Float North County
Float North County
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5,0 av 5 bobler4 anmeldelser
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California5 460 bidrag
4,0 av 5 bobler
feb. 2024 • Par
I had wanted to try a float spa for a long time and after researching float spas in San Diego, I decided on Float North County. I booked on-line in advance. The facility is easy to find, located in a corner of a strip mall in Solana Beach, just east of the I-5 off Lomas Santa Fe Dr. I recommend you give it a try! If you found this review useful, please click the 'thumbs-up'. Thx!

~Spotlessly clean facility.

~Friendly employee on the desk who was very clear and informative with instructions and tour of the facility.

~Plenty of free parking right outside.

~Check-in and then wait in the waiting room where there are chairs, a water cooler, a salt lamp, tissues, and membership information. Note: Bring your own water if you want some with you in the float room.

~Large quality bath size towel and washcloth provided. I would have liked a hand-towel in addition for my hair. You could always bring your own extra towel.

~There are about 4 float rooms/tanks, plus a couple of infrared saunas. We used the couples float tank which was located in a low-lit closed room which you can lock. There are robes on the back of the door which you can use if you happen to need to go to the restroom in the middle of your float. (Restroom is just down the hall--definitely use it before the float!) Also in the room is a bench with hooks for your clothes and bags. There's a basket for your used towels, a trash can for your used ear-plugs and a shelf which has on it a box of tissues, a jar of ear-cleaning buds, packets of earplugs, sachets of petroleum jelly for any cuts you might have, hand sanitizer and vinegar/water solution to help with any salt water that might have seeped into your ears. There is also a shower in the room with nice quality shampoo, conditioner and shower gel for showering before and after your float.

~Malleable ear-plugs provided -- my advice is USE THEM! We didn't use them at first and had to get out of the tank after a few minutes when we found water was getting in our ears. Three days later, our ears were still crackling from the salt water, so we used a 50/50% water and white vinegar solution to relieve it. They do provide a solution of this at the spa, but we didn't use enough. The earplugs also help with the music, which I found too loud. I didn't want to turn the music off completely, but I couldn't seem to turn it down either.

~They also provide a foam 'halo' to rest your head on. I would recommend you use these! Again, we didn't use them at first, but grabbed them after a few minutes. My husband found his neck and shoulders were a little tense throughout the float, but it helped if he put his hands behind his head, 'hammock style'. I put my arms down by my sides.

~It took us about 15 minutes or so to really settle down by the time we got the earplugs, the foam halo and we both got salt in our eyes for which we had to get out and rinse our eyes under the shower. This is all the result of being first-time floaters and we would know better next time.

~Our float tank had a ceiling of twinkly stars and low blue mood lighting which you could turn off. Afterwards the employee told us it's good to try it with the lights and music completely off to REALLY relax the senses.

~When the float is finished (after 75 mins), a gentle 'gong sound' plays. You then exit the tank, shower and get dressed. One note, it's a little hard to dry off as the room is very humid. I would recommend wearing flip-flops and minimal clothing for ease of changing. We wore swimsuits in the float.

~Down the hall is a room you can use afterwards to dry your hair and touch-up make-up, etc. They have a hair dryer and complimentary quality toiletries like hairspray, spray conditioner, etc. There's also a sink, large mirror, a close-up mirror, ear-cleaning buds and combs, etc.

It was a very unique experience, that I'm glad we've tried. For us, we both found it difficult relaxing completely, but maybe that's just due to our personalities and 'first time' anxiety. I found I couldn't switch off my brain and kept worrying about how long we had left. Maybe a second-time around we would know what to expect and it would be easier to get into. The employee also recommended that instead of a couples tank, a single-person tank is more relaxing. I would also try turning off the lights and music in the future.

Either way, the facility was quite busy with patrons coming and going while we were there. They offer memberships and packages with the infrared saunas. I highly recommend you give floating a try at Float North County!
Skrevet 21. februar 2024
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Santiago, Chile25 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
nov. 2019
As one of my friends says: it's cheaper than therapy but just as effective. Before starting, we got a tour and a full explanation for the beginning and end of the experience. The middle part is pretty self-explanatory, you just have to relax, and boy, you will relax much deeper than you thought you could. This is one of the better facilities in the San Diego area since the tanks are a walk-in style, not a coffin style, so you won't be feeling claustrophobic. The facilities are clean, and this place offers ear-, hair-, and skin care amenities for after your float. We will be going back.
Skrevet 3. desember 2019
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Marlene O
Reno, Nevada, United States124 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
mar. 2016 • Venner
I have taken many friends to float when in the Solana Beach/Del Mar area. Be prepared to relax--totally. Don't worry about cleanliness--it is new--so is the décor and facilities. They make it a priority to explain the water treatment process -- basically the same as the process used for our drinking water. If you are a spa/massage fan, you will love this experience
Skrevet 29. januar 2017
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William R
2 bidrag
5,0 av 5 bobler
des. 2015
I have never tried the Ocean Float rooms float tanks before, and having tried them I dont think I could go back to the smaller tanks. I chose the Ocean Float room with the LED lights inside and it was really amazing. The float spa itself was comforting clean and when I left I felt like I was floating. Really amazing place to float
Skrevet 21. januar 2016
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