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Christian M
København, Danmark4 153 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
apr. 2024 • Par
A 5-minute walk from Noboribetsu's last onsen hotel, Dai-Ichi Takimotokan, you'll find the so-called Hell Valley, which is definitely worth a visit between the hot baths.

Access to the area is free, and there are fine paths and wooden bridges to walk around on, so you can take your pictures and videos in peace. Set aside half an hour for it all - unless you want to hike one of the longer trails that start from there.

Here, steam and sulfur abound, and it's easy to see why the place is associated with Hell’s bad breath. Gray-green water simmers and bubbles. Mountains and rocks are sickly red and verdigris like moldy cheese; like an evil dream where little devils with satanic grins are about to peek out.

But, but, but - remember that the smell of rotten eggs is also what gives you the fine bathing experiences in the onsen. In fact, one of the most skin-healthy onsen baths is the one with sulfur.

P.S. In the evening, Hell Valley is illuminated, offering fantastic photo opportunities.
Skrevet 3. april 2024
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Sydney, Australia1 157 bidrag
4,0 av 5 bobler
feb. 2024 • Par
At the end of a slippery and icy path, this valley is quite unique, with a strong smell of sulphur, yellow deposits of sulphur visible in hot streams running from thermal pools, steam rising from fissures in the rocks and bare hills in shades of yellow and white - all somewhat eerie! Although not extensive it is certainly with a look if you are in the area.
Skrevet 26. februar 2024
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Barueri, SP277 bidrag
4,0 av 5 bobler
feb. 2024 • Par
Beautiful landscapes, lots of ice and snow. The smell of sulfur in the air, the reddish color of the stones, the smoke rising due to the high temperature of the waters plus the fact that they “praise” the demons give the place a gloomy air. They call it Hell Valley.
Worth the visit!
Skrevet 16. februar 2024
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Hongkong, Kina4 927 bidrag
3,0 av 5 bobler
feb. 2023 • Alene
When it comes to Hokkaido's attractions, I think what comes to most people's minds is the northern land, such as Biei or the natural scenic spots in Tohoku. Hokkaido is beautiful all year round. It is the place where many people first come to Hokkaido. You may go there or go there many times, there may be a place you have heard of or have been to Noboribetsu before.

Speaking of Noboribetsu, this is my first time. I have been to Hokkaido many times and Noboribetsu has never been in my plan. What makes me think about it is that the desolate scenery in winter is particularly attractive to me, because I haven’t been here for many years. Japan, especially Hokkaido, took the opportunity to come to Noboribetsu this time.

Since I am staying in Hakodate in the southern part of the country this time, the transportation to Noboribetsu is not as convenient as in Sapporo. Although I still take the Hokuto Line, I have to take the earliest Hokuto Line 1 from Hakodate at 06:02.

I am very accustomed to this kind of trip that leaves early and returns late. I always set my hotel within a 10-minute walk from the station. Whenever I have a trip that leaves at 6 o'clock in the morning, I don't sleep much the day before departure because it is 5 o'clock in the morning. You have to get ready to go out at half past three, and getting in the car to replenish your energy is part of every trip.

It was 08:36 in the morning when we got on the bus from Hakodate to Noboribetsu. It took more than two hours on the bus. There was enough time to rest. The scenery from Hakodate to Noboribetsu was quite beautiful. Although the journey took a long time, there were many beautiful scenery along the road. The scenery is great, but it’s a pity that I couldn’t watch the whole journey. I spent the first half to catch up on my sleep.

Although the Hokuto is an express train, don’t think too much about it. Just think of it as a general means of transportation. Most people go to Noboribetsu from Sapporo. It’s not impossible to go from Hakodate, but it takes a little longer. I stayed there for more than 2 hours during my first round trip to Noboribetsu. As for whether the time was enough, I don’t know in other seasons, but I went to Noboribetsu in February and in winter it is in principle okay.

Let’s briefly talk about the most important attractions in Noboribetsu. First, Hell Valley is the most important attraction. Very few people who come to Noboribetsu will not go there, whether they leave photos of their visit or not. The first thing most people go to when they arrive in Noboribetsu is Hell Valley. As for the second scenic spot, Oyunuma, it is more interesting. The main reason is that the road is closed due to snow in winter, so I couldn't go there on the day I went. At most, you can only go to Oyunuma and walk on the path to Oyunuma until the No Passage sign appears.

