The Battlefield Line
The Battlefield Line
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Derby, UK1 948 bidrag
des. 2022
We went for the mince pie special and had a mince pie on the outward treat. We had booked through the website which went well and just showed the tickets on the phone. The car park at Shackerstone is an unmade road so do drive slowly and carefully. Nice little station at Shackerstone with a small museum and cafe. We had reasonable sandwiches, pasties and hot drinks at one of the tables under the station canopy. We had a nice Manor Class loco which managed the trip easily and were able to get photos of it by walking towards the shed at Shackerstone. The trip is about 20 minutes and gives nice rural views when it is not raining. Unfortunately there was no cafe at Shenton but we enjoyed the connection to Bosworth Field. There is also a car park at Shenton.
Skrevet 2. januar 2023
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Niki j
Hinckley, UK327 bidrag
des. 2022 • Familie
Hmmm. Not sure what's gone wrong this year, but I can see what others are saying in their negative reviews.

We have been in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2021 and 2022. This was the weakest trip by quite some way.

The first 3 years we were in an open carriage on a lower ticket and always had a blast. The grotto carriage was lovely, the santa kind and authentic and brilliant, age-appropriate gifts.

Last year we upgraded to a higher ticket with a private compartment and a hamper of goodies. This year we decided the same.

Got to the station and due to' water issue' , no toilets available. The entrance seemed cluttered.

Our carriage was fine and we had some Christmas songs. The wine, fruit shoots and mince pies all fine. Not very festive in their presentation though.

Chased someone for a drink order quite early on, and even 5mins later, she didn't recognise me or know where my order slip even was.

Food and drinks arrived near an hour in, so was quite thirsty. (I personally don't drink the wine) Turkey cob was tasty but very dry and the tiniest scrape of stuffing.

It was santa that was disappointing. Like others have said. He was much younger than the previous santa they've had. He seemed very rushed and not massively engaging. My 5 year old got a disney doll which she was happy with. My nearly 2.5 year old got a cuddly dinosaur toy!! Last year at a year younger he had a Mr Potato Head. (That was a little too old for him, but he's grown into it) A cuddly toy for anyone over baby age just isn't very engaging and seemed a cheaper option than previous years.

The train seemed to be stopped a lot with no announcements. Very few lights to see at those stopping points. (And not all lights on at Shackerstone itself)

It's not a cheap trip, but this is the first time we haven't found it to be value for money. Not sure if we will come back or look elsewhere sadly.
Skrevet 24. desember 2022
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Thomas W
1 bidrag
des. 2022 • Familie
This only got rated 1 star as I couldn’t rate it zero! Anyone booked for Xmas Eve 2022 do not put your kids through this, hopefully you see this in time!

Make sure you wear wellies or walking boots/shoes, very muddy walk through the what can only be called a train wreck scrap yard to the ticket office. When you get there you will be greeted by a rude and obnoxious man who is handing out the tickets. He has no manners, no people skills and zero Christmas cheer!

You then board the train, here we go let the Christmas spirit loose… Nope non here either! Santa is rubbish,
Elves are crap, whole experience was extremely poor!

Santa come walking along looking like he had zero interest in being there. He then turns to his ‘elf’ and asks for the present, she replies with ‘oh I have a gift for a 13 year old boy and 9 year old girl, that’s not right is it’ well no I have a 6 year old daughter. She then returns to where ever she got the presents from and come back with a unwrapped gift in a happy shopper carrier bag! Don’t get my wrong my daughter was happy with the present but after Santa has been she was soon very bored. We ended up playing hangman and naughts and crosses on the back off the train ticket!

Also the food and drink on the train was awful, hot chocolates ordered for all 3 of us and it was more like muddy water! (Photos attached)

