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5 bidrag
feb. 2017 • Par
They are no longer in business..This building is now a thrift store. Wish something like it would open up again...Without all the smoke and with food. Was fun for the over 21 group.
Skrevet 25. februar 2017
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Emily C
20 bidrag
mai 2016
They have a great craft beer selection, a great menu full of options, revamped staff and site! Lots of changes. There is nothing I can say except keep doing what you're doing!
Skrevet 14. mai 2016
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16 bidrag
feb. 2015 • Familie
The Coliseum has been a bright spot in Cookeville, a place where gamers, geeks and families can go to eat some delicious food, enjoy a cold alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage and have a good time. Its a place where fans of retro arcade gaming can go to relive fond childhood memories on of the many arcade cabinets The Coliseum has, from Asteroids to Marvel vs Capcom they have something there to make you feel like a kid again! They hold many events and venues through out the week and each month such as Karaoke, Gaming Tournaments, Stand Up Comedy Shows, Local Wrestling Events, Concerts, Cards Against Humanity Night, Board Game Night and Geek Trivia Night. Since they have opened their menu and quality of food has greatly improved, The portions are generous and they taste delicious! If you have young children or teens The Coliseum is a great place to take them! With Arcade cabinets, all the latest game consoles, pool tables, ping pong tables and Ski Ball your kids will be entertained! They also have a card & comic shop and a Game Store located right on the premises! Me and my daughter love to come here for our daddy & daughter date nights, we both enjoy playing the video games and we love their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle themed Pizza's! The Coliseum is definitely a place you don't want to pass up!
Skrevet 7. januar 2016
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Cookeville, TN170 bidrag
sep. 2015 • Par
Visited the Coliseum Pub with my family to see a friend's band. There is good setup for viewing a concert. The food was average but the venue was good. If you are a gamer this would be a great place to visit.
Skrevet 30. desember 2015
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Crossville, TN16 bidrag
sep. 2015 • Familie
Yesterday evening was our first and last time eating there. We arrived about 5:15 and seated ourselves at a four top table. It was so dark, you could barely seen your hand in front of your face. After sitting there for several minutes, a girl passing by threw out, "If you want food, you'll have to order it at the bar." So we (hubby, myself, and two sons) got up and walked to the bar. There was a little more light there. The bartender took our drink orders (sodas and teas) and threw menus at us. About ten minutes later, she came back and took our food orders. The bartender said that we had to pay immediately for our order. It didn't take us long to learn why. Half of the food we ordered, mine and hubby's (wings, loaded fries, and a loaded chicken nachos) was delivered about 30 minutes later. The boys had ordered a BLT and a chicken parm sandwich. The bartender said, "Their's will be right out, they're just making sure the chicken is done." Over 30 minutes later, the boys' food still had not arrived, and hubby and I were long finished eating. Of my huge serving of nachos, there were only about 5 chips with any cheese on them. The chips were all burned and hard as a rock, and there was only four small dices of chicken on the entire plate. I ate the chips that had cheese on them and pushed the plate aside. It was inedible. Finally, I asked the bartender, "Will you please check on their food. This is ridiculous." About ten minutes later, some guy came out of the kitchen and said there was a "printer problem" and the kids' orders hadn't printed. (So the bartender had flat out LIED TO US when she told us they were just making sure the chicken was done. The meals hadn't even been started at that point.) I told him, "Well, we were certainly charged for them and have already paid." He mumbled, " happens," and said that their order would be out in 5 minutes. I told him to make it to go, since we'd already sat there well over an hour. It was 15 minutes later before their food was brought out and literally shoved at me. Not once were we offered a refill on any of our drinks, even though we all sat AT THE BAR with empty glasses after the first 15 minutes. There was not one single offer to comp the meal, or make up for the horrid service and food in any way, shape, or form. When the boys got home and ate their meals, the bacon on the BLT was mostly raw, and the bread on both sandwiches was stale. This horrible service was NOT because they were busy. The entire time we were there, there was only one other family there eating as well. A few folks were playing pool and other games, but that was it. I think them calling themselves a "gastropub" is a huge overestimation of the horrible food they serve there. Their staff needs some serious training in customer service. We had heard excellent recommendations of the food, but they failed horribly in every aspect of our visit. I don't know how they stay in business. I really don't.
Skrevet 3. september 2015
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Alex .
Nashville, TN131 bidrag
mai 2015 • Venner
One of my favorite places to visit in town! Super nice owner, great atmosphere, and loads of things to do. Food, arcade games, corn hole, pool, food, coffee shop, game shop, video games, tournaments, and you can bring your own games! My friends and I go every other week and hang out for hours playing games. There's different activities throughout the week, such as open mic night, Cards Against Humanity tournaments, and Geek Trivia. The arcade games are only 25 cents and there are different consoles open for play for $5. The cheesecake is good and the fries are awesome, but the pizza could be better. There's a bar full of craft beers, too.

It is family-friendly until 10pm and birthday parties are allowed.
Skrevet 8. juni 2015
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