To put it simply, that day was the itinerary around Hell Valley. If it were in other seasons, maybe more time would be needed. The limitation in winter is mainly due to the snow. Although Hell Valley is beautiful with snow, at least it would be a little different to take more photos. , but you must also pay attention to your safety under your feet, because the wooden boardwalk is very slippery, and you may slip if you are not careful.

On this day, it departs and arrives at Noboribetsu Station at 08:36. The bus departure time from the station to Noboribetsu Onsen is 08:46. It only takes 10 minutes. You can first buy a round-trip ticket to Noboribetsu Onsen at the window inside the station. , although the one-way fare to Noboribetsu Onsen is 350 yen, the discounted price for a round-trip ticket is 640 yen. One coupon is divided into an outbound coupon and a return coupon. Please keep the return coupon to pay for the return trip.

The departure time from the station to Noboribetsu Onsen is 09:12 (2023/02). You don’t need to know the direction when you get off the bus. Basically, just like you, get on the bus from Noboribetsu Station and go to Noboribetsu Onsen. Nine times out of ten They all go to Hell Valley, so you can just follow the tourists.

It takes 15-20 minutes to get off the bus station and arrive at Jigokudani. There are shops and hot spring hotels along the road. To be honest, since I arrived early in the morning, I didn’t particularly feel how hot the hot spring area is in Noboribetsu. No one has arrived yet. So you enjoyed a little leisure time when you arrived, but when you arrived at Hell Valley, you were immediately brought back to reality, because there are many group tourists, especially tourists from Korea. Most of them come with groups, and you can see everything I heard it was in Korean. Due to the snow in winter, there is only one path to visit Hell Valley, just follow it.

There are three observatories from Noboribetsu Jigokudani. Go and visit all three observatories. An hour is enough to walk around and see. The reason is that the walking trail is a wooden plank road and it is not wide. It can accommodate two people, and I walked along to the farthest observation deck, which is where I opened the observation deck. It was just the strong smell of sulfur, coupled with the scenery around me, that suddenly gave me an illusion. It looks like a geothermal valley somewhere, and some say it looks like a small oil pit.

Although I was here, the snow around me instantly seemed poetic, but due to time constraints, I thought about the idea of going to Oyunuma, so I went to Oyunuma under the guidance of the sign, and walked As I walked all the way up, I slowly saw a sign, that is, it is forbidden to enter, that is, no passage. Maybe because of the snow, this road is blocked, so I went back the same way. If it is outside winter, I believe Oyunuma should be It is possible to go, but I didn’t go to Oyunuma this time. I personally think it is a pity. I am more interested in it than Hell Valley.

A little helplessly, we followed the way back to the Noboribetsu Jigokudani sign where we just started. Opposite it is the parking lot. If you are driving by yourself, you may be able to park in the parking lot here, get off the car and walk across to the opposite side. Hell Valley.

If you choose to take the bus like me, you have to go back the same way. Basically, the way to the bus station is the same way you came. As for whether there are any confusing places along the way, or places that attract shopping. In fact, I personally feel that I can get away with this souvenir shop because I didn’t expect to buy anything here. The only thing that interests me is the convenience store. I can replenish supplies for the ride back later. After shopping, I can walk back. Arrive at the bus stop where we just got off.

Maybe there were a lot of tourists who came to Noboribetsu the day before, so I couldn't help but feel a little nervous when I arrived at the bus stop because there were quite a lot of people queuing up in front of the bus stop. I was a little worried that I wouldn't be able to get on the bus. The most important thing is that it doesn't matter if there are many people. For passengers who are carrying luggage and getting on the bus back to Noboribetsu Station, the departure time for returning to Noboribetsu Station is 11:15 (2023/02), so it is recommended that you arrive as early as possible and queue up to wait for the bus.

