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Lancaster Park & Animal Farm
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06:00 - 22:00
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on the right path
aug. 2014
Gikk her midt i uka med barnebarnet i alderen 2, dette stedet har vært åpent 3 år og er , etter min mening på riktig vei, men fremdeles har mye mer å gjøre. Når det er sagt hva de har gjort så langt er meget bra. De ansatte er veldig hjelpsomme med eventuelle spørsmål du måtte Det er mange regionalprodukter kylling for å se og det finnes et skur med kaniner , chipmunks , små gnagere og til og med kattunger, barn er tillatt å holde under tilsyn av noen av dyrene , som min barnebarnet har også 5 hunder som tilhører gården personale som beveg deg fritt rundt Det finnes noen eksotiske fugler og andre dyr til besøk i fjøset område. Hvis du flytter på marken er det to lekeområder en i nærheten av barns og den andre på toppen av feltet. I dette området er det geiter, mohairgeiter og hester sammen med sau. Alle disse dyrene kan mates brød eller gulrøtter som du kan kjøpe som du betaler i resepsjonen. Også for barna har de dra vognene [ små, svært lav hastighet ] ideell for de små, og de har også Caterpillar tur som var veldig god, større barn kan sitte alene og små, på en voksne kne, i hovedsak en stor firehjuling trekker en rekke små vogner rundt feltet vridning og dreie, som min granddaughters og andre barn vender mot det var meget bra. Du får kjøpt drikke og begrenset varm og kald mat tilgjengelig, men du må gjerne ta med din egen, de har rasteplasser spredt rundt omkring på gården. Når du berører dyr blir du bedt om å rengjøre hendene og steriliseringskluter og gelé er overalt på gården så hygiene er høyt på dagsorden som er bra. Alt i alt er dette en svært god og rimelig dag ute, de gjør en svært god jobb her, og håper det vil øke med flere dyr i fremtiden, må du passe på å ta passende antrekk som kan være gjørmete hvis regnet , dessverre ikke mange steder å ly om regnet, men det er en gård opplevelse.

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6 bidrag
apr. 2022 • Familie
Real shame. This place used to be fantastic however everything is an extra charge now, so you pay £24 for a family of 4, then diggers, ‘caterpillar ride’, feed, feed the lambs- all extra. You can’t actually see the lambs without buying a £3 bottle of milk, everything is caged or behind bars which makes feeding the animals too hard for small children and the petting shed was only open at selected times and shut at 2:30pm (the farm was open until 4pm).

Hardly any actual animals to see and feed within the price anymore, the goats are kept in a small part of the farm (too small for the amount in my opinion- they used to roam free), around 6 horses, a couple of donkeys, some sheep who stay well away, a few pigs and the rest birds in small sheds unless you can get into the packed out petting shed within the allotted times (we couldn’t). Parts under construction, parts that need condemning (peafowl sheds).

Overall after visiting a lot pre-pandemic we won’t be going back again unfortunately. Too costly with cheeky added extras, not enough animals but given 2 stars for the parks and animals we did get to see included in the price.
Skrevet 16. april 2022
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Leah Shelby
Oldham, UK5 bidrag
apr. 2022 • Familie
Have been meaning to leave a review here for a long time! I’ve been a few times now with my niece, she loves the nature and we always have plenty of fun here. It’s great value for money with the kiddy rides and zip wire. The animals here are well looked after and are a joy to feed!!

