F1 - Australian Grand Prix
F1 - Australian Grand Prix
Den fjerne lyden av skrikende motorer lokker lenge før du kommer frem til dette ikoniske, australske bilracet. Vær forberedt på mye støy, action og at australierne er – vel, australske! Denne helgen i mars tilbyr all den spenningen du kan forvente når du blander australiere, raske biler og fri flyt av øl. Velg en luksuriøs VIP-opplevelse eller ta plass på de store tribunene for en riktig autentisk opplevelse. Og mens du først er der – ta dagens energi med deg inn i natten, og hiv deg med på et av nachspielene og ta del i det unike særpreget Melbourne har å tilby.
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Glen F
2 bidrag
apr. 2023 • Par
We booked premium covered seats at frangio stand for 750 aud each. The arrangements were bad and it was muddy at the entrance with no clear directions. Felt they weren’t worth what we paid as we had a pillar affecting our view. It was a money making event for F1. Record breaking More people meant more trouble for the patrons who already booked earlier. Food was ultra expensive and had lines about 1/2 to 1 hr long. Getting to and out of the event was a horrible experience enough to be a super spreader event .
Must say I’ll skip Melbourne going ahead and just continue to watch the event on the tv. It’s money thrown in the bin. I might visit other countries instead .
Skrevet 17. mai 2023
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Lizzie Lichtnecker
New Zealand2 bidrag
apr. 2023
Had a blast, but need deep pockets, the entry fee and Stand tickets need saving for! No point doing general admission, there were 130,000 people in Albert Park on Sunday and at 5 foot 3, I found in 2022, it was pointless trying to view the track. This year a huge improvement on 2022 with water available and more food stalls, more big screens, the year before was pitiful. The only criticism would be the idiocy of restarting from the grid with three laps to go. The carnage at turn one was heartbreaking, with cars destroyed as every driver back in with a chance, and then to ice the cake of stupidity, they ran one more lap under the safety car! WTF the race should have been called with 3 to go and all this crap would have been avoided. Not sure whose decision it was but someone needed his/her head reading. What were they thinking! Could only have been heat stroke from the sunny day!
Skrevet 6. april 2023
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Jeffry b
Essendon, Australia13 793 bidrag
aug. 2022
The Australian F1 Grand Prix extravaganza returns to Albert Park from 30 Match to 22 April 2023. After the Covid induced hiatus, the Australian Grand Prix has returned to Melbourne bigger and better than ever. The Australian Grand Prix is always a huge event, making your bookings early if you want to join the celebrations.
Skrevet 26. august 2022
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Darwin, Australia2 020 bidrag
apr. 2022 • Venner
Finally managed to get here for the Formula 1. Attended over the full 4 days so was able to explore the track and venues around the park. Great set up and excellent use of the facility, very easy to get around and made for a fantastic event and weekend overall.
Skrevet 18. april 2022
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Mooloolaba6 bidrag
apr. 2022
As per the other reviews I was extremely disappointed in the level of support given given to patrons.
The issues covered ticketing (we had to get some of our tickets at the gate - some arrived in advance but others didn't), trying to get out through Gate 1 after qualifying was like sitting in a cattle truck for 1 hour and probably a great super spreader (as we approached the gate some person on a loud speaker informed the masses - it will be a 1 hour wait for a tram - fantastic!) , food and drink queues were insane, no data coverage to look at maps or anything else, very little shade.
They may have set a record this year for attendance due to post COVID demand but I am sure many wont return and I am one of them
Skrevet 13. april 2022
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Queensland, Australia35 bidrag
apr. 2022 • Familie
