The Gusto Lounge

The Gusto Lounge anmeldelser, Kansas City

The Gusto Lounge
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Samantha W.
3 bidrag
jul. 2014 • Venner
They told my father in law, that the sleeves on his short sleeved button up shirt were too long. They should not go past the elbow. I understand clubs and bars have dress codes, but what on Earth is the purpose for this regulation? If people are allowed in with long sleeves, why does it matter if your short sleeve passes your elbow??? My assumption is, normally African American males wear slightly bigger shirts that cause the sleeve to pass the elbow. In that case this club is trying to limit the amount of African Americans that come into their establishment. When my father in law stated he will just roll up his sleeve one time, the bouncer stated there can be no modifications to allow his entrance into the club. This is a blatant sign of discrimination and disrespect towards their customers. This dress regulation is highly unnecessary and makes no sense at all.
Skrevet 7. juli 2014
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