If you are buying a round-trip ticket, you can pay the return ticket when you get off the bus. As for cash payment, you need to draw a coupon when you get on the bus, get off the bus and pay the fare of 350 yen. It takes a long time for the bus to return to Noboribetsu Station. It was around 11:30, because the whole train was almost full, so I just returned to the station. I finally got back to Noboribetsu Station, and now I had to wait for the train back to Hakodate to arrive.

As for whether Noboribetsu Hell Valley is worth a visit, this question is really difficult to answer. Some people have come to Noboribetsu many times, and some people have come here for the first time, or they have come once and will never come again.

In fact, from my own experience, if you have been to the Geothermal Valley, Noboribetsu Hell Valley is really a bit like an enlarged version of it. If it is any different, it may be somewhere else, but when I went there for the first time, I felt like this. I feel that maybe that landscape gave me a particularly deep feeling. It is undeniable that there is no snow in Youkeng. This may be the reason why some people recommend it, but when I look back at the pictures I took in Hell Valley, I feel This place looks pretty good if you look closely.

I think a one-day trip to Noboribetsu might take too much time. A half-day trip is fine. It might be good if you come to bathe in a hot spring and stay for one night, but if you make a special trip to see it, think about it. The scenery in Noboribetsu is pretty good in winter. As for other aspects, my personal feeling is that Noboribetsu is not a particularly hot spring area, and the attractions nearby are relatively average. It is okay to drop by and have fun. If you come here with high expectations, you may be disappointed.
Skrevet 25. januar 2024
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食う米 さ
Kakogawa, Japan2 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
sep. 2023 • Alene
I walked around the hot spring area by myself. I was impressed by the scenery of the hot springs bubbling up.
Each hot spring is different, but walking here requires physical strength. It's free to walk through the valley, but each parking lot costs 500 yen. This is the best place to take pictures of the spectacular views.
Skrevet 19. november 2023
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Johor Bahru, Malaysia60 bidrag
4,0 av 5 bobler
des. 2022 • Familie
We were there last December, basically the place is fully cover with snow. It is quite slippery, need to walk carefully on the walk path. My children like the place a lot, for Asian kids are usually very excited when they see snow.

It is also known as the "Hell Valley" because of its volcanic activity and sulfuric smell. The valley was filled with steam vents, boiling ponds, and bubbling mud pools that emitted a strong smell of sulfur.
Skrevet 26. september 2023
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Hongkong, Kina247 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jul. 2023 • Familie
The view was spectacular. It is one of the nature phenomena definitely worth visiting. You can feel the heat near the hot spring.
Skrevet 30. august 2023
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London, UK94 bidrag
4,0 av 5 bobler
aug. 2023
This is within a fairly easy and short walk from the Noribetsu onsen resort town. It is a really 'other-worldly' sort of place and if you've not seen volcanic springs before, it is definitely something to go and see. We were staying in the resort and wandered up here after checking in, so later on in the afternoon. We looked around the valley and then did the forest walk (quite steep at times, but the path was reasonable) over to Oyunuma pond and the hot stream.
It should be noted, as you would probably expect that there is a quite a strong smell of sulphur around the place.
My teenage daughter and I thought it was a good place to visit
Skrevet 10. august 2023
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terunz V
Nagoya, Japan6 566 bidrag
4,0 av 5 bobler
jul. 2023 • Familie
Although I've been to Hokkaido many times, I never had the chance, so it's a place I've always wanted to go to.
I paid 500 yen at the parking lot just before the entrance and walked there.
There's no admission fee, so people staying at nearby inns can enter for free.
The steam rising from various places is surely the entrance to hell? It reminds me of extraterrestrial life.
I thought it would be much hotter, but I was able to get around without any problems.
Skrevet 2. august 2023
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Victor K
Hongkong, Kina487 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
jul. 2023 • Par
The whole area has interesting thermal features with colour coded trails to choose from. Most trails take less than 15 minutes. Free of charge for entrance while parking charges 500 yen each time. Not sure if one payment covers all carpark in the area. Look like so. Parking during evening is free. Overall the area is not too big and most people should manage to cover the majority on foot. The Green Trail offers night walking which is a higlight. You better check with hotel staff if it's available during the season of your visit.
Skrevet 9. juli 2023
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