This is a huge operation so that needs to be considered, however with respect there are things that need a lot of attention. First up some of the security need to learn manners and start to act in a professional way and show some respect. People have paid a of a lot money and in some cases a huge effort to attend this event. We witnessed security talking to patrons in a far from respectful way. One lady called the security fellow out and reminded him how to speak properly, when she walked away he shrugged his shoulders and said what’s up with her. Maybe utilise security outside the perimeter as when walking in and seeing people on fences sitting there with a great view it’s not very nice for paying patrons. Secondly the prices of food is nothing short of robbery, $22 for a small burger. Food vendors don’t put prices on display either so after you line up for an hour and order you get the surprise. Food vendors say it’s cause of the high prices they are forced to pay to operate at the event. It’s disgusting whatever the reason is. The free drinking water to recharge your bottle is not bad for a 20 minute line up in the stinking hot sun, and a 20 minute walk most times.
This event is massively under serviced with a lack of food outlets near turn 11 for example, one little outlet for hot food. No doubt this is to force people towards the main area to pay absolutely high prices for merchandise. Plenty of Heineken outlets around the track tho. When the F1 cars are operating the mobile phone data network seems to die, not sure if it’s been jammed on purpose or if it’s overloaded. Either way not good especially if you have to rely on it for business related emails during the day. This also has an affect on the pos terminals at the merchandise and food outlets. Another reason the lineups are so big. Entertainment stages are a good idea but it’s either dreary accoustic stuff or doof doof. Doesn’t really matter it’s a Motorsport event not a concert.
Speaking of entertainment, what was that rubbish pre race on the big screens? Dj’s in a booth? The female yelling into the microphone etc. this is meant to be a world class event. How embarrassing. The two biggest cheers from the crowd all weekend were when Daniel came past on his parade lap and when the pre race entertainment said this is our last song. The displays are ok and if you get in for a look most times worth it.
The track / pit walk $275 p/p. Wouldn’t do it again. I’m so cranky I paid for this. Both times had security pushing it along saying things like, one photo only, keep moving nothing to see here. Friday night after all track activity had finished. Rather then displaying your inability to keep a crowd moving by pushing the people at the rear along with no where to go forward, try to keep the front moving so the line can follow. Or maybe reduce the size of the groups. We didn’t get to walk the length of the track and the pit side was closed off. The sound system at the grand stand we sat at had spread out speakers that were low in level. It’s never expected to hear the PA system during on track activities but given the gaps between events it would be nice to hear the audio even if it’s way out of sync with the LED screens. Given the outrageous prices for everything attention to detail should be better. They knew the ticket sales so no excuses. 4 categories of Motorsport isn’t really enough considering what this country has to offer, TCR would work well at this event. S5000 is good and suited, Porsche is borderline, Supercars is probably necessary. Super kart’s could work or Sports Sedans. The same categories each day gets boring.
Would probably just watch on TV in the future unless prices become realistic and services for patrons are improved. It’s good for yourselves to keep telling people it’s the biggest attendance ever etc but when we are lining up in the hot sun for an hour missing out on the track action paying a tone of dough for crap food to create the opportunity to go stand and line up at a plastic toilet block leaking effluent later in the day for 20 minutes to erase the food memory it’s not exactly pleasant.
There seems to be a lot of hype about it being the biggest and best yet atm going around, if that’s the best I’d suggest just staying at home, saving money and enjoy the broadcast. The little things that make big differences were missed and that made a poor show.
Skrevet 11. april 2022
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2 bidrag
apr. 2022 • Familie
As others have stated the facilities were totally inadequate. We had our water confiscated at the gate to be allowed to buy water for $5 once inside. That was the last time we were able to get drinks.