All in all I will never book this again and I hope people see this in time before they also have this shocking experience I had! I will be complaining and trying to get a full refund as this for me has put a massive downer on what should be full of Christmas cheer!
Skrevet 23. desember 2022
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1 bidrag
des. 2022 • Familie
Booked the Santa express for 4 adults and 3 children (6,4 & 2) for the bronze package. Tried to call to book a 13 yr old on to it too few days prior to going, but to no avail as there is only someone in the office on a Tuesday. So I sent an email asking if it would be possible to book the extra space. Two days later we received a call to say that it would be fine, we explained that he wouldn’t need a present off Santa and the lady said that he with him being 13 he would receive a lynx gift set so all good. We arrived at the station and was parked by attendants that clearly didn’t want to be there, we were waved into a parking space that was quiet a walk from the station when there were spaces further up.
Arrived at the station and booked in, children all very excited about seeing Santa 🎅🏻 and going on a train. We boarded the train and waited for the train to fill up (slight delay waiting on passengers) train now full of happy excited children we set off. Santa arrived in our carriage after about ten minutes (looking like he’d been dragged through a hedge) asked the children if they had been naughty or nice ? And if they could name all his reindeers ? Forgot to ask their names & what they would like this yr for Christmas. Handed out the presents with the help of what I think was one of his elf’s. Presents weren’t wrapped and just taken out of a plastic carrier bag presents weren’t up to previous yrs (2 yr old got a pack of cards ✅ 4 yr old got a card puzzle ✅ 6yr old had a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle of dogs with pop singers names (not appropriate) and the 13 yr old got timber game again not age appropriate but he was grateful that he got something as he wasn’t aware that he would get something). Santa moved on swiftly to the next table. We arrived at Bosworth station and came to a stop 🛑 we sat waiting wondering what was happening no atmosphere, no Christmas music no explanation as to why we’d stopped. We asked if there were toilets as one of us needed to go (was told no toilets on the train and that we would have to wait till we arrive at the next stop (shenton). Off we went again to the next stop, on departing Bosworth station the view out the window was dreadful looked more like a scrap yard with stuff not even related to trains piled up (could do with a lot of TLC and a good clear up). Arrived at shenton and it was a mad rush for the toilets. All aboard for the return journey and the children were still sat waiting for something magical to happen. Arrived at shackerstone and the carriage doors opened (no steps were attached which meant it was a long way down to the platform). This was when the only magical thing happened as the children were amazed by the steam from the train as it was detached from the carriages. What should of been magical experience was shambolic and disappointing. Won’t be booking again as nothing like previous yrs ago when we had fairies come round balloon modelling, Christmas music playing and gifts that were wrapped that are age specific, along with smiling happy staff.
Skrevet 20. desember 2022
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Leicestershire, UK5 bidrag
des. 2022 • Familie
Myself, daughter and grandchildren attended the Shackerstone Railway line for the Santa train ride on Sunday
Arriving in good time, we were made late by somebody who insisted on telling each individual car that the toilet wasn’t working, unnecessary and disorganised from the start, they could’ve just told us when we all got into the station
Once on the train we were met by unsmiling, unfriendly and very unfestive staff who made a big deal of going up and down the carriages looking flustered when all they were doing was handing over drinks. On that note, we weren’t even offered a drink for the whole two hours. We injured this ride, we were totally ignored.
Santa came, barely smiled, said a couple of words and then moved on. The train was stationary for most of the ride while Santa made his way through every carriageway, everybody else just sat and waited whilst absolutely nothing happened.!!
There was absolutely no atmosphere, children just looked around, waiting for something to happen, nothing ever did. After half an hour, my grandson asked whether we could get off the train, nobody knew what was happening next.
We eventually went on to the next train station where people escaped for five minutes, we actually contemplated getting off and getting a taxi back. Unfortunately we got back on to go through the whole thing all the way back, a good two hours of my life that I’ll never get back!!!
It was a total waste of money, I felt so sorry for all the children who were looked. Very disappointed.
I contacted the manager to advise that it was a very poor show, he messaged me back and just said you’ve got what you paid for and didn’t message me again, so rude.
If you’re thinking of taking your children for an exciting train ride to see Santa avoid this ride, you will be really disappointed,
Skrevet 20. desember 2022
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Real Food Fan
Wolverhampton, UK6 bidrag
des. 2022
Well what a fun day out. We have chosen the Battlefield Line as some of the other Santa trains around are getting rather pricey. This little Railway Line is packed with very enthusiastic volunteers, although the cold did get to a few of them who looked decidedly as if they would rather be at home in front of a cosy fire. The costs are more reasonable and we finished the day off with fish and chips at The Dixie Arms Hotel at Market Bosworth. We came as a large family of 21, with a few friends too. And we made our own fun. Took up nearly a half an open carriage as we have learnt from experience that you cannot chat to each other while stuck in several small carriage compartments.
Santa was interesting but we got him laughing and even Mrs Claus giggled. Well Done to all the volunteers. Keep up the Christmas Spirit and have a lot of fun. In these times of uncertainty, we all need cheering up and so lets encourage each other on to even greater heights of Joy and Merriment. The words of this carol are particularly APT.
""O little town of Bethlehem, How still we see thee lie!
Above thy deep and dreamless sleep The silent stars go by;
Yet in thy dark streets shineth, The everlasting Light;
The hopes and fears of all the years Are met in thee tonight.

For Christ is born of Mary, And gathered all above,
While mortals sleep, the angels keep, Their watch of wond’ring love.
O morning stars together Proclaim the holy birth,
And praises sing to God the King, And Peace to men on earth!

How silently, how silently The wondrous gift is given!
So God imparts to human hearts The blessings of His heaven.
No ear may hear His coming, But in this world of sin,
Where meek souls will receive Him still, The dear Christ enters in.

