Thames Path National Trail

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Thames Path National Trail
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Chelmsford, UK224 bidrag
mai 2022 • Alene
Lovely and varied path through beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. Only went from Oxford to Marlow over 5 days. Some great pubs and places to stop on the way.
Used ‘walk the Thames’ bag transfer service which meant little to carry as bags were picked up each morning and were waiting for me at the next hotel. Highly recommended service. Very reliable- texted me every day with updates on pick up and delivery times
Skrevet 30. mai 2022
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Swindon, UK2 880 bidrag
apr. 2021
Driving up to Cirencester, stopped off to walk some of the Thames Path.
Nice walk to the source of the River Thames near Kemble.
Not overly well signposted, but we got there in the end.
Well worth exploring the source of the mighty Rover Thames!
Skrevet 5. april 2021
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Henderson, NV26 bidrag
sep. 2019 • Venner provided this service for the four of us. We set our hotel/BandB/Inn or Pub and provided the dates and addresses. Deep Kapur sent a quote which we were able to modify when some late changes occurred. He provided both email and emergency phone number if needed. All deliveries we on time and correct.

I have also written to National Trails of UK to be their referred to contact.
Skrevet 30. september 2019
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Greensboro NC545 bidrag
jun. 2018 • Par
My wife and I enjoy walking in Britain, with its well tended beauty and abundance of fascinating trails, not to mention the many who welcome and appreciate hikers.

She saw that I was reading up on the Thames Path Trail and stated she would like to give it a try this summer, so we did. She liked the fact that it is essentially level, well marked, and historic, and that we could spend some time in London afterward.

Since we would be spending time in London afterward, we planned to start at Staines Bridge, near historic Runnymede, and walk east to the source - a distance of about 135 miles. This would afford us the chance to focus on the countryside and perhaps do the urban part another time. It took us 9.5 days.

Things we really liked:

1. Convenience. From Heathrow Airport, it was only about a 12 minute taxi ride to Staines Bridge. From there we promptly began our walk and wound up walking 14 miles that day, having been invigorated by the fresh air. The trail is well marked, and the latest Cicerone guide by Hatts, with extra map material, was plenty.

2. Flexibility. With a relative abundance of towns along the way, booking a room in advance was not required; finding a room was not difficult, with the exception of one small town which was having an event which caused us to walk five more miles one evening to the next (larger) town on the trail. We each brought only a small pack weighing 10-12 pounds, which we had carefully packed with extra clothes, sleeping gear, and everything else we would need. This approach, for example, also enabled us to stop early after one half-day walk in the delightful village of Sonning, to attend an unanticipated hilarious play at a dinner theatre near the bridge. We were also able to spend an extra day in Oxford and sample its many offerings.

3. History. All along the route were reminders of historic events, such as Runnymede's Magna Carta (love the 1400 year old yew tree) and Sir Walter Raleigh's conviction for treason, plus Roman, Viking, and other sites ... everywhere! And the ancient churches and WW2 pillboxes.

4. Beauty. The Thames is beautifully maintained and preserved, and is very tidy with the exception of a small area west of Reading (surprising). The river and stream side are absolutely beautiful, and we enjoyed seeing deer and red kites on a regular basis.

5. Lovely inns, pubs, and food. As for pubs, we really liked Marlow's Two Brewers, Oxford's Wig and Pen, Red Lion in Castle Eaton, and Thames Head (with Ben, its amazing proprietor) near the source. Lodging and food at the Beetle and Wedge in Moulsford will never be forgotten, and the Thai meal at the Jigsaw in Cricklade really shone. So many more.

6. Good health. Walking about 14 miles per day for this period of time got us into pretty good shape, and both relaxed and energized us. We both lost a few pounds and felt great.

7. People. Saving the best until last, it must be said that the interesting and helpful people along the route were the real highlight. At lodgings and inns, service was helpful and understanding when questions (even dumb ones) were asked. All along the trail we encountered fellow walkers both local and from around the world who were really fun to just stop and have a chat with, and we also picked up many helpful hints on where to stay, etc. from them. Plus, if you walk a substantial part of the Thames Path and notify the Thames Path officials of that fact, they will send you a nice certificate with your names on it.

Giving the Thames Path a go is highly recommended ... you will be glad you did.
Skrevet 2. oktober 2018
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Warrington, UK161 bidrag
sep. 2018
My Thames path journey began in 2017 - I live in the north, so every trip requires planning and time out of my schedule - not to mention childcare.

So far I’ve walked from Westminster to Wallingford in Oxfordshire in five (one day) sections;

- Westminster to Teddington
- Teddington to Datchet
- Datchet to Marlow
- Marlow to Caversham
- Caversham to Wallingford

Distance has been 30-40km per day. The best time of year to walk has been September and May. A walk in March (Datchet to Marlow) was exceptionally hard work due to thick mud, for which we were unprepared. It would be useful if walkers had a website to update on conditions.

Westminster to Teddington followed good paths and I would be confident to walk it as a lone female. It was busy throughout the length with walkers, joggers and rowers. There were several opportunities to stop and buy lunch, however I was disappointed in how far the path deviated from the river in Battersea, where it is also poorly signposted.

Teddington to Datchet was enjoyable, passing Hampton Court, however I might not have been confident with this as a lone female, especially around Staines and on the rather lonely stretch approaching Datchet. Beautiful riverside pubs along the way. The section between Runnymede and Datchet deviated away from the river for a long period and was muddy despite largely dry conditions.

