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Slickers Horse Riding
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Katrina M
1 bidrag
jun. 2022 • Familie
Slickers is a wonderful experience. True spirit of Australia on horseback. Wonderful huge site, stunning bush, friendly professional staff and beautiful, very well trained horses. Take a small water bottle with you for the ride, and wear sunscreen. Highly recommended for a wonderful family afternoon or for couples. No prior experience necessary. Our family had all been on horses once or twice before, years ago. Wonderful, will go again for sure.
Skrevet 25. juni 2022
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okt. 2021 • Venner
I have not been for a ride at SLICKERS for some years but have done two different rides in the past three weeks. One on my own and one with my wife. This is an excellent place to ride with beautiful country and I cannot say enough for the staff. They take all care to give good direction and feedback to riders when needed and as for selecting a horse suited to my wife’s current riding ability they could not have done a better job..On the second ride with my wife I also took two other guests how long And they also had an awesome experience Greg Chippendale 2021
Skrevet 10. oktober 2021
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Andy C
Brisbane, Australia2 bidrag
sep. 2021
My daughter wanted to get close to the horses, clean them, ride them, care for them properly.

This was definitely the place.

Its out in the sticks a bit, and clearly doesn't have luxuries afforded to farms/acreage that are within town water reach. But it is exactly as advertised. We were forewarned, went with expectation and we took all we needed, The people are lovely. My daughter made loads of friends.

The facilities are definitely adequate, not luxurious and that's fine. We don't need or want luxury. The horses were great, and well suited to each of the riders. My daughter learnt heaps about horses and riding. More than she normally receives at her riding school.

The only downside for me was that I hoped to do some work via wifi while my daughter was riding. That doesnt exist here, and I knew that in advance. So I took off to the nearest wifi cafe which was 15min away.

I wouldn't go here if your used to being spoilt and pampered. Real people are preferred.
Skrevet 30. september 2021
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Sandra S
1 bidrag
jul. 2021
There are times in your life when you feel compelled to speak up to help others avoid something unpleasant. This is one of those times. I went on the winery ride. The best things I can say about the entire day was that there was wine, and indeed a horse was involved. The ride itself was an incredibly uncomfortable 6 hours there and back. I don't know if Slickers ever vary the route they take to the winery but the way I went was appalling. The whole journey was up and down very very steep rocky slopes with sloppy muddy creek crossings at the bottom of each that definitely had me worried a horse was going to take a fall. Horses are sure-footed, but there was a lot of distressing slipping and sliding around and it was far from enjoyable. Throughout the ride people got off their horse to walk for a while because they were so uncomfortable, and were told they needed to get back on as the terrain was not suitable for people to walk it! There was very little open countryside and zero opportunity to chat to other riders as we were all constantly told to keep in single file. The guides themselves were nice, and helpful enough when needed and the horses seem well cared for, but the ride itself was a terrible experience. If Slickers said I could go again for free I'd find 6 different ways to decline if they were taking that same route to the winery.
Skrevet 14. juli 2021
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Tim S
1 bidrag
jul. 2021
Winery tour on 10/7/21, we paid full price and paid for a nights camping.

We arrived a little before the 9am start time, finding the property easily with the directions provided. We parked near the gate in the area marked 'Parking' but were unsure what to do next. Others arrived, parked where we had, and began walking down the road to some more buildings. We followed, finding the main complex. Things seemed somewhat disorganised. We waited around until just after 9:30 when we were called forwards into a shed to pay the remainder of our bill. We were then taken outside for a quick introduction and the techniques of horse riding were explained to new riders. There was about 20 of us with about 5 staff who were very friendly.

At about 10am, they took us into a field full of horses and began getting people on horses and adjusting saddles. This took a full hour and it was 11am before we finally left the property. Unfortunately, despite knowing we were a married couple, we were placed on two horses that disliked each other, with my horse (Bubbles) constantly trying to bite my wife's horse (Billy). We eventually gave up trying to ride together which was the whole point of the day.

The riding was generally pleasant but the ground was quite wet (not Slickers Riding's fault) and we were not allowed to ride off ahead or at any speed but were kept in single file by the staff at a slow walking pace. The horses were sliding around a bit on some of the descents and a lot of creek crossing were churned into deep mud that the horses struggled and slipped through. My wife, who has more riding experience than me was concerned that eventually someone was going to get hurt.

At 1:30pm after two and a half hours riding (some people who had been mounted early had been in the saddle for 3.5hrs with no toilet options) we arrived at the winery. The winery is very high class so horse riders are kept outside away from the main patrons and we received our gourmet $35 curries (each) in takeaway containers, at an outside picnic table. Despite the unusual circumstances we enjoyed lunch and the beautiful surroundings.

At 2:30pm, we mounted up and headed off again. We rode along a series of ridges and the scenery was stunning.

