like a soul.
Skrevet 21. februar 2020
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Giorgio F
Milano, Italia1 bidrag
Yoga teacher training
feb. 2020 • Alene
Ho partecipato al corso di Yoga teacher nel febbraio 2020. Premetto che non avevo mai praticato in modo assiduo lo yoga prima di venire ma su consiglio di un amico che era venuto precedentemente ho deciso di intraprendere questo viaggio.
Arrivavo da un periodo di forti cambiamenti sia sul piano lavorativo che di vita privata e quindi mi trovavo un po’ perso su quale direzione prendere nella mia vita. Dopo queste 3 settimane attraverso gli insegnamenti dì Swamiji ho imparato non solo lo Raja Yoga ma come utilizzarlo nella vita di tutti i giorni. Sono rientrato da questa esperienza non con le risposte a tutte le mie domande ma con gli strumenti su come affrontare al meglio le sfide di domani. Bisogna vivere e godersi il presente e non occupare la mente con i rimorsi sulle scelte passate o i dubbi su quelle future da fare. La felicità la si ottiene stando anzitutto bene con se stessi e non saremo mai felici se anzitutto non lo siamo con noi stessi. Gli insegnamenti del Raja Yoga e di Swamiji ti aiutano veramente a capire aspetti che spesso trascuriamo nella frenesia della nostra vita. Consiglio quindi a tutti coloro che non vedono lo yoga solo come un esercizio fisico ma piuttosto come una filosofia di vita di partecipare a questo training. Ho poi condiviso questa esperienza con altre 5 persone che arrivavano d altre parti del mondo e spesso con problematiche simili alle mie . Un’ esperienza che mi rimarrà sempre nel cuore. Giorgio
Skrevet 21. februar 2020
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London, UK4 bidrag
RYT200, a course anyone interested in yoga should consider joining
des. 2019 • Alene
I have taken part and just completed the December RYT200 course at the PMT. I am new to yoga as I just started six months ago and I was looking for a course to explore and understand further the spiritual and meditation aspects of Ashtanga yoga. I was looking for a place where I wasn’t going to be just a number. A small class alongside a great teacher it was all I was after and here I found it.

The course is intense and might be a little hard to adjust to the new schedule at the beginning but once you get used to it then it gets much easier.

The 6:30am morning meditation walk around the Pushkar lake were to me the best way to start the day, mesmerising. That was followed by the practice class, breakfast, the theory class and lunch. The afternoon involved a second class of yoga practice, the chanting class, dinner, and a sharing circle on alternate days to close the day. Overall the course was well balanced with the right amount of time and emphasis given to both theory and practice.

The two, two hours sessions of practice start with a thirty minute meditation to open the class, followed by the Asnas part, the Shavasana, Pranayama to then close the session with a little more meditation. Classes last two hours and are usually taken on the roof terrace.

I also enjoyed the two hours daily theory class. This class was key to understand the philosophy behind Ashtanga yoga.

Swamiji is a remarkable guide. His knowledge about yoga is vast and he is well happy to be challenged with any question students might have.

The food was also excellent.

If you happen to go in December remember to bring with you warm clothing as generally is warm, however, there might be those occasional cold days.

Thank you Swamiji!
Skrevet 21. desember 2019
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Eliise Proos
1 bidrag
A journey that will take you further in life!
des. 2019
First of all I want to say a thousand thanks to Swamiji for this beautiful journey. I did a 200 YTR course in Pushkar. Also I would have liked to be in a more natural setting but this city is very beautiful and resonates with my bohemian soul. So it is really good that you can choose between Pushkar and Rishikesh.

As Swamiji says: “Walk in as a body, go out as a soul!” Yoga is for everyone, especially for those who ask themselves who they are and what is their purpose in this life. When I came here, I was already on a spiritual path and I knew that I was finally on the right path, but still some old patterns were coming up and I started asking myself questions about certain topics and here I was assured that I was on the right track. Everything happens for a reason!

The Western world has given many people a false or misleading understanding of yoga. Raja Yoga also known as Ashtanga yoga, teaches us that yoga is a spiritual journey that accompanies you daily. Swamiji’s theory lessons and philosophy are very enlightening. For years, I have known that when I go to study yoga in depth, I want to choose a teacher who talks about where yoga started - its basics and purpose.

Yoga temple is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city and the food was wonderful, I will definitely miss these flavours. And during the winter at Pushkar I recommend that you pack warm clothes as it can get very cold here. And on wedding season it gets really noisy there so be ready to concentrate even more.

There were only three of us this time and it is really great that Swamiji accepts max 8 people so the teaching is very individual.

Finally, if you want to change your lifestyle a little and grow as a soul, come to the Swamiji. I am very grateful and I am certainly more courageous and I believe in myself more than before, everything is possible! I am delighted with my spiritual name as well which will surely send me throughout my life!

Thank you Swamiji for enlightening the path!
Skrevet 20. desember 2019
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A journey within
nov. 2019
I did the 200 hours Raja Yoga Teacher Training Course

‘So why this course?’ you are wondering while reading the reviews.

What makes this course so special is it’s authenticity that you can hardly find anywhere else. Nowadays you can learn yoga anywhere in the world, even the tiniest town would have at least a yoga studio. But are they really authentic? Yoga has become a fad which is great but unfortunately it is looked at mainly as a form of exercise. Real yoga is an inner journey, a lifestyle, where the postures are just a part of it! Here you learn the origins of yoga as per ancient scriptures, how it has been done for centuries and how it still has a place in today's society and why it’s even more important to do yoga now than ever before.

There is also the element of ‘how and why’ we are doing it, which I personally loved. Whether that was with the asanas (learning how to do them properly, the benefits of each and the awareness), mantras, namaste position etc. Such simple things that we incorporated in the Western World but don’t really know why we are doing it. In here you are encouraged to question everything and feel it for yourself rather than follow it blindly.

The care and attention that you get from Swamiji is invaluable. He always makes sure that everyone is comfortable and you get what you need. This is also possible because of the small bach number which gives you the opportunity for that ‘personal touch’. You get to ask unlimited questions and clear all your doubts.

I fully and truly recommend this course for anyone who wants to deepen their knowledge about the background of yoga, yoga postures and breathing, learn about the yogic lifestyle, learn more about themselves, for those that are lost or for those who just need clarity. This course will help you in every aspect of your life. You will gain more than you expect and will open doors that you didn’t know where there. You will get value out of it in any case there is no way you go home empty handed.

After only 23 days I feel like I have the tools to go back home and continue my journey, my practice and incorporate all that I learned into my everyday life. I got clarity in where I am and where I am headed. I was already on the right path but Swamiji strengthened my view on the road and pulled me in so I don’t get distracted and lost on the way. It’s true what they say that books and videos can not substitute a guru, a coach, or a trainer. It’s so important to have a person in your life who can direct you, support you, push you and encourage you who has been there done that and know better.

I needed that enforcement! And that’s why I am grateful for Swamiji on making this possible, investing his time and energy in educating us and give us these invaluable lessons.

On a final note, that deserves to be mentioned and not be left out, is how amazing the food was and the friendly, warm feeling in the ashram.
Skrevet 26. november 2019
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