O holy Child of Bethlehem! Descend to us, we pray;
Cast out our sin and enter in, Be born to us today.
We hear the Christmas angels The great glad tidings tell;
O come to us, abide with us, Our Lord Immanuel!

CAROLS and MUSIC in the carriages would be nice. PLEASE.
Skrevet 20. desember 2022
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Coventry3 bidrag
nov. 2022 • Familie
We recently booked and attended a much anticipated Santa train experience at the Battlefield Line at Shackerstone Railway.

The outing was arranged for our children who were very excited about meeting Santa and going on there first train ride, unfortunately the whole experience left our kids very upset and somewhat bemused of the atmosphere missing from the event in what should be an exciting and magical time for them.

From the adults perspective we were very disappointed in the value for money as £160 for 4 adults 4 children in a small carriage with no luxury .

We did expect a traditional train and a reminder of how trains rides were in times gone by, we also appreciate the hard work that the members of staff go through to maintain and keep the station as it was many years ago however the Santa experience was somewhat lacking Christmas spirit and the enthusiasm you would expect. We also expected the show / experience to be led by the staff as we were the guests not to be the people creating the show, Santa only asked the kids their names and what they wanted for Christmas and stood there expecting us to do the talking and left quickly after.

The example I can give on how far this was away from a magical Santa experience was that my son told Santa we were in the train to see Santa as he didn’t realise even that this was Santa!!! . Santa visited us in the first 5 mins it was a young man with no enthusiasm and his costume looked awful we were then left alone other than to receive our drinks order for the rest of the 90 mins! no activities no one trying to jolly up the kids etc

Our 2 year old was given a present suitable for a 6-12 month old – some boring in the night garden foam bath characters which she showed no interest in.

Many People had commented on ‘Atmosphere’ on reviews but we experienced no sure thing as there was No Christmas music on the train and we even resorted to using our phones to generate some warm feeling of Christmas when we had signal that is.

We did book a night train thinking there would be an array of Christmas lights and a train ride full of amazing views and to help with the ‘warm’ feeling of Christmas – Unfortunately we never experienced that

We are fully aware that Santa has a busy time when it’s to do with Christmas and visiting kids but I am sure he could of spent more than 5 minutes bringing to life what the children believe about Christmas. The drinks that were supplied for the adults were not to our liking but I understand you cannot please everyone however there was a drinks service but unfortunately took 45 mins to order and gets our drinks.

When we called to complain we were told due to covid they left the carriages alone as people wanted to be left alone which is an embarrassing excuse as we are a country that needs to come back together amongst the tough times we have all faced, this cannot be used as an excuse for little effort and if we had known this we would never have booked.

On the same call we were told there was more atmosphere with the bronze ticket with everyone together so basically told we paid more and got less value.

We were asked to write a letter of complaint which we did and we were completely dismissed by them saying we got everything we paid for, the didn’t agree with our points which were the complete truth! and as we didn’t mention anything on the day it’s too late to do anything. When we left the train it was late wet and dark and crowded with people and we had young children we wanted to be away from the experience as soon as possible and get our children to bed not hang around and complain instead we called the next day. Disgusting responses when we have paid so much for this rubbish experience.

It’s fair to say we were more excited getting off the train and getting home than enjoying a magical train ride with friends
Skrevet 10. desember 2022
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Lance C
1 bidrag
des. 2022 • Familie
What an amazing experience we had on the santa train. Our 3 year old and 7 month pld had a great time. They loved meeting santa and the lovely presents they were given. Really friendly staff and well worth the silver package price.
The presents were far better than I'd imagined.
We'll definitely be going next year!
Skrevet 3. desember 2022
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Ellie J
Leicester, UK51 bidrag
sep. 2022 • Familie
We visited for a family birthday treat and went on the diesel train. The enthusiasm of the staff there really makes the experience. The young train driver really took time out to let our little boy and my mum in the cab and show them how it all works. This was sorted out by one of the volunteers we got talking to at the station. The museum is really interesting and the second hand shop charming. We also really enjoyed the glass blowing studio, a great opportunity to see an artist at work. The only improvement I could suggest is that you are missing a trick with the tearoom. The food wasn't great and the situ is ideal for doing cream teas etc. If you upped the quality of the offering you could make really good money on this. Despite this I would say highly recommended.
Skrevet 11. september 2022
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Charlie P
Solihull, UK13 bidrag
aug. 2022 • Par
A much delayed birthday experience due to Covid lockdowns. The staff could not have been more helpful and I really enjoyed driving 419 an 1907 beauty up and down the length of this line.
I even got to help giving the engine a clean before the day’s duties.

This volunteer run Enthusiasts Railway is delightfully informal - which is really great to see.

A short walk to the Battle of Bosworth site is an added bonus.
Skrevet 30. august 2022
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