Queues were rediculously long and three times we lined up for over an hour to be told they had sold out, absolute joke! We ended up leaving early, last straw was the raw sewerage pouring out of the toilets on two seperate areas.

Also loved how people outside were allowed to climb the fences and trees and watch with a better view for free. Most viewing areas you were unable to see the cars as it was level and below the track. The few hills were totally packed and unable to see at all.

Always wanted to see the GP but never again. An absolute waste. Digital maps didn’t work most of the time so you had no idea were to go, they didn’t think to add large maps around the grounds just some pointless signs with no info.

I’ve been to many race circuits both here and overseas, Indy etc but never experienced anything close to this shambles.
Skrevet 11. april 2022
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Perth, Australia54 bidrag
apr. 2022 • Par
Reviewing the venue. Not the Motorsport.

This wasn’t our first F1 event, first Australian F1 GP but it was the most disappointing. 4 day GA tickets. Pit Stop sports Bar upgrade. Aus GP access premium tokens

Poorly organised, poorly managed, poorly delivered customer experience.

Pre-event, not all our tickets arrived. We ordered collector tickets, they arrived without the lanyard, which we we collected on site. Nothing special about it.

We spent hours on Thursday trying to pick up our missing tickets. We got passed around help desk to info desk to activation desk. Nobody had a clue. Ticketmaster were missing inaction and they don’t have phones. We managed to sort it Friday by chance - then Ticketmaster got in touch!

Overall signage was poor. Not easy to navigate without a map/app (more on that later). Simple “keep left” signs on walkways and stairs/bridges would have helped so much with the flow of crowds.

Gates opened between 930 and 9am depending on the day. Track events started before on at that time so we’re fully or partially missed by the time you got to the track. Most Drivers arrived long before that (see Melbourne walk later in review). Racing finished between 5 and 6pm with some music events going until after 7pm. All entry/exit gates closed at 6:30pm except gates 1 and 8. Tough if they are at the opposite end of the park from where you are or to where you need to be! Also much of the park grounds were dark after about 6pm. No lights. iPhone torch was used each evening.

Info and help desk teams seemed keen to please, but lacked the resources or support to actually help. There were to many apps/maps/guides/links across F1 and Aus GP platforms all with different info or variances on same info. Some just didn’t work. Inconsistent.

The offering outside of the track action was disappointing. It was disparate and spread out largely with some performances during track action. Made it around all the “regions” zones. Nothing wowed us (although the classic cars from local clubs were great to see). Walked the full track Perimeter twice. Lots of good viewing for GA ticket holders. Not always well supported by facilities unfortunately.

Aus GP access tokens? Rip off. Waste of money. Digital content was average at best and offer was over hyped under delivered (or falsely advertised).

Melbourne walk “exclusive viewing area” was not actually managed properly until Saturday and was about as exclusive as a Bunnings sausage sizzle. 6 deep at the fence. Two inadequate raised platforms (3m wide) and nothing special. No screens to see who was coming. Didn’t even bother on Sunday. Mayhem. Public area FOC was exactly the same experience, arguable better as it was 3 times the size- so what did we pay extra for? Website said you couldn’t get to the walk unless you were grandstand or walk pass access. That was just not true. Everyone had access.

Walker main straight walk. “Walk the walker main straight in full event mode…” Nope. 6:20pm Friday. The straight was dark. Lights out. There must have been a couple of thousand people. The main straight was half closed off all down the pit lane side. The interesting side. Sure we got to stand on Pole position, but we did that after the race on Sunday, in the daylight, when the pit lane side of the straight was open, garages and cars fully visible. Sure it was much busier on Sunday, but it was free and had a better experience and photo opportunities. Friday was just another waste of money. A con.

Pit-stop sports bar.

“Upgrade your Park Pass (GA) ticket to include access to the Pitstop Sportsbar. Located at Turn 13 with a private bar and food facilities as well as your own superscreens, this is the perfect chill-out zone for you and your group of friends”.

Another con. Complete waste of $500 ($250pp) and a misrepresentation the ACCC would be proud of!

This “upgrade” sold out weeks in advance. So they knew how many were coming. Chronically over sold. Area was over capacity based on lack of furniture, sun shading and facilities. It didn’t even open the same time as the entry gates - causing more queues setting the standard for the venue as it turned out.

