Mt. Trusmadi Apin-apin
Mt. Trusmadi Apin-apin
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Melbourne, Australia1 734 bidrag
mai 2017 • Par
Look to be honest - I didn't get to climb Mt. Trusmardi in the end. My wife and family are all Sabahan and as we were on our annual overseas trip back home to see the family I thought I'd book the Mt. Kinabalu climb again. This would be my 7th climb of Mt. Kinabalu since 1994 and my first since the tragic 2015 earthquake. Unfortunately as I had left my booking for Mt. Kinabalu until only 6 weeks before - all climbing slots were full. I was put onto a waiting list but wasn't too optimistic of gaining a slot. After persistence the KK tour company kindly gave me the alternative option of climbing Sabah's Mt. Trusmardi instead - which I'd heard from the family was also a brilliant climb and Malaysia's 2nd highest peak - although somewhat lower. However when I was given the quotation from the local KK tour company for the Mt.Trusmardi hike I almost passed out on the floor! A basic, no-frills overnight hike was RM3990 (AUD$1300/USD$950) for 1 person! For this exorbitant price all you get is 1x basic breakfast, 1x basic lunch, 1x basic dinner, a sleeping bag, a bunk bed in a shared unheated dorm/bunk room, guide, climbing fee, 'insurance' and transport from the local village. To me that is ridiculously overpriced - how can they justify that ludicrous price? Now reading another TA reviewer's experience below regarding this same hike (KellyM) - the 'guides' slept-in for the crucial summit sunrise ascent and had no knowledge of the area/mountain they were actually guiding on (!!!) - the hike that you are expected to pay RM3990 for! I have no problem with a basic, no-frills experience - but for AUD$1300 - that is just legal extortion. If I were to take my family of 4 that would equate to about AUD$5200 for an overnight hike! Some Sabah prices are just out of control these days. I politely declined the offer. Spend your hard earned money elsewhere...
Skrevet 21. mai 2017
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kelly m
Yangon7 bidrag
apr. 2017 • Familie
The mountain is a great adventure for a fit family as it is extremely challenging. It was a great physical hike complete with ropes and ladders! We booked through Amazing Borneo who provided great customer service for the trip and set it up in a short time, however it was the local operator that let down the trip. The guides were nice but unenthusiastic about and this ultimately distracted from the experience.

The venue of the base accommodation is only 1 hr walk away, over a wooden boardwalk, from the car. You arrive at the base hut at 1-2 pm and there is nothing to do until you have dinner at 6. Since it is only a boardwalk, you can walk up or back down, but as it is a conservation area you cannot go off track. This is fine, but take a book or cards as it can be a long dull wait as you sit on a boardwalk.

The guide did not provide us with basic information on the mountain or area. Things such as the mountain's height, how long we would be hiking, what to expect going up, if you have difficulties what to do, suggestion on how much water to take up, the interesting pitcher plants etc. For example, we looked over to another peak and asked its name, the guide had no idea. The 3 things he told us to abide by: do not pick any plants, stay on the path, and follow the conservation rules. Good thing we had done our own research on what to expect on the climb so the level of difficulty and conditions were not a detraction from the experience.

We set our alarm to 1:30, the time the guide said he would wake us. At 2 am, we knocked on the guides door and woke them up! They were sorry and said they were tired because they had done the climb multiple times that week. I do feel sorry for them as it is a difficult climb, but for the extremely expensive price for the climb, there should have been fresh guides. This is not the guides fault, but rather the company who books the guides.

I was happy to do the exhilarating climb - it is a sense of accomplishment. However, the local tour operator just needs to rethink how it engages with tourists, especially with a price tag significantly more than Kota Kinabalu trek.
Skrevet 18. april 2017
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William D
16 bidrag
sep. 2015 • Par
We booked our treck with Adventure Alternative Borneo and everything went smooth. Trecking itself is accessible with 1-2hrs the first day and 4-5hrs return the second day. The hute is confortable with good local food provided. Nice view at the top !
Skrevet 21. september 2015
Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og kommer ikke fra Tripadvisor LLC. Tripadvisor sjekker anmeldelser.

Bandar Lampung, Indonesia88 bidrag
mar. 2015 • Venner
Mt. Trusmadi is 2nd Highest in malaysia. The view from the top is amazing and my best jungle trekking experience ever. U can see "Nepenthes" throughout the trail and many others Borneo flora. To go there is very challenging and required 4 wheel drive from Tambunan town to Mt. Trusmadi Gate and Starting point about 1 hours of journey. Once your have reach the starting point to guesthouse about 2KM via wooden bridges. Stay overnight at guest house (Maximum 20pax/day) before proceed to the real jungle trekking and summit about 3KM at 2am. The journey from the guest house to summit very challenging and put and extra precaution to avoid fall at slope at everywhere. There is many restriction along the way but that's definitely test your physical ability and feel the challenges. When your on reach 3M before summit you'll find steel tower and you can wait sunrise there or direct to the Mt. trusmadi peak. The view from tower is very stunning and you can see mt.kinabalu from here just like floating mountain. I'm very satisfied and worthwhile hiking at Mt.Trusmadi. Prefer all hikers should try trekking here in feel the nature. Well maintained trail and thanks to the mt.trusmadi management for keep us safe and healthy along the trip.
Skrevet 15. mars 2015
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