Although food is available nearby we always take a picnic and sit on the little benches. If you want something fun, not expensive this little hidden gem is always a good choice. Leah
Skrevet 5. april 2022
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Merv C
St. Albans, UK15 bidrag
mar. 2022
My husband and I along with our grandsons visited the farm on Sunday 27th March .
After 3 hours we all left thoroughly enjoying ourselves . The petting shed was a big hit along with the large rabbits on leads .
The Wonderful Mr Mustachio had us all in stiches ! Where else can you see a horse with a real moustache !
We had a difficult job getting our grandson off the caterpillar ride as he loved it . This was really good value and unique.
There are plenty of benches for picnics along with 2 playgrounds, tea / ice cream shop and a good hand washing station .
We definitely be returning , great value at £6 a go .
Skrevet 29. mars 2022
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Ashton-under-Lyne, UK18 bidrag
mar. 2022 • Familie
It’s £6 each so a family of 3 £18 to get in £1 per bag of animal feed, £2.50 for a single ice cream £1.50 for a bottle of pop.. so around £25 ish. Not so bad if there were more animals to see, we have a 2.5 yr old stopped at every animal had a play in both park areas, had a pit stop at the ice cream hut, 2 goes on the diggers walked the full trek and had done it within an hour!
Skrevet 19. mars 2022
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mar. 2022 • Familie
We're do I begin to say how awful and disgusting this place is.
This customer service is so bad in my 40 years of life I have never seen such appalling service.
This place needs to be reported how they expect to keep a business running treating people they way I have been dealt with today.
This is not a good day out for a family and it certainly does take into consideration people with special needs.
Shame on this company for behaving this way and by the looks of it they treat many customers the same.
It would appear to me they have not taken any feedback on board and feel it's exceptable to treat the public in such a vile inhumane manner.
Skrevet 19. mars 2022
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3 bidrag
mar. 2022 • Familie
Absolutely shocking experience…we paid to visit here on Saturday for a family “day out” as it sells ifself on its website. We arrived to what was a very poor run down fascility. We entered and purchased some animal feed ready to feed the animals with our 2 little ones…we looked around to empty pens and bird cages everywhere. We found only rabbits,rats, guinea pig, pony, donkey and an alpaca. Unfortunately the only animals on display for “petting” were 2 rabbits followed by 2 rats 15 minutes later and 2 guinea pigs 15minutes after that…45 minutes to sit and wait to take it turns for 6 animals is not acceptable for young children. The farm workers stood in silence and offered no information regarding the animals and unfortunately we were told you cannot hold them, pet them only. You cannot feed the rabbits or guinea pigs therefore the only animals to feed were the ponies and donkeys. The apps has were there to view but is kept inside a very small confined stable which was not acceptable standards for thier needs and left us feeling very uncomfortable. We tried to be patient and continue along the nature walk to explore the other areas after all we had travelled for 40 minutes to visit what looked like a great experience online! We went round the corner to find the fields very bare with a donkey on the middle of the field and otherwise bare fields which are no different to visiting the countryside at the back of my house. The caterpillar ride was not running that day. The diggers and tractors were additional costs. The only other area left was the park which was no different that the local parks after 40 minutes we made the decision to leave. I tried to speak with the manager regarding tf our experience who was very rude and unhelpful. The response to having very few animals was that I’m sorry your not happy, despite me informing them they are falsely advertising the farm and thier animals on social media and thier website. She informed us the birds could not be on display due to UK aviation laws currently…I accept this how eve if that is a large percentage of thier animals then visitors must be informed especially customers are prebooming thier visit. I informed her other farms offer a reduced entrance fee due to this reason and it’s unacceptable they charge £25 for a family of 4 plus £2 animal feed to visit a couple of household pets, ponies and alpacas couped up in poor living circumstances. These animals can be visited for free at the local pet store snd surrounding fields. I asked why the caterpillar ride was not running to be told this is weather dependant…we visited in glorious dry sunshine this Saturday. When I challenged this she then gave me a different excuse that the pot holes in the ground were an issue for the safety of the children..I challenged this again as these potholes haven’t appeared overnight so surely the ride is never running and again they are falsely advertising the farms fascilities and attractions. The extra cost to play on the diggers and tractors/cars is not acceptable when the rest of the attractions is so limited and poor. I requested the manager consider a refund as we were so appalled, my children were so disappointed to be told we don’t offer refunds. This is disgusting poor customer service and shows no care and attention to the longevity and running of the farm nevermind ensuring customer satisfaction. As a ‘running farm’ they should be interested in improvement for the welfare of the animals if nothing else.

We hve visited many farms over the years, some which are free and never felt so disgusted. Never I have visited anywhere that I have wanted to leave so quickly and request my money back and certainly never met a manager so uninterested in resolving an issue. Unfortunately I see I’m not the only one with that opinion and shall make no secret in informing If many parents not to visit and save thier money to spend in helping other well round businesses.
Skrevet 8. mars 2022
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Michael B
1 bidrag
aug. 2021
Yesterday we chose to take our residents, from Bradley House Nursing Home, on a trip to Lancaster Park and Animal Farm, regrettably, we wish we hadn't.
Firstly, the manager of the farm, insisted that our escorts and carers MUST pay for entrance, despite our residents paying full price. We have been to dozens of attractions and leisure spots around the north-west and never once have we had to pay for support staff. He insisted that the home would claim the entrance fee back from the government, but then, refused to give a receipt.
Eventually he did give a receipt, and because we didn't want to let our residents down, we did pay for entry, only to discover that not all attractions were open or available. Surely if you are reducing the areas that will be open then you should reduce the price of entry, or at least indicate this BEFORE entry, so that customers can make their own choice whether to enter or not!
Needless to say we will not be returning!
Skrevet 20. august 2021
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Steve M
Holmfirth, UK25 bidrag
apr. 2021 • Familie
It wasn’t a bad do, but they seem to fleece you a bit with charging for everything once you get in, £3 to feed a goat, £2 for animal feed, £1 for rides. But we paid £15 to get in?

No cafe or refreshments available and generally a pretty average do.

We won’t be returning as there are better places available and we like to try different ones.
Skrevet 28. mai 2021
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Manchester, UK50 bidrag
mai 2021 • Familie
Came here for the afternoon. Queue went down quickly and didn't have to wait long to get in. The place could definitely do with a facelift. Found the place to be abit of a mess. We fed the sheep which was £3 per person, which was great but only lasted a few minutes. Wasn't really much to see or do. The nature walk is good and they have a few playparks and plenty of picnic benches. Great if you have toddlers as they get in for free and it's more catered for them. But for a family of 5 with older children it can work out expensive and I found my kids lost interest after a while. They have plenty of hand sanitizer scattered around so felt safe walking around. We got there early so parking wasn't a problem but as we were leaving it was completely full and was starting to get quite busy.
Skrevet 23. mai 2021
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Halifax, UK155 bidrag
sep. 2020 • Familie
Me and my partner visited hear with our 5 year old son for the first time, the weather was brilliant and had such a fantastic afternoon. the grounds are big, big enough for lots of people with lots of space, we had a small picnic as their is benches half way around the walk within a chdrens playground. we fed the animals and also got to go on the caterpillar ride which was amazing!! lots of fun and very bumpy, out little boy never laughed so much for the price of £2 brilliant!!!
we also visited the petting zoo barn where we got to rotate with the small animals.

brilliant time and will be visiting again!!!
Skrevet 21. mai 2021
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