The Stagecoach Saloon

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The Stagecoach Saloon

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DJ Cowboy
Portland, OR35 bidrag
Heee Haaa At The StageCoach Saloon
apr. 2019 • Alene
Meanwhile Our Hero Foodie And Legend DJ Cowboy Finds Himself On A Detour From The Dayz Events Stopping At One Of His Many Favorite Divey Watering and Nosh Spots Ready To Takedown This Beast The Maxxed Out Stagecoach Saloon Name Sake (Stagecoach Burger) And Hot Yummy Golden Fries Whoohoo the beers are cold the people are local bartenders are nice place is clean and to take it one step further how many bars can you go to and sit on a real saddle when you belly up to the bar If looking around for some good quality food handmade hamburgers bacon wrapped tater tots this is the place for you 🤠😎😱👽🍔🍟🍺🍴
Skrevet 8. april 2019
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Portland, OR6 303 bidrag
A Nice Watering Hole to relax and unwind in a pleasant Western atmosphere
sep. 2016 • Alene
The look of the Stagecoach Saloon is very welcoming. With old rustic barrels out front and the saloon doors in the small entry way before you step into the saloon. The placet just has that old west feeling. It has character. It has a draw. That that had me hook from the get go. As soon as I laid my eyes on the place-- I had to see more.

Inside the saloon you find wood tables and wood booths-- giving the saloon a totally comfortable welcoming feeling. A swell place to just kick back, relax, and let your hair down. The music playing when I walked in was mellow country western. Something that fit the atmosphere to a tee.

At the back of the Saloon you will find a pool table and about 6 video poker machines. One of the machines was in play by a pretty blonde lady. I selected one of the video poker machines at the end of the line. I selected the Flush Fever game from the menu as I I slowly drank my beer.

Everyone in the place had a seemed to have a friendly vibe. Even the video poker machine I sat in front of had a friendly vibe. I fed in only $2 and it quickly treated me two flush fevers-- back to back. I ended up cashing out $12 by the time I finished my glass of beer.

Yep, my entertainment was paid for, and then some. I'll be back. That's for sure.
Skrevet 5. september 2016
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