Bogert Pool

Bogert Pool anmeldelser, Bozeman

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Victoria A
1 bidrag
jul. 2020 • Familie
Hopefully a pool isn’t the reason to visit Bozeman. It’s a municipal pool and is perfect for the random 90°+ day, but shouldn’t be the highlight of your trip like it would be if you were going to Belize or something. 😂

Go tubing down the Madison or Gallatin, do some hiking, climbing, fishing, biking. Enjoy nature! Isn’t that why you’re here?
Skrevet 14. juni 2021
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Bozeman, MT18 bidrag
jul. 2019
We have been twice and I doubt we will try again. The first time early Summer I kept getting pieces of paint from the bottom stuck on me. The second time mid Summer it was very busy and overwhelming for the kids, which aren't most places? But still, not a must see place by any means. And the rule about needing to bring a piece of mail to prove residency but not accepting a Montana Driver's license showing Bozeman as the residence? Massive face palm on that rule.
Skrevet 12. september 2019
Denne anmeldelsen er den subjektive meningen til et Tripadvisor-medlem og ikke fra TripAdvisor LLC.

Bozeman, MT121 bidrag
jun. 2016 • Alene
Bogert Pool is the outdoor pool under the Aquatic department in the city of Bozeman. They have rec swim, lap swimming, and lessons available.

I have no complaints about the facility. It is quite basic/expected for a city recreational pool. The Swim Center is the inside option at another location (also under the aquatics department umbrella) with also acceptable facilities.

The staff is really hit or miss at either the Swim Center or Bogert Pool. I bought a swim pass (can only purchase at Swim Center) and had a conversation with the staff member and he said certainly the pass could be used at Bogert Pool. He assured me of that. The website was not working for a period so I was not able to double-check, but I thought that the staff member should know since he sold me the pass with this information. This was a few months before Bogert Pool opened.

I went to Bogert Pool on a Monday and was able to lap swim just fine with use of the pass. There was nobody else lap swimming that morning. When I went back on Wednesday to swim the staff member entered my information. I left to get a CC in my car to buy goggles and when I came back he said I could not use my swim center pass. He said I could only use it after 5. I asked why the swim center had not notified me about this when purchasing the pass, and also asked why I was allowed to use it on Monday with no issues. I also wondered why he had taken my card in the first place?

He was unable to provide an explanation other than those were the rules. I am fine with the rules as the rules, but if there is lack of consistency this looks unprofessional. Also, "give them the pickle!" He had already taken my information, and now wanted me to pay. He took my credit card and was going to take my money then he looked confused and said "oh, we only take checks or cash." That is totally fine, but this seemed brand new news to him as well.

I decided the entire thing was not worth the money and left. All in all, the staff often seems disorganized and unsure of information. If they are unsure about any information they should contact their supervisor to get the correct answer. They also were just standing near the front desk with a line of people waiting and the guy looked totally uninterested in assisting anyone. He turned around and said, "Oh, can I help you with something?" Hmmm...obviously if a line of people are waiting they are probably requesting your assistance!

A few other staff members at the Swim Center also seem totally disinterested in answering questions. I get that it is a probably low-paying and sometimes seasonal job (but I've had many of those too and still tried to treat the job professionally and treated customers with respect).

There are a few excellent staff members at the Swim Center, so kudos to them for trying to keep things professional!
Skrevet 23. juni 2016
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