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School House Museum
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Albuquerque, NM240 bidrag
okt. 2020
After a Fall Break trip back home to Albuquerque, we made a stop at White Oaks. On paper, it, overall, seems cooler than it is. Nevertheless, it was fun.

We read to the kids info we found on the internet as we drove in.

There are three main things in town:

The No Scum Allowed Saloon (open and functioning).
The School House Museum (very small-town hours--lucky if open when you're there).
Various buildings you can see at a distance in stages of decay.

The school itself was built in the late 1800s by the Gumm family. It is two stories and has four large classrooms. It was used until the mid 1900s. There is no fee to enter but a $1 donation is suggested for anyone over age 12.

A super nice woman happened to be opening it up to another family when we showed up. There are desks in each classroom and all kinds of old-time memorabilia. Lots of pictures of White Oaks through the years (and something of a town family history panorama with pictures and quilts and lists of items donated).

Throughout the classrooms there is a large collection of donated antique items. There was a hand-cranked gramophone, very old baseball uniform, utensils, a WWII German overcoat, dresses, baby carriage (with an extra creepy 100+ year old baby), etc.

There was a printed map of the town available showing the various homes throughout. I've attached it to the pictures to help.

You could pull the rope on the ground floor and ring the bell above the school.

We though it was a very enjoyable 20-minute stop.

Pure luck that it was open.
Skrevet 11. oktober 2020
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Las Cruces, NM37 bidrag
mai 2017 • Par
White Oaks is almost gone, now but a mini-revival is going on. The School House Museum is open on the weekends or by appointment, during the Summer. It is definitely worth the trip, but White Oaks isn't really "on the beaten path." The former Post Office/general store/hardware store is being rehabilitated and if you can connect with Karen or Don they'll show you inside and stuff is for sale that you aren't likely to see elsewhere. We found, and bought, an original blue print for one of the buildings built for the movie "The Book of Eli" which was filmed largely in New Mexico. No question about its authenticity. Amazing find in the middle of nowhere. The Miner's House Museum and cemetery are also must sees. Don't come expecting fine dining. Go see the pottery lady about three miles past the end of the paved road and the heritage apple tree/plant nursery also. When you're done (or before you go) eat a Green Chili Cheeseburger in Corrizozo at the Corrizozo Cafe and visit the Emporium. Don't go in the Winter. You're going to be at high altitude and there will likely be snow. The cost of admission to the School House was one dollar per person. The other Museums have a donation box.
Skrevet 22. mai 2017
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Tampa, FL26 bidrag
mai 2017 • Venner
I was greatly disappointed in our trip to White Oaks, expecting to see more. The waitress at No Scum Saloon pointed our attention to the school building and told us it was usually open. It was not. There were no other buildings available to see in the town. Bottom line .... don't waste your time.
Skrevet 8. mai 2017
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