Datchet to Marlow involved walking through muddy fields and woods at the end of March; the path was badly defined and there were some very tricky spots in Datchet, flooded towpath was difficult to navigate after Windsor, and a long stretch without facilities before Maidenhead. I would not have walked this alone. Good choice of pubs in Cookham. We would have progressed to Henley but the fields after Marlow were ankle deep in water and we felt unable to continue the 13km with wet feet. Watch out for the signage directing you over the railway bridge on the approach to Marlow; we didn’t spot it and went 3km in the wrong direction with no option but to turn back.

Marlow to Caversham was my favourite stretch, particularly the wooden section after Henley, but the path between Shiplake and Sonning was long and featureless - the terrain was also uneven and uncomfortable on the feet. The path here tracks through the back gardens of a long row of terraced houses - an interesting public right of way, even though the signs might direct you away. Each garden has a gate through to their neighbours house and you are free to pass.

Caversham to Wallingford was beautiful for the most part, with the exception of a deviation through a housing estate at Purley and along an A road at Moulsford. Choice of pubs at Pangbourne/Whitchuch before a climb up to the bridlepath and up and down a rather steep hill at Goring gap, where the river cannot often be seen. Goring is lovely, it’s the location of George Michael’s house. There’s a gorgeous tea room not far from the river and a train line back to Reading. Section from Goring to Wallingford mainly through meadows, so poorly defined. The river begins to narrow but you often can’t see it due to shrubbery. One pub along this 12km stretch. This fifth section of the path was mainly busy and largely felt safe, with the exception of a part near west Reading, where a couple of blokes looked quite menacing and I’d have hated to have been alone. Buses back to Reading in Wallingford, running until mid evening.

Hoping to complete more in 2019. Recent discovery of the Thames Path App has helped enormously; it shows exactly where you are in relation to the path, which is invaluable.

Skrevet 16. september 2018
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Calgary, Canada106 bidrag
sep. 2018 • Venner
Just completed the Thames Path walking from the source, near Kemble, to The Thames Barrier, just east of Greenwich. After 13 days and 180+ miles it was so satisfying to have that celebratory pint at the Anchor & Prayer. Did the walk in two sections and two trips to the UK. The source to Reading and Reading to the Barrier.
The peacefulness of the first walk were matched by the variety of the second. I was amazed at how few people there were on the trail as we approached London (with the exception of Westminster Bridge to Tower Bridge).
Skrevet 8. september 2018
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Bury St. Edmunds, UK100 bidrag
aug. 2018 • Par
We picked up the path at Cotswold's country park and Beach at Summerford Keynes heading east towards London, the sign from the road was missing at the Mill so we had to turn back, once on the path it was easy going, well signposted, wild life was in abundance, we saw on our few miles to Ashton Keynes a water vole, edible snail, swans, and two American red signal crayfish, unfortunately these are an invading species and killing off the native English crayfish. One thing that I found quite distressing is the piles of dog poo all over the path, one really has to watch every step. Dog owners real need to address this problem, we do, either pick it up or stick and flick into the bushes but please don't leave it in the path, worst still in a bag on the path.... It's really not that difficult...
Our high light was at Ashton Keynes, small very picturesque village, on house had on the wall outside a few plastic tubs of sweets and biscuits for sale which was a great idea.
Skrevet 16. august 2018
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Denise D
Norwich, UK72 bidrag
aug. 2018 • Par
Have now just completed the whole of the Thames path. 1st started 6years ago in London from woolwich and walked all the way to Oxford in 8 days. This time we started at the source just outside Kemble and walked from there to Oxford. On both occasions it could be hard going if your carrying your things with you and also you need to take into account the extra miles walking from the river to your accommodation. I would advise to book your accommodation in advance and plan your walk within easy reach of it.
The path itself is very good for walking on through London to Henley after that the terrain chNges and you could be walking across fields or on paths that could be storey and uneven. A good pair of walking boots or shoes is advisable. Make sure you have broken them in though don't wear any that you haven't done before. A good water proof jacket and trousers are advisable to take as well. You do get very hot walking so wear layers.
Make sure you take water and snacks with you as the further you get from London the less places there are to get refreshments.
The scenery is very good and the houses and boats along the way are lovely to see. Lots of opportunities for pictures and all the locks are very well looked after.
A must for anyone's bucket list. Hard work at times but well worth it when it's done. Great to be out in the fresh air and away fro the rat race.
Skrevet 14. august 2018
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Camberley, UK111 bidrag
jun. 2018 • Par
Having worked up in London and on the bank of the Thames for years, it is an odd experience to finally visit the spring and humble beginnings of the river at the source.
We walked to Oxford over 3 days and the route is so quiet and unspoiled with delightful countryside and the occasional village/town.
We’ve completed several sections but aim to complete the rest as time permits.

Skrevet 13. august 2018
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Zahid & Malti Khan
London, UK813 bidrag
aug. 2018 • Venner
We have walked sections of the the Thames Path between the Thames Barrier and Windsor multiple times and recommend it highly to anyone who enjoys walking.

Our favourite part of the path is the 50km section between Putney Bridge and Runnymede which 22 of us walked in one day for a charity event.

This section passes through Kew, Richmond, Kingston, Hampton Court and Walton upon Thames which are all worth exploring with lots of quaint pubs and gourmet food options.

The sections from the Thames Barrier to Tower Bridge and from Vauxhall Bridge to Putney are the least enjoyable and often require detours away from the river.

Tower Bridge to Vauxhall Bridge is the busiest section usually overcrowded with tourists especially from London Bridge to Westminster Bridge.

The Thames Path Walk is definitely worth experiencing.
Skrevet 6. august 2018
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