Mt. Elgon National Park

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Mt. Elgon National Park
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Kampala, Uganda3 bidrag
jan. 2022 • Par
Guiding services are so excellent with experienced guides due to the good management from the Uganda wildlife Authority.
Skrevet 3. januar 2022
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Bangalore, India270 bidrag
feb. 2020
Had quite low expectations before I visited the park! But how it exceed my expectations!

Went on a birding trail (6 hours - about 4-5 kms) through the secondary forest and then on to the Primary rain forest. The UWA exploration centre provided 2 (two!) guides - Joel and Simon. Joel was the birding expert and Simon was the botany expert! Had a such a lovely time walking through the pristine forest on natural trails and on squeaky structures (on difficult spots of the trail). Birding was excellent (given the low visibility in forests) and learnt so much from Joel & Simon! We spotted around 34 bird species!

The Kapkwai Cave and then the Chebonet Falls (destination) were both wonderful!! The cool waters of the fall made a wonderful mid point of our journey! The ending was rewarding with a grateful lunch and wonderful sights of the Narina Trogon in the Exploration centre campus!

How I wish I had decided to stay here in the Exploration centre accommodation - instead of staying in Mbale.

The Park also has multi day trekking options - right upto to Mt Elgon crossing the caldera. Next time I am here - I am definitely going on the long trail. Sure to enjoy it - looking forward to it!

How I would have loved to stay here! The Exploration centre has some very nice lodges (bandas) for visitors as well!
Skrevet 3. april 2020
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Uganda34 bidrag
des. 2019 • Par
The trek to Wagagai - the highest peak of Mt Elgon - is no joke. Everything can be arranged at the Uganda Wildlife Authority office in Budadiri, however we worked with Rose's Last Chance to plan our trek. At Mt Elgon, you're obliged to be escorted by 2 rangers - they function as both security and guide. Costs to enter the NP are $75 per day for foreigners (75,000 UGX for nationals), plus 20,000 UGX per person per night camping. Through Rose's, we hired porters (75,000 per porter per day - definitely needed unless you are are a seasoned and strong backpacker) and cook (20,000 per cook per day - worth every shilling). We paid 25,000 per person per day for food. ... and we also rented a tent, sleeping bag, and mat. There's a few other small costs (boda to/from the trailhead), but overall Mt Elgon is by far more affordable than other NPs in Uganda.

The views are awe-inspiring. The constantly shifting ecosystems (and rugged terrain) ensure you're never bored.
Skrevet 30. desember 2019
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5 bidrag
sep. 2019 • Venner
Do you see hiking Rwenzori or Kilimanjaro would be challenging to you, come to mt.Elgon, 4321m. Has great spectacular scenarios with the world's largest mountain caldera of 40sq km circumference and 8sq km in diamenter. For more information contact +256780134349
Skrevet 29. september 2019
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Hotspot Safaris
Kampala, Uganda4 bidrag
jun. 2019
Fabulous place to enjoy your adventure and explore through hiking which has always brought more memories
Skrevet 21. juli 2019
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Kampala, Uganda11 bidrag
des. 2018 • Venner
This experience exceeded my expectations let's put it that way. The trip was fun with Amazing friends and UWA guides. Our UWA guideS were almost walking Wikipedia of knowledge about local geology and biology. However The accommodations call for tolerance and flexibility, but if you are surrounded by fun friends, you are not really bothered.

The highlight of our trip:
There were several: making it to the highest peak of Mt.Elgon 4321 meters,falls, laughter, sleeping at 8:00 pm on New years Eve.

I highly advise anyone planning on hiking, to take a honest tour company, so many crocs like The one we booked with.
Skrevet 5. februar 2019
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pascqa l
63 bidrag
jul. 2018
One of the best mountains i have hiked in Uganda (and i have hiked many), very comfortable trails especially for the skilled hikers, beautiful scenaries, jaw-dropping beauty, perfect place to escape and connect with nature. I highly recommend hiking Mount Elgon. The fact that one is at liberty to choose the trails that suite them best makes it even more exciting, you could either go for the 3,4 or 5 day trek depending on your level of fitness.
Skrevet 25. september 2018
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Mbale, Uganda131 bidrag
des. 2017 • Venner
If you want a satisfying climb/hike that doesn’t require expert skills or equipment and is closer to home. Look no further than Mount Elgon. It's the 7th highest mountain in Africa at 4,321m and the summit is readily accessible for climbers with limited experience. It's the largest extinct volcano in the world that first/last erupted more than 24 million years ago, with a surface area of 50 km by 80 km. Mount Elgon is the fourth highest mountain in East Africa, with the second-highest peak in Uganda (Wagagi Peak – 4321 metres). It contains crater covering over 40 kms at the top of the mountain, surrounded by a series of rugged peaks.

Mount Elgon National Park is 140km North East of Lake Victoria and 280km from Kampala with estimated driving time of about 6hrs. The Park can be reached quickly by car or bus.
Skrevet 24. juli 2018
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Valley Forge, PA389 bidrag
nov. 2017 • Alene
Mt. Elgon is located in Mount Elgon National Park in Eastern Uganda on the border with Kenya. It’s highest peak is Wagagai, which rises 4,321 meters (14,176 ft) above sea level. The trail to its summit is stunningly beautiful. I wrote this review in the hope that it might help others enjoy this magnificent experience.