Private bar? Only one bar with just 2 staff and 2 tills and no queue management at all on Friday. That became 3 tills and 6 staff and a managed queue on Saturday. But that didn’t help the massive queue of over 300 meters at times, well over an hour to get a drink at times. Just 4 drinks per person. A couple can’t leave their space/seats together or they lose it. It takes over an hour to get a 4 drinks. 2 each. And back to the queue. Easy to spend all day queuing for a couple let alone a family. The queue was often that long it was quicker to do the 700m round trip to a non private bar. The queue also often extended so far it blocked the view of the track for customers in the main viewing area!

Private food facilities? A pizza van. And a fried chicken van. That’s it. (The bar even ran out of Crisps) Melbourne the foody capital of Australia. On Saturday the wait time for a pizza pre qualifying was over 2 hours. The queues for both were horrendous.

“Your own super screens”? If 4 X 46” tv’s is what passes as a super screen in Victoria then fine. Because that’s all there was Friday/Sat in one area under the tents, not visible to all (or anyone more than 3 meters away!)There was a super screen behind the bar, for the grandstands opposite and barely visible to the sports bar majority. On Sunday arvo a truck turned up with a screen on it and parked over at the back of the enclosed area. Again not visible to most. Laughable.

“Perfect chill out zone” as if spending most of your time queuing for drinks and food, jostling for a seat and a view of the track or the screens wasn’t bad enough, it soon became obvious that there were dozens if not hundreds of people in the area who had not paid to be there. They had no wristbands. Security were totally overwhelmed and under staffed. (I wondered what the agreed safety ratio /RSA ratio was supposed to be?) It was only on Sunday when customers started to complain that they started to act to evict them.

Then on Sunday, the busiest sunniest hottest day of the weekend an “official” decided it was “too windy” and started to take down all the shade umbrella’s! Families and one wheelchair user arbitrarily plunged in to full sunlight having turned up early to secure appropriate seating for them. My weather app said gusts of 20kmh. A joke right? Nobody returned to put them back up when the hazardous storm passed (sarcasm) and customers took it in to their own hands eventually.

Prices? Drinks were $10 -$12.50 for a 330ml or 375ml beer, cider, premix. $9.50 for 150ml wine. 4 drinks max per person at service, so that’s $50 a round. I expect premium prices at these events. People say Singapore is expensive. It was $12-13 for a
Pint of 500ml of beer there, without the bonus queues. Coming from WA $12 a pint is normal.

Obviously the sports bar experience tainted the overall experience but that was just symptomatic of the broader poorly delivered event.

Sorry Melbourne Victoria, we won’t be back for the next one. Overall Singapore was a better experience on and off the track and didn’t actually cost any more to do. Aus GP was a let down.
Skrevet 10. april 2022
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Gallivant A
Melbourne, Australia1 bidrag
apr. 2022
2022 - a farce
I’ve been to the Australian GP every year it’s ran since 1995.over those years it has been honed and perfected to become one of the greatest gps on the calendar. UNITIL 2022. The longest queues for food and drink I have ever seen. I went all day without food and rarely had a drink as the queues were so long it was pointless. This occurred today , Saturday. If you are going tomorrow , the main race day, and you are not in a facility. I pity you . Also the flypast that has occurred every year did not this year . Very disappointed and embarrassed for Melbourne . One star
Skrevet 9. april 2022
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Andreea S
6 bidrag
apr. 2022 • Par
Everything here is so unorganized, customer service is truly bad( no one says hi, smiles, or knows any details to help you).. they have posters at the lounges offering free products but they don't exist. There is only one bar and there is a constant long line. staff is rude and does not know how to operate their card processors... if they make a mistake they will not fix it. I have seen way better events and customer service in less developed countries. Australia is a joke. 😑 you pay for a great experience which gets ruined by the employees. Painful and unfair! I have been to over 40 countries , I experienced different situations and this(being in Australia) is laughable, in a sad way
Skrevet 6. april 2022
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