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Lea Rose M
1 bidrag
4 noodles for a first course, overcooked steak, and cold food. QUALITY HAS GONE DOWNHILL DON'T BOOK YOUR EVENT HERE!
sep. 2021
I recently hosted a wedding of ~270 guests at Drury Lane Theatre and Events. We had booked our date prior to the pandemic and did not need to re-schedule.
Having talked to many Drury Lane brides prior to our wedding and even attending a wedding there in 2019, we were impressed by the food and the service - overall excited for our event.

We had two tastings (one in November of 2019 and one in July of 2021). The quality of the steak at the second tasting had change dramatically. We originally selected filets however due to an inability to obtain them, we were unable to have these at our wedding. At our tasting we tried a bistro filet which was extremely tough. In the end, we opted for a New York Strip Steak. Since we didn't taste this at our tasting - I went to the restaurant on a separate occasion, it was prepared to our liking.

On the day of our wedding, guests received a pasta first course which was missing an ingredient (crumbled sausage) as well as SOME OF OUR GUESTS RECEIVED 4-6 NOODLES. I understand this is an appetizer course, however 4 noodles is not acceptable to serve to someone.

Almost all of our guests who ordered steak did not eat their steak, or only took a few bites as it was EXTREMELY TOUGH AND OVER COOKED. I included our guests comments below.
- Tasted like ground beef in the shape of a steak
- Shoe leather
- Couldn't even cut it
- Grey mystery meat
- Didn't eat because it was so tough
- Pretty tough
- I only ate mashed potatoes for my entree
- Horse meat
- I couldn't even cut it because it was so tough every time I tried the table was shaking

Many of our guests received COLD OR BARELY WARM FOOD.

When I raised these concerns, I originally didn't hear back (it had been less than 24 hours) - so I reached out myself. After a few email exchanges, it was clear that Drury Lane believed they had delivered an excellent product and event despite the above issues. When I inquired more, I suspect they had staffing and supply chain issues (not confirmed) - however, if you cannot deliver a product that your promised I simply do not believe it is right to take someone's money and offer to host their event. They ended up offering me a brunch for 10 guests which is nowhere near appropriate compensation for the many issues we encountered.

Overall, we are embarrassed that we served this food to our family and friends as well as are upset that our day is tainted by this memory given Drury Lane's excellent history. Your food on your wedding day should be a sure thing, not a gamble. DO NOT book an event here if you want good quality food.
Skrevet 2. november 2021
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Karen B
1 bidrag
No Covid safety measures!
sep. 2021
I have subscribed to Drury Lane for many years now. Last season was canceled due to Covid. So our tickets have been moved to this 2021-2022 season. DRURY LANE IS NOT REQUIRING PROOF OF VACCINATION OR ANY COVID MITIGATION EFFORTS!! I will no longer patronize this theater. While every other theater I have checked out in the Chicagoland area is requiring proof of vaccination, Drury Lane cares only about the money. There are posts on Drury Lane Facebook and BBB, with people requesting refunds due to lack of mitigation efforts. Drury Lane won’t budge.
Skrevet 14. september 2021
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Lockport, IL17 bidrag
An American in Paris
feb. 2020 • Familie
Very delightful performance. I enjoy Drury Lane. Free parking, pleasant staff and delicious food in the restaurant. Excellent service.
Skrevet 17. mars 2020
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Nice Theater in the Suburbs
feb. 2020
Although I love to go into the city of Chicago for theater, Drury Lane was a nice alternative. The quality of the performance was good. There is free convenient parking and no traffic to deal with.
Skrevet 12. februar 2020
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Hal B. Lowe
1 bidrag
Hard to find the theater
des. 2019
Nice Theater. Good show. Trouble is, it’s extremely difficult to navigate to the theater’s location.

There is only one way in and out of there, Drury Lane. And there is only one way to access Drury Lane, and that’s from Spring Rd.

From the north, there is only one way to get to Spring Rd., and that’s a turn-off from east bound Roosevelt Rd. Herein lies the problem. There is no sign at Spring Rd., to identify it as Spring Rd. And once you’re on Spring Rd., there is no sign to identify Drury Lane.

Two signs are needed: 1) One at the turn-off from Roosevelt Rd. to Spring Rd., and 2) One at the turn-off from Spring Rd. to Drury Lane.