Trailhead – There are numberous trailheads to reach Wagagai, both from Uganda and Kenya. The most popular route is the Sasa Trail, which starts in Bumasola, about 40 km from Mbale and 75 km from Sipi Falls. This is the trail I hiked and this review is about this route.

Regulations – You must sign in at the park office in Budadiri. Ranger/guides are mandatory and porters, cook, etc. are encouraged. The wages that you are paying them are low, they work hard and need the work, and are a pleasure to be around. After signing in at the park office you will take a 15 minute boda boda (motor bike) ride up a dirt road to the trailhead in Bumasola.

Options – Summiting Wagagai from Bumasola still gives you options. Choosing the right option for yourself will not only increase your chances of summiting, but will also make for a much more enjoyable adventure.

Typical options include

1. 2 Day
Day 1- Hike from Bumasola to Mude Cave Camp. A total of 7.5 miles and a vertical climb of 5,800 vt. ft.

Day 2 – Hike from Mude Cave Camp to the summit and return to the trailhead at Bumasola using the same trail you ascended. A total of 18 ½ miles and a vertical elevation climb of 3,110 ft.

2. 3 Day
Day 1 – Bumasola to Mude Cave Camp. A total of 7.5 miles and 5,800 vt. ft.

Day 2 – Mude Cave Camp to the summit and return to Mude Cave Camp. A total of 11 miles and 2,910 vt. ft.

Day 3 – Mude Cave Camp to Bumasola. A total of 7.5 miles and 200 vt. ft.

3. 4 Day and longer
After summiting on day 2 like the 3 day option you can cross over to the Sipi Trail and descend by a longer route. There are various campsites on the Sipi Trail, so the descent options are many.

Information – You can call the park office in Budadiri for information and to make all arrangements or do as I did which is to use Sipi River Lodge to arrange everything for you. Sipi River Lodge arranged everything including, permit, guide, porters, food, transport, lodging before and after the hike with meals, rentals such as tent, sleeping bag and pad, etc. Of course it is more expensive, but they did a great job not only organizing the hike, but answering all my questions while I was planning it. They are top notch. Sipi River Lodge has an excellent website detailing the different itinerary options, pack list, maps, etc.

Level of difficulty – this trail is doable for anyone in reasonably good hiking condition, especially if they choose the option (2, 3, or 4 days) that is most appropriate for themselves.

1. Bumasola trailhead 5,840 ft
2. Sasa River Camp 9,540 ft
3. Mude Cave Camp 11,483 ft
4. Wagagai Summit 14,177 ft

The elevation is a factor in this hike. Even if you do not get typical altitude illness symptoms such as headaches, nausea, lack of appetite, etc. you will definitely feel yourself breathing harder than you would expect. If the pace seems too fast for you, it probably is. Slow down. You will increase the probability of a successful summit and enjoy yourself a lot more.

Trail description – the trail is beautiful, climbing through different ecological zones. At first rural subsistence farmland, then forest, then mixed bamboos, and finally the heath zone, with its stunted shrubs and wildflowers. And following the rim of the caldera to Wagagai Peak is spectacular! The steepest sections of the trail are from the trailhead at Bumasola to Sasa River Camp. Don’t get discouraged – it gets easier once you get past this camp.

Weather – The weather on the mountain is unpredictable. Wet conditions can change everything. In places the trail becomes very slippery, especially descending. Factor this in when planning your itinerary and bring what you need for varying conditions and a change of clothes for camp.

Water – There are numerous places to get water along the trail. Purification is recommended. I chose to carry mine. 1 ½ -2 liters per day was sufficient while hiking. Your crew can boil water for you at camp.

Mude Cave Camp is beautiful. It is set amongst old, slow growth pines. The views of the valley are gorgeous. There is an A frame lodge if you would like to sleep in it, but I chose one of the beautiful campsites in the pines. There is a large firepit with benches. It can get chilly at night. An insulated jacket, warm hat, gloves, etc. will come in handy. There are also squat outhouses which were cleaner than I expected.

Time estimates – Of course this is always a difficult thing to estimate due to differences in levels of fitness, pack weight, trail conditions, how often you stop to take pictures, etc. The guidelines below are appropriate for most reasonably fit hikers carrying a pack weight of 15-20 lbs with moderate trail/weather conditions.

1. Bumasola to Sasa River Camp 3-5 hrs
2. Sasa River Camp to Mude Cave Camp 2 ½ - 4 hrs
3. Mude Cave Camp to summit 2- 3 ½ hrs
4. Summit to Mude Cave Camp 1 ½ - 2 ½ hrs
5. Mude Cave Camp to Bumasola 4-7 hrs

Conclusion – I highly recommend this experience. The trail itself was varied and beautiful, and the views stunning. My guides and porters did an excellent job and always had a smile on their face. They were a joy to climb with. And the night camping at Mude Cave Camp in the pines was magical! Climbing Mt. Elgon was the highlight of my trip to Uganda. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
Skrevet 8. desember 2017
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Aruna V
27 bidrag
aug. 2017
One most beautiful forest I have been too with my friends! Very green and tall and old tree with many different verity of tress!its place one must visit!
Skrevet 16. september 2017
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