At about 4pm, during yet another muddy creek crossing, one of the horses panicked and suddenly tried to jump across the creek. The landing was heavy and an audible crack was heard from the neck of the lady riding the horse. The ride was halted and an ambulance had to be called. We waited in our saddles for half an hour until the ambulance arrived, and then proceeded on, leaving behind Amanda, our senior guide, the patient and her daughter. The sun was now getting low in the sky and the lead guide kept stopping as she was unsure of the route home. We were now all pretty tired and sore. I saw four people get off their horses and walk them instead of riding any longer. By 5pm it was starting to get dark. The wind had been blowing heavily all day and it was starting to get very cold. By 5:20pm, it was getting hard to see when riding under the trees. Luckily, the ground was open for the last 10 minutes as it was night by the time we arrived back at the stables.

There was now some confusion about what was happening with our camping as Amanda had been organising it and was no longer with the party. The staff were trying to be helpful but no one knew where we were supposed to be camping. Eventually we were told to follow a quad bike and were taken out through the small field where we had been given our horses in the morning and out into series of paddocks. It was now completely dark with no moon. We simply followed the quad bike with only a vague idea how to get ourselves back. When we arrived, the lady on the quad bike told us there was another ride the following day and we would need to either leave early before all the horses were mustered in the mounting up field or after the ride had left. She then left. Once we got out of our car, we found our camp site was on a ridge with an amazing view of Brisbane. We also discovered the wind was howling over the ridge and the campsite was totally unsuited to camping in a tent. Unfortunately, by the time we realized this, the lady on the quad bike was gone and we weren't sure how to find the paddock gates to get us back to the stables in the dark. We didn't want to ring Amanda as she was probably still dealing with the medical emergency. There was also no toilet as had been promised when we booked. We eventually decide we had no choice but to stay till dawn. We used the car as a wind break and placed the tent directly behind it. Within half an hour, several of the tags that hold the guy ropes to the tent had ripped off. Soon after, the strap that holds the fly on one corner tore away and had to be roped back together. About 15 minutes later, the back of our tent broke. We spent the night in the broken remains of our tent (it was almost impossible to sleep) and left first thing in the morning.

Horse Ride -- 2 out of 5
Winery Lunch -- 3.5 out of 5
Camping -- 0 out of 5
Skrevet 13. juli 2021
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Ashlee Murphy
Brisbane, Australia18 bidrag
apr. 2021 • Par
Going into this experience, I was a bit nervous as I’d never been on a horse before. But the girls made me feel completely at ease and in control so quickly. The horses are beautiful and clearly loved well - very patient with inexperienced folk like me. The ride was gorgeous and lunch at the Ocean View winery was a delicious pit stop.
Skrevet 24. april 2021
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Brisbane Region, Australia3 bidrag
nov. 2020 • Alene
I was immersed in all things horses from I arrived, they were great considering I hadn’t been on a horse for a long time but gave me a beautiful boy called Snickers, he’s an experienced trail horse and had a great personality. I went by myself but from the moment I got there I was a part of everything. The group I went out with was mixed beginner and intermediate so was great to watch the intermediate people go off and frolic and I felt safe with the walking and trotting.
The team guiding us were so helpful and fun and the scenery is true outback and we even went to the dam so the horses could drink, or not during the ride.
The horses are well fed and choose to participate by turning up at the stables, as they are free roaming, which I found awesome.
A big thanks to the slickers gang and can’t wait to get back there!
Incidentally I’ve been back a lot but not enough and joined the intermediate group, only because I come away every time with new friends and memories.
Skrevet 7. desember 2020
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Susan H
2 bidrag
nov. 2020 • Venner
What a fabulous day. The horses are great and
well mannered, the scenery outstanding and
could have a lovely trot and canter if we
wanted. Then lovely wine , lunch and nice views at the winery. Amanda who went with us was
great, entertaining and looked after us all very
well. Recommend. a +++++
Skrevet 30. november 2020
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Brisbane, Australia82 bidrag
okt. 2019
This was a great afternoon. 2.5 hour ride was good value. Good horse with the option for us experienced riders to canter etc. The location is beautiful and i saw my first snake.
Skrevet 20. september 2020
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Matt H
Brisbane, Australia6 bidrag
feb. 2020 • Familie
WOW!!! What an amazing place to come to and spend a couple hours out on horseback and take in the beautiful scenery and lake.
We came to Slickers for my daughters 12th birthday,we being,myself my missus and afforementioned daughter.
My daughter had been horseriding numerous times in the past whilst myself ,being an absolute novice who is more than happy to jump out if a plane,than jump on a horse,not so much.
I dont know why I was so scared for. Belinda and the rest of the staff assured me I would be fine.
I was paired with my horse" Lofty" while the others were paired with their horses, "Vadar" and "Gus".
Off we went.
Came back after ride with a sore butt but a big smile.
I'm glad that I conquered a fear of mine.
Whilst I am unlikely that I will do it again,We all had a great time and i highly recommend it.
Thank guys
Skrevet 19. februar 2020
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