Without these, you need a good ½ hour cushion in your schedule to get there, or you’re going to miss your show. What good are a nice theater and a good show, if you can’t find the place and you miss your show?
Skrevet 11. januar 2020
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California296 bidrag
Tight, professional inventive production
jan. 2020
Went with family to see the current "Mary Poppins" production, for a holiday treat with a 9 yr. old. I'm not sure how long this production had been running, but it was well-paced, tight, and more than professionally executed, from the singing to the dancing, to the direction. Very good use and timing of the stage sets and scene changes. The pit orchestra was essentially winds and two do-everything keyboards, but appropriate, if somewhat over-amplified. With the double-casting of smaller roles, everyone in the cast had a strenous workout, yet the show never flagged. It went beyond the expectations of the adults in our party.
Skrevet 5. januar 2020
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Norridge, IL236 bidrag
Great Place to See a Play!
okt. 2019
As a subscriber to the Drury Lane Theater, I have been there many times over twenty plus years. There is ample free garage parking right next to the theater as well as ample free parking in the lot right outside the theater. Free parking is not a problem. There is valet parking available though I have never used the valet parking. The afternoon that I saw Color Purple, I parked in the free garage parking. It was very convenient. Though I was seated near the back of the theater, I heard and saw all of the production. There were no problems at all seeing and hearing everything! The cast did a great job with this production. They were very talented!
Skrevet 12. desember 2019
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São Paulo, SP106 bidrag
Estonteante! Astonishing!
nov. 2019
Esse teatro fantástico fica há uns 30 minutos do centro de Chicago e fica em uma cidade bem popular para congressos e conferências, sendo assim possui muitas hospedagens e restaurantes ao redor do Teatro que é simplesmente magnífico! Tem lustre de cristal até no banheiro feminino. Fácil estacionamento e acesso. Fui assistir ao musical da Broadway: Mary Poppins! Sensacional, amei cada minuto e já assisti há vários em cidades como Nova York, Londres e Los Angeles.
Skrevet 9. desember 2019
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Karen P
Northlake, IL24 bidrag
Very disappointed
nov. 2019
For many years now we have had the Christmas tradition of attending the play A Christmas Carol and then attending the Breakfast with Santa. Over the years we have also attended other events at Drury Lane (Brunch, plays, teas, Boofest, etc.) Albeit a little pricey at times we have never thought twice about not attending an event as food, service and performances were always great. Unfortunately we had
a very disappointing experience last weekend at the Santa Breakfast and after many attempts of contacting the Venue have yet to be acknowledged.
The play was great per usual and we then proceeded to be seated for our Breakfast which went quick enough. We had an 11am seating but as the performance went a little late it was more like 11:15am. We went to the buffet right away and the buffet food was fresh and plentiful.
They have a donut station where donuts are made fresh and you put on your own toppings which was having trouble right from the get go making for long lines the whole time. The Chef making the donuts said they had been having trouble with it on Thursday (Thanksgiving) and was apologetic. There was also an omelet station which also stopped working and we also heard they were having trouble with it on
Thanksgiving. Another disappointment was that there was only (1) omelet Chef also making for a long line the whole time.
Once we got back to the table we were hoping for some coffee service and we had to ask several Servers and wait about 15 minutes till we finally received some. We were told (1) Server was doing coffee for the whole room and (1) Server was dropping checks on the tables.
We were also informed on many occasions that they were very overbooked at the 11am seating. In addition our "Server" said someone had not come in to work that day so they were short handed.
I bussed our table and luckily water pitchers were at the back of the room on a tray stand so I was able to grab a couple and refill our waters as we couldn't get anyone to do that after one initial time.
A Server came to drop off our check (I had bought tickets month ago).
She then grabbed it back and said we made a mistake because you are more than 6 people (we were 10) so I have to add a gratuity.
I said I have a problem with that since we haven't received any service and have been servicing ourselves (I mean really, it's a buffet; we only wanted coffee, water and our dirty dishes taken away).
She said she would talk to Management and get back to me. She came back and said she could take off 10% off the bill but had to add on the gratuity and at that point I said fine.
I went to go see if there was a line to see Santa (remember it's Breakfast with Santa) and he wasn't there. I asked the Hostess when he was coming back and she told me he was done for the day. I asked her how that was possible since we were all here for Breakfast with Santa and she said I am not sure but I know we really overbooked for this 11am seating. At this point it is 12:20pm. Remember we got out of the play at 11:15am and went to the Breakfast. At no point did anyone ever let us know that Santa was only going to be available until
a certain time. We could barely believe this. Honestly as I am writing this I still can't believe it. I have sent (2) emails to Drury Lane and have yet to get a response. In addition to an apology I would like to know how I am getting credited the 10% I was told I would receive as it hasn't shown up on my account yet and the Server never asked for my card.
I am in the Hospitality industry and will freely admit that I can be a bit more critical than others probably are but everyone in the family agreed that this was a very bad and disappointing experience especially for the children. How do you have people purchase tickets for Breakfast with Santa and you don't get to see Santa?
Skrevet 6. desember 2019
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Samuel C
48 bidrag
A Christmas Carol
nov. 2019
We took 3 of our adult children and 5 grandchildren, ages 3 to 12, to a late morning performance of "A Christmas Carol." At $20 a ticket, this was a steal. Easy parking.
Excellent performance. And it was not too long: a little over an hour !
Skrevet 1. desember 2019
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