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Charlotte A
66 bidrag
aug. 2017 • Venner
Majors is a great place to hang out with friends or be alone.
You always will see the favorites, the local snobs, the wannabes, the weirdos I call stop-in's, the lost, the hotties, the one you slept with last week, the fakes, the one that always say" it's been so long since I've seen you", when it's only been a day, the show off, the big boob lady, the talker that's lonely and wants to be your best friend.... My favorite ones are the real locals I call the crew these are the ones that makes the old place come alive. These are the ones that know this place as Lumpy's the original bar and grill.

The staff members are amazing but the best is the manager Darin.
Darin.... better never leave because the place called Major's will fade away!
You will never find a manager that's as great as Darin in Edmond or the surrounding areas.
He made this place a solid success by the way he looks out for you and all the customers.
Everyone is safe and taken care of as if they were VIP!

Other bars, night clubs and hole in the walls don't look out for you....even if you can't find the door and want to leave... They let you leave not caring if your safe.

Not Darin ....sadly he watches out for everyone and makes sure every customer is​ safe. When one might get intoxicated and wants to drive...
Darin makes sure they have a safe ride home and takes care of the bar and everyone else at the same time.

I find this type of service honorable because the world we are living in is a cruel and heartless one!

Only a Gentleman has this quality and honesty within their soul.

Darin is not paid to babysit the intoxicated idiots that makes his job harder.

The returning intoxicated customer at Major's should feel honored​ Darin took the time to make sure they were safe in getting home.

I bet out of 100 drunks 1 might say... Thank you!
The rest don't remember and probably will never notice the help they received.

You Intoxicated Customers ..... You do not deserve this VIP service!!!
Yet, you receive it every night your drunk .... Hats off to Darin and his staff for going the extra mile!

I hope Edmond local Bartenders and Bar managers read this review and take note to change their "Don't Care attitude about Intoxicated Customers" because it makes a difference to show you care about the drunk.

Thank you Darin for having a caring heart....your amazing at your profession.

Thank you Major's Sport Bar for the best service in Edmond!!
Skrevet 10. august 2017
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